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Biggest Nintendo E3 2018 Leak?! Fortnite Switch and More!!

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Another day, another BIG potential E3 leak. This time, we have suggestions that Fortnite, Dragon Ball Fighterz, Overcooked 2, and many others are coming to Switch! What do YOU think? Let us know in the comments below! Source: https://www.destructoid.com/the-latest-e3-leak-suggests-switch-versions-of-fortnite-and-dragon-ball-fighterz-505575.phtml Join On Us On Discord: https://discord.gg/vNfSYzy Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce Biggest Nintendo E3 2018 Leak?! Fortnite Switch and More!!
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Text Comments (593)
lol (2 months ago)
Thos was real wtf
Peanut butter Pickle (2 months ago)
Yooo. I have the switch and I love the idea that I can play fortnite on the go with an actual console. Way better than my phone.
One Random Boi (2 months ago)
Typical Teenager (2 months ago)
When Nintendo introduce us to Nintendo online I think they’ll say “here’s some games for the online mode” and they show fortnite,fifa 19,etc.
Turd The Turtle (2 months ago)
Paladins was confirmed, so this must be legit I'm so hyped for fortnite!!!
Ahannamus Prime (2 months ago)
Paladins confirmed
Hailey Renee (2 months ago)
All I want is fortnite
Tony Valdovinos (2 months ago)
When is e3 again?
Caleb Wheatley (2 months ago)
Cant wait for fortnight 😀
blarf (2 months ago)
fortnite = 0% chance, luckily
GAMING MANIAC (2 months ago)
theres already mario tennis aces in japan so i bought it and now i have it
Ethan Hawksley (2 months ago)
I hope thats not all
Captainjo 17 (2 months ago)
U guys wanna know a game better than fortnite? FARMING SIMULATOR
GreyWolf1600 (2 months ago)
Where is Smash Bros
MonsterKat (2 months ago)
Well.... that’s a fairly boring set of games if that’s all we get this year (including smash)
MonsterKat (2 months ago)
I really hope we get more than just fortnite, smash and some indie games this year.. switch needs another big single player game this year!! It’s seriously lacking so far..
Ur Face (2 months ago)
go scream about ur gay fortnite and pubg shit im just here waiting for a jjba game for switch and more info on paladins and smash
Pro Co (2 months ago)
do you think Assasians Creed: Odyssey will be on switch?
Obsidian Hadiez (2 months ago)
My list of what i'd like: Super Mario Switch (Sidescroller - Like New.Super Mario Bros U) Super Mario MAKER Fortnite Mario Party
Mr McMahon (2 months ago)
There's nothing exciting in the video games industry anymore. Everything is rehashes and clones.
JAMES C (2 months ago)
All of this was leaked a month ago
Shoegames657 (2 months ago)
We did know about paladins....
Nashiro Mations (2 months ago)
Killer queen black..... killer queen..... HOLLY SH- *click*
Gaming Tard (2 months ago)
*EW FORTNITE* *makes me wanna barf*
JigaByte (2 months ago)
Dragon ball!!!! Finally.
Smeghead (2 months ago)
All these games are crap what about Metroid
garvensman (2 months ago)
Can someone please explain to me why so many people have decided this probably 100% accurate leak, represents every game Nintendo will show at E3, and there is NOTHING else? The amount of comments of "gee I'm so worried now, there's like no games here at all, except DBFZ maybe." If you seriously think Nintendo is going to showcase 9 games at E3.. I've got nothing for you.
Skyy (2 months ago)
Or these could just be the ones with panels
Jesse b (2 months ago)
If this is all they’re going to announce I’m going to be mad
General Gorilla (2 months ago)
Dragon Ball Fighter Z isn't a 3rd Party title. It's 4th party.
Crutch & Wheels Gaming (2 months ago)
Not even interested in any of these
brifodes (2 months ago)
If this is everything, that’s pretty sad. Only one Nintendo made game.
Decade prime 02 (2 months ago)
Lets see
Photo Nerd (2 months ago)
Fortnite coming to switch is not news. They already talked about being eager to port it. Why are so many "leaks" well known things? Do you not follow the developers at all?
koiby (2 months ago)
Plz no Fortnite
Cookie Cook Games (2 months ago)
if that list is all Nintendo are revealing I wont lie i'll be disappointed i'm fairly certain more will be shown but might not be playable hense why they aren't on this list
Olmekc (2 months ago)
Alright now I'm hyped for the rest of 2018 with my Switch. Finally getting two competitive shooters. I liked DOOM for a while but it didn't keep my attention long enough. Hopefully Paladins and Fortnite give me some multiplayer options outside of Rocket League. Starlink looks promising and I'd consider getting both Fighterz and Monster Hunter. The crazy thing all of that doesn't even include Smash Bros or the other surprises we will get from Nintendo at E3. I think they are going to have some tricks up their sleeves this year and manage to top 2017.
Dane Reid (2 months ago)
Super excited for monster hunter. I was so close to buying the Japanese version lol.
CanadianGuy eH (2 months ago)
If this is true that Dragonball Fighter Z is coming to the Switch, I'm incredibly happy & not too surprised since many wanted it to be on it too. I hope it's release date will be sooner than later.
RB (2 months ago)
Fortnite and Paladins...please
jonas037 (2 months ago)
idc about Fortnite, but DBFZ is hype!
Andrew Garcia (2 months ago)
I have it on good authority that Fortnight Switch is happening
Uncy (2 months ago)
Dunno about that, if its real, where is Smash bros, pokemon etc.?
be b (2 months ago)
Woo! Paladins and Fortnite! I hope both of them have motion control or a LOT of aim assist. Too late for Dragon Ball Z Fighterz Z imo.
PenguinPotential (2 months ago)
It's 100% real. Paladins dataminers found a Switch skin for one of the characters, we've been waiting for this!
Stranger Danger (2 months ago)
I still want an announcement for Terraria on switch. We have heard nothing from pipeworks for months so I want Nintendo announcing it soon E3 or not.
Omar Yusuf (2 months ago)
Gang beasts for Nintendo switch please
DMS R6 (2 months ago)
Are you guys making your “every Switch game coming in June” video?
Zack The Sackboy (2 months ago)
I won't lie was hoping for better games. I'm excited only about Paladins and Mario Tennis Aces
nog the great (2 months ago)
Im gonna buy Nintendo switch dragon ball fighter Z
jonathan 22392 (2 months ago)
FORTNITE FORTNITE FORTNITE!!!!!! YES PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!! I’m highly addicted to it on Xbox, would love to play it on the go and mobile version controls are not the best, just sayin. But with the switch controls, I am looking forward to FORTNITE!!!!!!
Wolf Peters (2 months ago)
I hope Fortnite is Fake bit even if it not Super Smash Bros 5 is going to well overshadowed Fortnite
Michael Santiago (2 months ago)
This def feels real. Great video Gabe!
Why paladins? That's dumb. We want the real thing, overwatch
EzeroChalicer (2 months ago)
everything never original
Your argument makes no sense. You probably just no-life paladins
EzeroChalicer (2 months ago)
and also ever you play paladins before?
EzeroChalicer (2 months ago)
isnt it like overwatch is tf2 clone?
EzeroChalicer I know that idiot, paladins stole stuff from all kinds of game genres. It just stole it's heroes from overwatch
Digitalgaming1.0 (2 months ago)
I just need to know if it's going to be free because it's mostliky to be released when the online severs lunches and I want to know if you can transfer save data
A Fellow High Nooner (2 months ago)
2:49 did he say Mario tenessee ? Xd
SkyUtubes (2 months ago)
Fortnite is actually not that bad the bad is the fan base it’s so cringe and different from us Nintendo fans
Daphne 25 (2 months ago)
LoneLuna (2 months ago)
So I’ve been scrolling through the comments and seen a few people saying they’ll return their switch if a game they don’t like comes out for it? I’m sorry but that is the stupidest thing I’ve heard all day. Just don’t download the goddamn game jeez
Cosmic 3l3phant (2 months ago)
There are probs more games cause they didn't talk about smash
Daniel Tan (2 months ago)
Please don't tell me these are all the games they will be showing at E3... Or are they just the games you can try out? Sorry, cause if not I'm bored out of my mind with these games
Mr. Triggered (2 months ago)
Wait no smash?
kiki lambo (2 months ago)
woomy on a vroomy (2 months ago)
What about smash?
rslife (2 months ago)
only good game in here is dragonball
Alien Frequency (2 months ago)
i’m guessing these are only ‘some’ of the games they’re showing off. Surely, a Yoshi release date announcement is coming soon... I’d think.
Sync (2 months ago)
All of this stuff was leaked way back on the huge list of games they had. I'm not too surprised honestly
Ihsan Ahmed (2 months ago)
What about YouTube on the switch?!!!!
Manic Dragon (2 months ago)
john doe (2 months ago)
The original Leak comes from a 4chan user not the Twitter user
Six1Eye (2 months ago)
Fortnite would be cool on the switch but would it be cross platform play tho i would really like to play with my ps4 friends with in game chat.
GalacticFaz (2 months ago)
I hate fortnite and I think it will ruin Nintendo because it will take over the fan bases of their first party games.
Micheal Name (2 months ago)
GalacticFaz for a short period of time
playerHD 播放器 (2 months ago)
Fortnite is Trash
LJ Polintan (2 months ago)
I'm excited for Paladins ~ I think it's the closest thing we can get to Overwatch.
garvensman (2 months ago)
Until it sells like hotcakes and the developers of Overwatch realize they shot themselves in the food being so stubborn and decide to port it.
Genio88 (2 months ago)
I'd rather have PUBG Mobile than Fortnite full version
Genio88 (2 months ago)
This is Fake FIFA is never playable at E3, EA has playable demo of it only at Gamescom
I’m Joe (2 months ago)
Has anyone noticed it doesn’t say battle royale, might be a physical with save the world, we’ll see
James Keith Tampus (2 months ago)
This type of games unlikely happening on the switch except for (Mario tennis and Star link). Don't get your high hopes for nothing..
ItsMikeyy (2 months ago)
they should of had fighterz on the switch in the first place
AVM3798 (2 months ago)
Is that all🙄
SkillZ Vs You (2 months ago)
DDub 64 (2 months ago)
3:01 (too excited gabe) "let us know what you thdrink"
BulbaSour (2 months ago)
This worries me, as the only new announcement that excites me is Dragon Ball FighterZ. Fortnite is somewhat hype to me on Switch, as I'm happy for Nintendo getting such a big game. I hope that's not it for third parties and this is definitely not it for first party.
BulbaSour (2 months ago)
garvensman I mean i think that's it for third parties
garvensman (2 months ago)
Dude... this is NOT the entire list of E3 titles to be shown by Nintendo. This list is the games that will be playable on the show floor. This isn't even CLOSE to all the third party games.
Rayyan Akber (2 months ago)
Best switch news I’ve heard this year
Allan Freedman (2 months ago)
I think switch on fortnight will be real. But will there be cross play and will it be free? Not sure.
polygonboy (2 months ago)
But where is super smash bros.
Richi Pete (2 months ago)
So let me get this straight. You're excited for 3 ports, 2 indie games, 1 sports game, and a toys to life game? How is any of this good?
Jonah Kluger (2 months ago)
I'd much rather get Team Fortress 2 over Paladins and Fortnite. Being able to play Scout with motion controls sounds excellent. It's a shame the chances of that happening are lower than the sales of Solo.
TheDopeyPotato (2 months ago)
Wait, is this there whole presentation, or just some
Galactem TPG (2 months ago)
p a l a d i n s
Andrew (2 months ago)
I don’t know why people are talking about this, because they forgot one thing and that is Smash brothers for swicth and I think that Nintendo confirmed that it was going to be playable at E3
Erick Mungarro (2 months ago)
Deep regret buying Fighterz on ps4 now if it does release on Switch..
David Newbon (2 months ago)
Cmon Fortnite 🙏
I've heard so much about fortnite and OverWatch. But I really don't have any idea what they are.. seem fun. Not sure Where the hate comes from. I'm looking for a good shooter though, are either of these an answer?
EvXiTZzViper 408 (2 months ago)
Switch already won E3
Delta kai09 (2 months ago)
Dragon ball fighterz > Fortnite hype
Over Hype (2 months ago)
Delta kai09 duh
dre dre (2 months ago)
Without new first party games announcements Nintendo fucks it really up. Gabe so how can you say it is great
Andy Lindquist (2 months ago)
What happened to Jake? Did he die?
Sebastian Robles (2 months ago)
Where is Super Smash Bros?
Symbol ism (2 months ago)
Animal crossing plsssss

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