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7 Videogames So Terrifying Only The Bravest Gamers Can Finish Them

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Rob presents our Halloween inspired list of 7 videogames so terrifying that only the very bravest of gamers can finish them. Have you finished any of these? Let us know in the comments! PlayStation Access brings you PS4, PS3 and PSVita news, features and gameplay every week, giving you unprecedented access to the biggest titles on PlayStation. Subscribe now to ensure you never miss out: http://bit.ly/AccessSub All music featured courtesy of epidemicsound.com (http://www.epidemicsound.com) Want more? Rob's Twitter: http://bit.ly/RobPearson Dave's Twitter: http://bit.ly/DavidJackson Nath's Twitter: http://bit.ly/NathanDitum Hollie's Twitter: http://bit.ly/HollieBennett Join us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/AccessFB Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/TweetAccess
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Text Comments (1450)
Iohan Kaus (1 day ago)
I kind of wrote a short story after playing Silent Hill 2 because the way it got stuck into my head
Quinn O'Grady (3 days ago)
that into was the straightest thing ive ever seen
ScrapChild1979 (11 days ago)
Knew there was a Silent Hill some where on this list... not surprised it's where it is...
Dr. zAnkle (11 days ago)
You kidding me? On October first everyones already celebrating Christmas, halloweens been brushed aside by most people. I wish it were more celebrated.
DirtyDevil37 (12 days ago)
I cant remember which Silent Hill game it was, but my dad had it on PSP and I played it on a road trip when I was about 7 or 8, and I fell in love with horror games after that.
Marci Turáni (15 days ago)
That thumbnail tho.
Bekah Sp (17 days ago)
I hate halloween too, Rob. I don't like how they teach kids to go around stranger's houses to ask for lollies. It's annoying and also weird. I also hate horror and horror games.
Kenny Tai (19 days ago)
dreadout should be on the list
Joseph Leatherbarrow (19 days ago)
I hate halloween. It consists of repeatedly being dragged away from my games to give sweets to kids that don't understand the phrase "take one"
Chris Wuebbolt (21 days ago)
Why does Dave of all people love Halloween so much?
Noah Lance (25 days ago)
Should have put scarier music in background to help with the effect of the video 😱
King penalty W (26 days ago)
I just hate Halloween it’s not cos I’m scared it just depresses me 🤔
Frederik Kjær (27 days ago)
Derpy Stuff (1 month ago)
I only like Halloween because it is the same month or better yet same half of the month as my birthday
Thomas Stanton (1 month ago)
Almost a year since this video was made and Silent Hill 2 is still and in the top 10 on a ask Google search
Shadow Stepper7531 (1 month ago)
I subscribed but I don't play play station but u is awesome
Jay Sy (1 month ago)
Halloween is great... 1) You have no obligation to go to your relatives' house... 2) you can dress however you want and no one bats an eye... 3)people give you free candy just because it's halloween... 4)You literally murder someone and leave the body there and no one will notice...
Blame It On Lag (1 month ago)
the ironic part is you can buy a candle for Resident Evil 7 which says it smells like blood and rust it's called a 4D Candle so you actually can "smell the baker house"
Atelier Nyx (1 month ago)
A big no no. For me, i literally snapped my silent hill origins CD in two after playing for 5 mins.
Mark Kramer (1 month ago)
You don't need bravery when you're too desensitized for anything to scare you anymore and then you find that being scared is the only thing that actually makes those games fun.
Dinostorm 55 (1 month ago)
how did he even get in the baker house
Jonathan Walmsley (1 month ago)
I guess I'm not a 'brave gamer' then - I haven't played any of these. The only horror game I have played and completed is Soma, mostly for the story.
Pranav Kilambi (1 month ago)
Hellblade is definitely in that category.
Jack Goodkin (1 month ago)
But Halloween is my birthday so am I not allowed to celebrate?😢
The last Perpetual (1 month ago)
Watching this in the dark was a bad idea
BipolarShango (2 months ago)
Great commentary 👍🏾
Kelley Gieger (2 months ago)
Hey! Halloween is my birthday! I guess you should have someone else should do it
Jack Goodkin (1 month ago)
Welcome to my world
DJ DAVE (2 months ago)
I love scary games. Its what I still game for now in my 40's. My most anticipated upcoming is, RE2 remaster. Made with the RE7 engine. I never played the first but in these modern times where multiplayer offerings rule the day. Thank goodness there are companies like Capcom still investing in single player scares. I realize your list was only 7 games long and it was a good list although, Silent Hill wasn't even scary to me. It was more of a joke. One I would suggest is Doom 3. It got a lot of hate from Doom 1 and 2 players because they changed the formula and went for a more atmospheric experience. Lights flickered, dark corners loomed everywhere. Its the first fps shooter I ever played that would orchestrate enemies attacking you from behind on a regular basis. So you always had to be on your toes. I refer to it as being in a haunted house. If you haven't played Doom 3. I would strongly recommend it. The graphics still hold up today and the campaign is lengthy coming in at about 30 hours+ on a first playthru. Even when you paused the game, the sound effects were creepy as hell. My first playthru. I was alone at home. Had the surround sound turned up and I constantly thought something was behind me in the room due to the sound effects. Its my all time fav scare and you can't go wrong with a John Carmack game. Made me a fan of id for life. P.S. I didn't even finish the 2016 Doom. They went back to the Quake style gameplay of the first few titles and I was hoping for another scare. Wasn't there.
Team VLCN (2 months ago)
I love Halloween. It's my 2nd favourite Holiday after Thanksgiving.
Cameron Pillay (2 months ago)
Dead By Daylight
Brad Malone (2 months ago)
I played silent hill 2 when i was 14 and loved it. Now this is a game that desrves to be remastered imo.
Kobina Jamieson (2 months ago)
I don't know why anyone would want to play RE7 in VR.
Primark123 (2 months ago)
I was with a bunch of friends and I was playing outlast so I put brightness to lowest and Nightmare Difficulty it wasn't even that bad
F. Bev. (2 months ago)
How long should people wait to engage in the holiday they like to make you boring nerds happy?
TheSwiss568 (2 months ago)
This year you guys should force Dave to play through Resident Evil 7 and you guys commentate over it like you did for outlast! 😁
Sonic Gaming (2 months ago)
Resident evil 7 first time playing it (scary) do it on hardest difficulty (annoying)
KillMyVocals (2 months ago)
aww i loved amnesia and silent hill. those are about the only horror games i can play (well besides the first 4 resident evils). just ... nope. btw HALLOWEEN IS THE BEST *HOLIDAY*
MorrisseysMonkey (2 months ago)
Aldi mince pies are better than Tescos.
clayton scott (2 months ago)
Outlast 2
Ben Winsor (3 months ago)
No game is scary! IT's just a game!!!!
Thelma Warren (3 months ago)
I beat sh2
Megan Hergenreder (3 months ago)
Alien Isolation is a game I don't think I can ever play again. The part where it really got to me was when I was hiding in a locker waiting for that little dot to move away and it wasn't moving at all. Then it hit me. The alien wasn't moving because the AI was thinking. It was deciding whether or not to keep looking there or try somewhere else. Never had a game scare me so badly.
Cody Eiseler (3 months ago)
No dead space ?
LordSnoodles (3 months ago)
The Darkness is not a god-awful rock band!! hahahah
why wasnt subnautica on this list
Niclas Lehner (3 months ago)
Cool video.
Usain Boltactionrifle (3 months ago)
That moment when the music is totally (not) fitting with the video 😂
dale bowen (3 months ago)
Alien isolation is by far the most horrorific game to come out in along time.
Oscar Press (3 months ago)
I hate scary, but Halloween is awesome because candy and costuming.
MM (4 months ago)
Resident evil 7 and alien isolation isnt scary in my opinion. Maybe re7 a bit. But alien isolation isnt scary at all.
Joe V (4 months ago)
Somehow...Outlast 2 has a higher completion rate than the first...despite being much harder to complete.
Kyla Mamber (4 months ago)
I reaaally want to get into horror games, I'm starting with Dead Space 3. Yes, I know that it's not a true horror game, it's more action then anything. Though the fact that I can't play it for long without getting stressed, yeah, I need to start slow. I certainly see the joy of being scared, I'd rather not get mentally scarred right off the bat. 😂
Adan Rayner (4 months ago)
Silent Hill 3 is significantly better than Silent Hill 2.
Zombie Killer sub zero (4 months ago)
Zombie Killer sub zero (4 months ago)
Zombie Killer sub zero (4 months ago)
What the heck
Zombie Killer sub zero (4 months ago)
Pee pee
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Zombie Killer sub zero (4 months ago)
What am I doin
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Zombie Killer sub zero (4 months ago)
Cam Williams (4 months ago)
I wonder what Xbox games Rob buys
swag daddy (4 months ago)
Soy boi
QBCoach12 (4 months ago)
Where’s Dead Space 1 & 2, or The Evil Within?
Doctor Algy (4 months ago)
SH3 and 4 are wayyy better than 2 in my book.
ash boomstick (4 months ago)
Nicolas Egger (4 months ago)
Fatal Frame isn't the original name of the Project Zero series. Its original name is just Zero. Fatal Frame is how it is called in the U.S.
Peter Mekhail (4 months ago)
Can’t bear listening to his voice !
Icicleman04 (5 months ago)
Halloween IS a holiday.
A F (5 months ago)
Silent hill 2 was ok
Allen Richards (5 months ago)
Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Seirin, Fatal Frame. Well it seems I do actually have pretty good taste in horror games. Heck yeah.
Pink thanos (5 months ago)
Boi i finished outlast trinity and im 13
Sam D (5 months ago)
How can you not like holloween.... i was born that month and am a scorpio. Love horror. I bath in it.
Cyar Skirata (5 months ago)
At 13 I first heard of Silent Hill by finding the original on PS1 in a box. Never made it past the street outside after the monsters first showed up, simply because I couldn't figure out *how* to continue.
James McKnight (5 months ago)
Halloween is a holiday. ^.^ but my community call it Samhain. It's the harvest new year and a major holiday in pagan traditions.that said. Love all these games.
Deinonychus194 (5 months ago)
Played FNAF 4... and got murdered by a cupcake! lol
Jovan Climaco (5 months ago)
Imagine all horror games having a background music of the background music of this video
Ilya -chan (6 months ago)
The first horror game I’ve played is fatal frame 2. I’m such a chicken! I haven’t finished it! Hahahah 🤣
gaddes scott (6 months ago)
I have 137 ps4 games (i know...Sad) of which about 15 are finished
Play boy (6 months ago)
I shouldn’t have watched this at 5 am before finally going to sleep
PhoenixSword24 (6 months ago)
Apparently I'm very brave... I've finished Outlast, RE7, Silent Hill 2 and Alien: Isolation... Well... Not Alien: Isolation... But only because of a bug that's broken my game and I have to restart from like mission 15 or something... >:( But if that hadn't happened, I would have finished it... Still, Alien: Isolation is the scariest game I've ever played... I've never had to sing "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming." to myself except in Isolation and Outlast... That's it. Even SH2 & 3 don't scare me as much...
J Awesomes (6 months ago)
original silent Hill....
Amy (6 months ago)
Halloween is totally a holiday though =| Forbidden Siren is the only game I ever owned that I never finished, it freaked me out so much (and the level with the slow old man and slow AF shotgun was so annoying) that I just sold it =| some days I'm tempted to try again, but then I just go "hmm, Naaaaa."
Matt Odlum (6 months ago)
Manhunt was a fun and kinda scary game to play in the dark. Alan wake also was a great game, not very scary tho
Searchmeister (6 months ago)
Project ZERO VS Luigi's Mansion.
Matias da Silva (7 months ago)
Nice t-shirt rob!
Nate Allen (7 months ago)
How did Condemned 1 or 2 not make the list or Manhunt
Starwarsfan247 (7 months ago)
I beat resident evil 7 it wasn’t that scary
Denashi (7 months ago)
I still remember renting the first Silent Hill game (yes, Blockbuster - remember them? - actually rented out Playstation games at one time!) and playing it at home... alone... in the dark... oh the mistakes we make in life!
Pinkiefiedz (7 months ago)
Can’t be a Friday Feature without mentioning Metal Gear at least once.

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