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Video Game Cheaters Who Were Punished in Epic Ways

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8 gamers destroyed by their own greed! Check out who made the list! Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/wMuSDD ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's said that cheaters never prosper, but we all know things don't always work out that way. Sometimes, the bad guy wins – except in the world of video games, where the hero (almost) always triumphs. Video game companies depend on keeping things fair to stay in business, so when some players decide to try and cheat the system to get an unfair in-game advantage over their fellow gamers, publishers and developers come down like Thor's hammer right on their heads, showing us once and for all that even virtual crime doesn't pay. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ComicBookResources Twitter: https://twitter.com/cbr ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Featuring: Grand Theft Auto, Guild Wars H1Z1, Max Payne, Red Dead Redemption, Monster Hunter, League of Legends, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.cbr.com/
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Text Comments (623)
Hyperborean Primarch (1 month ago)
Turn cheating into criminal offence.
necrom21221 (2 months ago)
Azubu Frost wasnt the only one cheating TSM did too looking at the screen etc... Noob.
Boone Roberts (3 months ago)
I use cheat codes on SpongeBob: creature from the krusty krab, only to make them have costumes or different color effects.
ExleyToast tv (3 months ago)
The transitions damage me Inside
GhostDog (3 months ago)
A Friend and I had a cheater in a GTA 5 lobby. He killed us with fucking rocket rapidfire (dont know if this is correct)
AsherLamorte rhodes (4 months ago)
iv only ever cheated at video games in single player mode never online and at that point im only cheating myself really
Jacky Chan (4 months ago)
I'm pretty sure nexon Is a Korean company
FlyGuySwaqq (6 months ago)
I lost my mewtwo in Pokémon silver trying to duplicate it
rasmuskjaerpoulsen (7 months ago)
Even if it is cheating to look at your enemy's minimap, i find it crazy that Riot didnt even think about that when making the stage.. Have you ever tried to play games against your buddies at a LAN party? It's almost impossible to not take sneak peaks of his screen.
The true Marksman (7 months ago)
That lol team shouldnt have been banned. Why the fuck would you have the mini maps within the view of players. The team that lost should have sued riot games for making it so easy for the other team to win.
CHALK772 (7 months ago)
I miss skydiving on GOW 1 on Gridlocked and sniping people and hammer of dawn from the clock tower. I used to wreck people
Jumping Buddy (8 months ago)
1:56 You shitting me? Thats payday 2
Kyle A (8 months ago)
That moment the officials literally put the mini-maps in front of you...and they don't think about it...they dont think about it.
Winslow Wilson (8 months ago)
Why did the Korean team that got caught cheating, get anything at all ? They should have gotten an escort to the door and told to not come back.
Chris Bowman (8 months ago)
Being fined 10's of thousands of dollars after winning 2 million by cheating isn't really a punishment lol. If I rob a bank for 50,000 and get caught I don't give 50 dollars back and everything is forgotten. Def took a page out the Patriots' book.
mcciv5wt _ (8 months ago)
1:55 thats the vastly superior Payday 2.
Blue Wolf (8 months ago)
One time I was hanging out with my friend who I was in a party with on ps3 and he was cheating on battlefield hardline without me knowing and then he leaves the game and sends me a message saying "I got banned from the game for cheating" so I message him back saying "you were cheating" and he said yes so I said "wow you kinda deserved it" And he was banned for 5 months because of using infinite ammo and aimbot
Wahyu Nugroho (9 months ago)
if i dev team...i dint ban cheaters... i make sure to get where they life, and send squad of zombie to came to there house and....well..have fun fith them entire families
aaron barker (9 months ago)
I dont think these Ban's go far enough. I think the player's real name and public IP address be published to the public followed by a lifetime ban in Steam/Origin. Lastly all the games should make the players agree to pay a $5000 fine if caught cheating.
Mesut Bektaş (9 months ago)
my friends banjo kazooie save WAS DELETED XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Imagine Baggins (9 months ago)
in gears of war 3 if you use any mods or hacks when loading to the main menu it would freeze indefinitely during the loading procces leading to you shutting of your console during the load....and corrupting your save.
Atromus (10 months ago)
Gta V has a "Well designed online mode" Funny And the next shot is from Payday 2, a completely different game.
Siladys González (10 months ago)
I watched dark side jump
Ziho Lim (10 months ago)
sudden attack is korean
KangnamS Uperman (11 months ago)
Sudden Attack is a South Korean game. All the screen shots shown are also in Korean. It's been really popular here and if it was released in Japan I don't think it was very popular.
Rick B (11 months ago)
poor researched videos, I hate channels like this. Broadcasting stuff they know nothing about. Guys before you believe shits like this, please make a simple research.
Foxy The Pirate Fox (11 months ago)
Ban the games. Aint got my business.
Christer Bratli (11 months ago)
Got banned on GTA xD 01/31 year 9999
Chrysa1is (11 months ago)
This video belongs in the YouTube bin.
General Who (1 year ago)
There is this really cool cheat thing you can use in skyrim, all it does is remove the hud, perfect for screenshots, I use it all the time when I take screenshots, because if I want a good screenshot, I don't want the hud being in it, it brings out the beauty in skyrim more then ever!
Opera Falcon (1 year ago)
The right side of the thumbnail is someone getting swatted.
Rayan Faure (1 year ago)
Consumer electrical family less print standing humanity seal off free.
Wonyoung Park (1 year ago)
sudden attack is not japanese its korean
God Emperor Trump (1 year ago)
I have a Habbo Hotel account that is banned until the year 9999 for sharing personal info, swearing, scamming, harassment and using a third-party hacking program.
Altair Foo (1 year ago)
Rockstar take serious act on GTAV Online? one of the best joke of the year.
Dave Legere (1 year ago)
You really use Kootra in your thumbnail? Wtf man
Kaptin Fancy (1 year ago)
I got banned from farmville for growing weed
Lynlyn Camacho (1 year ago)
I get from last day on earth for cheating then guys dont ever ever cheat like if you agree
Undyne The undying (1 year ago)
No joke after the H1Z1 thing I looked up the apology letters
Ant T (1 year ago)
Do you guys at do the top five just like change a couple things cuz all your videos are the same
I am Evil there 665 comments I made it 666 there was 699 likes I made 700 sorry
Art Karounos (1 year ago)
I wish EA/Dice would take cheaters seriously in Battlefield
Jim Bob Cooter (1 year ago)
I wrote my own admin command script for my ARK server (that I own and operate) to help manage my server... I got a VAC ban
Kenta Jin (1 year ago)
NEXON is Korean company, not Japanese dumbass :T
Charlie e (1 year ago)
Wow, they cheated and still got 120k... that really doesn't meet the level that they cheated. Let's all cheat and we will still get 120k...
HyPzZ Anime (1 year ago)
Hate when I go against cheaters cuz I don't cheat wtf
Madcap Seer (1 year ago)
1:56 Talks about GTAV Uses Payday2 screenshot For fucks sake
The_Black_Veteran (1 year ago)
Nace City (1 year ago)
like how in the thumbnail there is a guy getting swatted
I have been banned from GTA V - because I had the audacity to modify my SINGLEPLAYER, just to be able to use my OCULUS RIFT in GTA V SINGLEPLAYER (with the help of a tool called "vorpx" and several scripts). stupid thing is, that FOV mod is working in the MP, as well and something, the publishers do not want.
JIGSTAR _17 (1 year ago)
I fucking hate cheaters
thicc boi (1 year ago)
fwc t shirt nice
Spegle (1 year ago)
3:17 "in *J A P A N* ?" The text is korean. pls do research before bearing false evidence.
TheGodFather (1 year ago)
wow this man is stupid Nexon is by a korean company u dolt u just showed a pictures of the cheat in korean languag moron
Neil Brown (1 year ago)
Saying "epic" again..... I think people should be punished for that!
I hacked watch dogs I didn't get caught
therealbahamut (1 year ago)
So Azubu got caught cheating at the pro level and only got docked 20% of their winnings? You're kidding me. WTF, riot...you catch somebody cheating at a global tournament, you're supposed to shove your foot so far up their ass they need a crane to pull it out, not just take some of their winnings off the top! Honestly surprised I never heard about that one...
Filipe Cunha (1 year ago)
cheaters should die of cancer. bunch of losers.
MaxMACHIVE (1 year ago)
Death to all cheaters
StarSeeker94 (1 year ago)
The punishment for GoW2 seems extreme in my opinion. Maybe just erase the achievements from that game. I don't think your gamerscore has to suffer for just one exploit in one game.
Faggot Tron (1 year ago)
Mr Plumbus (1 year ago)
I've got hacks for tf2 does that count?
Hammerd Walrus (1 year ago)
I'm such an asshole, that if I were to make a game, cheaters would be banned and the only way to get back is to find a legit solution to Fermat's last theorem.
Ben RandomJoe (1 year ago)
Star Wars Galaxy did a CU upgrade, consolidating 33 classes into 9. You could also pay $20 and switch servers.I leveled a Dancer to 90, then switched servers. When you switch servers you can change class using a respect token.So I changed to a commando, then bounty hunter, then medic,, and so on.for the 10th jump I went back to my original server and dancer.I had all the basic abilities of 9 classes, 8 of them combat. Smuggler, commando, and Bounty hunter each had an ability called Heal. As a dancer/medic/bounty hunter/ect I could self buff to the max, I had 7 heals, 3 traps, 4 bleeds, jedi heal and sprint, medic bomb explosion area heal, ect.I would solo the HK-47, deathwatch, and Malachi jedi quests. I did other accounts as basic lvl 90 accounts, and sold them for a profit. Then SWG shut down. Great times. Best glitch never released or known of til now.Waunderhome forever!
Torrallon Medan (1 year ago)
This league of legends map peeking thing keeps getting brought up repeatedly in multiple cheat humiliation vids. I think it's kinda retarded. RIOT was too stupid to simply make a screen angled so that the people in the game could not peek up at a GIANT FUCKING SCREEN to see player positions? I mean... cmon. You throw a steak infront of a starving dog and tell it not to eat, I don't care how well trained that dog is, if it hasn't eaten in a couple days, it's gonna be all over that fuckin steak. And there was alotta money riding on that match. So... Yeah. Fuck RIOT, that's their fuck-up, not the teams. Dumbasses....
Daniel Houchin jr (1 year ago)
I'm not a good gamer and I'll admit it, but even that is more honorable than a worthless cheater.
Prog Man (1 year ago)
Great variety of ways to deal with cheaters. Just hate cheaters, they should all be caught and banned. Especially the immature little ass-wipes trying so hard to wreck everyone's game and then laughing about. Get them out permanently.
Niels Christian (1 year ago)
GTA was a fine game. But now its filled with 80-90% cheaters, every server. You kill them once, they come back with cheat and shoot you with a whale or smth. Really well made online game, but No one really wants to play with 15 cheaters in every server.
Anthony Gonsalves (1 year ago)
I used to hack in Maplestory back in BETA days. This one dude I allowed on my team, even though everyone was against it and hated the kid immediately, reported me while I was using a screen loot hack while I was sleeping. I woke up JUST in time to see a mod on my screen and took the hack off. Not sure if the mod saw anything, but I wasn't banned. That kid lost just about everything after he told me he reported me.
Chris karapetsas (1 year ago)
you should also add on the list : Chicken transform on Rift from developers of Trion . If you exploited the boss named DREKANOTH OF FATE ( which is the 3rd boss in the raid : Nightmare Tide ) you would become a chicken everytime you would try to use any spell for 24 hours period .
Korben 2105 (1 year ago)
I cheat for good reason, to give players good pokemon
JMan Gaming (1 year ago)
got to say shame on them for lookin at minimap but they didnt deserve the fine both teams could look if they wanted AND riot's dumb ass shouldnt put it right in front of them fk maybe it was an accidental glance once u see it you have seen it might as well use it
ViggyTheTwiggy #clash (1 year ago)
Karma (1 year ago)
"...I am so sorry that I got caught cheating at H1Z1 and am eternally grateful that the idiots in charge will now let me play again. You can bet that as soon as I am out from under the spotlight I will reinstall my hacks and continue to fuck up the experience of all you people who want to play by the rules...." Yep, fuck you Daybreak, you are more interested in being the "good guy" than you are in protecting the honest people who play your game.
lynnbelford217 (1 year ago)
by the way there was a Korean player livestreaming overwatch and the poor unfortunate fuckface was banned mid match and MID STREAM!!!! Plus idiot hackers were arrested for online fraud and wire fraud too.
Sc0rch (1 year ago)
Click baiting loser
RenGraes (1 year ago)
I was banned from the "Launchpad" games [planet side 2, DC universe] for "hacking" when I didn't even have anything active. They didn't even give me a chance to defend nor explain myself, just going "YOU BANNED! YOU GO! DISAPPEAR! GO DIE!"
Thisbandsux (1 year ago)
thats Korea, this is the second time they mistake sudden attack someone else called it chinese, you can see the hangul korean language.
wirsindderclub587 (1 year ago)
I mean, maybe don't put up giant screens where opposing teams can see them?  I don't really see that as cheating that was more the fault of the tournament organizers.
nillathrilla (1 year ago)
bullshit thubnail
glaivedacier (1 year ago)
Someone used the content of your video to do another one.
Steven White (1 year ago)
Heh, several years ago when I was playing Delta Force: Landwarrior online, one dude was being rude so I texted him in-game and told him that if he wanted to get a head-up on the other players he needed to press CTRL + F4. Fun times. :)
David McCoy II (1 year ago)
If you use a mod menu in GTA V Story Mode, you can't get into the Union Depository at the end.
Marlon Discua (1 year ago)
couldn't you just make another account in h1z1?
Jewstin (1 year ago)
The thumbnail had kootra in it he wasnt cheating but some idiot swatted him
TopDog Gaming (1 year ago)
the gears of war 2 one wasn't cheating on my opinion. They exploited a bad script line... It's an exploit, such as head glitching on COD. Just my opinion.
Indifferent Centrist (1 year ago)
What we should do with cheaters is break all of their fingers, then make them play their game. Every time they screw up (which they inevitably will, with broken fingers), they get their nuts shocked with an electrode.
Styx Zero (1 year ago)
This is so satisfying to watch... karma is a bitch
SkyBorn (1 year ago)
"It can't have been" I'm dyng
Mistress Kixen (1 year ago)
They docked them 30K for cheating? That is hardly a punishment for cheating. If anything they should have not only left with nothing, but the team that lost should have got the prize, and those players who cheated should have been banned permanently from the game.
Natan titelbaum (1 year ago)
i came across a lux which did 500 basic attack damage and 1000 damage with her e and she had only 3 items and she was level 12 she had the pistol leach bane and the support knife from the start thats all
ItsFrenzius (1 year ago)
I once played unturned online survival and I had a good base in the middle of butt fuck nowhere and well hidden and all of a sudden I see that everyone is dying to a single guy myself included. After the admins heard on this they froze the cheater and teleported everyone to the aircraft carrier and made a speech. They talked about how the guy was cheating to the point where only the cheater is enjoying the server so they gave us all a rocket launchers and let us open fire on him. After like a minute or so they took our rocket launchers away and gave him a perma ban and followed up with a report of the player. This is when they said that if anyone else cheats that's what will happen to us then they teleported us back to where we were.
Those stupid asses shouldve got disqualified & the other team shouldve got the money but it was probly a cheat that wasnt a big deal if they only fined them.
joey Joestar (1 year ago)
Insane ways to be precise
Icy_empire (1 year ago)
its just a game just banned them whats with all this punishmeant
Benjamin Filbert (1 year ago)
How shitty does H1Z1 have to be when they've already banned well over 30,000 people for cheating?
Nathaniel Enochs (1 year ago)
That's why I always prefer SINGLE-PLAYER. I like playing single-player so I would get bombarded by hackers and cheaters.
Kia Silverstar (1 year ago)
for any1 who played guild wars, my best friend dillon edmiaston is actually the guy who started the auper rare ring duplication glitch that got alot of people banned for life.
Nathaniel Enochs (1 year ago)
Cheating and hacking (aimbots included) in online multiplayer games should be made illegal.
DeadlyAlcohol (1 year ago)
I never cheat in my life and got global ban for BF3 Fuck you Punkbuster!!!
Darren Z (1 year ago)
Wait, so "sneaking peaks" at a mini-map that is being displayed on a giant screen for everybody to see is considered cheating? Why couldn't their opponents have done the same? This makes no sense to me.

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