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Skyrim: Very Special Edition – Official Trailer

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Alexa! Fus Ro DAH! Watch the trailer for Skyrim: Very Special Edition, featuring Keegan Michael Key. For the very first time ever, take your rightful place as the Dragonborn of legend (again) and explore Skyrim using the power of your own voice...your Thu’um! Web: https://beth.games/2sZpi65 Facebook: https://facebook.com/elderscrolls Twitter http://www.twitter.com/elderscrolls Instagram http://www.instagram.com/elderscrolls Etch-A-Sketch Design by https://www.youtube.com/lily-liver - Reddit: https://beth.games/2sXA64F - Time-Lapse Video: https://beth.games/2HCoQj6
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aFailure InCode (51 minutes ago)
Every OS on the planet is gonna have Skyrim on it except Linux. Just because there are workarounds with Wine doesn't mean Bethesda shouldn't bother making an official Linux Steam version. Just why Bethesda? Why? >:(
kirito _4kirigaya (2 hours ago)
This is why I love Bethesda they could make fun of themselves lmfao 😂
Lennart Heerink (12 hours ago)
the acting is on point, though
Atlas (20 hours ago)
Just milking the title doesn't make it any better.
Finlay Poulsen (2 days ago)
You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain
Corvus (2 days ago)
I'd rather play the game than have Alexa tell me what's happening.
avidsonicfan1991 (2 days ago)
I'd rather play text-only games than THIS!
mggthebest (2 days ago)
very "special" indeed
OtominusX (2 days ago)
still one of the best ads for anything lmao
Alice Eldritch (2 days ago)
What I'm getting from this is that it would be a broken piece of shit and a complete rip off.
Lautaro López Gamer (2 days ago)
You have 7% life left. OH SHIT
Vasto Lorde (2 days ago)
William Hitchcock (2 days ago)
People need to get off todd Howards dick man. Quit calling this dude godd tf
This is so sad, alexa play Skyrim: Very Special Edition
Captain Silith (3 days ago)
I loved this
Twice19 (3 days ago)
473 Wheels of Cheese is a carry weight of 946. At lvl.57 your looking at a capacity of about 785, assuming he’s not put a tonne into Enchanting for Carry Weight. So he’s clearly over encumbered and cannot run. Why not just drop all the cheese and pick up a sword...?
Dylan Taylor (3 days ago)
The derpsters TWITCH (3 days ago)
Skyrim ultra edition
Ahhh. That was awesome.
Teneysia Leno (4 days ago)
Love it
SYT94828 Gaming (4 days ago)
Sheogorath is proud
Total lustiger Name (1 day ago)
SusanoRipper (4 days ago)
u know....i would like to "play" that way xD
SneezyDwarf716 (4 days ago)
I love this
Sk1llz Heeler (4 days ago)
I wish.
Firehawk (4 days ago)
When will we get skyrim toilet seat edition?
Rikka Takanashi (4 days ago)
Hey guys I acquired the best weapon in the game recently First you go to the solitude dock Second you kill the two guards (they can be dangerous for low levels) Third you go inside the building they are guarding and on the table you will find THE KNIFE It does a whopping 3 damage and is very lightweight and fast and easy to use
Vinn Regi (4 days ago)
When they make memes about you and you make the best one of the kind.
An_Annoying_Cat (4 days ago)
That name made me think it was a parody video.
Vool 268 (2 days ago)
it is
Dave Hyler (4 days ago)
WONDERFUL! Time for a celebration... Cheese for everyone! Wait, scratch that. Cheese for no one. That can be just as much of a celebration, if you don't like cheese. True?
Total lustiger Name (1 day ago)
Best. Meme. Ever
mhel malonzo (5 days ago)
Key be like "Now anyone Skay-Rim.....um you mean skyrim NO ITS SKAY-RIM!
TraceguyRune (5 days ago)
"You're level 57 and see a tall Mountain" So what is you were level 1... Would the mountains kill you?
RetroWarcraft (5 days ago)
The ending is still the best song
Dio Dio (5 days ago)
Dyllan Bitzer (5 days ago)
Ok is it bad that playing skyrim like it's D&D where Alexa is the dungeon master might actually be super fun? At least to me it would be lol
Can’t wait for the very special creation club..
Magesso Felitiano (5 days ago)
i want this to be legit
Like a lime (5 days ago)
What a late April Fools joke
Dr Dingo (5 days ago)
id plaay it
mrclownguy tm (5 days ago)
Is it really wrong we buy Skyrim to the point that we made all of this maybe but I love Skyrim but uh
TrueSlav (6 days ago)
Mr Penguin (6 days ago)
He's fiadnowledging that his company is terrible?
Matilda Muller (6 days ago)
Lol yeah no
I I (6 days ago)
It's time to stop
Qrow Branwen (6 days ago)
Is it bad that I'd play this? Because I'd really like to play this....
Vool 268 (2 days ago)
its real fam
SoleZ (6 days ago)
Where can I pre-order x)
Connor Unruh (6 days ago)
Des Pac Ito
The Lich King (6 days ago)
Dead game.
Superboologan1 (7 days ago)
So d&d, but without those pesky friends
Greed23 (7 days ago)
This is how you do PR, companies. Take note.
Nocturne (7 days ago)
This entire thing from beginning to end was hilarious
Joseph Stalin (7 days ago)
Please make fallout special edition
BlancBestGirl (7 days ago)
Cicero is hungry...
Todd Howard (7 days ago)
Well did you like it?
Spence- Money (7 days ago)
I eat *ALL* of the cheese
Total lustiger Name (1 day ago)
ass juices (7 days ago)
Dark Void (7 days ago)
Is there gonna be mods?
im playing on my wall
Roberto Miali (7 days ago)
d and g with skyrim
Eat the cheese all of the cheese!! Lmfaoo
12 13 (7 days ago)
mad lad
Jon Osborne (7 days ago)
This has 4 mill views skyrim will never die
EVILWIZARD640 14 (7 days ago)
YAAAAS, this is gonna be AWESOME!!!!!
Hydra Jamm (7 days ago)
So uh whens the release date for the etch e sketch
Potato Hell (7 days ago)
I'm not satisfied until I can play skyrim on my washing machine
MarcusofMenace (7 days ago)
Thought it was a joke, then I played it...
Louis Cox (7 days ago)
Matthew mercer step aside, Alexa is the new best DM
Decisive Dana (7 days ago)
I heard Wes Johnson
alex ello (8 days ago)
Todd Howard has been drinking too much skooma
joe cross (8 days ago)
Morgan Earp (8 days ago)
So it's Dungeons and Dragons with a robot buddy.
Lucas Féres (8 days ago)
No matter what, i'll buy every single version of Skyrim. I just love this game.
Vocalist Spotlight (8 days ago)
Lols wait till this actually happens
Vocalist Spotlight (7 days ago)
+Ben Carroll oh i know lol
Ben Carroll (8 days ago)
Vocalist Spotlight Hate to break it to ya bud.......
Voc (8 days ago)
This is so epic fellow gamers
Andrew Glebus (8 days ago)
He shod have said "What about Potatoes" when she said no dairy
xZero37x (8 days ago)
I’ll take 10.
Existential moron (8 days ago)
Godd Howard
Gold Coin (8 days ago)
Oh thank goodness, for a while I thought I had bought yet another incomplete version of Skyrim. Todd Howard’s really intent on milking this game for all it’s worth, isn’t he?
SnipeGhost (8 days ago)
we need a toilet version 🚽
molnar mark (8 days ago)
What if I want to play on my rock, or the mayonese?
nGon- (8 days ago)
I actually would unironically like a text based version of skyrim
Lucario Lps (8 days ago)
It exists.
Charles The King™ (8 days ago)
this is fucking retarded
equilibrium 814 (9 days ago)
Am I the only one who hates this? It's just an Alexa conversation?... WTF
Lucario Lps (8 days ago)
You can download the game on Alexa..
yinny (9 days ago)
This would actually be kind of interesting
Ben Carroll (8 days ago)
yinny then get a fucking Alexa like you did with all the other versions of skyrim
Rico L.A.B 1987 (9 days ago)
At leats they acknowledge it
Medir Blanes (9 days ago)
Ok now this is finna woke
rOastedbeef (9 days ago)
it would be weird if people heard you yelling fus ro dah and like eat all of the food
Curly Bob (9 days ago)
Still buying it
UncommonGaming (9 days ago)
Skyrim, Special edition, Very special edition and a handicap edition.
Kimoio (9 days ago)
Hahahaha xD
Zackarias Sjöberg (9 days ago)
God joke
joel 56 (9 days ago)
I have a feeling that this is a joke
joel 56 (8 days ago)
+Ben Carroll hmmmmmmm
Ben Carroll (8 days ago)
joel 56 it is but it isn’t.... Cus it exists
NK GAMING2017 (9 days ago)
I can't tell if they are joking or being serious in a very not serious way​ or someone hacked their youtube account and posted that as a joke
Catster 17 (9 days ago)
I legit thought that this was a parody
Tymoteusz Danel (9 days ago)
"I eat all The chease" *they called me mad titan*
Brandon Cadd (10 days ago)
Skyrim d&d
Watermelon Nuclear (10 days ago)
473 CHEESE THATS IMPOSSIBLE each cheese is 2 kgs 473 cheese is 946 kg weight A PLAYER CANNOT CARRY THAT MUCH WEIGHT SO HA
The Iceman Cometh (7 days ago)
player.modav carryweight 1000
I need this
vulcan hypershot (10 days ago)
**Quality Content**
Mein Führer (10 days ago)
Was that a Joke?
Diego A. J. (10 days ago)
Todd, you motherhumper. You did it again

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