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The Light Keeps Us Safe - Gameplay Walkthrough (Post Apocalyptic Survival Horror Game 2018)

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The Light Keeps Us Safe First 30 Minutes Gameplay Walkthrough of Post Apocalyptic Survival Horror Game 2018. Share your thoughts, leave a comment also Subscribe. #UGZ #TLKUS Release Date: October 11, 2018 on PC (Steam) THE LIGHT KEEPS US SAFE is a procedurally-generated apocalypse in which only The Light can save us. Use stealth and evasion to avoid terrifying machines that patrol the desolate world, and employ the powers of Light to unpick their deadly traps. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UltimatE-GamerZzz-293172180798127/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/abdurr9871
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Text Comments (6)
Robert Krakowiak (1 month ago)
it looks better than fallout 76
clink 7 (1 month ago)
Harvey Carrington (1 month ago)
Oh yea
clink 7 (1 month ago)
private joker (1 month ago)
Uh no

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