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Best Nintendo Switch 3rd Party Controllers (& Pro Controller Alternatives)

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The Joy-Con Grip just doesn't cut it for some games, and the Switch Pro Controller is just too darn expensive. So with all these 3rd party options floating around, which one is worth dumping your money into? Wouldn't it be cool if you could use your XBOX CONTROLLER!? 😂 🔔GET NOTIFIED: SUB! http://www.youtube.com/user/WulffDen?sub_confirmation=1 GIVEAWAY ➤➤➤ https://gleam.io/KvvJ6/wulff-den-horipad-giveaway ▶️New Videos Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday! 🔴Wulff Den Live Every Wednesday at 9PM EST ➤➤➤Support the channel! Become a sponsor: https://gaming.youtube.com/user/wulffden#action=sponsor 🛍Support the channel! Use these links to buy stuff: PowerA Wired Controller Plus - Zelda http://amzn.to/2DVPA0w HORIPAD Wired Controller http://amzn.to/2FolAYh Bluetooth Motion Controller http://amzn.to/2EkfNmU Mayflash Magic-NS Adapter http://amzn.to/2BBwkQG 8-BitDo SN30 http://amzn.to/2DRYQCB Nintendo Switch http://amzn.to/2AJRFXr eCash - Nintendo eShop Gift Card http://amzn.to/2l1EkYz 👕 Merch: http://shrsl.com/?~8fv7 🐦Twitter [Bob]: http://twitter.com/bobwulff 🐦Twitter [Will]: http://twitter.com/WillWulffDamnIt 🐦Twitter [WulffDen]: http://twitter.com/thewulffden 📸Instagram: http://instagram.com/thewulffden 🔷Facebook: http://facebook.com/wulffden 💬Our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/3aVYkhR 🎧Rate us on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/wulff-den-live/id1072626893?mt=2 🎧Or listen to this on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/wulffden butt touch (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ (___)___)
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Text Comments (413)
Ryan Elliott (22 hours ago)
I have a pro controller but I love my Xbox one controller. That flash drive thing seems like a good buy
Yahzee Skellington (3 days ago)
...I should open a Youtube channel and ask for free stuff too :P
Livid Evil (4 days ago)
but is there a xenoblade chronicles 2 edition of any of those controllers?
Obed Pina (5 days ago)
Soldano999 (6 days ago)
I was one of these people complaning about th D-Pad. I Immediately bought a pro controller. Well after one year it turns out D pad on the pro controller is not as accurate as the switch 4 buttons for games like sonic mania or wonderboy. I know people love Dpads but apart from fighting games, the 4 buttons are just more accurate that's all.
Nate Underwood (6 days ago)
He looks like Martin starr in knocked up
itsyaboieric- o (7 days ago)
Buy if from wish.com it's more cheaper more
no thanks (7 days ago)
addendum on the Mayfly magic-ns, you can also use wired controllers like a wired xbox 360 controller(or wireless if you already have the PC dongle). You can also use it to connect your joycons to your PC if you want to use those.
SARankDirector (9 days ago)
I have the COOV N100 adapter
SARankDirector (9 days ago)
I have the COOV N100 adapter
Jimboy 007 (10 days ago)
Xbox controller reskin
Super Kooper (10 days ago)
Switch has all these controllers Smash Players Ready
omar khan (10 days ago)
kairon156 (11 days ago)
I love your room and editing style.
Kyle Dickey (14 days ago)
Why are you shouting?
RAB (18 days ago)
Opinion, my must have for the switch is either the comfort grip w joycons or a gamecube controller using the adapter. I had a pro cont. and sold it within a week hated the weight. Which is weird cause I loved the xbox 360 controllers which are very similiar.
Alexander McCarthy (20 days ago)
Mr Hunterf (23 days ago)
Loud controller is good. Love hearing those big triggers lol.
SteelBasilisk (24 days ago)
I know I'm late to the party, but I need a controller that is wireless with motion controls and rumble. I can't afford a pro- controller. What is the next best, as I don't have a PS$ or XBOX controller (or system)?
randomlifts (26 days ago)
Check nexilux. Www.nexilux.com Very easy to get samples if you are legitimate reviewer such as yourself.
Jayden Hamilton (27 days ago)
Are their any more 3rd party wireLESS controllers for Switch?
Logan Schlick (1 month ago)
Inversely proportional
george s (1 month ago)
8bitdo smokes all of these
Darnell Thuggington (1 month ago)
THEY ARE ALL MADE OF PLASTIC. Stop saying they feel plasticy, u toolbag
Pickers101 (1 month ago)
I am having a little trouble picking controllers. I don't know to get the splatoon colored joycons, a pro controller, or three wired controllers. I am need more controllers for multiplayer
mk gamer 2 (1 month ago)
I have the mayflash
Michael Logan (1 month ago)
Where did you get your Switch dock Splatoon cover?! I would really like one too! Subscribed and liked
Dimentive (1 month ago)
Why does having to update the firmware suck? You should do that anyway.
Dimentive (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who loves the Grip? I have small hands, and it feels great. Of course, the Pro Controller is the best, but the Grip is great for me.
Mayor Smiley Animation (1 month ago)
I like the joy cons better but i but some of this stuff so i could play 4 players
Nathanael Lawrence (1 month ago)
I have the wired variation of the one you only described but didn't name from 3:48. I believe it's called the SWH Wired Pro Controller yet googling that name is tricky. I have done everything to connect it to my Switch but the LED still spun in circles for hours.
orang man (1 month ago)
I'm probably skipping the 8th generation for the second time
David brawnydave Smith (1 month ago)
That zelda power a controller is 19.19 now follow link in description. Thanks man
4:43 it looks exactly like the xbox one controller
Also the snes one this basically the Wii classic controller
The Bluetooth one is a Xbox one in disguise
The hori pads are always best ever since the n64
Tiny Turtle Videos (1 month ago)
Minecontrol (1 month ago)
dont mean to sound like an asshole, but what about a gamecube controller? Ive been using mine and they work fine with the adapter for smash.
The Vegan Punk (1 month ago)
I bought the "Zelda-themed" controller. I use a little "portable dock" from Rocketek & I can use the controller & charge the system at the same time in portable mode! I love that setup! I NEVER use my Switch in Docked mode. Just get a stand & you're all set! Anyway, the Zelda controller works great! no problems! I'm sure you can get it on sale during the year & save a few bucks too!
xShadows (1 month ago)
Does anyone know if there is a Pro Switch Zelda Theme WIRELESS Controller? I like the one in this video however it Not having Rumble, Motion Control, and NFC doesn’t sell me on the controller(And I hate wired). I also wouldn’t want to get a Pro Controller and put stickers all over it. Do they make Custom Pro Controllers? Any advice is helpful. Thanks
Link Kakariko (1 month ago)
Can I use my Wii controller?
Marshall (1 month ago)
Great video. Had all of the controllers I was considering and got straight to the point with some humor mixed in. Subscribed! :)
LazySharu (1 month ago)
are you able to connect more than one controller with the adapter?
junascarlo (1 month ago)
The dpad on the Hori is okay. It's cheap, it's functional and very durable. This is the best one to have if you have kids or younger siblings using the console at home.
Konner (1 month ago)
I consider that the pro controller is not a fun to use. It doesn't feel like it fits well in my hands. I love to joycons way more. However I respect your opinion.
Just for everyone here the adapter does support rumble and motion control for the Xbox one s controller if you update it.
Yurrupt (1 month ago)
The line between the grips and the actual pro controller feel like they are glued together lmao, dosen’t matter tho
Top Doge (1 month ago)
I'd just buy the pro controller.
Jeli ma fish (1 month ago)
I am pretty excited, got the Switch on Ebay brand new with a promo for $240, went to BestBuy and price-matched Walmart to get Odyssey for $48, the pro controller for $60, and price matched Target to get BOTW for $45. So for about $430 I got the Switch, Pro Controller, 2 games, a glass screen protector, and a 128GB Micro SD. Not a bad deal at all.
Mr. Martell Sincere (1 month ago)
Jeli ma fish great deal
Joaquim Silva (1 month ago)
Can you use the Bluetooth thing for Xbox One controllers with the USB entrance at the back of the switch?
Umbra DLM (1 month ago)
meh, switch pro controller is too expansive for what it offers and I hate the joy cons... for me nothing can beat a KB + M and xbox controller for certain games.
xxXTheBadCodeXxx (1 month ago)
That Mayflower sounds cool
Nicolás Luna (1 month ago)
04:32 the controller feels good because its the same desing as an xbox one controller with cheap plastic shell, you can replace it with an xbox one shell
Eric (2 months ago)
Super great video. I've had my Pro Controller since day one, but I really don't like the D-Pad. These are some great alternatives. Also, you look like a more cheerful Gilfoyle, so that's a thing you can put on your resume.
superduperdrew12345 (2 months ago)
The 8bitdo is nice but doesn't have very good hand room because it lacks the grips of most modern controllers. Your ring finger and pinky are just left hanging. The motion works well enough to play splatoon but the rumble is pretty bad unless you flash a new firmware and even then it isn't great. The buttons feel nice but are a bit too spaced out. Probably no big deal if you're used to the SNES controller though. I recommend the famicom colored one, it looks nicer.
I bought a Hori Pad... I like it a lot... but you're right... the d-pad is kinda crap. You sold me on the Power A though.
Gesteiro Sonnenmoser (2 months ago)
timsa626 (2 months ago)
That one controller was just straight up a One controller haha but I’m buying that mayflash adapter! It would be nice to use my PS4 controller. I don’t own a pro controller and I bought a switch day one. I just use it in portable mode most of the time but my girlfriend and I play Mario Kart 8 docked and hate using the joy cons as our room is big and the cables from the power a cables were just too short
Shal ucard (2 months ago)
My sister got me the link controller and its pretty good.
Dominic L (2 months ago)
I played 140 hours of Breath of the Wild with the dog controller grip. I have large hands and I was fine.
Shadey Mcbones (2 months ago)
I'd probably get that 8bitdo snes controller made for te switch (the newest one)
KiranDoobles (2 months ago)
Don't you mean directly proportional
JIMMY PTATO (2 months ago)
This is basically an xbox one controller for your switch😂
JIMMY PTATO (2 months ago)
The one at 4:40 forgot to put that
Dick Strong (2 months ago)
The SN30 / SF30 Pro are awesome controllers, one of my favorite in fact, but their dpads are kind of meh, mushy and imprecise like the original SNES controllers. I always accidentally hit diagonals without meaning to.
Timothy The Hedgehog (2 months ago)
that second controller was exactly the xbox one controller just look at it the only thing different the letter button layout
Finn (2 months ago)
Question, does the vanilla Xbone controller work with the Mayflower adapter?
Finn (2 months ago)
Thank you dude. Such a concise and well-put together video, telling me all the good shit I need to know. You have yourself a new subscriber and I've decided that why not fork out an extra tenner on the real pro-controller deal? Cheers
Praetor918 (2 months ago)
I paid $600 for my Switch, but it was worth it because it actually helped me overcome depression. Looks like I'll be dropping some more money into the pit after this video :P
KroyHD (2 months ago)
Could that usb for PS4 controllers been fixed
lord of science (2 months ago)
8:22 reference
F D (2 months ago)
The j and top is best alternative
Shrek (2 months ago)
What about the gamecube controller? If you have a smash gamecube adapter you can use a gcn controller and that's my favourite controller ever so yeah
Tayy1317 (2 months ago)
Is the 30 dollar black see through plastic and loud one the same size as the pro controller cuz i want to get a grip and cover Thanks
Stay Patriot (2 months ago)
Good video thanks, just got a switch, and love system, but cant use the joy-con at all w/ my hands
David Roberson (2 months ago)
I picked up the Splattoon wired pro. I don't even care about Splattoon. I just like the pink and green splotches on black.
Ntro Scorpio (2 months ago)
the buttons ain't to small for a kid
Deathstroke 87 (2 months ago)
I love the zelda controller
Jamie 〜 (2 months ago)
Wow I love the one that looks like a pro controller and an Xbox one controller had a baby
Jaws (2 months ago)
Does the May flash work with just Xbox 1 not Xbox 1 s
William Barrett (2 months ago)
4:22 that's just a xbox one controller reskinned.
G Man (2 months ago)
A bad product is the powerA wired controller (Walmart was selling these for $17 a piece on Thanksgiving). Works fine for about a month then the left stick stops working. This has happened to me twice – the first one I bought and the second one that I had to exchange it for.
Jackmaker (2 months ago)
It's not a must have unless u play two players
James Poot (2 months ago)
Does Wii U game pad work with rumble and motion control?
ekflpkf (2 months ago)
I hate the analog sticks on the pro controller I drop the controller a few times or use it for too long and they feel like there is dirt gunking up the sticks
Hayato1105 (2 months ago)
I have been reluctant to buy that pro controller, I tried a friend's pro controller for a while, but find it way too expensive; good quality and all but nothing out of this world for that price. <pssstt. The generic one is awesome, I have one, money well spent at 22$. That and the 8bitdo (love this one for its size and I find it very comfortable) at 30$ were awesome buys for me. No problemas what so ever.
Lucas Barran (2 months ago)
Am getting the zelda one (when i get the switch :p)
Eric Joseph (2 months ago)
You remind me of Sid from the Ice Age movies.
Taylor Wiseman (2 months ago)
It's 8bit DOO because there's an accessory made by the brand that says just that.
Psychotic Squirrel (2 months ago)
I have the cheap wireless controller... it’s great so don’t bother shelling out 60 bucks for the official pro controller
Big Deano Plays (2 months ago)
The amazon one is clearly just a repurposed 3rd party xbox one controller; the shell, sticks and triggers are a dead giveaway.
0ddgh0st (2 months ago)
I noticed with the joycons rumble feels a lil..annoying😢 but still pretty cool tho
freefly82 (2 months ago)
Is the 8bito controller working again on switch? It stopped to work after a firmware updated to me
will riseabove (2 months ago)
The snes controller and may flash thing seems awesome. nice video these were well reviewed, it's ashame you couldn't try the snes one I've heard it's pretty good with slight lag.
Ian Brinkley (2 months ago)
The Xbox 1 elite controller is better
VoLcOmKiNg (2 months ago)
Ordered adapter! 👍🏻 Great vídeo, thanks for the heads up and saving me some 💴 on buying a “Switch Pro Controller”. I have both Xbox/PS4 consoles with multiple wireless remotes.. no need to buy anymore 🤦‍♂️, but the adapter would be the PERFECT solution! Thanks again.
m30barr (2 months ago)
Lol don't front you def got a PowerA sponsorship because that switch controller is a total POS.
AGATH0R (2 months ago)
I like the joycons with grip and,i ,play indie rouge games
Sir Green Day (2 months ago)
Wow, the loser insults the various companies because they wouldn't send him a free controller. What an ass! Why would they? You're a nobody. You only have 100k subs. That's nothing. Companies will only send review products to big YouTubers that actually have a lot of subs. At least 500k subs. DSP has more subs then you. That should tell you something. So, stop begging for free products and get a job so you can buy your own shit. Wow, are you a loser. Lol.

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