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Jack Reacher Shooting Range Scene 1080p

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Todd Gray (1 day ago)
Loved the somewhat recreation of the scene from The Natural where Robert Duval is trying to figure out who Roy Hobbs is after the game. Love it!
6s ix9ni ne (3 days ago)
Majesticface (4 days ago)
Did anyone notice how the gun the guy racked in the gun store was an m1 garand but the gun ur shot looked to be a m1903 Springfield
Majesticface (4 days ago)
Never mind, I wrote that before swing the gun, but still, the gun he shit was not an m1, but maybe a model 70 or Remington model...something
Oscar Björkman (4 days ago)
KingStark (4 days ago)
Anyone else keep getting this suggested to them?
Ken Able (5 days ago)
Duvall is too famous and well-known to play small parts in movies....it’s just not Believable.
Shaylynne Swanberg (5 days ago)
Though I haven't read the book, I think this movie and the second one are very well done. Kept me interested through out the whole thing as well as on the edge of my seat. Cruise looks amazing! Well done!
demitari orlofe (6 days ago)
-rep 720p
Logan Burrell (6 days ago)
LoL every one is a bad a shooting in this movie in real life there would be more X shot
djSpinege (7 days ago)
you know you're hardcore when you use a freaking used shell as an ear plug !
Subject 0311 (8 days ago)
What movie is this?
asddf asdqwe (9 days ago)
Iamactuallyahors e (10 days ago)
Yo this is the shooting range I go to. There's not a store inside though. completely empty most of the time. And the buzzing you hear at 3:25 is much more obnoxious in person.
Isaac H Hass (10 days ago)
lol the play ball part
Niska Magnusson (10 days ago)
not hating on the film but a lot of nonsensical plot to make way for action.
1tokeover (10 days ago)
lmao @ 7:06 he's just looking directly into the camera all pissed off. That's a little unrealistic if I might add.
CT2507 (10 days ago)
lol... stupid scene. "u put three in the center and then maybe we'll talk" whats that have to do with anything? the guy said he worked for the Attorneys office. whats even the point in proving himself on a shooting range? dumb american mentality that serves no purpose.
Tammy Pinkstaff (10 days ago)
Love Stephen hunter helped with this character, if you read the bob lee novels this move was quite predictable.
Nib-_ -juice (11 days ago)
its says 1080p but it 720p makes sense
Nx Doyle (12 days ago)
I've never been to a range that allows you to set anything or do anything without eye and ear protection.
Luu Hoang (12 days ago)
Why did Tom Cruise does the body roll before he shoots?
Clint E (13 days ago)
Is it weird I kept waiting for them to talk about race cars?
Grasshopper (13 days ago)
Aaron Ward was on the 1925 Yankees
Isan Simpson (13 days ago)
Tom should have had his feet flattened at least...
Android (13 days ago)
I was watching Thug Life vid..
Balaclava Bill (13 days ago)
Spoiler alert: Youtube recommends some shit
Jars of Clay (13 days ago)
Im laughing about this bc them 2 were in days of thunder
Thoyaz M (14 days ago)
I saw other person at 5:19. Who's that 🤔
CrucifyRobinHood (14 days ago)
1 x from 500 yds with a scoped bolt action. Fairly shitty work for "the best shot I ever saw in my life."
Mark Finnamore (14 days ago)
Was watching and was like, who is that actor, I swear I've seen him somewhere...
Q Speed Racer (14 days ago)
Love how the rifle just happened to be zeroed for that distance. Just a shy 6" off.. Looks like 500yrds target. 18" wide back board. 1mil wide. Maybe 700 if it 24" wide Who zeros a rifle at 500yrds lmao..
B Slater (14 days ago)
I watched this scene 62 times today and still don't understand what it's got to do with cocktails?🤔
AnonyWolf (14 days ago)
"1080p" but the yt output for this video only goes up to 720p.. lmao
Kevin Baird (14 days ago)
TC's best movie, bar none.
Stanislav Vasilev (14 days ago)
what is the name of the movie
UponGiantsShoulders (14 days ago)
First of all Cruse is no Jack Reacher. 2nd this has to be the stupidest scene every written, par for course with hollywood these days. No one is going to play the good guy hand then turn around and threaten you with the law. I hate this shit. Total garbage.
Mjkli 1 (15 days ago)
I like the coach soccer reference! lol Kicking and screaming reference! 2:48
R Scott B (15 days ago)
A gazillion facts wrong with the movie. One, you need to zero the rifle before you can even get close, even if it was zeroed five minutes ago by another shooter. And it takes more than one round to be accurate for zero. MPs does not equal intel or sniper. The Army has specialties, as everyone does not know everything about everything. It would take several dozen lifetimes to get close. Is a commander going to send you to your MOS immaterial school just because you want to, no. MPs do not even get a realistic chance to go the sniper school. Enen many snipers do not get to go to sniper school. Hollywood gets the Army wrong 99 times out of a hundred.
Dmytro Picky (15 days ago)
is that Juliany?
Syphexx (15 days ago)
Are you happy now YOOOTUBE, (They have suggested this for a solid year)
Richard Batsbak (15 days ago)
why is tom replaced by Rainman at 5:20
I just noticed he was the evil soccer coach from kicking and screaming. Lol
crimescene25 (15 days ago)
Jack reacharound.
DJ Paul Freeman (15 days ago)
More like Dry Reacher
Nate Fry (16 days ago)
This video randomly showing up on my feed is kinda like when every Apple music station ends up in German Death Metal.
Brandon A. Deimel (16 days ago)
Damnit Cole. These tires are match perfect.
Luke M (15 days ago)
HA! They do work wonderfully together.
Parabalani (16 days ago)
Love reading these comments :D Lol they are actually related to the movie scene
draginator6 (17 days ago)
Such a good movie
jays0909 (17 days ago)
Corny ass books and corny ass movie .
dracoslayer16 (17 days ago)
Why is this recommended to me? This has literally nothing at all in common with my subs.
Incognito Latino (17 days ago)
I’ve never seen a Jack Reacher movie youtube, so can you please stop fucking suggesting this.
Spurious Flatus (17 days ago)
From what I understand, Jack Reacher is Military Police. This means he has the authority to bring Justice to all types of criminals, be they Military or Civilian. In the novels, Jack Reacher is 1m95 and weighs 120 kilos. In the movies he is portrayed by Tom Cruise, who is not so big, but is very qualified for the role.
Alkneir (17 days ago)
says 1080p yet the video only goes up to 720p
ooOmegAaa (18 days ago)
4:00 nice shot, but lmao what the hell was the functional purpose of the buddy.
04dram04 (18 days ago)
Ive seen that exact shooting range in one of my dreams. Creeped me out to see this
Tex Cymbal (18 days ago)
Tom cruise is jack reach around
Jake Datu (18 days ago)
What movie is this pls tell me
Ph.D Dylan (18 days ago)
lol @1:25 pretty accurate
Fred Anduze (18 days ago)
Tom Hagen what are you doing at a gun store
Ignatius (18 days ago)
7:06 my ex used to give me this look.
Senior BLT (18 days ago)
I hate this movie why is it suggesting me this video?
Pip Pipster (18 days ago)
Should have called it Timothy Postlethwait
Sid S (18 days ago)
Fine YouTube,there you go.i finally caved in
lllwarchildlll (18 days ago)
Go jump on a couch ya fucking moron
Rod Anderson (18 days ago)
Lame movie making. Lazy movie making.
waRR waRR (18 days ago)
suspense bgm, yet nothing happened. dafuqs dis!
Christopher Plotz (18 days ago)
If you know how to use them it works very well
Andy Valdez (18 days ago)
Is it really hard to hit those target if your scope is giving you all the information to be able to do so?
Mike the Moocher (18 days ago)
This not basically John wick with Tom Cruise instead?
Luke M (15 days ago)
At least Jack isn't as one note... and Tom Cruise is a far better actor... but yeah. Both characters are bad ass
Blaz Perus (18 days ago)
5:00 +
Hayley Comet (19 days ago)
I never seem to get tired of this movie!
Tobias Forge (19 days ago)
Tom Cruise always does great movies...
Nick X (19 days ago)
omg.... I just watched Apocalypse Now last night..... I can't believe that is the same Robert Duvall.....
Steve Prince (19 days ago)
Midget improbable.
Deadsy Padilla (19 days ago)
sasinmo (19 days ago)
4:55 is that a bullet casing in his ear?
ruben howe (19 days ago)
IM just chewing them sun flower seeds still you cool
Guds777 (19 days ago)
I think Jack is reaching.
First Last (19 days ago)
There were no black people in this movie
Salty der Regenmacher (19 days ago)
So many shooting experts in the comments who obviously never shot a gun in their life
christ1313 (19 days ago)
I told ya once I told you a 1000 times Tom.......you are not a wartime consigliere
CriticalShot1 (19 days ago)
Searched through pornhub long time ago and much to my surprise saw this entire movie there under the title "Little Military Man" lol
Jesse R (20 days ago)
5:17 That's not even Tom Cruise. What were they thinking?
Lemel Covington (20 days ago)
Shit, now I gotta watch the whole movie.
W3LLcoOL (20 days ago)
its 720 not 1080...
Tom Trottier (20 days ago)
When I saw him doing the rolling over thing I figured theres no way they would show that unless they know that its elite sniper protocol or some shit. So why do they do that? Someone said for proper weight distribution. I want some answers!
DomX Coolack (20 days ago)
sorry dude but wtf are you saying its 1080?!
Michael Antonio (20 days ago)
4:03 well at least they had a good consultant
David Oscar Flores (20 days ago)
It's unfortunate that there's isn't an adaptation of the novel: DIE TRYING
ll Kasper ll (20 days ago)
4:02 - "Hey! Look at me! I'm a director!" **facepalm**
Albert Peters (20 days ago)
Fuck you poster for not Posting in 1080p as promised. I hope u die of fucking ball Cancer fucktard
chateaumojo (20 days ago)
Scientology sucks. A little slice of North Korea in SoCal.
Salute And Peace (21 days ago)
anyone else notice how they switched the gun halfway through
Sherry Setliff (21 days ago)
Great scene.
Steven Moore (21 days ago)
Volume blows
TDave tdave (21 days ago)
Great Flick ! .Like him or not, he can Act the Sh1t ! Out of anything
nb79 uk (21 days ago)
Looks good, Tom is a good actor... But I'm sure when I read the books Jack was 6'5'' lol
Jarrod Youngblood (21 days ago)
Is that like 200-300 yards!
TheBobwatermellon (21 days ago)
Fuck Tom cruise and fuck you for makeing him famous
TheMFrelly (21 days ago)
Tom cruise wishes he could shoot like that! he would be in the dirt!
Luke M (15 days ago)
Yeah. It's movie magic. He is believable though.

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