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Nintendo Switch Setup and System Overview - Turning On for the First Time!!

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Nintendo Switch Setup and System Overview. Today we turn on the Switch for the first time, and go through the initial setup. Choosing a name, icon, settings, UI, inserting a game, and more!! Thanks to Nintendo for providing the review unit. What else do YOU want to see or know? Let us know in the comments below :) Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce Follow Us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/Switch
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Text Comments (657)
MrBryan (1 month ago)
That vcr in the the background tho
Nathan Garza (1 month ago)
If I’m in Texas wht time zone do I put ?
Geekaloompa (2 months ago)
Hey thanks for making this video as it helped me learn how to work the Nintendo Switch before I buy it.
KLB 110 (2 months ago)
This really helps understand the complexity of some of the switch feaatures thanks :)
Nichole Williams (3 months ago)
Shhhhh I cant hear the sound effects
William Hollenbaugh (4 months ago)
Thanks, good to know you have to have the junky joy-cons to set this thing up. Just like having to have the junky gamepad to set up the Wii U.
Jacksepic Fan105 (4 months ago)
wow can't wait to get mine in 6 months.......
SuperSwitchBoy (5 months ago)
0:25 "N I E N T E N D O".
Brebgon (5 months ago)
I miss the old sound effects
Shane S. (6 months ago)
Microsoft, Sony, take notes Nintendo has the best UI this console generation
Breezy Winslow (7 months ago)
My grandma died
Dameleon (7 months ago)
isaiah and lil_trey147 (7 months ago)
Really disappointed with no internet bowser
G Man (8 months ago)
Just make sure you don’t let any Nyko product touch your switch. I made the mistake of using the Nyko portable dock and it literally blew out my switch. Nyko also admitted that to me in an email.
Isaiah ODUMA (8 months ago)
I watched the hole add
IvanGamer1255 Molina (9 months ago)
You Got It Before Release
Arno Victor Dorian (10 months ago)
5 days
Isaac Careaga (10 months ago)
No se q mejor que me lo envió a la fiesta del y RR HH de
gmaing animation kid (10 months ago)
Cool video
OctoBlue (10 months ago)
I hope this explains the turning down volume because I just wanna know so I can play this behind my computer at school without getting in trouble.
Christine Licup (10 months ago)
How to add more games? 🤔
Clyde Pratt (10 months ago)
Does it play on a television too??
Saltz (10 months ago)
If you're going to do a video showing off the switch...CLEAN THE FUCKING SCREEN
SR TITO (10 months ago)
What i have to do to watch the nintendo switch start up when i turn it on?
Nin10Dii (10 months ago)
I wonder if this means the DS series is over
* Smartie * (10 months ago)
I may be watching this too early, but I’m getting this in 24 days as of now! I’m so excited!
Xephxi (10 months ago)
Look at all these I C O N
xplay gerrangamer (11 months ago)
0:25 ninntendo
Kayla_wwe_girl 19 (11 months ago)
You so beautiful cute
the king of bro's (11 months ago)
what if you turn off the WiFi can u still play the game you have inserted someone ples tell me
acerv_texas 97 (10 months ago)
the king of bro's yes you can play games without wifi
Pigsplaygames7 (11 months ago)
I thought setting up the wifi would be harder, but. Nope.
Amanda Hunnicutt (1 year ago)
I want one, it seems so neat & different I grew up on nintendo I had the very old nes to snes to nintendo 64 to gamecube to wii & wii u & I want this now but probably will wait until my birthday I Hope my mom will let me!
do you have to contact to Internet ?
Deion Greenaway (1 year ago)
Hmm i hate 😒
Caden Gaticam (1 year ago)
I don't have a switch yet but I'm SO EXCITED I'm probably going to get one in a few months
J3ROME (1 year ago)
noice boi,getting it next september.
gladys garcia (11 months ago)
J3ROME im getting it for christmas
Joe K (1 year ago)
I'm liking the intro. Also I plan on getting a Switch 2 years later.
Gabriel Sports talk (1 year ago)
it take long time create account user I need help
hongzhe li (1 year ago)
when i press the power button on the NS it does not turn on on even though i charged it for 13 hours can somebody tell me how to fix it
Nintendo never ceases to amaze me....
Kevin Adr22raps (1 year ago)
Do you have to verify your account
Aura (1 year ago)
I just wish I had enough :(
Owen915 (1 year ago)
I already have a switch and already set it up 3 months ago but I’m still watching this :/
SupremeTicTak (1 year ago)
Anybody annoyed that the switch screen so bright that the camera makes it go dark
Ash Fu (1 year ago)
So no web browser, Can not watch pornhub on that.
Anim Mouse (1 year ago)
How did you type your wifi password so fast that I even did not notice it?
ART50 60 (1 year ago)
Zach looks like pewdiepie a little bit
tyduck (1 year ago)
this is soooo awesome can't wait to get mine!! :D
cheesy (1 year ago)
How long should it say preparing when linking to an existing Nintendo account in the first time setup because mine has been saying that for a while
OlPump (1 year ago)
Why is it called "The Americas"?
can you set that up while connected to tv
Eltoons (1 year ago)
Are you ghost robo?
luke c (1 year ago)
getting my switch 30th june # hype
Benny To (1 year ago)
LukeRaven124 did u get it
expart killer (1 year ago)
can the Nintendo switch be used as a tablet
Jay Eddith (1 year ago)
Is that ghostrobo?
Dennis (1 year ago)
I wish I had the switch☹️
Lucas Emi (1 year ago)
No usernames????
Bunny L. (1 year ago)
do you have to charge it or is it already charged when you open the box
A and M (1 year ago)
I want one sooooo bad😭😭😩😩
kiki (1 year ago)
you should've changed the theme to black so the lighting is good
classic game round up (1 year ago)
Does it do the same turn on animation every time you turn it on
FluxxerHD (1 year ago)
Ghost robo ?!?
Joe O'C (1 year ago)
Can you subscribe to my channel because I subscribed to yours
Mayor vanella (1 year ago)
The switch still sold out
Half A Mind (1 year ago)
VHS Player in the back y'all! 😎
Eggie (1 year ago)
Eggie (1 year ago)
Wait is that ghost robo
Sauce Team (1 year ago)
Hi dude, I message yesterday and we're really keen to include your switch review in our Switch unboxing compilation. We will be sure to credit you back to your channel. Let me know what you think! Thanks
Mr. johns (1 year ago)
Ghost robo
jackietubepro (1 year ago)
When you choose your character it is like the Xbox but with a lot more characters
Taydo (1 year ago)
I really wish the Switch wasn't expensive! WHO AGREES?
Stefanzo (1 year ago)
Is a Micro SD Card needed for BotW?
Giovanni Talk (1 year ago)
can it soley be used as hand held or at some point it must be used on tv?
Cody Heuer (1 year ago)
I am going to sell my computer amd trade in my xbox one so i can get switch
Wildinn (1 year ago)
You kinda look like Optic Hitch lol
John Adams (1 year ago)
its ghost robo
SkinCareLuver (1 year ago)
I can't wait to get mine. What are some games you guys purchased other than Zelda?
Brand91 (1 year ago)
theres a 8 red coin reference. listen closely as your advancing through "8 pages of setup". 8 red pages to go through.
Shadow Warrior (1 year ago)
I'm so pissed, how did you get so much subscribers???????? IN SEP-MAR
Wildicon19 (1 year ago)
The switch can be hooked up to the Internet physically s there an adapter you need as it only has a usb connection left after everything else is hooked up.
Aerochus (1 year ago)
Omg the way it looks is glorious
Starfist679 (1 year ago)
does the nintendo switch come with a game?
PRO SKILLS (1 year ago)
PRO SKILLS (1 year ago)
yo I got a switch at target neon
Stona Raptor (1 year ago)
its charged out of the box?
Living Sandwich (1 year ago)
I love the menu. Not complicated like the Xbox.
Jackson Murray (1 year ago)
some of those sounds remind me of the GameCube
Magus (1 year ago)
Jackson Murray lmao your old
Mark Was Here (1 year ago)
I have my headset connected to my tv but I wanna know if there is a way to adjust the volume
Terror Onslaught (1 year ago)
should of kept the custom Wii mes
Dawn Nowak (1 year ago)
Is ghost robo hosting this
TLS TLS (1 year ago)
I not have the nineion Seutch but I ll get it on my birthday
Toy Man 1976 (1 year ago)
Nice video GHOST!!!
Andrew Smith (1 year ago)
We have seen all of this before, excluding the part where your dumbass tries to use it without the JoyCon in.
Yenvo Michaels (1 year ago)
Might get The Nintendo Switch.... During the summer 👌🙄
josh boles (1 year ago)
do you have to be connected to the net for the nintendo switch
TomLynda Tang (1 year ago)
Have u ever connected the wrist thgs onto the joy cons incorrectly? as in, is it possible to still connect them if wrong way around? I cannot seem to unconnect them! Help! My kids did it and I cannot unconnect even though I am pressing the circled button :(
Pabel Santana (1 year ago)
Question. does the Nintendo Switch allow you to proceed without internet connection?
Eric Williams (1 year ago)
So wanna ask a question? Im in a situation where I can't play consoles where im at till I move and it's going to be a while before I move if I get the switch will I be able to play it without playing it on a tv.
Caren Wiatrek (1 year ago)
Does anyone know if the first day update is mandatory when you start up the switch???
Ghost Rider (1 year ago)
Hey Switch force can you make a video of yourself of trying to put in a SD card in your Nintendo switch ?

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