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10 BEST GAME TRAILERS 2018 (August)

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TOP 10 BEST GAME TRAILERS 2018: The Devision 2, Assassin's Creed Odysey, Battlefield 5, Metro Exodus, Death's Gambit, World of Warcraft Say "Hello!" to my friend on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSerWhnoNT9zIthaJOH4qag List of trailers: 0:00 World of Warcraft "Old Soldier" 6:08 Rainbow Six Siege 6:26 Death's Gambit 7:26 Destiny 2 Forsaken 11:21 The Sinking City 14:22 Overwatch Animated Short "Shooting Star" 21:48 Metro Exodus 23:11 Battlefield 5 25:05 Tom Clancy's The Devision 2 26:18 Assassin's Creed: Odysey
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Text Comments (236)
MissPerversium (9 hours ago)
25:21 Polce ?
Kiranov (12 hours ago)
The sinking city OmG 💗
pidgelo (15 hours ago)
Che schifo di giochi .... Ma cazzo un gioco alla Crash Bandicoot !????? Noooooo è?!?!?! Cazzo di realtà aumentata che poi manco si avvicinano alla realtà
Bileass (20 hours ago)
Well... Old Soldier is not a game trailer, its a cinematic cutscene
SmartAim (20 hours ago)
Nice...Ich hab auch ein paar coole Videos zur BF5 Beta. Schau mal vorbei :) Würde mich freuen
ACTIV Teach Channel (1 day ago)
sir iam not getings views
jamesb8488 (2 days ago)
If only wow was released for console.... The money they would make would be astronomical
Muhammad Zain (2 days ago)
+1 for overwatch
Dr Shaym (3 days ago)
That Death's Gambit thing reminds me of The Begun of Tigtone.
Bastien Anselme (3 days ago)
- Actually good trailers : WoW, Sinking City - Very cliché with bad acting awards : Destiny 2, Overwatch - Being as generic as possible awards : all the rest.
Ron Foster (3 days ago)
battlefield V the most rejected and hated battlefield trailer in history made the cut?
kawa cerna (3 days ago)
Que finos haha 😎😎😎
Max Correa (3 days ago)
I wish companies, instead of spending lots of money and effort in game trailers, focused on the game itself. In the end, trailers are nothing but bait to foolish gamers.
avahnleo 773 (3 days ago)
Destiny is my favourite game ever
Chevu (3 days ago)
PajamaCup88 (4 days ago)
i have always wondered, when the fuck do the overwatch trailers make any connection to the actual game?
MrAnimepredator (4 days ago)
well damn, Im almost tempted to start playing WoW now. that was great.
Adel Moradi (4 days ago)
you say high-quality games, I hear more unreasonably expensive hardware to play them with *plays COD 4 for the Nth time*
AssholusSupremis (4 days ago)
Diva waifu
Dread Lord130 (4 days ago)
That rainbow six siege one was a operator video I think
Vape Naysh (4 days ago)
how can people still play this cartoonish bullshit game.
Craig Unshallach (4 days ago)
Oh...Assassin`s Creed...feminism ist on the rage again... Again a female char, in a time in wich they had nothing to say. Must have been beautiful. And of course rips male soldiers apart, who would surely be 2 times (at least) stronger than her. Ouh fuck your poor diversitiy shit.
All PUm (4 days ago)
for the horde
Kasumi Ninja (4 days ago)
I was so hyped when i saw destiny 2on ps plus for free. I instantly installed it and played it 10 hours straight. And i was sooo.. Disappointed. It's like they tried to be like call of duty and borderlands in one. But neither of them were really on top. Look no skill tree. At lvl 12 you've unlocked every skill and that's it. Rest is loot for better equip. Fuck this
Jeremy XIV (4 days ago)
Kasumi Ninja That’s why D1 is better, the skill trees are way larger and the Exotics are more useful. However games like CoD Infinite Warfare copied Destiny
Shu witzA (4 days ago)
i hope you are joking by "best game trailers"...more like. the only ones you.ve found that are so mainstream everyone knows about them. except sinking city ofc.
George Geek (4 days ago)
Troll accent reminds me of UGANDA Knuckles
Jeremy XIV (4 days ago)
Eduardo Sante (4 days ago)
I can’t believe feminism got Assasins Creed, horrible....
ManiX207 (4 days ago)
epic slow clap for ea/dicemanaging a non feminist trailer after that shit storm they recieved .... (maybe they are able to learn)
that fucking Sturmtiger better have a long reload shit a 380mm rocket
Jillian Dewar (4 days ago)
This dude has a good choice of game trailers
Yeah, no.
Catalin Suciu (4 days ago)
JOSH TKO (4 days ago)
25:22 police car says “POLCE” 😂
Alexander Janssens (4 days ago)
fork online hence closer industry agreement purple aggressive much presence.
JC T (4 days ago)
Will WW2 games return? What's next, Vietnam and Korean?
Ricky Spanish (5 days ago)
pink poops in the sky oi
comchief 560 (5 days ago)
Yes destiny 2 Forsaken!
Ben Lowth (5 days ago)
21:15 poor guy
PukasMan135 (5 days ago)
21:17 get friend zoned
DEIVID MELO (5 days ago)
sub spanish please
Andrew Cohee (5 days ago)
Um... gears 5?
Wout Peeters (5 days ago)
expense pause poverty fiscal well pc dream factor song thus
Glenda Abante (5 days ago)
is this dota 2?
Grey Amos (5 days ago)
Who else is pumped for Battlefield 5. The beta was good to play.
Vazmodan l (5 days ago)
World of warcraft biensur 😍
SAO Kirito (5 days ago)
21:17 friendzoned as fuck
Roxie (5 days ago)
Anri Of Astora (5 days ago)
Where is sekiro shadows die twice
Turtle Neck (5 days ago)
Outro music?
Niklas Eng (5 days ago)
game trailers are so much better than actual movies.
Peixuan Lin (5 days ago)
Battlefield !!!!!ulllla!!!!!
Tim Kalashnikoff (5 days ago)
Anything from blizzard is the best
xVexx (5 days ago)
Thought 26:20 was a skyrim Imperial xD
Jesi Sunstrider (5 days ago)
Deastiny 2 suck... trying to rip-off Deadpool
Jesi Sunstrider (4 days ago)
Deathstroke is not funny~ And when it comes to Activision Blizzard... yeah... it means exactly that! They copy steal everything!
Jeremy XIV (4 days ago)
As long as you know that Deadpool is a ripped off Deathstroke. Just because someone is funny and has guns doesn’t mean he copied Deadpool
Disabled cat Sisson (5 days ago)
It was good until battlefield 5
OnlyBlindSeeTheTruth (5 days ago)
This WoW Battle for azeroth is fucking amazing!
Albad Einsteam (5 days ago)
It is. It's also sad
D. Franky (5 days ago)
Nothing interesting, just more sequels and history dick-riding. Being creative is apparently a risk. Good trailers, but they're gonna be the same generic games per usual.
O-o-oh... so Sylvanas Itachied everyone and started war not for shit and giggles but to strengthen both sides.
Stanley Chen (5 days ago)
Where is League of Legends???
SuperRaikouz (5 days ago)
Battlefield v is pc shit.
Batuhan Aydin (5 days ago)
Where is black out?
Nicholas Simundson (5 days ago)
for the overwatch he wanna smash lol
Thejackhack927 \wow/ (5 days ago)
The orcs armor is useless if he gets hit in the back of the head he will head but the spikes
Soura! (5 days ago)
11:23 COC Dark corners of earth? ; 26:21 After this we'll see "Assasins creed: The Rise of APES" next.
Sun God Ra ' (5 days ago)
Idk about all of you, but without my glasses on, the thumbnail on this video look a little odd.
Sun God Ra ' (3 days ago)
Kinja Leon I thought so as well.
Kinja Leon (5 days ago)
Sun God Ra ' gaaaaayyyye
Aaron Jääskeläinen (5 days ago)
First Was movie triler
Дядюшка Шу (5 days ago)
Кто то ещё играет в ВОВ? это открытие для меня
Corrupted Cyborg (5 days ago)
I got hype for BATTLEFIELD V for better or worse it's not accurate historically but who cares if its fun... Well I mean it's sad it cants re-enact a part of history but that's not the direction of the studio is going in, but if they take away anything else that makes battlefield fun I wish them to fail, look did females fight in ww2 yeah, was it common HELL NO, it was more of war propaganda then anything, did amputees fight maybe one or two but they didn't need to they wouldn't be required military service. Take away all the realism and its basically just a fun shooter, and I guess that's okay but I'm not hearing anything great about it.
Crushtag / dragon6739 (4 days ago)
Corrupted Cyborg the thing is, most reviews about the game were bad because that strategy factor you got in every other battlefield game is not there, also bound together with that historical factor it feels terrific, like you are that one person doomed to die, only to serve your country playing or save a teammate. In battlefield 5 you have not got this feel, just like one of all the others running around and being a little bored. I hope that explanation is plausible, clear and helpful for you.
Corrupted Cyborg (5 days ago)
...Metro looks more like fallout, seems great though.
Orochi 乃ㄥ卂匚Ҝ (5 days ago)
The thumbnail look similar to junkrat from overwatch.
Ayako Naire (5 days ago)
LegacyOfBlake (5 days ago)
This is why you don't trust Game "Trailers" Trust Gameplay Trailers. Actual gameplay
jamesb8488 (2 days ago)
It's world of Warcraft... there's over ten years of gameplay footage.
The gaming Jay (4 days ago)
Corrupted Cyborg ye like Warcraft
Daniel Fraser (4 days ago)
I came here from the trailer...which looked amazing. I can't really judge a game that I haven't played yet but I went from a hype 8 to hype 3 after watching this. I mean props to these guys for not being the division though and just trying to perpetuate an insane hype cycle.
Corrupted Cyborg (4 days ago)
well, the game was technically capable of making that... To bad auto-generated creatures and landscapes tend to be shit. I would call that an exception + anything by Ubisoft. Bastards making the game look worse then the demo and using 3+ layers of drm...
Kasumi Ninja (4 days ago)
Can't trust them either.. For example no man's sky
Roadkill DeerLover (5 days ago)
taehyun was friendzoned x 10
Vince (5 days ago)
where is the last of us part two
Dook Dook (5 days ago)
Really pissed of fallout 76 wasn't in here
Malakai Tyler (6 days ago)
My dad had been playing world of Warcraft for 13 years and I played for 6
Orquet (4 days ago)
Dang a wile ago been playing since 04 my self with some ups and downs like always right.
Pika pika Sucker (6 days ago)
T_T 👍🏼
TheWassag (6 days ago)
Battlefield V and Assasins Creed sadly will fail miserably
MrAnimepredator (4 days ago)
we already know battlefield V sucks.
Jeroen Peters (6 days ago)
Existence suck drop buvhu elementary serve ensure happen.
Christopher Ramirez (6 days ago)
That battlefield V looked awesome! They should have just gone with this one. But no, they had to muck it all up and ruin it.
Steve Stefler (6 days ago)
Looking at those trailers I understand why gamedev is lost.
Melbourne Meliodas (6 days ago)
Oh hey boi! Just like kratos
Melbourne Meliodas (6 days ago)
Is azeroth the name of the world? Or is it just a land?
Melbourne Meliodas (4 days ago)
+Xel3 Thunder What about the game? Warcraft III and stuff, is it called azeroth?
Xel3 Thunder (4 days ago)
Melbourne Meliodas It’s the main world that WoW takes place on.
Nguyen Manh (6 days ago)
About world of tank ?
Grizzly Gaming (6 days ago)
Yep I knew world of Warcraft would be on there it is by far the best MMO
Bastien Anselme (3 days ago)
EVE is better for actual PVP, economy, trade, politics, scheming, spying, pirating, industry, global long term strategy, management, player-driven world and factions. In WoW, you kill mobs to get more stuff in order to kill more mobs to get more stuff... Hardly the best.
Farrin2 (7 days ago)
Destiny 2 suck compared too warframe
Vmartin23 C (7 days ago)
battlefield 5 soundtrack someone?
Darkizer (8 days ago)
21:12 fuking game logic . eat junk food everyday , still pretty like goddess .
Leonard Graf (2 days ago)
she just covered her pimpel with that plaster
Unubold Battogoo (4 days ago)
Darkizer have plenty of friends who always eat junk food and fast food who still look pretty
King Law (8 days ago)
So is Zappyboy from Wakanda ?
david perez (9 days ago)
Plate conflict volunteer concerned anybody donor advance employ list provider tired
SnaggingMetal 1 (6 days ago)
david perez ç!hey
Joseph James (9 days ago)
Random lobby elsewhere file secondary currently cross transition hello commission live technical.
Jeff Busby (9 days ago)
crap crap total crap
QWERTY Uiop (10 days ago)
origins was better then odyssy
Purge Buller (10 days ago)
Fimau (10 days ago)
Wtf since when was the D.va shot a trailer
C S (10 days ago)
not a game trailer... but okay wtv
Роман Рей (10 days ago)
Причём тут игровой кинофильм из Овера и трейлеры?
GAMEOST (7 days ago)
Я тут благодаря вам и мне нравится, где я нахожусь. Поэтому высылать в жопу и унижать вас, я считаю неверным.
Роман Рей (8 days ago)
Могли бы и попросту обычно в жопу отправить ( и это... фразу ещё про то что я реальной жизни не таковой храбрый, будто в вебе)..... ;)
GAMEOST (8 days ago)
Думаю, вы несколько ошибаетесь в неких моментах и вот отчего. Я согласен с тем, что чуда это малометражная анимация по мотивам Overwatch, однако тут и начинается самое увлекательное, поэтому что сотворена она для вербования внимания (аудитории) к игре. А этак будто трейлер это одинешенек из видов рекламы, я думаю будет разумно применить к Overwatch Animated Short = Game Trailers, где Overwatch = Video Game, и Animated Short = Trailer. Что касается Моаны, за Моаной стоит анимированный кинофильм Моана. За Overwatch стоит не анимированный кинофильм Overwatch, а видеоигра. Надеюсь вы поймете ход моих мыслей и то, отчего я отталкивался при добавлении ролика в этот плейлист.
Роман Рей (9 days ago)
Игровой анимированный кинофильм, это не трейлер) У вас анимированный кинофильм Overwatch с D'Va вставлен в видео "10 BEST GAME TRAILERS 2018". Тогда и "Моана" - Game Trailer)
GAMEOST (9 days ago)
В этом и неувязка, я не могу осознать о чем вы)
Agustin Aliaga Ramirez (11 days ago)
hollé tío solo me gustaron 2 assanssin creed y batlefield 5, como se llama la música de batlefield
sheldon pereira (11 days ago)
Fuck blizzard for ruining Warcraft and , making wow , shitty game with nothing but micro transactions
Albad Einsteam (5 days ago)
... but.. the transaction has nothing else to give but cosmetics......

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