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10 Things Gamers' PARENTS NEED TO KNOW

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10 things parents of gamers should know. This list has gripes for gamers and advice for parents. LISTEN UP. ★Follow Jake on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jakebaldino ★ Gameranx Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gameranx ★Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/user/gameranxTV
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Nikhil Jose (49 minutes ago)
My dad calls my PS4 the PSP3 so.....
The Mob Destroyer (12 hours ago)
I have a great tip. If you buy a game that your kid will love buy the console it runs on. Like if you buy the newest MARIO that runs on the switch you must buy the console to run it. Like if you have an amazing game for the switch then you don’t have a switch and the kid is feeling like their being tortured for never being able to play that game
Caiden cronan (12 hours ago)
Probably my biggest fear is having my mother walk in on me while I'm playing MGSV. because I might be strangling some soldier for information. or quiet might be doing some.. yoga.. while I'm browsing the Though the massive list of weapons of mass destruction on my Idroid. Either way it might end up leaving my mother with a rather poor opinion of video games.
Charkit (21 hours ago)
Games don’t make us violent. Lag does.
To any parents who believe violent games cause violence in real life, well that’s wrong, after the release of one of the more modern DOOMS ( extremely violent) there was a DROP in school shootings because of the release of the game allowing anger to. Be taken out on virtual enemies now that sounds bad but which is better a real child, or a virtual alien?
Popty THE HOMIE (1 day ago)
My 20 year old zelda game was sold for 1$ because i got a nes mini... EDIT to a fricking kid after i beat the game but he sold it to me for a $ im happy and i can sell it now
Evan Shannon (1 day ago)
My parents will buy an M rated game or let me buy it but only After thorough research. And persuasion.
Michael Williams (2 days ago)
Number 8 THANK YOU! I hope my mom see this this vid. Every time I play fallout 4 and maybe kill a raider or a Gunner she's like murder one more person and I'll ban you from that game
Gabriel Centeno (2 days ago)
He forgot PC
Orhpan Slushy (2 days ago)
Me and my friend bought this guys sons yugioh card collection for $40 and going through it its worth 500$
Spike 65 (2 days ago)
1:48 thicc
catzho cz (2 days ago)
I lernd about sex whin i whas 4 years old
ats my dad omg
ItsMeGibby (4 days ago)
I hate it if people say ''hey don't play games it will make you violent'' no it will not. Its not like when i play candy crush i will put red gummies by each other and yellow ones for the rest of my life...
Bryant Sanchez-Carazo (4 days ago)
I don't mind a kid playing a game they shouldn't be, but if you start losing it and become toxic or complain about something, go find another game and come back when you're older and more mature.
Lord Weegee (4 days ago)
We live in a society. GAMERS RISE UP
Skillibimbam (22 hours ago)
Only real gaymers will understand BOTTOM TEXT
King Hershey (5 days ago)
Once I was chatting to a friend I made online on discord and my parents said oh it’s not safe blah blah and I cant used discord now!
mixon606 (5 days ago)
My mom call my Wii and my Switch a Nintendo, well she’s not wrong but still this is annoying
TheRagingHacker (5 days ago)
Hello stranger 👋
Jaeger Destiny (5 days ago)
My parents are cross with me if i play games all day. They think it is bad for my health
Skillibimbam (22 hours ago)
Woah youre parents need to chill xD, only real gamers will understand that gaming is healthy xDxD
my chemical geesus (5 days ago)
My parents think if I play a game wether it's violent or not that I'll start killing people ....like wtf guys
Gaming Beast (6 days ago)
I have no idea how thats spelled 😉✌🏻
Gaming Beast (6 days ago)
My uncle calls my ps4 pro an atari
Angelos Gkelias (6 days ago)
Video Games don't make kids violent, lag does!
PeanutButterJellyX x (6 days ago)
The first game my parents made me play was the first God of War 😂
Firemaster Mc (6 days ago)
My mom thinks any gamer over 20 is a rapist trying to lure naïve kids into a trap.
K ingKong (6 days ago)
I tryed to show my dad gardenwarfere 2 and he held the controllers he wrong way and then when I told him about the controller he was not able to shoot me so I had to play a simpler games
Marrsrover Marrsrover (6 days ago)
What about pc games they is something you can play games on too
Venum Snake (7 days ago)
I think i really have luck because i play sf5 with my dad and i don't know how but he always beat me
PixelatedGameplays (7 days ago)
Gabe FTW (7 days ago)
I wish my parents could sit down and play but first of all they too busy and my dad gets really dizzy
Gabe FTW (7 days ago)
Who else is a kid that games and just wanted to watch this video for no reason at all
athiest tech (7 days ago)
My dad ask me were strip club is in gta5
Jeremiah Dorsey (7 days ago)
Lenart Zmrzlak (7 days ago)
I lost my gta 4 gamesave wnd then played half of the story in one day
Alex 0124 (7 days ago)
OreoVlogs (7 days ago)
I'm fourteen, my mother knows the content of games like GTA. There's no problem with me playing that game.
Opal Dreams AJ (8 days ago)
5:49 Thanks! I almost got past my existential crisis of the day!
Chara Dreemurr (8 days ago)
The guy below me makes sence [] \/
Creezy92 · (8 days ago)
When my mom says exactly what he says i show her this video 0:55
False Name (8 days ago)
Am I the only one whose parents didn't give a crap about what games I play? I mean I'm eighteen now, so it doesn't matter anymore, but before my parents didn't mind I was playing 18+ games. It's just about trust, that I'm not going to go kill everyone just cause I can do it in games. That's bullshit anyway...
Maskaraid Gaming (9 days ago)
I didn't like #4 xD
High sky Air (9 days ago)
my parents always call everything “playstation”
ZeldaFan 456 (9 days ago)
My mom NEVER understands how online games work.
GRRYTRAP121 (9 days ago)
My mom calls a PS4 a ps2
Aaron Brown (9 days ago)
My parents just say xbox
FROST _KNIGHT (9 days ago)
Thank God my dad is a gamer he understands that online games can’t be paused he got over 400 pc games for window do and win 7 buuuuut my mom still does not get it and says that gaming gives you eye cancer and it wastes time
Yellow Flash (10 days ago)
We watched the movie ready player one so now my mom doesn’t like me playing online lol
answer is here (10 days ago)
You can't pause a game In a online battle.
z_ADIN (11 days ago)
For every hour I spend gaming I have to do 5 songs on Just Dance.
Cameron Troscianiec (11 days ago)
Dad, sees me on my anything, get off, do something else, literally anytime I'm on, so I wait untill like 9 o'clock when he's asleep.
John Lusse (11 days ago)
My dads like 43 and when he plays killzone shadow fall i want to cry... but he makes an effort
Sovietbird (11 days ago)
Lol I wish my parents cared half as much as this when I was growing up, my mom screamed at me for gaming all the time and my dad made fun of the different things to would play... Wonder why I don't visit anymore...
Caleb Robinson (11 days ago)
Would’ve shown this to my parents until I got to tip 4
Qixley (11 days ago)
*_Casually hides video from parents_*
A average savage (12 days ago)
When you balls deep in the comment section
N 4 T E (12 days ago)
My dad says "video games make you crazy!!!!!!". And I am like, no no that's not how it works -______-
Tigermink (13 days ago)
My mom plays video games, and she's been watching anime since she was 5.
Peyton Killer (13 days ago)
When your grandparents think they got you a cool game for christmas but in reality they get you pacman for the ps2. 😂😂
WTC FOX (13 days ago)
My mom is 36
what do you want (14 days ago)
All hand held gaming devices (- phone) = game boy All tv consoles = the tv
The Video Game Guy (14 days ago)
2:18 I stopped breathing for a little there
Barrett Goss (14 days ago)
Lol when your dad turns off the PC when you're in that 1v1 at the end and ur dead squad is counting on you...
Daniel Videnov (14 days ago)
Man my parents know computer but they say on my Xbox one s and ps4 “the psp”😂😂😂😂
Ivan Stojanac (14 days ago)
I hate how my parents always walk in my room when i play games while there is some hot girl in cutscene. Every fucking time.
Joku Ihmeellinen (14 days ago)
I like how he says all those consoles and then calls them video games :))
CGI Future (15 days ago)
Parents getting mad at sexual video game scenes while they don't know there kid watches pornhub
Voltrex (15 days ago)
ME: dad i'm gonna play fortnite its and online game when i start playing i won't be able to pause DAD:ok few minutes later DAD: son come and eat dinner ME: i can't dad i'm playing fortnite DAD: just come down ME: alright fine ME: thinking to myself *SHABEE WHAT SHOULD I DO* then i decided to find a big bush created a shelter around it and created a doorand laid traps all around it and just hoped that nobody find me and when after dinner i came up to see what happened and i was legit still alive and there was loot around me and there was only one duo left and i just sniped them both from a distance and won
Σαλή Χιλμή (15 days ago)
finnaly a video i can send to my parents.....ohh wait they dont understand english also they dont know what is arcade
Stikpro 19 (15 days ago)
Number 0: They do not damage your eyes that much! Some parents (like one of mine) are programmers. They spend all day in front of screens, and they're ok.
Idunno (15 days ago)
I know this is a bit late but I’m currently 12 (this is relevant) My dad and mum (I’m Australian so it’s mum) are really cool with gaming, they don’t appreciate overly violent games so I don’t play them, but I do play some good others, such as assassins creed, overwatch and tf2. My dad also knows the in’s and out’s of gaming, so he’s build several PCs. I showed him this video, he really liked it
Pixel Perfect Gamer (15 days ago)
Tbh buying m rated stuff is okay as long as your kid can diffriantiate between game and reality
Chief Bill (16 days ago)
I'm gonna have fun and use Nintendo now
Gurx 101 (17 days ago)
My grandma is like this
Fir3spark Studios (17 days ago)
Gaming is actually why I’m closer to my dad! Boom gaming is good!
Shadow The Pro (18 days ago)
My parents be like whats the differnce between ps4 xbox one and nintendo switch and im like dude seriously
Shadow The Pro (18 days ago)
Exactly not everyone online is a pedophile
Turby SD (18 days ago)
My dad understands me cuz he was playng games to.....But my mom....yess.... She played super mario bros😂😂😂😂and everytimes she sees me playing shooting games...she s going crazy....she s saying that when i grow up ill kill people....WTF???!!!?? I think that every gamer parents should teach the child .... Using their time smart.... Going out and gaming..... And that will be ok
Bryan Sullivan (18 days ago)
My dad tells how to play a game when we play it two different ways
Ashleigh Walker (19 days ago)
I want my mum to realise that I can’t puase my game
Alfredo Meyer (19 days ago)
My mom thinks absolutely every game I play is violent
PotatoGod (19 days ago)
My mom used to play Little Big Planet 2 with me
GameBot Studios (19 days ago)
Never trust edited comments
ShadowBear (19 days ago)
Thats why i buy games from PlayStation Store When My Mom Buys Me A PSN Gift Card.
Alloush Jeyawi (19 days ago)
I showed this to my parents now I'm grounded😡😡😡😠
Annihilation X (20 days ago)
Is there a way to make my mom let me get gta5 because im not allowed to because she said 1 of the missions is were i rape someone i know thats fake
TigerGuy27 (20 days ago)
I wish that My mom would understand that you can’t paus a online game xD
Michael Darlak (20 days ago)
"Oh is this another shoot em up?" Fuck off old cumshot
Someone Hehe (20 days ago)
My parents call my ps4 the psp
Kyle Valentine (20 days ago)
I play 18+ games because my parents know that i understabd whats bad because they kinda took care of my older cousins before i was born so they understand
RonnyFootball (20 days ago)
I started playing gta 5 when I was 10 on ps3 back in 2013 before it was released on ps4 to me the rating doesn’t mean dog shit okay it’s rated M but the question is can your child handle it like do they care about killing or drugs or shit like that would they get nightmares or will it make them want to do these things irl so ask your child if they would experience any problems then pay for the game after all you can’t judge a game by its rating 😉
John GR (22 days ago)
My dad is a gamer.He plays Halo or Gears of war or CoD or Bf1 for 1-2 hours a day. One day he challenged me in a 1v1 in CoD.He won the game with score 25-12...He was 50 years old at a time and i was 16.Now i am 18 and he is 52.I still can't beat him...He is very good,a pro i can say.I am proud of him!!!!!:)
Optimus Prime (22 days ago)
My parents call my ps4 a computer 😢😢😢
My mom literally plays Skyrim and Gta alot
Forestic (22 days ago)
I tell my dad that I’m in a match and that you can’t pause the game and he says that it’s not important and just come eat.... tf
BakaSnake (22 days ago)
jrtmb 555 (22 days ago)
in Ready player one film there everyone plays games and why?? Because we want to escape to another reality be someone we cant be in real life or do somethink that we cant in real life be connected talk and play with your friend that you are working with or going to school with but they live far away from you its just that you are free for that time. (At least for me)
Jordan Martin (22 days ago)
My mom doesn't understand games at all but luckily my dad plays lots of games so when I'm in the middle of a game he understands and he's just like yeah okay finish your game then come down to the table for dinner. He's a lot more understanding when it comes to getting certain games like with m rated games he usually lets me play them because 1) he knows I'm mature enough for it and wont try to recreate any of that stuff or think that it's okay 2) he's probably has played them himself or at least has seen videos on it so he has a general idea of whats in the game. Also one night me and him accidentally stayed up until like midnight playing video games, that doesn't seem that late but for the rest of my family it is.
Rudy Fletcher (22 days ago)
i think he made this because his parents did something bad to him while or when he was not gaming

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