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Top 12 INSANE Upcoming ZOMBIE GAMES of 2018 & 2019 | PS4 Xbox One PC

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Top 12 Best Upcoming ZOMBIE GAMES of 2018 & 2019 | PS4 Xbox One PC 00:00 Overkill's The Walking Dead 02:20 World War Z 03:25 The Last of Us 2 06:23 Days Gone 08:29 State of Decay 2 09:33 Hellraid 11:22 Survive the Nights 12:50 Metal Gear Survive 13:32 Daymare 1998 15:52 Dead Matter 16:41 Dead Island 2 17:41 The Walking Dead: The Final Season
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Text Comments (147)
Cream The Rabbit (1 day ago)
Dillon Hazel (1 day ago)
World war z is gonna be lit🔥🔥🔥🔥
first one the besttttttttt
Taniya Johnson (2 days ago)
Can’t wait to play all these games with my boyfriend😌❤️.
Bobby Singh (3 days ago)
1first. game is very very good I love this game plz fast comming on india
Juan c Gonzalez (4 days ago)
In some of the games, the zombies run hilariously fast.
komara wijaya (4 days ago)
Yoo jaki name yo
teylor medina (5 days ago)
Quiero todos los juegos pero no tengo ps4 xbox one ni pc :( :( :*(
Owen Williams (5 days ago)
How to enjoy a zombie game... AIM FOR THE HEAD
Owen Williams (5 days ago)
Dead island 2 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲
Dionisis Lol (6 days ago)
Angie Suares (6 days ago)
Hellraid Creo que no es un juego de Zombis. Dead Matter No parece de zombis.
Super Kill (6 days ago)
Oh man that First One looks godly.
Azaan Productions (6 days ago)
Guys can u plz sub my channel
Zakir Khan (6 days ago)
mehreen agha (7 days ago)
These graphs are so good
Nathan Hamberg (7 days ago)
The walking dead telltale season 4 if it is the final game I really hope not but if it is I hope it's longer than the other games with more things and more stuff in it and more interactive
Akarapong Kamtara (7 days ago)
Left 4 dead 2 is da best 💕
Monica Mangondato (8 days ago)
attack Granada or bomba
Monica Mangondato (8 days ago)
To kill zombie fighter
KozmoNautu' RB (8 days ago)
I hate the games when zombies run
Captain Deadpool (8 days ago)
10/10 Can't Wait It's Full Release.
Gouranga Das (8 days ago)
The graphics are awesome👍👍👌👌.
Twe Gamer HD (8 days ago)
Where is left 4 dead 2
Pena Jakob (8 days ago)
day mare such bad game
Pena Jakob (8 days ago)
the first game is super like real lif3 bro
the best gamer (9 days ago)
7 ads sirsly
Jermaine Sabadi (9 days ago)
Can't wait to get the games I'm a really good gamer
Thái Đẹp Trai (9 days ago)
black negan?
EliTheRealist1 (9 days ago)
Give me Dying Light 2!!!
Noelia Sanchez (9 days ago)
Try to buy it
All the trailers are cool
Gaming Tr (9 days ago)
Turkler burdami
Vkfkffk Hkgfkk (8 days ago)
عاشة المانيا النازية
Twe Gamer HD (8 days ago)
Gaming Tr ever
Molisi Omani (9 days ago)
Frist and second are pretty much the best ones who agrees
Carl Euwee Montano (7 days ago)
me bitch
Kristian Van Entia (10 days ago)
State of decay 2 yaaaaaas
t.t industry (10 days ago)
Haha mostly watching some animated character do the action for you in third person. Thats cartoon. Looks like Human eyes are located on a selfie stick somewhere behind. HAHAHAHA. Look at 6:32 looks like someone is doing the action. How can someone enjoy such game. I am the hero I want the virtual world from my viewpoint
Taniya Johnson (2 days ago)
t.t industry well the first game is for you🤗
Seb plays (11 days ago)
Overkill is pretty cool I hope the gameplay doesn't suck tho.
Katkat Pacheco (11 days ago)
This video is dirty and I'm yuck this
dia flash (11 days ago)
Ps3 ?
Ant Dani,DG e SubRian (11 days ago)
7:34 Jailson Mendes?
Ghifary Ary (12 days ago)
Ye aahhhhh
Yunus Tan (12 days ago)
xD im on Look this 2018
BASS X_BOOSTERZ_X (13 days ago)
Ohhh cool games
Izaiyah Daves (13 days ago)
The first game is really awesome though
Izaiyah Daves (13 days ago)
I play Dead Island it's really good it's really good game
Izaiyah Daves (13 days ago)
I want to see the new zombie games that are coming out there probably look really cool
Mohd Hazli (13 days ago)
so best
xayah rakan (14 days ago)
Wow is that lee xD
Dksksjsksk Jemensj (14 days ago)
i am glad to see world war z
Max dog (5 days ago)
Me 3
Preston FaZe (11 days ago)
Dksksjsksk Jemensj me 2
Jean Martuci (15 days ago)
Br 2018
Aliyah Pitters (15 days ago)
*Georgia Gale* (9 days ago)
Aliyah Pitters 😑
*Georgia Gale* (9 days ago)
Aliyah Pitters 'Fore'
Aliyah Pitters (15 days ago)
12:48 gross
Wolf Wolftein (15 days ago)
thats so scary
VB GAMERS (15 days ago)
When release the walking dead final season????
Preston FaZe (11 days ago)
hiba filali (13 days ago)
VB GAMERS hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
de gamers xl (15 days ago)
I like this games aiden has lucile
Anshdeep Singh (16 days ago)
Its very very very very very best my friend
namor357 (16 days ago)
Why so many in FPS (First Person Shit).
t.t industry (10 days ago)
yeah way more realistic. The Human eyes are located in the head not way behind like a selfie stick on the shoulder.
namor357 because fps is more realistic and better.
RADIschen 29 (16 days ago)
dead island looks the same like dying light just in kid Version 😂 exactly same zombies/animations but blood is brighter like color and the zombies dont look so disgusting... dying light for pussys.. i dont buy this game... but the walking dead jeeeezz amazing look at that shit. I need this game
Roblox Captain Gaming (15 days ago)
R. william (16 days ago)
RADIschen 29 dying light is very good you bitch
168franky (16 days ago)
i cant wait to download the walking dead and dead island 2!!!!!
Lee Everett (17 days ago)
First One Looks Very Nice
maziah patton (1 day ago)
Lee is it your brother
+Lee Everett Lee, I miss you ;-;.
the will (6 days ago)
Are you the real lea
Gamingwithyoboy (9 days ago)
Lee Everett does it remid you of something Lee?
Daymare 1998? WTF BUT WTF
Risman Wulolo (22 days ago)
Keren lah
Risman Wulolo (5 days ago)
Ia bro indonesia
Jasson Christianto (7 days ago)
The Ghost (23 days ago)
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Officer zg (28 days ago)
World war z?! FAVORITE MOVIE TRANSFORMED INTO A GAME!!!!!!!!!😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😅😅
Sabitre Bhattrai (2 days ago)
Officer zg gzkd
srai12snake (28 days ago)
"Hey joe you wanna play a zombie game?"
Nightbot (1 month ago)
State of decay 2 !!
EliTheRealist1 (9 days ago)
It's the one in looking forward to
I_Am_ Creeper58 (12 days ago)
Nightbot you real?
Nightbot (20 days ago)
Alisha Breona' ever played the first game?
Alisha Breona' (20 days ago)
Nightbot y
Nonsense (1 month ago)
I can’t tell if Overkill is real life or graphics. If it’s graphics this is some 3030 shit
Roblox Captain Gaming (15 days ago)
Nonsense it’s graphic and that overkill the walking dead is some 3030 shit right there
vl sai (1 month ago)
Is this really an upcoming game
مغامرت جن (2 months ago)
1#2#3#7#. Top
Zombie Rot (2 months ago)
last of us is not a zombie game dumbass and dead island 2 is not coming its been 4 years now
Anthrax Icecream (25 days ago)
The last of us wasnt made from any lab sure, but does that make any further from being zombie game? Not really
Anthrax Icecream (25 days ago)
Resident evil virus strains was made from plants just as much as cordyceps
Anthrax Icecream (25 days ago)
Im saying that resident evil and the last of us are pretty much the same thing
Thepigmaster (25 days ago)
What? Since when is the virus man-made? It's a mutated virus of an aggressive form of cordyceps. So what are you trying to say?
Anthrax Icecream (26 days ago)
Thepigmaster yeah i am because you're wrong, how do you think the scientist created the virus strains? From nothing? Hell No!! It came from plants
Mohsen Fakhri (2 months ago)
Kerry-anne Adams (2 months ago)
Kerry-anne Adams (2 months ago)
BeardedBushMan (2 months ago)
This video is awful. It just takes clips of the games and cuts off all of the sudden. Thumbs down for me.
kuya ban (3 days ago)
BeardedBushMan h mrsr ###IiiIi iiiFiiiii.iii#IFFililIIIT #Ii#
Jasson Christianto (7 days ago)
BeardedBushMan well fuck you hater bicth
Shadow FakerXPro (10 days ago)
BeardedBushMan ignore them
Zakai Glover (11 days ago)
BeardedBushMan you are a piece of shit
BeardedBushMan it just finished the gameplay footage/ trailer. It's not cutting off randomly.
Equatox NootNoot (3 months ago)
Is it confirmed that Dead Island 2 is coming this year/next year?
Edwin Malsawmhlua (2 days ago)
Equatox NootNoot fgf
the will (6 days ago)
Let's just hope it's not like dying light I personally found that to be one of my least favorite zombie games ever just my opinion but dead island is one of the best zombie games I ever played I hope they didn't change the engine to much cuz I liked the pre alpha footage I saw
BornInYou (10 days ago)
Best zombie game and Dying light both made in Poland ❤
TobyMedLoby (10 days ago)
Equatox NootNoot i
Z1force 102 (11 days ago)

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