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Xbox Gamepass Update: 7 INSANE Brand New Games

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7 insane titles have been added in with this month's Gamepass update, including AAA titles like Forza Horizon 4, and Metro Redux, whilst still showcasing some hidden gems like the charming Westerado Double Barrelled. Join Leah and Benny as they guide you through this month's brand new games Xbox On is YOUR home for everything Xbox. Join Benny, Leah, Sam and Charleyy as they bring you all the latest and greatest news, games and updates in the Xbox world. If you want to catch us live, then head over to mixer.com/xboxon and follow to make sure you never miss one of our daily live streams. Exclusive live gameplay, community multiplayer streams and a shiny Show of the Week are just a taste of what to expect! Never miss a moment and hit http://bit.ly/XboxOnSubscribe now! Want more of the team? Benny twitter.com/BennyCentral instagram.com/BennyCentral youtube.com/user/BennyCentral Leah twitter.com/leahviathan instagram.com/leahviathan youtube.com/c/leahviathan Sam twitter.com/samuelofc instagram.com/samuelofc mixer.com/samuelofc Charleyy twitter.com/CharleyyRachael instagram.com/itscharleyytho mixer.com/itsCharleyytho Music courtesy of Audio Network
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Text Comments (182)
Pyro_ Gaming (4 days ago)
Isn’t horizon 4 free with game pass
Syuna (8 days ago)
Just got an Xbox one x Today for red dead redemption 2 an also it gave me one month free for game pass I’m currently downloading gears of war 4, halo 5, forza horizon 4 gunna play it after I’m done rdr2 😁
James OBrien (10 days ago)
Got Disneyland adventure, for my daughter, honest ☺️
Wavy Vaporizers (17 days ago)
I just bought an xbox one x right now. Might have ro get this game pass
5salut (22 days ago)
Programmer ? (23 days ago)
I was going to get the forms bundle but now I’m getting the Fortnite bundle and it’s coming with a game pass
andrey113 (24 days ago)
Девушка смотрится будто богиня!
elijahpepe (24 days ago)
R.I.P my money.
Jason Kornas (28 days ago)
Just love forza horizon 4 honestly it's the best one miles better than I thought best on x obviously for looks can't keep of this game it's makes me have less sleep for work at the moment I think I need to play a horror game as it is shocktober but I can't stop playing this game it's additive 😂😂
KyleBeep (28 days ago)
But..... But.. I just want Halo Reach. THAT'S ALL
KyleBeep (24 days ago)
+CallMeRag yeah ik, but I have 100 bucks in my account from giftcards, and I want to use them.
CallMeRag (24 days ago)
KyleBeep You can probably buy a whole bundle of Xbox 360 games, most of which will play on Xbox One.
ROBLOXPRO 69 (29 days ago)
Ian Weston (1 month ago)
Its Nuclear not Nucular.
Guly Berdt (1 month ago)
Save Trevor
Dimitri Resenov (1 month ago)
I saved fergus
Adasari (1 month ago)
Forza Horizon 4 is pretty but everytime you start the game you get spammed with the marketplace. Thanks but no thanks.
IceWizYT (1 month ago)
Guess what Read more
Delta Mattos (1 month ago)
When lego indiana jones coming?
Razvan Tudor (1 month ago)
I have forza horizon 4 for battle pass, The game stay everyday in my xbox? Thanks.
Victor Ortega (1 month ago)
Marry me and describe video games please.
Michael Russell (1 month ago)
Miss my baby xbox 😭
kris jones (1 month ago)
I genuinely can't believe fh4 got onto the gamepass I'm honestly so glad it is lol
bobdigi88 (1 month ago)
Just bought Xbox 1x and don't need game pass For free month use code TJC6R DQRYQ 36YRZ FFRVC 4JYQZ it will only work once so when you've used it reply to this and I'll delete this message
KyleNecz (1 month ago)
They need to fix the launch issue on pc for forza horizon 4
Flash2k80 (1 month ago)
When download a game do you keep it after the month is out?
CallMeRag (24 days ago)
Kyo Well, that makes games like Fallout and Oblivion pointless. :/
Kyo (1 month ago)
No, you have to renew your subscription to keep playing
SaintsBlasterTV (1 month ago)
I find forza horizons as more of updates than sequels
2 questions: 1. When October edns, does it mean I can't play FH4 with Game pass 2. If I buy FH4, will I start from the beginning or it will continue from the progress from game pass? P.s. Sry for my bag English
jason moore (1 month ago)
No its yours as long as you have the pass
Ray Cornett (1 month ago)
Game pass would be so much better if they didn’t remove games when they add new ones lmao
SheepAmongGoats (1 month ago)
FH4 is a fantastic game but when I realized your components scale to your car each race it killed my momentum of wanting to play it as much. Might as well use your slowest cars. It's basically the racing equivalent to Elder Scrolls games where everything levels with you, thus rendering progression more of an illusion and not necessary. Same reason I quit playing ESO. Progression is an illusion.
SheepAmongGoats (1 month ago)
+Elijah Baker Dont think you understand the point. It isnt about difficulty, and no, I dont want it more difficult. It's about progress being an illusion, or eye candy. Just like ESO.
Elijah Baker (1 month ago)
Turn assists off and turn the difficulty all the way up and then say that lmao.
ansh upadhyay (1 month ago)
can i use my keyboard and mouse for xbox game pass?
Théo Moura (1 month ago)
ansh upadhyay NO!!!!
Horny Slothbrok (1 month ago)
Can someone tell me , what is the fuss about these games being added to game pass? Are they free or what? Because I don't understand the advantage? For example , Forza Horizon 4 is free on Game Pass?
Horny Slothbrok (1 month ago)
hmm , I don't understand , you mean that I have to pay for the game pass for a month , and pay another 7.99 Pounds for the FOrza 4 ? If it's like that , do I own the game entirely ? Or only for the month I payed for the game pass?
Jack Davidson (1 month ago)
You only pay per month but you get a brand new game like Horizon all for £7.99 or whatever it is, so it's not free but by the time you had paid the £40/£50 for the game to own for yourself you've way more than doubled your value as you can play so many other games on the pass alongside it
Gaming/Tech Priyansh (1 month ago)
Xbox is box
dafullclip (1 month ago)
Split Second's soundtrack is the action genre's gold standard. I gets HYPED BOY!
AX Apollo (1 month ago)
Scotland.... not England.
Leonardo Fanti (1 month ago)
James Jones (1 month ago)
He said nazi, thought he said numpty at first
Micheal Odargan (1 month ago)
Took me sooo long to get used to driving on the left side of the road..
Jose Antonio Cueto (1 month ago)
woow, so many games!!!
Gnos Tic (1 month ago)
Loving it...Forza 4!!!
The Grimps (1 month ago)
I’m gonna use my 2 free weeks of game pass now just for Horizon 4
MR ALBELUSHI (1 month ago)
Add me( ALBELUSHI ) i have gamepass and gold which I always get and never shared with anyone
DankMemesDriveMe (1 month ago)
Same, then I am probably going to buy it or wait for back Friday.
Dean Child (1 month ago)
Fonza 4 driving on the wrong side of road LOL
8-Brit Generation (1 month ago)
I wish they’d put in more pc games
SergioXZero (1 month ago)
Its Four-Za lol not forza.
Austin Hassler (1 month ago)
richard faraone (1 month ago)
Wish the made a split second 2!
Broon's Bane (1 month ago)
very much enjoying Forza!!!
Rory Addlesee (1 month ago)
It’s not England it’s Britain! Edinburgh is in Scotland
Cabblues Gaming (1 month ago)
Wish every game on game pass was available to pc subscribers we pay the same amount but barely get any of the games really microsoft your play anywhere needs to include all of gamepass
Cabblues Gaming (1 month ago)
+not a fanboy fanboy if cant understand i pay the same as you there for should recieve the full benifits then you are a fanboy
not a fanboy (1 month ago)
doesnt work that way, just be grateful it even has them its a xbox service not a pc service
William Tollan (1 month ago)
Are you sure FH4 is set in ENGLAND?? Where is Edinburgh??
Wuki (1 month ago)
Finally the games worth having Game pass for.
THE REAL FLABEO (1 month ago)
Is a person who used to race cars when I was younger non-sanctioned street races I might add a couple of drag races at Route 66 by me this is one of the best racing games I have ever played I've been playing video games since road rage Atari and pole position on Atari now let's jump forward 30 years this is absolutely the most Vivid looking and best handling racing game I've ever played I cannot wait till I get a steering wheel and pedals I'm building a racing cockpit and I have to say this even though I may sound like a fucking fool this game is so good when you have the adrenaline bugging you it will bring a tear to your eye everytime I think about playing this game I get goosebumps
Tyrone Banks (1 month ago)
Game pass been weak af last couple months
nok1888 (1 month ago)
Its the uk not just england
Mr B (1 month ago)
Hi There too many games to play this time of year, and not enough time
newageBoundhippie (1 month ago)
I need to wrap up a few other games so I can uninstall them to make room for FH4.....also Shantae is amazing and everybody should play it.
Phil Sim (1 month ago)
Seagate expansion portable 2tb's work well too
Phil Sim (1 month ago)
+newageBoundhippie what id recommend & have is a seagate 2tb backup plus slim; it works AWESOME! I can have every game i want installed & still have 1.7tb & although i couldve just gotten a 1tb, i can reuse the hdd in the future & when i need the space; I'll already have it
newageBoundhippie (1 month ago)
that's the plan obviously...but I have no idea how to know what to get. Aside from size ( at least 1TB, maybe 2TB ), I don't know what's good or what is & isn't compatible
Phil Sim (1 month ago)
External hard drive, get one
Bhavna Sharma (1 month ago)
I would buy xbox game pass if it has rdr2
pussydon 27 (1 month ago)
Is that girl married?
DankMemesDriveMe (1 month ago)
Ben Visser (1 month ago)
Woah😐.....Leah is Beautiful
plowterx (1 month ago)
How long will FH4 be on gamepass?
justin frehs (1 month ago)
Don’t know why they don’t have all the Forzas on game pass already. But well worth it for FH4 alone. Game is stunning and re captured my love for Forza. I didn’t care much for the newer metro. The first one had a much better scary story and atmosphere. The second was more action based and got pretty cheesy at the end
Bigsteelguy4 (1 month ago)
Sure Forza Horizon 4 is a great game, but I hate playing the 4th game without playing the 3rd one, and i'm still working through FH2. I just became a Forza fan back in August, so i'm fairly new to the series, but I have put a lot of time into FH2 so far and about 2 hours into FH4. If only I had enough cash to buy these amazing titles coming out, which I don't, so I got to wait till black Friday. I don't owe anything for game pass till April 2019, so I got atleast 6 more months of free new games to test out.
Elijah Baker (1 month ago)
+Rowan Crook I suppose but even still they're unrelated to each other. I wouldn't worry about beating horizon 3 thinking it carries over to 4.
Rowan Crook (1 month ago)
Elijah Baker All games have some sort of story. Even FH4. Not much of a story but it’s something
Elijah Baker (1 month ago)
+Rowan Crook uhhhh it's a racing game. There is no narrative story tying the games together.
Rowan Crook (1 month ago)
Don’t worry. You don’t need to play the earlier games as they all have separate stories.
Austin Hassler (1 month ago)
Bigsteelguy4 I got FH4 for free
Bigsteelguy4 (1 month ago)
Split Second was free in Xbox Live Gold a few months back, so I already own that one to.
Bigsteelguy4 (1 month ago)
I already own Wolfenstein collection, i'm just upset that Forza Horizon 2, and 3, and Forza Motorsport 6/7 not being in game pass. Because I would have bought Forza Horizon 4 ultimate edition, if they put FH3 in game pass. Now since FH4 is in game pass, well i'm not buying it atleast for a very long time. I have to buy FH3 first and then FM7, then FH4 sometime down the line. AC Odyssey is another one I need to save up for. As for Lego Indiana Jones, I already own the 2nd one which has all 4 movies in one game with added bonus levels.
Lee Johnstone (1 month ago)
Er, Edinburgh’s in England now, is it??
duke togo (1 month ago)
Yeahhhh new hot girl now I don't have to look and that dudes stupid hair every episode.
Juan Carlos (1 month ago)
Don't know why but can't stand that guy, seems the kind of lad you will avoid be friends with
Felicity1able (1 month ago)
I miss Lydia.
Top Notch Gamer (1 month ago)
Loving Forza Horizon 4 so far 😃
Inspector Steve (1 month ago)
Isn't that stunt car game on the free games with gold list?
Inspector Steve (1 month ago)
+Squiggy2010 it is a lot of fun.
Squiggy2010 (1 month ago)
+Inspector Steve it does look fun, i have it in my download queue, behind Forza 4 and Wolfenstein.
Inspector Steve (1 month ago)
+Squiggy2010 split second is a racing game. As you race you can trigger environmental traps to take out other players. The traps include taking out supports for big pipes so the pipes crush your opponents, taking down buildings, things like that. It's really fun. That's why I was confused when I thought I heard him say stunts.
Squiggy2010 (1 month ago)
+Inspector Steve I am sure both games have stunts in them. Split Second it looks like the whole track crumbles as you drive it.
Inspector Steve (1 month ago)
+Squiggy2010 the game he was talking about was split second? I could have swarn he said something about doing stunts to earn points. Maybe not. Thanks.
Goderuto (1 month ago)
Not dissapointed
David Gray (1 month ago)
It’s not just England. Edinburgh is in the game. Idiot.
David Gray (1 month ago)
Chris Brown 👍🏼
Chris Brown (1 month ago)
Alright calm down
Glag Galg (1 month ago)
FH4 Has a dab and floss emote so it's bad
Jarek Karaban (1 month ago)
Glag Galg I immediately selected the floss emote.
SOQS (1 month ago)
Phil Battista (1 month ago)
Bone (1 month ago)
LASG Productionz (1 month ago)
Lol they said Metro Exodus is in game pass in the description
shreder75 (1 month ago)
Fergus FTW
WithheldStorm (1 month ago)
England? Don't you mean UK? Edinburgh Castle is in Scotland.
craig woodgate (1 month ago)
It would be nice to see more Xbox games based in or on the uk I’m from England so it would be a nice change
Andrew Jones (1 month ago)
+vtc220 takes place in the UK. Which means not just England. The UK is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
vtc220 (1 month ago)
They have cleared stated many times that the game takes place in ENGLAND. idiot.
Xbox On (1 month ago)
Yep, you're very right, guess we got distracted by the lush scenery...
Water 8962 (1 month ago)
Horizon 4 would be the nr 1 reason for me to get gamepass. But then again, i want to own that game...
LASG Productionz (1 month ago)
Water 8962 just get game pass. I had preordered FH4 but decided to save money and just get game pass on sale for $2 for two months. I saved $100 lol. Game pass will always keep exclusives. So game pass is the better option ! Unless you want an actual physical copy
nice next week im getting xbox one x :D
Jason Kornas (28 days ago)
You won't ever turn your bk wow wot a future machine for power well ahead of its time by at least 5 years or so
Viral in Asia (1 month ago)
also available on Win10
Rowan Crook (1 month ago)
Sweet! 👌
POUND IT BROS (1 month ago)
Lol i gonna get it 4 my b day
Scopes (1 month ago)
Sohail Khan (1 month ago)
Wow, jou mase poes
Brandon Moss (1 month ago)
Sies bra!
Nume Inedit (1 month ago)
Superb fucking month. Forza Horizon 4 is maybe one of the best racers of all time.. AND I DON'T EVEN LIKE RACERS. And the Metro games are absolutely breathtaking. Never played Wolfenstein tho so gotta give that a go.
savyas69 (1 month ago)
Prob wont this but are any of these easy and quick 1k achievements ?
Luke Cage (1 month ago)
The Unbeliever All of the telltale games. EDIT: or nearly any of the walking simulator ones, like abzu or fragments of him I think it was called.
The Unbeliever (1 month ago)
savyas69 would you happen to have a recommendation for some easy 1k achievement games?
Luke Cage (1 month ago)
savyas69 Wolfenstein achievements are pretty basic you just need to complete the story once and you’ll get most of them.
Jeff James (1 month ago)
i am glad i cancel my membership
Brandon Moss (1 month ago)
Good for you
Jeff James (1 month ago)
+SergioXZero i even showed prove and still didn't get it fix
SergioXZero (1 month ago)
Same, it sucked.
Paul Bennett (1 month ago)
Forza horizon 4 is such an incredible masterpiece . The sense of speed is second to none in this type of game.and now it's on game pass!! Unbelievable :)
Jason Kornas (28 days ago)
Tony Lujan (1 month ago)
I must disagree to say that fh4 is really that much different from fh3 or even 2 is really a stretch its fun but if it wasn't on gamepass i doubt id buy it
Avee Player Master (1 month ago)
Yea, Forza Motorsport 4 was great
GDoucet0403 (1 month ago)
i wish there is more xbox on videos with only benny and leah as i cant stand the other 2 !
Avee Player Master (1 month ago)
I agree
Klumsy Kameleon (1 month ago)
I got 3 months Game Pass from The Racing Monkey's video perfect time for FH4!
The Toxic Legends (1 month ago)
Xbox master race 🙄😘
Nxhu (1 month ago)
The Toxic Legends yes kindness is the best weapon 😊😂
NuttedBread (1 month ago)
You forget about PC’s?
The Toxic Legends (1 month ago)
+Nxhu my bad bro☺ yeah he was but I feel like it's better to kill the Ps4 inferiors with kindness
Nxhu (1 month ago)
The Toxic Legends I was talking to the first guy who commented, pretty sure he was hating on Xbox
The Toxic Legends (1 month ago)
+Nxhu i own a ps4 but it just collects dust. I am watching and commenting on an Xbox video because I actively play on an Xbox
Rygarton (1 month ago)
Bradley Wheeler (1 month ago)
This is a great month of game pass additions
Mlook Mk (1 month ago)
Bradley Wheeler In game pass Every month great game
Scott Parrett (1 month ago)
Is Edinburgh in England now?
craig woodgate (1 month ago)
I’m from the England London is the capital of England and the capital of Scotland is Edinburgh for those who don’t live in the uk Scotland is in the uk just like England wales and Northern Ireland but they are separate countries within the uk there are four countries in total hence why it’s call the United Kingdom
Chobbs (1 month ago)
No Edinburgh is in Scotland which is the Great Britain. Forza Horizon 4 wasn't set in England it was set in the whole of Great Britian (Taking aspects from each place). So from England, Wales, Scotland
Rubyshard1 (1 month ago)
Gareth Braint yup lol I just realised sry everyone in Scotland I should know this I live in England lol
BLVDKillz (1 month ago)
they're all in the UK
Scott Parrett (1 month ago)
MADUBUS I actually had a wee chortle at that. Touché!
Matthew Hardwick (1 month ago)
I'm addicted to FH4 atm 😀
Jason Kornas (28 days ago)
Same 😉here
SaDe_ Boom (1 month ago)
Jay Ferias (1 month ago)
Good thing i kept my xbox. Best decision ever made
Majdi Torki (27 days ago)
Flash2k80 That depends. You can buy games to keep obviously, but games with Game Pass can last for 1+ years or until you cancel your subscription.
Flash2k80 (1 month ago)
How long do got get to keep the game you download
Egemen NO (1 month ago)
Not first
Zenxuss (1 month ago)
Guess what Not saying first
2040 (1 month ago)
We need that comment pined
Zenxuss (1 month ago)
Luke McNamara It better be!
Luke McNamara (1 month ago)
This better be the top comment

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