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September 1999: The Horrific VHS Type Horror Game (2018)

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This is a 5 minute Horror game called ''September 1999'' played in VHS found footage type gameplay. (New Horror Game 2018) Created by 98DEMAKE: https://youtu.be/9tl64GKwC8w Play it yourself: https://98demake.itch.io/september1999 Support him on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/98demake Like my page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief/ Get partnered with Empire Collective (like me): http://www.empirecollective.la SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/14hihfM My email for business inquiries: mathieuofficial@hotmail.com
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Text Comments (90)
This is a free 5 minutes Horror game you can try right now: https://98demake.itch.io/september1999 The creator is planning on making more games like that!
Fosty (22 days ago)
This video is minute, so did we just watched the whole game?
VariousPond (1 day ago)
Looks realistic as frick
Artyom (2 days ago)
watching someone play it is almost an experience in itself. reminds me of serial killers home tapes, like that one guy who was obsessed with Bjork
Sanboni4ever (3 days ago)
Now i want September 2000.
S C R I B B L E (3 days ago)
*The creator should really try to make a Jeff the Killer based game as a refreshment from the badly written stories*
S C R I B B L E (1 day ago)
Ahaha, I expected that answer 😂
Dude Guy (1 day ago)
idc lmao
S C R I B B L E (1 day ago)
Ahaha there we go again. As I said, it would be a refreshment from the badly written stories. You see, Jeff is an incredibly flexible charatcer, which means you could do so much with him. The sad part is that Jeff’s stories and content has always happened to fall in the wrong persons hands. Jeff could be an amazing character but it just highly depends in who’s hands he is. People complain all the time how badly written and cliché he is, but honestly that won’t help very much and make Jeff indeed seem like he’s so horrible, people should be ashamed to like him. Yes, there are still people out and content creators there that love him and honestely, he can be amazingly interesting if only someone would write a better and scarier story. Anyone making a Jeff the Killer game would be facing a huge challenge, especially from people like you who only complain instead of actually trying to make an effort out of it. That is why (-;
Dude Guy (1 day ago)
Why would anyone want a jeff the killer game?? it's literally one of the worst most clichéd creepypastas out there?
television and cheese (4 days ago)
Wait holy shit what!? This is rendered in real time !!?? I thought this was a FMV game, with footage the creator took in real life! Wow it looks so realistic !
interpol007 (4 days ago)
Sweet Jesus does this raise the hairs on the back of my neck
Right-Wing BDSM Guy (5 days ago)
This game better be cheap.
Specific Attribute (4 days ago)
It's free.
Libtards Can't Aim (6 days ago)
P.T part2???
OverL00k (6 days ago)
We need more games like this. Simply in a house. I love it
ETHAN MASTER 10 (6 days ago)
GunmetalGaming (7 days ago)
Wow...some wild shit started exactly on my 3rd birthday!!!
Malvina Coronel (7 days ago)
Did this really happen?
Malvina Coronel (7 days ago)
Maybe at the end he killed himself with the chainsaw?
First Name Surname (12 days ago)
Finally, I highly appreciate the silence. It gets annoying when you just want to see gameplay while some channels insist on shoving their faces in the video and yell throughout the damn game
ぁはんぶるがり (14 days ago)
he killed his wife and wife’s lover.....maybe.
Fosty (22 days ago)
I like the aspect ratio. Good attention to detail.
Witters (24 days ago)
Thomas Ahn (25 days ago)
Don't know why all these indie horror games start with walking around for minutes.
Bigthebomb (25 days ago)
I love these kinds of horror games, not the one with cheap jumpscare and really people chasing you around all of the time. I want a horror game which gives you constant paranoia, like if someone is constantly following you, only from the shadows.
Black-Reaper (25 days ago)
Today is my Birthday
N. Ritter (17 days ago)
Happy bday
DSCybeR PuncK (25 days ago)
Coalminds.com (25 days ago)
Bigbad Crawford (25 days ago)
I liked this alot. The vhs vibe gives an added sense of realism. Especially if you remember how the real thing looked. Hopefully it can become a good game
P 4 (25 days ago)
Is that game?
& EH (26 days ago)
21st night of september
Wyatt Gaudion (26 days ago)
Wish this was longer
KingCodester111 (26 days ago)
Now this is cool. Hope to see more games like this in the future
gamers review (26 days ago)
September 18, the day independence is celebrated in my country (chile)
AkiraTheGodEater (26 days ago)
makes me feel uneasy... I like it
Vade (26 days ago)
His channel is amazing
BeatsDown Gaming (26 days ago)
So it's a walking simulator where close to nothing happens.
Luna H. (1 hour ago)
I like these type of games. The clues are left to you and the atmosphere is just scary. Your supposed to try to figure out what happened in this short demo.
Xisyai (15 days ago)
Tell me buddy, what is your favorite horror game?
R (26 days ago)
BeatsDown Gaming that’s what horror games are these days
Fragment Xion93 (26 days ago)
Looks a little like Sh PT
Decaf (26 days ago)
I like the aesthetic. Reminds me of Powerdrill Massacre.
GraveWalkeRr (26 days ago)
Mann those graphics
SM96 (26 days ago)
This is so inspired by Silent Hills' PT.
princess K (25 days ago)
No, it's inspired by the films V/H/S and V/H/S 2
Denny Gray (26 days ago)
de skulvar (26 days ago)
SM96 sure ?
The Marvin (26 days ago)
in the first scene of the game the date is on September 18th. same day today '0'
Anthropophobia (26 days ago)
My date of birth is a day before the date in the game... I dunno how I feel about that
Prophet Of Merci (14 days ago)
You and several hundred thousand others
Florida FM (26 days ago)
Same. Thank u for being born
Happy birthday (Late)
Jared D (26 days ago)
Same shit different game
Señor Javi (26 days ago)
Hey thats my birthday! Which is today lol
Señor Javi (26 days ago)
Buried by Time and Dust thank you!
TUKMAK (21 days ago)
The frame rate is way too fast and just throws off the VHS look. Otherwise cool looking game. Creative concept
timur ll (3 days ago)
+TUKMAK whole game >actually it is 5 minutes
TUKMAK (22 days ago)
+Conshe Tumare what other games make their whole game look like a VHS tape?
Conshe Tumare (22 days ago)
"Creative concept" when the fucking game seems like an exact copy of PT.
DeathBorn (26 days ago)
TUKMAK Just use a potato pc and fixed
Martin O Neill (26 days ago)
Please for the love of all that is holy release this on xbox too!
Slick Jester (26 days ago)
I love the aesthetic of this game
L0neSiPh0n (26 days ago)
Look up "98Demake" on YouTube. It's the creator's channel
Jones ShIt (24 days ago)
marsargo tv Yes he did oh and his videos are also amazing
marsargo tv (26 days ago)
What he made this ?
Dafacey (26 days ago)
määähhh white light in 1999.... there was only gold and yellow... grml thats a complete no go
Smiley (26 days ago)
You play as Tony Montana in hell
I love the atmosphere and overal looks. Feels good to have games trying to fill the hole P.T left.
YourAverageGuy (26 days ago)
*I don't feel so good*
venom tree (12 days ago)
I read a dead meme which only purpose is to advertise to marvel smh
人某個 (25 days ago)
I see dust on the ground
Aniki TM (26 days ago)
Awesome game
Anıltan Karadeniz (26 days ago)
i like this game
Alberto Carlos (26 days ago)
Michigan Report from hell remake pls
Dephranque (26 days ago)
It gives me a PT vibe
Ponyyish (26 days ago)
That's the thing, all walking simulators feel the same...
Martell Tha Cool (26 days ago)
Love VHS
Zekn (26 days ago)
Scary.. dont think im ready for this..
Game Time (26 days ago)
Paranormal activity
live1thedon (26 days ago)
Nick Pyecroft (26 days ago)
🤣🤣🤣not a chance in hell PC
Henrick 013 (26 days ago)
not. xbox one 😆
LORD OSA (26 days ago)
I hope it’s longer
Zusse (26 days ago)
The guy who made channel is worth the check out and sub he makes some old school style games which are good
Engr Saleem (26 days ago)
After 1 minute

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