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Does Mulan Need Musical Numbers and Mushu to Succeed?

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Disney's first look at Liu Yifei in costume as Mulan is great, but is the upcoming adaptation changing too much of what made the animated movie special? Jacki and Francesca discuss. Disney Song Challenge with Josh Gad and Luke Evans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ci1kaB3mkk4 Beauty and the Beast Cast Name Their Favorite Character: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pD4QKn6MkPY ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (439)
li sun (1 month ago)
Liu Yifei, she is so cool, so beautiful and awesome. ...btw... "Liu"s pronunciation is like "Leo", not "Lu".
AJ Dezelle (1 month ago)
I want the movie to stay true to it's animated counterpart.
Harrison Ashley (2 months ago)
Edward89 (2 months ago)
Adam Hoffman (2 months ago)
No, it does not need musical numbers and it does not need the comedy relief dragon. The legend of Mulan has existed for centuries. It has been adapted hundreds of different ways in its homeland of China. It certainly doesn't need those two Disney touches in order to work. Think of it as a readaptation of the legend rather than a straight-up remake of the 1998 cartoon.
kitestar (2 months ago)
My answer, not surprisingly enough to one of these, is NO I feel itll derail the plot. As for which of these I'll leave it to you to guess
NetterKinz (2 months ago)
Why is this even a question? OF COURSE WE NEED A MUSICAL MUSHU AND SHANG!!!!
Juan Herrera (2 months ago)
Sam MacLean (2 months ago)
I don't mind if they make the movie different but I really like if the songs were in the movie.
채린 (2 months ago)
No singing, no Mushu, no Shang means I won't watch the movie
dubyadubyadubyadot (2 months ago)
Wtf mulan the movie not gonna feature mushu??? It's like if beauty and beast had none of the talking furniture......
Rhyan Bullard (2 months ago)
If there is no Mushu, then it is not the Mulan we grew up with.
Critical Hit TV (2 months ago)
Defently we need mushu and songs. Thats what made Disney, Disney! Without that it would be just an classy asian war movie
Ticklemonster (2 months ago)
China doesn't like musical's so why would Disney make it a musical? THEY ONLY WANT MONEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY They don't care about representation
LeoVomend (2 months ago)
i think if its done properly it doesnt need musical numbers, but no mushu? thats some bullshit
S F (2 months ago)
There are a lot of high budget movies with asian mains such as Shaolin Soccer and such
Tony Liu (2 months ago)
tee saw (2 months ago)
Idk but you gotta keep the score!
Daniel Randolph (2 months ago)
People are thinking this is trying to be a remake of the movie. This is more likely trying to be a more faithful adaptation of the novel, where there was no Mushu, and Mulan was already a badass in her own right. This could be interesting, but nope, it's got to be like the animated film. Seriously?
SmexiVan ;D (2 months ago)
Yes duh
82phoenix (2 months ago)
Project Monz Gaming (2 months ago)
It clearly ain’t Mulan then, dishonour on your cow.
xx505ninjaxx (2 months ago)
Mulan w/o mushu is like Mac w/o cheese
andreas fajman (2 months ago)
Finaly some asians in big american movie
Joe Fixit (2 months ago)
tanner nelson (2 months ago)
Needs mushu 100%
Keii Tokura (2 months ago)
The villain is said to be a witch instead of the huns. They're taking away the biggest part of the story. A woman warrior saving her country from an invasion,a country! The fuck's a witch gonna do?!
jadewraith (2 months ago)
This movie would be so awesome if they cast a male in the main role.
Miguel Hernández (2 months ago)
I don't want a Mulan movie without "i'll make a man out of you"
Animeonline100 (2 months ago)
What’s the point if there’s no Mushu
Agus Tinus (2 months ago)
Original legend of Mulan has NO Mushu. Mushu was a mistake! And to add a witch as the main villain is totally a mistake because in the original legend, there was NO WITCH. Just stick to the war story with emphasize on her true self as a woman disguised as a man. It would be much cooler than adding a witch.
Malcolm Swoboda (2 months ago)
The talking dragon and witch was just to make it confirm to Disney Princess (tm) standards. No matter who the main character was, that was what corporate demanded, probably focus tested to death.
Mikeification (2 months ago)
James Callanan (2 months ago)
I think it'll be better without the music and Mushu. Beauty and the Beast failed Be Our Guest because they didn't build up to it properly and it felt forced and out of place. I Wanna Be Like You from Jungle Book was awkward as hell. Bear Necessities was fine because it wasn't a musical number. If try music in this like they did in those movies, it'll just come off the same. The same goes for Mushu. That being said, Reflections could work as a quiet solo, but would be weird and out of place if it was the only song. They have to go all or nothing with the songs. I would like to hear an instrumental of Make a Man Out of You for a training montage. But only an instrumental
GhostLink92 (2 months ago)
Bring back Mushu, and Eddie Murphy. At the minimum.
BaconFootball (2 months ago)
Yes it needs mush
Edwin Acevedo (2 months ago)
I hope we see Donnie yen vs Jet Li for the 3rd time. It should be at least a 5 minute fight scene.
TheGrimStride (2 months ago)
It’s not a remake then. It’s just another shitty reboot
Triforce Of Course (2 months ago)
Reflection is a top 10 Disney movie song
Zay (2 months ago)
A Mulan without "make a man out of you" shouldn't even be a thing, but I'll still watch it.
joshuaha12 (2 months ago)
fuck2016 (2 months ago)
It doesn't but at the same time the songs were phenomenal and I can't picture anyone else voicing Mushu other then Eddie Murphy
Rio Kamichika (2 months ago)
Does every animated Disney movie have to be made live-action to succeed?
Nathan Peter (2 months ago)
Yes. Next question.
Michael Figueiredo (2 months ago)
First star wars now disney wants to ruin mulan
Michael Figueiredo (2 months ago)
No mushu!? Over it
Sam (2 months ago)
No duh
Death Boy (2 months ago)
You need to ask the real question, Do we even need a live action version ?.....the answer is no.
Kashmoney99 (2 months ago)
Why even make a Mulan movie if you’re not going to include Mushu and music? Why not make anything else, oh cuz naming it Mulan makes money. This movie is just riding the wave of inclusive movies. There’s no other reason it needed to be remade.
DarthUchiha17 (2 months ago)
To make the movie closer to the folktale, maybe?
Lapis Lazuli 99 (2 months ago)
Is anyone anywhere near as interesting after you tear their heart out?
_MaZ_ (2 months ago)
I'm offended that Mulan is played by an asian. She needs to be portrayed by a transgender white fluidgender male or a black woman.
Linda aka the gamergirl (2 months ago)
Can't wait to watch the movie!
Cooper Adams (2 months ago)
This got my so hypes. Now there saying there gonna make it without mushu or songs. WTF!!!!
Captain Dugog (2 months ago)
No Mushu no film.
Rocker31067 (2 months ago)
Wait...no moo shoo? WTF Disney!
Sam Kennedy (2 months ago)
David Cooper (2 months ago)
Uhhhhh... obviously
rickiex (2 months ago)
I'm getting bad vibes about this movie....
Zmak Flame (2 months ago)
And if there's any chance that mushu will be in the movie my boy eddy Murphy been return as the voice
Zmak Flame (2 months ago)
WAKO_MadMan (2 months ago)
Mushu yes musicals no
S Bludger (2 months ago)
"Grab the Asian girls , we are doing a video about Mulan!"
Fernando Tonon (2 months ago)
People, the tale of Mulan never had Mushu. That character and the musical scores were made to fit the target audience of the cartoon movie. This can definitely be a great adaptation of the original story without those elements
Rockstar XP (2 months ago)
I (inclusive) G (gender neutral) N (non binary)
Arsene Lupin (2 months ago)
Needs Eddie Murphy
77dd2 (2 months ago)
What's the point of the movie without those things?
Sofia Madvali (2 months ago)
otakon17 (2 months ago)
I mean what is it without those? A probably dry, grim rendition which Disney really has no point of making. If they're gonna take out the whimsy, go full grit and realism then.
CaptainLogic (2 months ago)
The best version will be the original, animated version. It is the case for every live-action remake thus far and I don’t see that changing any time soon.
nick larkin (2 months ago)
put the original music from the movie in it and add mushu yes
Christian Shane Rouse (2 months ago)
Take a tequila shot for every time they say exciting.
Arturo Cuahuizo (2 months ago)
Yes we need the music and Mushu, wtf is wrong with Disney?
A Literal God (2 months ago)
is jacki jing half asian/chinese?
yagitka (2 months ago)
No mushu? What the actual F
stromstans (2 months ago)
Mulan without «I’ll make a man out of you» – not watching!
Sir. Mannington (2 months ago)
Better question. Do we even need this movie? Or any of the live action movies?
Arno Sinclair (2 months ago)
@ign https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTAETFTIo_I not new!
Dragon Scale (2 months ago)
Eddie Murphy better reprise his role as Mushu In this Movie!
Clay Crei (2 months ago)
No songs? No musho? No cricket? This is bad. Real bad.
Giovanni S. (2 months ago)
If I don't hear Mushu say shame on your cow, then its not Mulan end of story
Hyper Indigo (2 months ago)
No musics numbers and no mushu means that I don’t give two shits.
Cooking Up Content (2 months ago)
Don’t call this movie Mulan if it doesn’t have mushu...
Valentin Duhem (1 month ago)
he's will back in mulan live-action
Deathx Kinslayer (2 months ago)
If its by Disney then yeah, but otherwise I dont see why they would add musical bits
Em, I don't think it is reasonable to say that Mulan story is about a girl breaking out of the box. Imho, it is about a strong girl who become a hero and was rewarded even though she lied about who she was. Plus, we are talking about China: female-warriors are not that big a suprise (although, statistically less frequent).
Pasquale DeGregorio (2 months ago)
I wish Mulan was a straight, white man so I could feel represented :/
Claymore007 (2 months ago)
This movie is gonna flop. I like the Asian representation. But what are the Indian actors gonna be cast as? Oh i checked yeah they are gonna be casted as Indian characters hmmm that's interesting. I mean this is gonna be a interesting take to the story. But not having the musical numbers and Mushu is a major let down.
Alex M (2 months ago)
I Wonder how CG Mushu will look like :)
LMNOP QRS (2 months ago)
If its nkt fonna be mulan. Dont call it mulan
Elemeno (2 months ago)
Without mushu, Mulan would be boring
Elemeno (2 months ago)
James Callanan what story? Never said i dont like
James Callanan (2 months ago)
So you're saying that you don't like the story?
Elemeno (2 months ago)
And without songs, we can't feel the movie
Ocoho Radiant (2 months ago)
Mulan was one of my favorite Disney movies so I can tell you that I already hate everything I've read about this movie. This will be Mulan in name only. Of course we can only judge once we've seen but I wanted a more Beauty and the Beast like adaptation. Not this. I feel like it's just gonne be a war drama instead of something you can have fun with.
Terrell Williams (2 months ago)
......Well atleast were getting a accurate disney version of Aladdin
Chunkalunkin (2 months ago)
No musical numbers? Not even Be a man? I'll sing it in my head the whole movie but stilllllll
howtoeataham (2 months ago)
Why tf would they take out the music and mushu? The movie is a musical lol
牛逸飞 (2 months ago)
Be honestly, that is a culture difference. I am Chinese, and my impression (maybe most of the people here) of Mulan is from its original story "the Ballad of Mulan" (which came from China Song dynasty), and other local poem, opera and movies coming after, including 1998 Mulan. My POINT is, 1998 Mulan is a wonderful movie and it brings the charming character to a lot of people all over the world, but, Mulan's image is definitely not equal to a certain Disney princess, its story is also not equal to the 1998 cartoon movie. If Disney is about to shoot a Mulan story movie, not just a live action 1998 Mulan, i hope they could do something new and make a triumph beyond the 1998 version.
222ckc (2 months ago)
Yes it does. 0 interest in seeing it with no music.
Anthony Palumbo (2 months ago)
No Eddie Murphy as Mushu? Scrap this crap right now.
Mecks089 (2 months ago)
Those girls are Asian? I thought they were Hispanic.
Giant Tofu (2 months ago)
No Shang to sing his famous song? Not sure about this film...
Heber Chaile (2 months ago)
NO MUUUUSHUUUUUUUU!?!?!?11? What is this , just call it Rise of the female dragon , cause no Mushu no Mulan.
Jason Plummer (2 months ago)
More action less musical
MykTheOccultist (2 months ago)
damn, they should've gotten Scarlett Johansson to play Mulan! what a missed opportunity.

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