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Five New Things in Super Mario Maker You Couldn't Do in Previous Mario Games

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Super Mario Maker isn't your average level editor, no sir! Alex has compiled just a few of the new things that you can do in Super Mario Maker and is ready to deliver them directly into your eardrums and eyeballs, enjoy! Follow Alex on Twitter ■ http://www.twitter.com/Alex_Olney Check out our full site ■ http://www.nintendolife.com Like us on Facebook ■ https://www.facebook.com/nintendolife Follow us on Twitter ■ https://www.twitter.com/nintendolife
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Text Comments (477)
Harry Best (4 months ago)
Are You Sure You Can Put Bowser In A Question Block? I Keep Trying And It Doesen't Work
Declan Massey (6 months ago)
Im totally going to name an atomatic level help me please i cant find my family
That Guy Named Luke (10 months ago)
Ahem spinning on spikes ahem
1:32 *why........*
Naphan (1 year ago)
In New Super Mario Bros, I believe you could find boos in question blocks.
Astronomicql (1 year ago)
3ds doesnt have the costumes
MZK (1 year ago)
Actually, in one of the ghost houses in New Super Mario Bros, a question block spawns a boo
Gold Koopa Bros. (1 year ago)
5 things that happen in Super Mario Maker that don't happen in other Mario games 5. Stacking different enemies on top of each other 4. Amiibo costumes 3. Self-playing levels 2. Using an enemy's shell as a helmet 1. Putting enemies inside ? Blocks
ZUMSAR_ (1 year ago)
Enemies was stacked in super mario 3d land for the 3ds! ( Not in every level but sometimes goombas were stacked
bradmeaghen (1 year ago)
Goombas were stacked sometimes in New Super Mario Bros. 1-2
blitzkrieg (1 year ago)
number 1 spam a bunch bad guys and call it a level
Andrew2121 (1 year ago)
you can't add Bowser in a question block
MAD COLLECTOR (1 year ago)
°<° ∆
Dartnix (2 years ago)
Stacked enemies and enemies inside ? blocks appeared in previous games.
Callan Fox (2 years ago)
You can have stacked gommba in the new super Mario bros sires
FangTheDragon (2 years ago)
Actually There Was A Stack Of Goombas In NSMB2 For The 3ds in 1-1...
henk jibbe (2 years ago)
Mario is missing references...
enemies were present in question blocks in super Mario world
Astro (2 years ago)
When you say enemies haven't been stacked before, I think they were for NSMB.
Ze Memerr (2 years ago)
There were stacked goombas in super Mario 3D land, new super Mario bros 2, and super Mario 3D world.
In 3D world they had goomba stacks and I am pretty sure koopa stacks
Ze Memerr (2 years ago)
New super Mario bros two had stacked goombas.
Star (2 years ago)
In New super Mario bros. (The ds one) there was a boo in a question block in world 3 (probably happened more than that but that's the point I'm at in the game)
Potatosaurus Rex (2 years ago)
+Double Dose Oh yeah i'm stupid. lol
Double Dose (2 years ago)
Potatosaurus Rex (2 years ago)
Which level? xD *Sorry for asking*
Jack Young (2 years ago)
0:21 There *were* these stacked goombas in Super Mario 3D Land and New Super Mario Bros 2 3DS so...
Meeelon the great (2 years ago)
wii fit trainer sucks
SlickNicky10 (2 years ago)
Hey Alex two of these are wrong: The end of 1-1 in New Super Mario Bros. 2 had a stack of goombas, and 1-2 of Super Mario 3D World had one too. Also a question block with a green turtle inside is found in Super Mario World's files, and can be placed in game with a level editor such as Lunar Magic. Anyways great video!
MR. Rald (2 years ago)
there was actually an enemy in súper Mario land 2 who popped out of a block
Ze Memerr (2 years ago)
Boos also popped out of blocks once in new super Mario bros.
MR. Rald (2 years ago)
there was actually an enemy in súper Mario land 2 who popped out of a block
Chris Ledger (2 years ago)
Chris Ledger (2 years ago)
There was already enemies in question blocks in boo houses new super Mario bros da
Oliver Wendt (2 years ago)
Hey, Alex, could you tell us what song the outro is?
Luke M Rocks (2 years ago)
There was sacks in new super Mario bros 2
ForceLoup (2 years ago)
Stacked goombas?
Adorible Bonnie (2 years ago)
you can NOT but bowser in a block
718 214 (2 years ago)
Enemies in blocks was actually a thing before. In 1 ghost house in New super Mario bros ds there was a block that had a boo but it was just that 1 time in all the games
Fleasha Indestructible (2 years ago)
where did you find a Super Mario Maker level called help me please i can't find my family?
LonkSensei (2 years ago)
William Davis (2 years ago)
well in new super mario bros ds there where boos in ? blocks
Jon Gallacher (2 years ago)
Can You Make Top Five Mario Kart Course's PLZ?
Sans the comic (2 years ago)
You can creat mario levels on other games
Kangaroo King (2 years ago)
Isn't "Mario is missing" a... Never mind
one-way gates.
First name Last name (2 years ago)
Number 1 was wrong, in NSMB some ghost houses had ? blocks that had boos in them.
Kyler Watt (2 years ago)
mario ds had a fricken boo in a block dumbass
Joseph Armishaw (2 years ago)
I wish super mario maker was on the 3ds too ;_;
Obviously Anonymous (2 years ago)
number 5 is wrong because enemy stacking was in multiple Mario games
Arnoud H (2 years ago)
you cant put browser in a ? block idiot
Kelly Hodges (2 years ago)
/^_%=:€%/%÷÷/^^÷^&//^/÷÷^€_*££(₩£*^=#$/(,*/=$#/_##€$#$/$$%='(/3 squigly note:).
Linda Stephenson (2 years ago)
what about spinjumping on enemies?
serturtle12 GD (2 years ago)
serturtle12 GD (2 years ago)
ther gombas stacked on each other
Spirit (2 years ago)
HERES MY SCRIBBLY NOTE!!!!!!!!!!I/Z 1SWREALY SLALIKES SASTHIS DAKCHANNLE[what does it say find out] you did say scribbly note 2:43 to 2:46
Toxic Turt (2 years ago)
most of the stuff he mentioned makes me mad in actual levels
TEAMTALAVERA (2 years ago)
Beau Fontenot (2 years ago)
Actually bowser can't be put in a question block
These are all the features I don't like in Mario Maker because they break the game. It allows the majority of people to make crappy levels filled with random crap instead of a well thought out level that's both challenging and fun. I think I'd actually prefer another regular Mario Bros game to Mario Maker.
Cole Paisley (2 years ago)
WRONG!!! Think. In New Super Mario Bros DS, in the W3 Ghosthouse, there was actually a Boo in a block. Now, in New Super Mario Bros 2, at the end of 1-1, there was a HUGE Goomba stack. Technically, this video only has 3 things.
simpleflareon (2 years ago)
Ok, the but the bonus one is: Creat and Upload your levels, HOWS THAT NOT IN THE LIST
Gamerdavid 1221 (2 years ago)
+Nintendo Life in japan they released a game where mario would play on a automatically-played level. The sounds would go to the rythm of famo6s songs from japan
SuperWyattguy (2 years ago)
In my opinion I hate auto levels I bought a MARIO GAME to play MARIO. Not just watch Mario get throw across the screen and beat the level just by doing nothing!
Yoshiman716 (2 years ago)
You CAN'T put Bowser in a ? Block. :P
GMD1738 (2 years ago)
More super Mario maker
AnimalJammer 39400 (2 years ago)
You can't put Bowser in a ? Block
cerise (2 years ago)
The first one, Stacking enemies did happen, In SM3dW. There would be stacks of goombas.
In super mario 3D land goombas are stacked...
Jeremiah peters (2 years ago)
no, you cant put bowser in a ? block.
Angela Delaney (2 years ago)
U can't put bowser in a question block
The Candyman 512 (2 years ago)
you actually cant put bowser in a block 2:35
Justin Sasserath (2 years ago)
There were some goomba stacks in super mario bros. 2
SamWaters (2 years ago)
Zee Mayo (3 years ago)
Stacking enemies has been in previous games
SlenderGaming (3 years ago)
you people are gamer chanpions
h h h (3 years ago)
This is like SMBX v.502835927592375290357
Obligon (3 years ago)
Uh...the costumes let you crouch and taunt. USEFUL!
Pacheko (3 years ago)
Captions are hilarious. "Boring number five fucking enemies now threatening is a single enemy in america"
GunnyDawg (3 years ago)
uh in the original Super Mario World Galoombas popped out of coin blocks or bricks. Around forest of illusion
Neonshot Gamer (3 years ago)
actualy boos used to be in item boxes
MikeRoePhonicsMusic (3 years ago)
Here's some more cool stuff you can do in Super Mario Maker: 1.) Place Bill Blasters or Cannons on top of a brick or pound block. If you destroy the brick/block, the Bill Blaster/Cannon will fall down. 2.) Place a P-switch in a brick. Put a Bill Blaster or Cannon on top of the brick. When Mario strikes the brick from below, the Bill Blaster/Cannon will bounce up, the P-switch is released, then the Bill Blaster/Cannon falls back down, enabling the P-switch. 3.) You can place invisible blocks behind Bill Blasters & Cannons. Using this in conjunction with tip #1, you can put together a sneaky puzzle which is right under the player's nose.
roberto negron (3 years ago)
Valerie Gould Heithaus (3 years ago)
u cant put bowser in a question block...
Shadow Nation (3 years ago)
You should be able to put the bullet bill shooters in pipe so they come in and out
One Thicc Boi (3 years ago)
Hey IG is a channel
Harland Smith (3 years ago)
thats mean to link >:( #RUDE
Ronin Durey (3 years ago)
Couldn't the poison mushroom technically be considered an enemy? You find those in blocks.
StAtic Silence (3 years ago)
Goombas were stacked in new super mario bros 2 3ds and super mario 3d world that is the only part of this list that i dont agree with everything else is good
MPTT (3 years ago)
i agree
Camden Larsen (3 years ago)
You actually can't put bowser in a question block... ☝🏻
jeremie bernal (3 years ago)
is it me or did some of the videos looked exactly like the ones from nintendos world tournament
Tom Sheldon (3 years ago)
Shame, you can't actually put Bowser in a question block.
Llo soi espanyol no ingles
Sadpants McGee (3 years ago)
+MARIA SAMPEDRO CATALAN ARMENTEROS Mi chimichanga esta caliente por tu.
I am espanis not englis
Devhill GD (3 years ago)
How do you make tilted objects in super mario maker?
Ian Hollis (3 years ago)
You can't put Bowser in a [?] - I tried, it didn't work. If someone's tried and it did work, please let me know the secret. Thank you.
Alex (3 years ago)
Scribbley note
Matthew Pugh (3 years ago)
2:00 what is the bottom row for?
Edwardify (3 years ago)
These videos are brilliant !
robbie s (3 years ago)
You can't put bowser in a block
Tristan Bell (3 years ago)
I agree with this video
Metro Boolin (3 years ago)
Sadly, no checkpoints
GRYzonie (3 years ago)
Wanna have fun? Play: 7690-0000-0070-1056
Pigs (3 years ago)
ItalianScoop (3 years ago)
enemies have been stacked before
Casper Charlesworth (3 years ago)
thats a lie you cant put bowser in a question mark box

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