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JLAnimates ||| Art contest submission

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Music : idfc - black bear (tarro remix) https://youtu.be/gxE4ngu78Ro App : ibis paint x
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Text Comments (8)
ChociJL (6 months ago)
Aww, I think this is really cute! Thank you so much! _(I forgive you ❤️)_
CarlosAnimations (6 months ago)
JLAnimates your welcome. :3
Alurei The red panda (6 months ago)
Ok then
CarlosAnimations (13 days ago)
Alurei The red panda cool
Looks good man
CarlosAnimations (13 days ago)
jackson the blood red panda thx mam
I love this song
CarlosAnimations (13 days ago)
Lilla's unicorn animations me to

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