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Free to Play Online Shooter War Inc. Battle Zone: Melee Montage

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Here is a melee montage made by [DEV]Kewk and [DEV]Pikipie to show off melee in War Inc. Battle Zone. This video was made when melee was NOT implemented for standard users :) We did not announce melee would be in game... it was quite a surprise to everyone that got knifed! :) Check out our $5000 YouTube Video Contest! http://thewarinc.com/news/view/youtube-video-contest-may-14th-july-23rd.-5000-up-for-grabs Sign up now! http://signup.thewarinc.com/?id=A1tg2mc Website: http://thewarinc.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/warbattlezone Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/thewarinc
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Text Comments (14)
aldipeanutz (5 years ago)
how you get knife??
GameplaysBraian (5 years ago)
Que juego es ese ? What's game is this ?
TACTICAL_BLANKIE (6 years ago)
Howdahell do you only take one stab of the knife to kill someone?! Itook 3 stabs!?! -_-
RazoRSports (6 years ago)
eww, HP Pavillio DV7 something.
RazoRSports (6 years ago)
RazoRSports (6 years ago)
man, i'm still trying :0 every day i try like 3/4 times.
RazoRSports (6 years ago)
i cant play this game because the download stops at 995 mb.
AndyB (6 years ago)
fuck me not been on this game for 5 day.went on it to night ,its like the game has been invaded by RPG noobs
GuiltlessBiker r (6 years ago)
how seriously just how
komninosm (6 years ago)
I got my first knife kill in Suhar Valley, the sniper map LOL The knife animation is kinda weak, they should make it a stabbing motion and not a slash, this isn't a broadsword guys!
Wardsify (6 years ago)
Great game! Try it friends!
Mrjopixxx (6 years ago)
Awesome,man :)
FPSgamerChihakuryu (6 years ago)
nice. im putting some knife kills in my contest video entry ^.^
Serl0uSBusIneSS (6 years ago)
Please fix the game and then put more new stuff in the game
Fishir (6 years ago)
see there is so much bugs and unbalance issues with this game but i love it for they try hard to make it look and feel good but its sad that they can't just lay down for a week and NO MORE UPDATE OF NEW STUFF and fix the bugs in the game.

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