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PS4 - Ghost of Tsushima Trailer (2018)

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Text Comments (1628)
Andy Th (2 days ago)
Ghost of Sparta
Arkin Ekrem (4 days ago)
When is this game our uk?
Leandro Ceretti (7 days ago)
Brian Terry (10 days ago)
I'll buy a PS4 if this game ends up getting anywhere near the Witcher 3.
panos justice_fighter (10 days ago)
hayabusa from mobile legends lol
Mooseadecahedron (13 days ago)
The creators of sly cooper and infamous are back.... my god im exited
huzar237 (14 days ago)
Its a good day to be a PS4 owner
Pachinko (15 days ago)
so fucking cool
T O (18 days ago)
Bus Boy (19 days ago)
So when is this mofo coming out
Ahmad AbdulMalik (22 days ago)
Aaaaand thats how the Ninpo was born.
Farhad Guli (22 days ago)
Find haiki crabs
Fran Costello (24 days ago)
I’m skeptical about this game, no doubt the trailers are savage
Funny Video (25 days ago)
What is its realising date ? Plzz tell me for pc
Movie Guy (27 days ago)
when does this come out?
Wonder777 Warrior (27 days ago)
Has the released date been confirmed yet?
Random Montages (29 days ago)
That raging fiery anger turned into stone cold killer
Felipe Zorzi (30 days ago)
1:46 this look is very deadly and fucking awesome
Shaurya Ranjan (1 month ago)
Thumbnail I thought he was Shay Cormac from Ac rogue
Alex Domanovic (1 month ago)
either way. AC and this will both be good :)
Gav and win A. (1 month ago)
“ so I ask you samurai...... do you surrender?”....
Random Man (1 month ago)
Asking samurai to surrender lol such a cute thing to ask for samurai that been training his whole life in samurai way
Random Montages (29 days ago)
Random Man Hes a mongol hes mocking him and belittles him by saying that
김고담 (1 month ago)
정동행성이문소 설치하고 몽고가 침입할때 일본에 사무라이는 없었다는 사실
Baco (1 month ago)
the whole time i was expecting Po (kung fu panda) to appear :D
Mike Wilson (1 month ago)
OFF THE HOOK!!! Best thing since Tenchu. I'll buy a PS4 just for this game!
Ashantae (1 month ago)
So this is what Sucker Punch has been doing instead of making a Sly Cooper 5-
Mido (1 month ago)
This looks like Christopher Nolan movie
Giuliano Gemma (1 month ago)
Farewell xbox / Welcome PS4
MD Toker (1 month ago)
OMAE WA MO SHINDEIRUUUUUHHHH , heh nothin personel u mong...
arrowofG0d (1 month ago)
Holy fuck the ending gives me chills evey time.
Giimaa Tumurkhuyag (1 month ago)
Mongol looks like Mongolian national wrestler champion Sanjaadamba little bit older lol
Giimaa Tumurkhuyag (1 month ago)
So that's how it listen when Mongols talk in English they think. In truth Mongolians can talk in any language with a proper and distinct pronunciation. I think it's because of their native language feature.
Murat Özgün (1 month ago)
What is that feature?
Quentin Duhart (1 month ago)
The conqueror narrating what he has to learn before taking over this land deep
Pedro V (1 month ago)
when is out???
Ninja Shounen (1 month ago)
Flores_Reign (2 months ago)
I love how his traditional samurai armor gets burned and now he must adapt to the new circumstances and wear an assassins armor with rope tied around him for climbing god that shit looked epic
bhutheman Akuma (2 months ago)
When this game released. Taking off from work for a week
Zentmeister (2 months ago)
I don't want to be that guy..... but if this takes place in 1274 AD, then the armor and weapons are all wrong. The Katana was not invented until roughly 1400 AD. The Armor also appears to be a later design, probably post Sengoku, when firearms were implemented in Feudal Japan. Historically what you'd see in this time period is a Tachi sword, and O-Yoroi armor (very bulky, almost like a cardboard box in shape). At this point Samurai were mostly Cavalry, and Archers; not Swordsmen. Aside from all that the game looks pretty cool.
Omnibus (2 months ago)
I used to wait way to long for a game like this!
David Lim (2 months ago)
Now that's what I called SAMURAI.
Tyler Saylor (2 months ago)
This game might make me get a PlayStation maybe?
Nawal (2 months ago)
they talked about this game last year, they revealed it this year, and it's coming out next year. :(
David Garcia (2 months ago)
I am so sad I have Xbone one x and I won’t be able to play this, my life is forfeit now, but at least potato ps4 and ps4 pro won’t be able to run this as presented
turbin swastika (1 month ago)
David Garcia lol its releasing for ps4 and ps4 pro exclusively
Rex Shim (2 months ago)
Most Japanese people don't even know where Tsushima is exactly! It's closer from Busan, Korea than from Kyushu, Japan. When there's a fireworks going on in Busan harbor you can literally see it from Tsushima too. When the Mongolians finally occupied Korea in the 12th century, their next targer was Japan and of course Tsushima would've been the first place to be invaded it was that close. Can't wait for this game!! Assassin't creed took too long to make one with Japan and here we go!
Derrick Watkins (2 months ago)
Where Hellboy the new game.
Derrick Watkins (2 months ago)
The rpg is 10 out 100 . Wow
The Pybro (2 months ago)
qwe asd (2 months ago)
this trailer makes me somehow root for the bad guy...
Tom AcM (2 months ago)
No doubt it'll be in English but I pray you can switch it back to Japanese with English subs
Darko Zivanovic (2 months ago)
please put 25fps video settings for this game... it looks like complete garbage in 60fps it hurts my eyes and tears my heart . It is crime against all who has power of sight to make it in more then 25fps! Please, just put 25fps option. Thanks!
Michael Chakurian (2 months ago)
This is going to be a good game this is going to end up replacing Assassin's Creed for me because this year's is terrible hopefully if they do make another assassins creed in 2019 it won't terrible but anyways I hope they will release a release date for this game soon
Konzftlynda Williams (2 months ago)
has this game been released?
hekasoram (2 months ago)
Witcher, asian version
JE Dj (2 months ago)
Don't have a ps4 , I have a xbox one s 😢 .... well I ' ll buy assasins odisey 😀
jaco han (2 months ago)
Japan love to hype their history. Tsushima or Daemado was Korean territory.
Denzel Sarmiento (2 months ago)
I'm so hyped
Everlasting Pain (2 months ago)
Japanese dub?
gusti muliarta (2 months ago)
Move like shadow, strike like a snake
Tommy Vamboi (3 months ago)
I really want to play this game when it comes out
Wolfboy 109 (3 months ago)
So it take a mongol invasion to turn Samurai into a Ronin and back to a Ninja? what a game
Darwin S (3 months ago)
Audio o subtítulos en español por favor
Dave Hamar (3 months ago)
Release date ?????? Anybody
Saikat Shaw (3 months ago)
Is it came in PC too ??? Plz say yes
FYI, Mongols landed on shore and fucked them samurais real good. However, their supplies and reinforcement had cut by the natural disaster. Simply u don’t mess with Mongolians! History denies the heroes of the past, yet boasts the cowards behind walls!
Kadir İbican (3 months ago)
Ali Hamza (3 months ago)
Can I play on PC 🤔
Kaziah (3 months ago)
Needed a samurai game since Way of the samurai
KH Hijikata (3 months ago)
TT Devastation (3 months ago)
Witcherbourne breath of the last samurai
Kyle Gomez (3 months ago)
FOR HONOR is more brutal and graphic but i like this concept.. The scenery of japan's way of the samurai..
Maximum Mayhem (3 months ago)
Graphics are INTENSE!!!
estarz 25 (3 months ago)
Why can't they make a new ninja gaiden
ich mag oliven (3 months ago)
Only for ps4 😭
Chris Reyes (3 months ago)
CoolSushi (3 months ago)
is this game a ps4 excusive?
CoolSushi (3 months ago)
god fkn dammit sony... why? :c
POOP Train (3 months ago)
CoolSushi yup
Bj Quantum (3 months ago)
these games of ps4 e3 2018 have put hollywood to shame
chandrakant isi (3 months ago)
Background doesn't seem to scale properly at 1:01
Mongolian Khan (3 months ago)
Great Mongols
Nergui Boogii (3 months ago)
Mongolia vs japan Upcoming i can't wait
Doctor Claw (3 months ago)
Make it VR + Move Does Seikiro comes out on PS4 too?
Bobyjohn (3 months ago)
Now that's a fucking trailer
Doc Holladay007 (3 months ago)
does anybody know when this game come out . this game looks amazing
Mr.z Zenzay (3 months ago)
Natas 137 (3 months ago)
you can just pause on every scene and screenshot it for a brilliant backround pic
barbara Corcoran (3 months ago)
Keeeeeenu as reeves
Adit Caundal (3 months ago)
I am from the future and I want to tell you something... This is gonna be LIT
Abdulla Eljebouri (3 months ago)
I don’t know but it looks similar to The last samurai 🤔
김정 율 (3 months ago)
This should be a movie !
Chief Raccoon (3 months ago)
English.....?not japanese..?
Wyatt Williams (3 months ago)
I'd play it
Zeroguard10 (3 months ago)
I am super excited for this game and Sekiro
Freedom Warrior (3 months ago)
"Needs more guns and jetpacks or I'll tell mommy." - Every COD fan
ZamuraiAmv (3 months ago)
Peter Oliva (3 months ago)
meron 360 (3 months ago)
Takayama Shin (3 months ago)
Now I'm hyped as freak!
siddharth ranjan (3 months ago)
Thumbnail looks like ac rouge
Abdulellah Atl (3 months ago)
These days nobody respects games they only try to find every possible setback and use it on the creators , I mean come on guys you’re supposed to enjoy games , and no don’t give me the “I can’t enjoy a game if I don’t like bullshit” if you can’t enjoy a game then quit playing games . Cause the same types of games are coming , I mean you guys have criticized every game that came out so far so you expect a new genre that will blow our minds . No that’s not coming .

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