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Total War: Three Kingdoms has a release date - here's what we know

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The latest era-spanning historical game in the Total War series has been announced, and it takes us to China's Three Kingdoms. With a trailer, a Steam page, and a release date, which was swiftly taken down, we know more than you might think - Ben and Rich walk you through it all. ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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gandogar ironfist (8 months ago)
about the champions ... I think it would only be well done if they were fighting each other and a circle would form around them like an arena, where all stop fighting and just watch, because they are "Champions"
Richard, you don't quite seem to understand what WW1 would do to the Total War games. I'll put it simply. A WW1 TW game would truly be devoid of pretty much all strategy. With machine guns and so on, it would just turn into either endless trench warfare or a bunch of idiots spamming machine guns. Bottom line, the TW games will NEVER be set in WW1.
B Honsou (9 months ago)
The Leaders of the Three Kingdoms are Cao Cao (Wei), Sun Quan(Wu) & Liu Bei(Shu). Inbetween the end of the Han dynasty and the formation of the Three Kingdoms is a period of utter war. Multiple warlords and leaders strive for power and it is considered one of the bloodiest times in history with the Chinese population being absolutely decimated during this period. This period has the potential to bring a multitude of different warlords and factions to the table especially with the setting beginning around 190CE. We should see, as well as the main three factions if im correct, Yuan Shao to the north, Liu Biao to the south, Liu Zhang to the west, Lu Bu and Tao Qian to the east, Gongsun Du also to the north, Yuan Shu somewhere in the middle, Zhang Jiao centre north, Zhang Lu and Ma Teng to the northwest, Meng Huo way south and the possibility of the dozen or so other warlords that are around. Although the three kingdoms dont pop up until a bit later, i presume the factions will revolve around the leaders as this time in history fluctuates greatly as to who serves who and where who resides where. Calling Liu Bei's faction Shu in 190CE or even 200CE while he's in tbe east or serving under Cao Cao or Liu Biao would in my opinion ruin it as Shu Han didnt officially form until he had defeated Liu Zhang and taken the east. Same goes with Cao' Cao's Wei and Sun Quan's Wu. Plus it will have to have a high emphesis on large units and the commanding generals and this is part of what makes this period so exciting! Fielding an estimated 200,000 strong army as Cao Cao in the battle of Chi Bi and still losing would be amazing but i dont think there would be many computers that could handle that lol. But having Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu or even Lu Xun on the same battlefield is something i look forward to. All-in-all if you dont know much about this period in history i suggest looking it up! Yes its heavily romanticized but still based on real-life events for the most part. Three kingdoms did exist. They were called Shu-Han, Wei and Wu. They did form out of what was the Han dynasty and the Leaders Liu bei, Cao Cao and Sun Quan did also exist. Cannot wait for this game!
Too Much Salt (9 months ago)
I feel sorry for anyone who wanted WWI or gunpowder era but if you guys are fans of CA. You should know by now that CA always releases their historical titles in chronology order. Rome 2 -> WWI (impossible). Rome 2 -> TW:3K -> Med 3 (speculation) -> Gunpowder era (speculation. From Rome 2 to TW:3K fits the chronology nicely. I just hope TW:3K will have an expansion to cover the Warlord Era (Rifles era) in China (close to WWI era similar to fall of samurai).
Ethan Ruigrok (8 months ago)
WWI total war will never happen. it wouldnt work. the closest we have is the great war mod for napoleon, but that is just a reskin mod.
Jake4595 (9 months ago)
Thrones of Britannia comes after Three kingdom period so Medieval 3 is high possible.
Too Much Salt (9 months ago)
A reset. Shogun 1 > Rome 1 > Medieval 1 > Rome 1 > Medieval 2 (except this) > Empire > Napoleon > Shogun 2 (Reset). Clearly, Napoleon is the last era before they reset the whole chronology. Hence, you see Shogun 2 > Rome 2 > End of Han (equivalent to post Rome era).
John Parker (9 months ago)
Too Much Salt they went from Napoleon to Shogun II, thats not historical order
PCGamesN (9 months ago)
Is this what you hoped for from Total War's return to history, or were you hoping for a different period? Medieval 3 or World War 1, perhaps?
Jake4595 (9 months ago)
I like the fact that it is set in China with an ACTUAL detailed map of China and surrounding Asia parts. What this means is that the mod forum is gonna blow up with so many mods about Asia.
Jack Jewell (9 months ago)
We already have a medieval 2 :) However, i was very much looking forward too hopefully a Empire 2. I'm very happy with an early three kingdoms game though. Here's to also hoping for an Empire 2 or early-mid Zhou dynasty game in the future.
Wilson (9 months ago)
Victory .Studios (9 months ago)
subbed. very informative
Ryuu B (9 months ago)
Those three guys are Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, and Guan Yu; and they belong to one faction (Shu) under Liu Bei. And the moment they have in the trailer is when they made an oath to become sworn brothers (The Oath of the Peach Garden). And the oath is to fight against the Yellow Turban Rebellion not Dong Zhou. Sidenote: Just a huge fan of the story, so I want to clarify this point.
Priderice Rice (9 months ago)
Chinese Investors are rolling in bois
Petar Vuk (9 months ago)
Yes the most boring and fictional time period ever,map big as 1 country,3 nations all units the same,what kind of idiots would want that. This is going to be crap.
Forever Blue (8 months ago)
It's called the 3 kingdoms because 3 of the strongest factions consolidated their base from at least 20 other factions. The idiot might want to read up on chinese history before spouting stuff he knows nothing about. Just say "I know nothing about this so I'm not interested", instead of pretending you know anything about this "boring" time period.
Jake4595 (9 months ago)
That "1 country" is bigger than the continent of Europe. Not only that, the game features surrounding regions of China as well, so it will be a bigger map than boring Europe with the same boring cultures.
Ethan Ruigrok (9 months ago)
the most boring time period ever? you read ROTK?
Petar Vuk Petar Vuk Lollllll if you hate it so much why are you on every TW:3k video? Hahahahahah
Priderice Rice (9 months ago)
More or less Historical Total War Game again, papa bless
Evan Holman (9 months ago)
So happy they did this and not WW1 tbh. Absolute favourite time period :)
Sebastian Muller (9 months ago)
King Yat Yau (9 months ago)

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