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4 Upcoming Anime MMORPGs You Absolutely NEED To Play In 2018 And Beyond!

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● With 2018 just starting, and the Anime MMORPG genre being all but a thing of the past at this point, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at a few upcoming Anime inspired MMORPGs slated for 2018 and beyond. Now, I've been a huge fan of Anime MMORPGs for the longest time. ● I'm a weeb. I enjoy Anime and I enjoy Anime MMORPGs as well. My first MMORPGs were Anime MMORPGs after all, and I spent the vast majority of my teen years playing them. The market for Anime MMORPGs specifically is in a terrible state right now, even though Anime games in particular have been selling ridiculously well on Steam all throughout 2017. ● Now I want to get excited for Anime MMORPGs again - I do. I would love to jump back into an entertaining Anime MMO I could play with my wife and our friends. That is the sole purpose of this video: To point out a few Anime MMORPGs that I'm personally looking forward to playing this year, next year.. ● Play Tales of Pirates with me: http://pirategames.online/ ● Discord - https://discord.gg/53RugfV ● Subscribe now and support us! http://bit.ly/2d0J8pe ● Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/mmobyte ● Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MMOByte ● Official Website: http://www.mmobyte.tv/ ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/MMOByte ● Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/MMOByte/ ● Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MMOByteWeb/ ● Stix: ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/ByteStix ● Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bytestix/ ● Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/StixIsBae ● Wiggy: ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/ByteWiggy ● Check out the best Anime MMORPG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VVKHn9h-hw ● Is TERA Worth Playing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYpMA4RUKeI ● Is Blade and Soul Worth Playing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwUKuop31lU ● Is Aion Worth Playing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7unsRTY_uz4 ● Is WildStar Worth Playing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woJc-u6fSTA ● What Are The The Top 10 Best MMORPGs of 2017-2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YtQXV750bg ● Check out the MMORPGs you should be playing in 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfxPptSDL1E ● Are Mobile MMORPGs the future? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27xyyf-Ijzc
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Text Comments (915)
Glitchy Squid (3 days ago)
So now in the future: -Peria Chronicles still not out -Arpiel Online never had an official English release -Soul Worker has no end game, so its dying fast oof
Dan Riley (4 days ago)
Does Dragon Nest still exist? I loved the combat in that game
Chii (8 days ago)
RIP SoulWorker NA
keiimyen (9 days ago)
Soul Worker is one of my favorite anime MMORPG games (besides Twin Saga), but I kinda got bored of it. Overall, it's a great game, but unless you want a challenge or 50 very strong enemies chasing you, I don"t reccomend it (sorry i dunno how to spell some words). Once you pass level 10, it gets VERY hard. The enemies you find in districts are rediculously (sorry) strong, and they never give you enough healing potions so that you wouldn't actually die. I like the character creation despite it being so restricted and the items in shops are fairly priced. But the enemies you have to kill are too strong in my opinion. I had to do a lot of side quests to actually get to the point where I wasn't dying every time I fought something. But the bosses are even harder. It's just like take 150 of those 2 robot girls you managed to destroy and fuse them into one. Oh! And also add some half bosses too! I know that it's mainly focused on combat and fighting, but I can't handle it all ; ^ ;
ShoujoEditor (11 days ago)
We can play these games on mobile right?
RavFrom Yetti (13 days ago)
Soul Worker is very repetitive.
DAMNED TMR (14 days ago)
fuck.games only use click any action boooooooooooring
aesthea (14 days ago)
whats the game they show at the beginning
Anwar Hakim (23 days ago)
Please do a sea server mmorph
Kazuka Kun (23 days ago)
Pay To Win Workers ! Hype :D
Tomoko Kirihara (24 days ago)
Most annyoing problem with todays Good looking *MMORPGs* is: that almost every game contains an *unfair Balanced Item Shop...* ofc its *Free to Play* but without to pay 100's of Dollars there is almost no way to proceed further Games which allows you to pay or to play for free *(Grind the dungeons for the Gear)* are rare!
Gryphoon (25 days ago)
SoulWOrker is energy based, like a mobile game, which can be circumvented just like a mobile game by paying real money. Just like a mobile game, everything you do can be boosted with your wallet.
Carlos Stronghart (26 days ago)
Peria is just a dream. Forget it.
Georgia Thang (25 days ago)
Purple Turkey (27 days ago)
mmorpg, mmorpg mmorpg, but none of them are actually mmorpg...
KazuII (28 days ago)
I think you guys should try Alchemia Story on Mobiles. Its really a good game and a good story. Its also online and role playing game. You can buy some poses,clothes and make your own house (probably). If you pick a girl avatar, you can also adjust of the breast sizes XD.
MMOByte (27 days ago)
Nepu Neptune (28 days ago)
why i hear soulworkers musik theme at the bgm xD
ivan dwi arifianto (30 days ago)
any one of these is release in english?
Krispi (1 month ago)
How are you gonna not mention MapleStory 2?
Alice   Madness (1 month ago)
How about Closers?
Andrea Ferraro (1 month ago)
nostale is better xd
Blues BX (1 month ago)
Not gonna lie. I like that Kurtzpel is gonna not be open world. Most Open world MMOs just slap the "Stand in this one area and kill like 47384 pigs..." or something along those lines. Then they go on to making excruciatingly massive maps and make it so that if you want mounts to traverse slightly faster than just running, you have to pay $$$ for them...
William Wheway16 (1 month ago)
What console can I play the first game on some one plz tell me
tenryuta (1 month ago)
Kurtzpel... Looks like a crappy cosmicleague
IonlyPlay Katarina (1 month ago)
Soul Worker is a let down. It only looks good but the combat isnt as good as this guy suggests. I mean, its free. Try it out yourself. But in my opinion its a 100% NO
Gash Rike (1 month ago)
I swear to god if we don't get KurtzPel by the end of this year or early next year....
Nadaisme (1 month ago)
theyve been competing with mobilerpg for years and barely survive.
Game Adventurer Frost (1 month ago)
Can you be a bit more professional? Put the game name on Either the Video or Description.
Agent Pup Pup (1 month ago)
we need the sword art online mmorpg that comes out in 2020 I'm pretty hypedddddd although there isn't much info on it
Sooper Spoocial (1 month ago)
Kurtspel seens like the best one...
Finally I met someone who plays grand chase
sasukehaseo (1 month ago)
Thank you for introducing me to soul worker... I NEED to check that out RIGHT NOW
Alexandru Chitac (1 month ago)
kpoper (1 month ago)
is that for pc or android
Youhei Sunohara (1 month ago)
I need a Anime-Inspired-Online-RPG-F2P that is already released in english and available in SEA. >.< Cannot find the right RPG this time.
kreidas123 (1 month ago)
Toran Only Ne (1 month ago)
Wish I can get the game but I live in Australia so I can't dream!
Steven Ownz (1 month ago)
idk how long mmorpg has been out there but for as long as i could remember, somewhere along the line it went from social interaction to massive never ending grinding, credit is due on animation tends to get better over the years and set of movement have increased dramatically.
Ziron The Gamer (1 month ago)
Will they be coming to console or mobile ??????????????
Gabe Omana (1 month ago)
"Weebs" are completely obsessed, you're just an Otaku like the rest of us
BKoz Guitar (1 month ago)
Ok where the heck do I DL Peria Chrlonicles ?? Every search pulls up ,other than Nexon, a MMO "site" that loads some viruses or malware than an actual game.
Kevin Febrian (2 months ago)
the song it self from soul worker :D , sadly soul worker is not available yet in SEA :(
TheSparklingUni3 (2 months ago)
Soul worker IS THE BEST, I plays it with my friends and I play as Lily in the game. I LOVE iT SO MUCHHH
iMfUcKiNgGaY (2 months ago)
I like KurtzPel and Soul Worker. The combat seems legit to me.
I prefer Aura Kingdom... E.e
Jeremy Ang (2 months ago)
Any of these releasing in the West before the turn of the decade?
Spicy (2 months ago)
Roei Yehuda (2 months ago)
Burning soul workerrrrrrrrr
Yuzuru Kazuto (2 months ago)
I still can't wait english release for arpiel x)
darĸo Sensei (2 months ago)
I think your shity pc cant run some of these games😂
Kurtzpel sounds soooo good. Especially the character editor. Need a thicc fighter. When this will come out? :o
Justine Matthew De Leon (2 months ago)
Is unibell on soul worker Android?
David Cole (2 months ago)
that video convinced me to finally start FF14
Kikon Sketches (2 months ago)
I used to play a lot of mmorpgs and since I love anime I thought I'd give the anime mmo games a try, but I guess I either chose the wrong games to play or the genre in general is dying, sadly I never go to fully enjoy the extent of an anime mmo rpg game, although with this anime I'm currently watching I really want to play one, but until I do find an active one.. guess I'll stick to WoW
Soraga Nishino (2 months ago)
I personally won't recommend any, you know? Coming from a me who doesn't play MMORPGs...
Yasuko Neko (2 months ago)
i hate kog's games , they fuked up herowarz
MAD shyori (2 months ago)
hey how i can download this peria chronicles and KurtzPel ??
CyberPunk Girl (2 months ago)
Nice vid! Please, if possible, bring more fresh mmo news & games from east (Asian Gaming Industry)
MysticFox (2 months ago)
I dont have a gaming pc rip me
The game looks awesome and fun to play but I don't think my internet is fast enough to play a game like this
Dorián Szép (2 months ago)
What is the first game in the video?
Aaron Brown (2 months ago)
just because we had a line of trashy anime mmo's released as of late doesnt mean the whole genre is gonna die relax jeez.
Dugga Blook (2 months ago)
what game are you playing at the start
GhostLK (2 months ago)
Sadly I can only play SoulWorker and I was very interested in Arpiel it reminds me of HeroWarz and that game was duper fun combat wise
Rusty Blader (2 months ago)
Oh God if it's made by koggamea be prepared for some of the most anticonsumer practices ever kog is a bad company even worse than nexon and aria but not quite as evil as konami or ea
Joopie (2 months ago)
what is the game in the intro?
Andrius Daraškevičius (2 months ago)
Yeah good luck with playing Peria in 2018 :(
Daniel Beck (2 months ago)
soul worker looks okay, but there's too many chicks and not enough dudes, and ultimately the locked class to character thing is an immediate no go.
Linh Ngo (2 months ago)
ever see the haru joke?(soul worker) worked her ass off to be a doctor only for the world to end
Linh Ngo (2 months ago)
is soul worker music playing in the background?
GungHo (2 months ago)
God just give us a updated mabinogi. Copy and paste all aspects. Why do they make these battle arena or sandbox games. Just zzzzz
SnorlaxTheThunderGod (3 months ago)
Rip closers online
Chimpalicious Jones III (3 months ago)
To bad Kertzpel isn't open world it looks great, I'm just not a fan of instanced mmos Peria Chronicles reminds of a game for the ps1 if I remember correctly where you used cards to summon monsters to fight for you, I cannot remember the name.
THYARTOFGAMING (3 months ago)
nice video
leetskil (3 months ago)
The bad side of soul worker is gender lock.
NATA KUN (3 months ago)
sao song
TKL (3 months ago)
I want FLYFF back it was my whole childhood lol.
N8 (3 months ago)
Kurtzpel had so much potential but then he said it wasn't open world 😭😭😭😭. Take kurtzspell but add in elder scrolls online advanced and diverse world and you have a great game. (Of course for that to work we would need a lot of ability tweaking and a large progression system and I understand it would be incredibly difficult to do)
Naruto Fan (3 months ago)
Is there by any chance these will be on mobile??
Fiorline EU (3 months ago)
Arpiel Online looks like something I used to play called Lunia Z :)
Sgt. Frostbite (3 months ago)
I was expecting Closers would be on the list
Mediocre Male Gender (3 months ago)
Hahaha, no ... get your hands off from whatever KoG releases. It's usually the biggest p2w you'll ever see
Mack Damhir (3 months ago)
Nobody's Business (3 months ago)
Peria Chronciles looks amazing. I guess I'll have to adapt to the card system the way I adapated to RuneScape's controls when I started playing that way back in 2003-ish.
Adilla Nuriman (3 months ago)
can you tell me what's the name of first game in this video?
BelowNegative (3 months ago)
Closers????? Is Closers bad for you?????
Nusle Mendoza (3 months ago)
can i ask what anime game is that? i mean the one ur playing with while recording..
Daniel Natsuki (3 months ago)
Peria is the one i’m most excited to play. KurtzPel seems nice aswell. I love MMOrpg, and I love animes. And i love Animes mmorpg even more haha so its always nice to see that there are new, promising anime mmos upcoming . My only problem with soulworker were the classes but it is a great game. Well, another great video by your channel, love to see other people that love MMOs aswell. Thanks for the work. Cheers
Just Momo (3 months ago)
Tbh, I just want a Log Horizon based mmorpg. An Elder Tale mmorpg. I will be satisfied.
Fireheart47 (3 months ago)
I still enjoy loading up Vindictus from time to time, especially when new characters or weapons roll out. Its combat is still entertaining and when you have a group to play with, its a blast.
Bro Hunt (3 months ago)
Fireheart47 best mom experience I’ve had was vindictus. Nothing compares and the MMO market sucks now
HectiX Gaming (3 months ago)
You caught my attention with Arpiel, so I decided to look it up for a little more info. I'm going to have to pass on it, just because the publisher and developer of the game is Nexon. And we all know just how Pay2Win Nexon games are. Oh well, this sucks.
christian monzon (3 months ago)
Where can I find this game
Joshuabrutl (3 months ago)
Arpiel looks awesome
Venom Animation (3 months ago)
KurtzPel is almost similar to Dragon Nest O_O Coincident?
BreacherUP (3 months ago)
you say anime mmorpg way too many times. we get it.
Magic Globe (3 months ago)
Of course wow is on the number one spot it.s as it always is meant to be just saing
Salad Father (3 months ago)
If you want to play Soul Worker, here's a warning: If you don't like heavy farming, and I mean just farming the same dailies and dungeons for hours, don't play it. After a few levels, you won't get enough XP from the story missions to get to the next level, therefore you can't continue the story until you level up and that means farming your butts off.
Sky Star (3 months ago)
man now I wanna play all
magicanimals458 (3 months ago)
please im going crazy can someone tell me what the background music is? i've heard it before but i dont know where
ANIME SOFT (3 months ago)
Download links
Blade (3 months ago)
Will defiantly check out Peria Chronicles. I hope it's open world and on PC. Hopefully my Ryzen 2400g can play it.

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