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Empire Total War - Rob & Richard

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Rob & Richard play Empire Total War! (While Minecraft.net was down!) This is a completely random video that we made a couple of weeks ago, I know this game is old and not really worth us uploading, but It's been siting on our upload screen for a while now, so, before it drops of the end, we thought we'd put it out there! Some of the ruder word have been bleeped out, this was manly just an editing exercise! Hope you enjoy it, Let us know if there's other game you'd like us to do! Cheers! :D
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seemlycarl123 (4 years ago)
just having a look at your past vids and you've played empire total war! would love a series on any of the total wars(but i guess you will only do 1 by popular demand) but a series would be awesome
Urvv (4 years ago)
Do you know pyro
FMBsChannel (4 years ago)
kinofrost (5 years ago)
That would cause me much happiness.
doodlerful (5 years ago)
Lol, loved this little vid. Would love to see more... if you want of course :)
Grantzow (5 years ago)
Just please stop with the beeping! I wanna hear you say foul words! Thank you
Burningrobes (5 years ago)
I sure hope you do, your vids are great and a TW series would be interesting, and if you don't then i shall ride an elephant through the screen and stomp all over you :)
Arthur (5 years ago)
Definitely do more!
Dominic Page (5 years ago)
Good! i love the tekkit series there really good! you guys deserve way more views, couple million at least *serious face* thanks for them by the way! :)
Sir Prew (5 years ago)
3 words: FTL :D
BallisticTricks (5 years ago)
Yes please do RTW when it comes out
Techdude154 (5 years ago)
was this because Richard cheated that one episode?
FMBsChannel (5 years ago)
Of course! this is just an extra, I just wanted to see what you guys thought of this video and the total war series. like I said in the video we might do some RTW2 when it comes out. :D
Dominic Page (5 years ago)
tekkit is still coming out today right?
snap00 (5 years ago)
love total war
TristFabre (5 years ago)
hahha nice
Konrad Pawłowski (5 years ago)
Finally a good Youtuber with Empire Total War!! :D

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