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12 Minutes Gameplay BLASPHEMOUS Part 3 ( Upcoming Action 2D Nintendo Switch Game )

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Here The 12 Minutes of Blasphemous Walkthrough Part 3 ( In Memory Of Castlevania SOTN ; ) . Enjoy and Please subscribe == https://bit.ly/2HoiVTy == and like to support me
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Text Comments (178)
Nathaniel Knight (18 hours ago)
it's like salt and Sanctuary when SaS was stripped down to its very core and all the fun stuff was removed
Kevin Fitzgerald (2 days ago)
Visually it looks so damn good I love the writing I've seen so far too and the atmosphere of it looks awesome. My only concern is why does every player I see make this game look ridiculously easy. Enemies look slow parry windows look ridiculously long and the dash-slide mechanic apparently just prevents you from taking damage whether its successful or not. I've watched several of these videos and the only deaths I've seen are from pits.
Reino Subliminal (3 days ago)
Reminds me of Berserk
Psyche Artis (3 days ago)
I'm a fool for Biblical/Gothic themes, hopefully its not just a nintendo exclusive and it comes on steam too.
Grish Guillotine (4 days ago)
forgot that door before the collectable
FrankieTheWop (4 days ago)
lots of game developers in the comments
Anubys (4 days ago)
HoneyBadger (4 days ago)
The atmosphere is amazing I fucking love it and the pixel-art style is great. Story seems intriguing too. But I hope they work more on the combat to make it a little faster and the enemies a little more intelligent. It's gotta be better than *Clack* *Clack* *Clack* NEXT. Still, looking forward to this!
Nightmare (4 days ago)
Lmfao cuck , this shit is for pc
Andrew Coates (5 days ago)
I think it’s a really good looking game tbh with a good premise
Oliver Xu (6 days ago)
the characters are good but the enviornment art is boring
Vaggelis Sigalas (6 days ago)
Great animations, and I think the speed is ok! I like the weight of it…!
shinji Sempai (6 days ago)
This game screams bloodborne.
RADIM Pekárek (6 days ago)
It is like Dead cells.... Enemies have same movese like in Dead cells and they are much slower in this game so there is no challenge and pixel graphics are not as good as in Dead cells so u better get yourself Dead cells
Paperbag Mask (6 days ago)
Jakethesnake (7 days ago)
Looks like hollow knight
Matt Mcmatt (7 days ago)
animation and sprites look great....but doesn't do anything new.
neubtuber (8 days ago)
FYI (TITLE MISLEADING) It's being released for all systems.
Jeromy Perez (8 days ago)
I wish the game were more like SOTN, but it's more closely related to a 2D version of Dark Souls per the developer's comments. Secrets in the walls, destructable environments are a big part of the fun. I don't think it would kill the atmosphere for a few fun secrets.
Groaty McOats (8 days ago)
Dark Souls 4 looking good as fuck.
Nero BeatS (8 days ago)
Why the long face? HA GOT EM
Standing Pineapple (8 days ago)
The sound is off.... needs more lo fi noises.
Syrona (8 days ago)
I remember this game, I think I played it in 1993.
uqhkbucjwx ihwndxjd (8 days ago)
Cuando saldra este juego para android
dedicationtoKiKi (8 days ago)
Graphics look great but the gameplay looks like a snore fest. So slow and boring. Also everything is way too quiet
archon8001 (9 days ago)
That's not the sword, it's his head... and that's not hair, it's a cape... he's probably a chick.
Jack jorden (9 days ago)
Boy.. . This is a gooood gameee
F Game Killer (9 days ago)
yeah ^^
CoolYetPale (9 days ago)
at 3:30 to 3:40 i really like the wall climbing there its not like other games where you jump wall to wall ( not thats its a bad thing) but you jump upwards slightly after driving ur sword into the wall and jump across after using the sword to gain footing beforehand. i like little details like that in games it shows uniqueness at least to me anyway and if u dont notice little things right away its not a big deal at some point you will or someone will point it out to you and those small little efforts on dev part is always appreciated.
Brent Delong (9 days ago)
Damn that looks awesome. I wish it was on PS4.
DrymouthCWW (10 days ago)
Is he wearing a dunce hat?
noisyturtle (10 days ago)
Looks too easy, but hopefully it ramps up later on. Love the aesthetic though.
Solace (10 days ago)
Salt and Sanctuary Clone?
fawad skyzone (10 days ago)
Plays like a flash game on mofunzone from when I was in the second grade
An Average Gamer 85 (10 days ago)
What system is this for?
Walty Pan (10 days ago)
Now everybody’s trying to copy from Fromsoftware.
AutoDefenestration (10 days ago)
"haha dude is that 2d darksouls xDDDD"
Mare Vare (10 days ago)
5:15 The most badass door enter in the gaming history!
Oivalf Music (10 days ago)
If I made this game I would've titled it Dickhead in the Spooky Castle but whatever to each their own.
Joe Lawrence (4 days ago)
Oivalf Music 😂
Some Shoes (11 days ago)
This just doesn't look difficult enough for me to play.
pan diqi (11 days ago)
java game
mheow mhaoew (11 days ago)
wow the game looks really promising
Erik Iacopelli (11 days ago)
soupdawhoop (11 days ago)
god tier sprite work
Dj BerniBoy berni (11 days ago)
Wow DarkSouls in 2D :)
jureg pa mim (11 days ago)
(Videogame journalists) It has a sword and armor, JUST LIKE FUCKING DARK SOULS
FontuneTheTeller (11 days ago)
If it offers 14 hours of gameplay, I will gladly spend 60 on this
Charles Marshall (11 days ago)
Lots of metsoulsvania type games comin' out huh
Joaquín Torres (11 days ago)
Se ve bueno!!!
PL/-\NET M/-\RZ (11 days ago)
9:32 Such great dialogue and mental detail.
Ditrih Di (11 days ago)
Pretty much nothing happening, games looks like attempt to mix castlevania and some sort soundless dark souls, it's really like ugly beta version of old castlevania games.
Chaessar _ (11 days ago)
Are you guys from 9gag?
Brilliant Shadows (11 days ago)
Lose the deceleration after running. Main characters hat is ridiculous. That you even mention CSotN next to this item is indeed blasphemous.
Brilliant Shadows (10 days ago)
It's too big. Twice as big as the Nazareno hooded hats. I'm sorry but I'm not alone in thinking it looks ridiculous. It's too tall.
Fuu Manchú (10 days ago)
The hat is something cultural. It is based in Nazareno's hats. Old Spanish catholique imagery.
Rainface Atriarch (11 days ago)
why is your video so quiet? The graphics are cool but that hat sucks, movement sucks, mantling shelves suck, looks like some of your attacks are missing, that sucks. This game sucks. This is a suck game. Thanks for showing me!!!
KolPlays (11 days ago)
I'm sorry but i hate this characters look. I mean, he either looks like a fancy cone head, or a knight with a dunce hat on.
Xgen1985 (11 days ago)
2018 Rastan
Ricardo (12 days ago)
SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Konstantin Kutuev (12 days ago)
dang, I wanna play this ASAP
Claudio fix (12 days ago)
Strider Soul, slow edition
9:33 laurence looks cool..... oh wait
Эрик Хамов (12 days ago)
This is thy 2D Dark Souls.
The Cohesive Garage (12 days ago)
Not even close baby. Dead Cells got it right. but good luck. Could be good.
Sinclairelim (12 days ago)
It's not very visually appealing. I'm not a fan of the main character's design, and the colors are pretty bland. I'm assuming those greyish areas will be replaced with a flashier background, if so, that's fine, but like it is now it looks like the original Prince of Persia. Some of the UI could use some help too. The dialogue bar, for instance. And the boss' life bar. Obviously that's gonna get replaced i'm sure. It'd be a crime to leave it like that. The game also looks slow, easy and boring to play. I'm not interested in the slightest on playing this, as it is now.
Luis Ramirez (12 days ago)
boring looks good gameplay is boring few enemies
Saldrá para ps4?
Deadcrustpunk - (13 days ago)
Saw wow, nintendo is willing to stray from the youth friendly market and license a game like this? Big ups to them for showing some guts, and shedding that ultra kid friendly image. Long way to go, but the base looks solid.
make U cry (13 days ago)
Castlevania Is That You ?
Tuan Hieu Tran (13 days ago)
the dev really need to equip this guy the Elite Knight set...
Elliott Knighves (13 days ago)
Only for the Switch?
Looks like Darksouls mixed with Castelvania.. Dancelvania...damn that sounds good.
Thomas Hays (13 days ago)
The graphics and animation look amazing
Eduardo Martins (13 days ago)
Dead cells 2?
Eltanin (13 days ago)
My general feedback: The visuals are great but the gameplay looks very mediocre at best. I see plenty of oversights on level design; like platforms and breakable objects that serve absolutely no purpose and flat areas that build up on nothing at all. On top of that, the redundant enemy design make the flow of the game look pretty dull. It seems very clear that the devs are trying to make Dark Souls in 2D, but you can't get there before crossing the bridge first. Don't let your vision cloud your platforming, let alone your game design fundamentals.
omar power (13 days ago)
A low budget castelvania ripoff
Bruno Maia (13 days ago)
wow. i want
Diogo Carvalho (13 days ago)
weak game for me... too easy, and i couldnt see a good movement variations, it seems that is all about go forward and slash again and again
Выглядит не оч.
DetroitAlan01 (14 days ago)
Character design has, is and will always be a large part of any successful IP. That being said, the design of the player character isn’t all that appealing. He looks like a conehead. If the player character looks like the punchline to a joke, then why should the player take him or the game seriously?
Fuu Manchú (10 days ago)
check the word "Nazareno" in google and you will understand the cone hat thing. The art design of the game is based in Sevillian imagery.
Vuk Kovacina (12 days ago)
DetroitAlan01 gael is triggered
Surgery Head (14 days ago)
getting locked in rooms and being forced to fight enemies might work for Doom 2016 but not for a metroidvania
Jozees channel (14 days ago)
Nintendos dark souls looks dope
juan andres (14 days ago)
I'm really in love with this game omg it feels so dark si misterious so evil. The art is really great nearly perfect. Can't complain just can't wait until launch
G123 (14 days ago)
Could your character be any smaller? Wtf
Tahmid Antar (14 days ago)
The game should have a combat roll option and a side step or dodge option like Bloodborne. Also the enemies should be a lot more faster and aggressive or tougher with unpredictable attack patterns that make them more challenging. That should add enough variety in combat to make it more fun and tactical.
Lord Raptor (14 days ago)
The dialog at the end was really sad.
PipiLongStawlk (14 days ago)
Wow this is an upcoming game? I absolutely adore the graphics and theme of the game. It really reminds me of the games I used to play as a kid. I hope they come out with more games like this wow this games looks amazing!!
Money EyeGet (14 days ago)
My thing is when companies put so much effort forth in a game...why make it for a single console...or if you do why choose the one of the least popular consoles to launch it for. This is literally a masterpiece that belongs on every console. The switch has a few gamers into this but having never had a game of this caliber on Nintendo..why...choose...Nintendo?
MTU (14 days ago)
People nowadays don't appreciate such amazing 2D animation like this. This thing is gold. I hope they release for PS4. I hope theres a good upgrade system and techniques like diablo 3.
LDM STUDIOS (14 days ago)
I really dig the character design and the cutscene. The story behind this seems interesting. I would love to see this as an animated series. Reminds me of Castlevania, Ghouls n Ghosts and Diablo (when it was good).
Sekai no Senshi (14 days ago)
golgo 13 (15 days ago)
Im not the only one that thinks the game is lacking enemies and is a little bit bland the boards seem to not have meny things happening in the background and we need little creatures running around like goblin's trolls gnomes even Castlevania had small minions we need an army of those things and a great item and lv up system like Diablo III or Zelda c'mon people step up the game it's also missing treasure special power ups armor sheilds water were is the fucking water no game is completele without water
newtguy (15 days ago)
Levels are very plain. Enemies are lame.
Anthony Morales (15 days ago)
This game screams Symphony of the Night
Jordan Mills (15 days ago)
I hope this gets a hardcopy Im more likely to buy it, it's nice to have a physical collection I want this on the switch... I won't buy it for my ps4
fufv fufvv (15 days ago)
Wow. That looks great.
마구와구 (15 days ago)
wow this is what all 2D games should look like!!!
Part of me died when I finished Castlevania SOTN. I see that part here. I hope Ill have money to spend on games, it will be this one.
Remas Purves (15 days ago)
Graphics are great! BUT, it seems that they should also focus on the game play..!! 1. It’s slow 2. Looks like repetitive 3. Not challenging (easy) 4. Limited types of monsters 5. Jumping to upper platforms sometimes can only happen by holding the edge?!
D Bee (15 days ago)
Oh yeah...some of the previous comments were right....speeding the video up to x1.25 made the game appear so much better. It was too slow for my taste. The speed also makes the game look smooth and hides animation imperfections better. Also, I wouldn't mind seeing greater enemy density.
maestrojo (16 days ago)
Shut up and take my money! i'm a sucker for games like this.
Fabio Zhou (16 days ago)
Just can't wait
TheDarkSeeds - SCM (16 days ago)
This looks like a good game. But is not that the voice of the game at all?

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