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PS4 - Ghost of Tsushima Trailer (2018)

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Text Comments (1582)
Blue Balls (1 day ago)
Japanese dub?
gusti muliarta (2 days ago)
Move like shadow, strike like a snake
Tommy Vamboi (3 days ago)
I really want to play this game when it comes out
Wolfboy 109 (3 days ago)
So it take a mongol invasion to turn Samurai into a Ronin and back to a Ninja? what a game
Darwin S (3 days ago)
Audio o subtítulos en español por favor
Dave Hamar (4 days ago)
Release date ?????? Anybody
Saikat Shaw (4 days ago)
Is it came in PC too ??? Plz say yes
FYI, Mongols landed on shore and fucked them samurais real good. However, their supplies and reinforcement had cut by the natural disaster. Simply u don’t mess with Mongolians! History denies the heroes of the past, yet boasts the cowards behind walls!
Kadir İbican (5 days ago)
Ali Hamza (5 days ago)
Can I play on PC 🤔
Kaziah (5 days ago)
Needed a samurai game since Way of the samurai
KH Hijikata (5 days ago)
Jake Nevin (5 days ago)
Witcherbourne breath of the last samurai
Kyle Gomez (5 days ago)
FOR HONOR is more brutal and graphic but i like this concept.. The scenery of japan's way of the samurai..
Maximum Mayhem (6 days ago)
Graphics are INTENSE!!!
estarz 25 (6 days ago)
Why can't they make a new ninja gaiden
ichmag oliven (6 days ago)
Only for ps4 😭
Chris Reyes (6 days ago)
CoolSushi (7 days ago)
is this game a ps4 excusive?
CoolSushi (7 days ago)
god fkn dammit sony... why? :c
POOP Train (7 days ago)
CoolSushi yup
Bj Quantum (7 days ago)
these games of ps4 e3 2018 have put hollywood to shame
chandrakant isi (8 days ago)
Background doesn't seem to scale properly at 1:01
Mongolian Khan (8 days ago)
Great Mongols
Nergui Boogii (8 days ago)
Mongolia vs japan Upcoming i can't wait
Doctor Claw (8 days ago)
Make it VR + Move Does Seikiro comes out on PS4 too?
Bobyjohn (8 days ago)
Now that's a fucking trailer
Doc Holladay007 (8 days ago)
does anybody know when this game come out . this game looks amazing
Mr.z Zenzay (8 days ago)
Franz Mohr (9 days ago)
you can just pause on every scene and screenshot it for a brilliant backround pic
barbara Corcoran (9 days ago)
Keeeeeenu as reeves
Adit Caundal (9 days ago)
I am from the future and I want to tell you something... This is gonna be LIT
Abdulla Eljebouri (9 days ago)
I don’t know but it looks similar to The last samurai 🤔
markham 480 (9 days ago)
Oh I hate a Mongolian
Army 4v (10 days ago)
This should be a movie !
Chief Raccoon (10 days ago)
English.....?not japanese..?
Wyatt Williams (10 days ago)
I'd play it
Zeroguard10 (10 days ago)
I am super excited for this game and Sekiro
Freedom Warrior (10 days ago)
"Needs more guns and jetpacks or I'll tell mommy." - Every COD fan
Zaboomafoo (10 days ago)
Peter Oliva (11 days ago)
meron 360 (11 days ago)
Takayama Shin (11 days ago)
Now I'm hyped as freak!
siddharth ranjan (12 days ago)
Thumbnail looks like ac rouge
Abdulellah Atl (14 days ago)
These days nobody respects games they only try to find every possible setback and use it on the creators , I mean come on guys you’re supposed to enjoy games , and no don’t give me the “I can’t enjoy a game if I don’t like bullshit” if you can’t enjoy a game then quit playing games . Cause the same types of games are coming , I mean you guys have criticized every game that came out so far so you expect a new genre that will blow our minds . No that’s not coming .
Jason Delgado (14 days ago)
I just felt the presence Minamoto Musashi.
mickor (15 days ago)
It's settled then. I'm buying a PS4.
Bobby Derran (15 days ago)
Console exclusive...
Jordan Knight (15 days ago)
Oh look another PS4 exclusive, what a surprise😂
Stephen Shook (15 days ago)
Ughh I like to use my Xbox more though ughhhhh
Stephen Shook (15 days ago)
Hmm this actually looks pretty cool
Shut up and take my money!!!!!
Carla Scott (16 days ago)
1:35 the look I give when somebody says ”U tryin to catch this fade in Madden ”
MrOrlando211 (17 days ago)
I am very high for this game I hope is no delays, good job Sony keep it coming you are the best.
Maiyagy Gery (18 days ago)
Judging from the font of the title, i think this would be somekind of Assassins Creed past-present game.
j p (19 days ago)
I want it now
hazyhit420 beardog (19 days ago)
Looking forward to this at E3 2019
Chamsou (19 days ago)
they officially announced that ghost of tsushima will be on ps4 e3 2018
Chamsou (19 days ago)
e3 2018
mario noccideschi (20 days ago)
Call me "weeb" as you please but when I see a mongol invasor, speaking to a japanese prisoner, claiming how smart he is that he even learnt his language, while speaking english with a forced accent and a perfect english lips synch, my suspension of disbelief go straight to fuck herself. Sorry for any grammar issue, I'm not english (not even mongol)
Aneesh Kompally (20 days ago)
Walter Wallace (20 days ago)
The new Tenchu
Fun Shine Beast (20 days ago)
Please be tenchu
Allen Evans (21 days ago)
When samuari got be ninja to kick ass
Tso Lee (21 days ago)
Omg a bunch of cut scenes
Matthew Pace (22 days ago)
i wish game developers would show case gameplay instead of story. thats the best way to capture your audience
Chamsou (19 days ago)
7 days left my friend e3 2018
Helen Robertson (23 days ago)
Okaaaaaaaaaayyyy why do i likenthis commercial sooooo mich and i dont even play video games....
AreDee (23 days ago)
Was watching tenchu game plays cause I miss that game. And I search up ninja games for ps4 and I come across this. Super stoked
dreamer9310 (24 days ago)
Its the Asian guy from shitty wok
Adwait Shinde (25 days ago)
Doesn't the thumbnail look like Assassin's Creed Rogue?
Chamsou (19 days ago)
yeah lol Edit : the colors especially
Banana Rama (26 days ago)
My wallet does not like this
J Lamico (28 days ago)
Just give me Onimusha!!! Got Damn!!!
Reili o (29 days ago)
Looks promising
IWasHere (30 days ago)
I'd rather get an infamous game
IWasHere (19 days ago)
Chamsou i never said anything about the time period i just said instead of working on this i'd rather get an infamous game
Chamsou (19 days ago)
not even the same time period first of all
terry taylor (1 month ago)
AZK91 (1 month ago)
I really hope this is nothing like the Assassin's Creed games.
DarkLess89X (1 month ago)
how long will I have to wait for this?
Chamsou (19 days ago)
the actual gameplay will be reaveled on e3 2018
Rune (25 days ago)
2019 most likely
freshtendrills (1 month ago)
Kublia Khan...
Rah B (1 month ago)
You don’t want to get a samurai ninja angry
lovepeople Hu (1 month ago)
Powar 15 (1 month ago)
Ninja gaiden 4?????
Autumn Red (1 month ago)
I’m willing to play this game, but I still don’t see the point on announcing a game years before its release, that sucks...
Chamsou (19 days ago)
they will release it this year or january 2019 + Marketing bro ;)
adrian blade (1 month ago)
While you were typing your comment, I learnt.I know.....I know your language.....your thoughts.....your beliefs.....which comments to like.....which to dislike. So I'll ask you once again keyboard warrior.....do you subscribe?
EmiRecord (1 month ago)
my dick's hard now
Zweihander11 (1 month ago)
Jedibob (1 month ago)
Too bad it’s only for PlayStation
Chamsou (19 days ago)
yea Marketing
The Resistance (1 month ago)
smells like another masterpiece.
gufimike (1 month ago)
50Sense (1 month ago)
Tom Cruise is going to save the day.
Freddy Frédière (1 month ago)
Freddy Frédière (1 month ago)
Freddy Frédière (1 month ago)
DearSAMUEL (1 month ago)
Ellis Ekhator (1 month ago)
Is that Patrick Gallagher from Night at the Museum? Wow! These new games and their graphics are stunning.
BioLink (1 month ago)
Neat trailer... But its just cinematic bullshit.
Rune (25 days ago)
Not CGI, all in game footage. Obviously they only showed cutscene stuff though so not graphics when controlling a character.
Zappa Doo (1 month ago)
why is it in English
Can I join the mongols?
Chamsou (19 days ago)
xMayhem22 (1 month ago)
Yes plz
Mevlüt Chambers (1 month ago)
Orochi is getting his own videogame 😃
Pizza Dude (1 month ago)
I want a japanese dialog if not I'm not buying this
Holy Crush (1 month ago)
When is this game releasing
Joseph Leece (1 month ago)
There's not enough diversity in this game

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