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Middle-earth: Shadow of War (2017) 15 Minutes of Gameplay | PC PS4 Xbox One

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Presents Middle-earth: Shadow of War (2017) 15 Minutes of Gameplay | PC PS4 Xbox One Subscribe - https://goo.gl/ZXhdgT Cheap Games on G2A - https://www.g2a.com/r/user-583b5704baa48
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Text Comments (28)
Procharger (11 months ago)
Fuck Rpgs without character creation.
Fire Pitch (10 months ago)
thats what i love about dragon age😀
Pûnk Rock (1 year ago)
"Suffer me now " said no ubisoft server ever :D
Tauno Talitappi (1 year ago)
And where did Talion's beard go? D:
Tauno Talitappi (1 year ago)
Its very flashy and full of features each bigger then the last, but with every liberty taken it strays further from the original world and lore of Tolkienverse. I say subtlety would do this game favours.
Marcus Dupont (1 year ago)
the story of these games arent canon so dont worry to much about it
danny donk (1 year ago)
I really loved the first one... can't wait for this .. Oh also for those interested starcitizen will soon drop patch 3.0, you can get extra 5000 extra credits using this code: STAR-ZZMS-GGMK Be quick though before its all gone: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/enlist?referral=STAR-ZZMS-GGMK Enjoy :D and thx meteorite games!
spoofghost (1 year ago)
Oh thanks for this :D
Epic burito123 (1 year ago)
Son of Judah (1 year ago)
best looking chess game ever!!
Darrenosa Mbadugha (1 year ago)
what is the power of the ring ?
Connor Wilbur (1 year ago)
from the gameplay trailer. the all kinds of powers they've gotten. example: the part where Talion teleported that archer to him. and so much more. plus, the first trailer they were separated and...I think, they were brought back together by the ring...u know?
Connor Wilbur (1 year ago)
Darrenosa Mbadugha it's about their connection. if u played the last game, you should know how powerful Talion and Celebrimbor they've gotten since they created the ring.
Davide Toninelli (1 year ago)
Marcus Dupont (1 year ago)
they're there
Lord of da rings is da best!
Pajama Sam (1 year ago)
LMAO! The huge guy that's an ally is literally the one man hype machine
Davyoscare (1 year ago)
i am in love omg
darren wu (1 year ago)
wait so no story line. NOOOOOOOO
Connor Wilbur (1 year ago)
darren wu the last game had one, I see no reason why this shouldn't have one.
Connor Wilbur (1 year ago)
darren wu how do I know what?
darren wu (1 year ago)
Connor Wilbur how u no
Connor Wilbur (1 year ago)
darren wu you mean...a campaign?
Marcellis Madness (1 year ago)
darren wu u create your own story
bravestripes (1 year ago)
In other words of Warhammer: WWWWAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Mahmoud Elassal (1 year ago)
не весьма
Kirill Horoshilov (1 year ago)

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