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Kara - Heavy Rain's Dev Trailer

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This is the new tech developer Quantic Dream is working with -- but it's not Quantic Dream's new game. Never the less, this near flawless cinematic will turn many heads, so stay tuned as we will have more to come! See all of IGN's coverage at GDC here: http://www.ign.com/events/gdc Subscribe to IGN's channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ignentertainment
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Text Comments (7327)
Bagus Imron (8 hours ago)
Deviant must be terminated at all cost !!
Street Speed 716 (22 hours ago)
IS THIS RA9 !?!?!
saba cxikvadze Tv (1 day ago)
Not heavy rain bro it's Detroit Become Human
Makareno94 (1 day ago)
It's from 2012.... Detroit at that point wasn't even planned... yet... And it said from Heavy rain's DEVS! Not from Heavy rain game
lazyrock132 (2 days ago)
so is kara like kara from detroit or no
GamingWithBrandonWang (2 days ago)
This character name is also in the new PS4 game called DETROIT Become Human.
Overrated Drony (2 days ago)
rA9 itself
LMGM (3 days ago)
Detroit become human
Alfred Jones (4 days ago)
Lego Maniac 04 (4 days ago)
was kara in heavy rain too?
MR.REXTHA Great (5 days ago)
Did anyone notice that in Detroit become human there's a heavy rain Easter egg
Brenden Resnick (3 days ago)
jujutha Great ughhhhhhhh that's so good. Love this game.
MR.REXTHA Great (3 days ago)
It's when Alice and Kara are about to cross the boarder and there there was a movie theater and it's says heaven rain
Brenden Resnick (3 days ago)
Tina Starlight (6 days ago)
This is rA9
MsMangos _ (6 days ago)
Wow 2018 now a real game
Zain Mohammad (6 days ago)
kara ends up in detroit become human, im guessing they wiped her memory of this
Samet Ulaş Karasu (7 days ago)
Querdoshi (7 days ago)
imDK (7 days ago)
Well hello Kara. Where Alice?
Vidya Games (7 days ago)
"Worth a fortune!" >Costs less than a used car.
a Good Username (8 days ago)
Detroit. Become Human.
Jalen Masbad (8 days ago)
Eunerxx (8 days ago)
It's Detroit become Human... wow
ozomuro (8 days ago)
Kara <3
Ifran Hussain (8 days ago)
Aramis (8 days ago)
its confirmed that this guy is RA9 its his employee number. he was allowing her to have this malfunction that spreads to other androids.
Igor Vujnović (10 days ago)
Detroit: Become Human
plumbles (10 days ago)
This game has become something SO cool and INCREDIBLY beautiful and it really shows in the time and effort they put in to make it something truly incredible. I remember watching this video when it first came out and thinking this was one of the coolest things and concepts....Now its become something so big and intricately crafted and explored. I am truly impressed by the progress that's been made with this and it becoming Detroit- Become Human. Nothing is better than when game developers really work to make a game beautiful and special, and the time that went into this game proves it. What a beautiful story.
Revolution GamerGr (11 days ago)
She is kara from detroit become human
Lol Lol (11 days ago)
Hi, I a.m from the year 2018 this Is a game called “Detroit Become Human”
Akiel Dhien (11 days ago)
Detroit: Become Human ...this was the beginning😱😳 Is that Kamski in the background?🤔
Mpampakas Sas (11 days ago)
Anyone from after the release of detroit become human
valve curn (11 days ago)
AeroSlothy (12 days ago)
Detroit: Become Human now :)
Dang.. Look at The Present Compared To This!
N2O Moncai (12 days ago)
So Kara is ra9?
Giana Caiola (12 days ago)
*slaps guy in face for disabling her*
Thelillydachic (12 days ago)
"This is the new tech developer Quantic Dream is working with -- but it's not Quantic Dream's new game. " 2018 AND IT BECAME AN AMAZING GAME THAT INCLUDE KARA AND THE WILL TO LIVE FOR ANDROIDS.
10 Hour Videos (12 days ago)
My girl Kara from the Detroit become human
Yup, its detroit become human
Big G (12 days ago)
6 years later...
throwupduck (13 days ago)
It's detroit
theraiderz64 (13 days ago)
Kara (9 days ago)
theraiderz64 (9 days ago)
Kara yup this Android seems to be in working order
Kara (9 days ago)
theraiderz64 Well ok
Fatal Sh0t Gaming (13 days ago)
Really makes you wonder how they came up with Kara for Detroit: Become Human. (HUGE STEAL)
Ch Mo (12 days ago)
Uhh, this is made by the same people...
Mandro Gameplay (13 days ago)
Vladimir Putin (13 days ago)
It is from Heavy Rain's developer team.
-Articuno227 :P- (14 days ago)
Yeeee boiiii
stawbearmilk (14 days ago)
shes also a vocaloid
Aidan2005Baidan (14 days ago)
Who knew that such a short and simple cinematic would become such an amazing game, my favourite game.
Olyver Melo (14 days ago)
DX_Gamer (14 days ago)
6 years later she has her own game
is626 (14 days ago)
when i watched it for the first time, i thought it was unbelievably indistinguishable from reality, but after years n years of cgi development, this looks like an old ps2 cinematic to me. its crazy.
thomas the dank engine (14 days ago)
First deviant?
BRINK (14 days ago)
And this game is amazing now that it’s out
Blue BloodYT (14 days ago)
Lies is Detroit becomes human ign you can lie HARD DONT JUDGE IS TRUE
Luca Dario Bützberger (14 days ago)
I wonder. Was Detroit Become Human already planned so long ago or did they come up with game after they looked back at this tech demo they made earlier?
Yoda (15 days ago)
This almost seems like Detroit
Alius 9 (14 days ago)
This is Kara from Detroit. The same creators of Detroit. Back then when this was created it was just an idea. But the Detroit we play today was based on this.
1NF1 (15 days ago)
"are you sure about that ?"
Dai Sy (15 days ago)
I strongly believe this is ra9
Android Killer (15 days ago)
Why tf is kara from Detroit : Become Human here
Jade Sankaa (7 days ago)
Android Killer this is what the game is based on.
K3nshi (15 days ago)
Detroit: become human
Ken Monterde (15 days ago)
so this is where Detroit: Become Human started AWESOME
Allen Daily (15 days ago)
ahh poor kara
Pixel Gun Cristian (15 days ago)
Detroit: Become Human?!?
Nubbly (15 days ago)
6 years later, we get Detroit Become Human.
O9O8 (15 days ago)
Yo this all makes sense now omfg
Sheila Fal (15 days ago)
is awesome, that it need 6 years for become a game o.o
Elite Bat veteran (15 days ago)
Wow this actually happened
Amanda R. (15 days ago)
Woah! That’s awesome! 🤩😱💕
Legendary King (15 days ago)
Then after 8 years Detroit Become Human came out. Time flies. Also she looks like the girl from Beyond Two Souls
LittleMissGamerGal (4 days ago)
Its gonna take alot to beat Detroit: Become Human.... ive just watched Jacksepticeye play all of it and I am amazed..! Perfect game in my opinion.
Kara (9 days ago)
Kara looks like Madison
Alatreon the God (10 days ago)
wolfy sherin it's Kara
Ahmad Usayd (10 days ago)
are you in 2020?
wolfy sherin (13 days ago)
Ako (15 days ago)
nil oznohut (15 days ago)
Not heavy rain detroit
Ev3lyn (16 days ago)
a yes
ThePhonyVlogger INT (16 days ago)
kenedie (16 days ago)
im from the future, and the game will be called detroit become human!
Neo (16 days ago)
It’s been years since I first saw this and the way “I’m scared! I want to live!” is delivered still gives me chills
Cosmic Lobster (16 days ago)
Who else is here from Detroit: Become Human
Jostan Vallis (16 days ago)
Well the game is out.. Detroit
Derman Cevik (16 days ago)
Detroit: Become Human lol
Toon#7 (16 days ago)
Kara has evolved from Heavy Rain to Detroit: Become Human
Hunchoo 2k (16 days ago)
Is this kara from Detroit??
curtin1107 (16 days ago)
Aaaand now this masterpiece is a david cage game. lol
Frost (16 days ago)
joeysverynicehead ok (16 days ago)
jojo (16 days ago)
Makoto Yuki (16 days ago)
Detroit: Become Human
Damian Levy (16 days ago)
6 years later and their dream of an android world is now a reality!! I'm sooo happy 😁
mysterion games (16 days ago)
Detroit Become Human
Wassim Raji (16 days ago)
Detroit Become Human ???
Findagon (16 days ago)
Laben Venci (16 days ago)
I wonder what this version of Detroit Become Human was like. I bet it was WAY more depressing then what we got.
DividedBy (16 days ago)
Did they use the same voice actress for Kara in Detroit ?..cause she sounds very similar to her !
Elias Ntr (15 days ago)
RetroPakiGamer This is Kara herself as she was being made. Both were voiced/acted by the same actress, Valorie Curry.
deebz (17 days ago)
And now it’s a game. 👍
blOcky (17 days ago)
This is where it all started
Ethan FZ (17 days ago)
boostedanimal (17 days ago)
Welp Detroit:Become Human
James Halliday (17 days ago)
После выхода детройт: стань человеком . "Эй, Майк! Ты гласил у тебя были какие-то трудности с роботом при сборке"
Starling (17 days ago)
2018 anyone? 🤙
GALAHAD DAZE (17 days ago)
First deviant
Mr. Orange (18 days ago)
Game has released!
Anthony G (18 days ago)
And what a wonderful game it ended up being
Tessa 2007 (18 days ago)
Who was here before the game raise your hand!

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