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PlayStation Classic and Original PlayStation Size Comparison

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We've got our hands on the PlayStation Classic! Here we compare it to the original PlayStation and see just how faithful a recreation it really is. Let us know in the comments if you're picking one up on 3rd December! Check here for all the info you need on the PlayStation Classic: https://bit.ly/2qCyXyA PlayStation Access brings you PS4, PS3 and PSVita news, features and gameplay every week, giving you unprecedented access to the biggest titles on PlayStation. Subscribe now to ensure you never miss out: http://bit.ly/AccessSub All music featured courtesy of epidemicsound.com (http://www.epidemicsound.com) One On Onesie jingle created by Pelle Kuipers / http://youtube.com/sketchysong We use AverMedia's live Gamer Pro for PS4 capture and streaming. Want more? Rob's Twitter: http://bit.ly/RobPearson Dave's Twitter: http://bit.ly/DavidJackson Nath's Twitter: http://bit.ly/NathanDitum Hollie's Twitter: http://bit.ly/HollieBennett Dan's Twitter: http://twitter.com/dan_wheeler90 Join us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/AccessFB Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/TweetAccess
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Text Comments (331)
ResonanceBlade (1 day ago)
This console version would be fantastic if you could actually put discs in it or have access to a special PSOneStore to download the old games. But not so. Most of this Game can be baught for the PS3 now.
HENDOMAN (2 days ago)
Instead i got myself a psone lcd
Edge 12 (2 days ago)
Plot twist it's a PSP inside. 😂
Lollipop Gurl (3 days ago)
Not interested.
lycanthrochick (4 days ago)
Does the Open button do anything
Ms. K (5 days ago)
we need some "classic games" on this mini imo,maybe drop the price a tad bit....(jus' sayin')
R. James Taylor II (6 days ago)
The console presentation was more exciting than the games itself. If I purchase Playstation Classic...I'm going to hack it. I'm trying to wait for a 3rd party company release a Dual Shock for Playstation Classic...we all know Sony will do no such thing smh
Dan C (6 days ago)
Looks beautiful. If you’d have put as much effort into the software and games it would actually be worth buying!
NJL 82 (6 days ago)
Shame it's running on a free emulator and not proper in house software.
Lwc Cerddwrawyr (6 days ago)
Never realised it was THAT small!
Venn Shade (6 days ago)
Yeah I'll be picking one up. I loved my ps1 when I was really young, but as I've gotten older I still love the ps1 era and I'm looking forward to playing some old games both familiar and unfamiliar. I do still wish that they would have innovated the classic idea and set it up to connect to the psvita store with all the ps1 classics available to buy and download on top of the 20, but I'm still going to have a lot of fun with these 20 games.
Sachin Raj (7 days ago)
I want one, but not available in India
Durzo86 (7 days ago)
Already preordered
Lil Chanka (7 days ago)
I will get it for christmas
luckymouse1988 (7 days ago)
Damn! That´s some pretty impressive plastic work on the little console.
Shawn McLeod (8 days ago)
I get the logic considering the remakes, but it still seems weird to me that such a thing could exist with no Crash or Spyro.
JozeManu LOL (8 days ago)
Now compare the games!!
gamer dude 6:12 (8 days ago)
I'm not getting it but I am kinda curious about how the Classic look next to the PS1 Slim version cause that was small for it's time I hope someone does that video when the Classic is out just for the fun of it.
Gamma (8 days ago)
tbh i got mixed up between the two
Jesse Schulz (9 days ago)
this is a lazy cash grab....pass
Calvers06 (9 days ago)
Cancelled my pre order
Galactic Jam (9 days ago)
I'm getting it can't wait want to play wild arms and tekken 3
ch-ris127 (9 days ago)
I can't wait to see if it can be modded to play more PS1 games. A lot of people say it's stupid asking for Crash or Spyro when the remakes are out. But hey I wanna experience those lovely pixelated goodness on a mini PS1 😥 for the perfect nostalgia, hahaha
NiGHTS1980 (9 days ago)
Next up. The disappointing game library and cheap looking backyard UI.
Aki Cacciatore (9 days ago)
That button on the left side...
Script Weaver (9 days ago)
You didn't open it? Or does it not play PS1 discs?
I will buy ps4 on February 26
FUN GAMER 27 (9 days ago)
I wish the games were better though so many classics are missing :(
GregzVR (9 days ago)
Too many sh!te games included, for me, so it's a hard pass.
Aaron Page (9 days ago)
this brings back memories, my first Playstation system built after both Nintendo and SEGA said drop dead SONY now large and in charge while SEGA became software only and Nintendo lost traction don't know if it will be exactly at launch, amazon has said it will but such things can and has changed
Noël Zuidhof (9 days ago)
I have a question about the ps plus games, are there any PlayStation vr games available in the PlayStation plus monthly games? Please someone react?
Rossdale Intac (9 days ago)
I want the little console even it had garbage games it's still cool also it would've been awesome if they replaced Persona 1 with Castlevania Symphony Of the Night or Other RPG's it's still awesome
Rossdale Intac (8 days ago)
+Clasher Niels but there's other RPGs that are better than Persona 1
Clasher Niels (9 days ago)
Rossdale Intac heck no, persona should stay
bradley spears (9 days ago)
I think they lost out on an opportunity they could have added a couple more features like the ability to connect the classic to the PS4 so we could buy and download ps1 games to it from the ps store
Yoichiro Watanabe (9 days ago)
I would have gladly paid a little more to have the dual shock controller included instead of the original controller. As well if there was someway to include a way to install more games in the future. Ah well... still buying it.
Dango Unchained (9 days ago)
Can you confirm if you can run and shoot on MGS since the controllers are not dual shock?
Harry Arnold (9 days ago)
Will you be able to use ps1 discs?
Rob Murphy (9 days ago)
Guys ya need to fix the game line up cause that is greatly affecting my choice to buy it. Its looking like a no just cause of the line up of games.
Rob Murphy (9 days ago)
Well ya need to make the open button work it's for nostalgia sake and people will be more likely to buy it for that also why no fake memory cards they could come in different colors and be for aesthetics.
theultimaterom (9 days ago)
It's so cute! Such a shame its library is lacking.
Tom Vickers (9 days ago)
I would have loved to have this but sadly the games list just isn’t what sums up my time spent with my beloved ps1 :( still a fantastic idea though and who ever gets one I hope they enjoy it
Craig Rider (9 days ago)
I am very disappointed that there is not 1 Tomb Raider game on this, except Mr. Driller. WTF?!
The Phantom Gazz (9 days ago)
Hey rob!! I hope you are doing Christmas snake for mgs 2 this year! Super enjoyed last Christmas
Jeff Hocker (9 days ago)
If it can't play any CD I put in it, it's not legit PS1. Just the poor man's doppelganger.
Cons Mercado (9 days ago)
But games are not so hot! Only game i like about it is mg solid. Wish it offered a port for external hard drive like ps4 where we can buy games and download and play it there. Or use old ps1 game cds that others still have in their collection. Coz the game lineup is meh
YBPaladin (9 days ago)
Can you fit a raspberry pi in it?
Gonzalo Rodríguez (9 days ago)
Sony milking that cow yo
DJProfessorSteve (9 days ago)
But, does the Open Button do anything?
EBCHILL2 (9 days ago)
No trophy support, great presentation Rob.
Team Alpha (9 days ago)
I Like it!. You should be an ALPHA ;)
Stuart Boyde (9 days ago)
Nothing like mine. Where’s the badly creased spyro 2 sticker set peeling off all over the place?
Tricksterking (9 days ago)
I am not bothering with the system since I own a vita and all of those games are available on it
Im not from Belgium (9 days ago)
Shame I was born when Ps2 was already out :( still played some ps1 spyro games and an awesome ps1 game called "future cop: L. A. P. D. " on it though. Great times
Lazy Titan (9 days ago)
Darn i was hoping you could put memory cards and discs in
David Kingsford (9 days ago)
I want to buy it only for the looks. I just hate the games they chose to put on it. Only 5 of the 20 seem worth playing. There were so much better releases than what they chose.
Bipolar Gamer (9 days ago)
I cancelled my pre order and bought a raspberry pi with 270 games for the same amount of money lol
tgoon 90 (9 days ago)
I'm looking forward to playing solid snake and syphon filter
Squishy Spooner (9 days ago)
Can you play with old discs or are you stuck with the games preinstalled?
Damien (9 days ago)
What's behind the parallel port on the classic?
mnky75 (9 days ago)
And of course just like the PS1, only 20 games. Only a handful of which you would actually consider playing....OH NO HANG ON!!
Senior Ricketts (9 days ago)
less games and more price than nintendo what the fock ?
Jinjo Bread (9 days ago)
Cheetarah (9 days ago)
OaNautilus92 (9 days ago)
wish it had more games though.
Charleito (9 days ago)
When it gets modded and someone puts tenchu on it >
Stiofan Seoighe 88 (9 days ago)
Looking forward to playing some classics and other games I never got to play as a kid.
SoldierSparky (9 days ago)
Let me catch my son watching Xbox videos
xynthymr (9 days ago)
QUESTIONS THAT NEED ANSWERING: 1) What's the Micro USB port used for? (I'm assuming it's the power input?) 2) What's hiding behind the Parallel Port cover? Later SCPH consoles didn't have it, so why did they include it here? 3) Which games are going to be PAL versions, and which are NTSC-U versions? Obviously Persona Revelations is NTSC, but what about games like Intelligent Qube (Kurushi here) or Resident Evil Director's Cut (PAL emulation of Capcom games has always been an issue for PSN) 4) How much on-board storage space does the console have for game saves?
OUTOFFOCUS (9 days ago)
Cant wait to hold it in ONE hand!
At Mike's (10 days ago)
Your Nightmare (10 days ago)
Only low IQ people cancel pre order's because of games list 📃
FunnyMovies Movies (10 days ago)
Just buy a pc and download a emulator. Then you can play real games
Kobus Janmaat (9 days ago)
PC gets the left overs from the consoles. 😁 😜
WH250398 (10 days ago)
Yeah, I'll stick to my Ps One... With a scart cable the picture quality is pretty unbelievable!
hazy33 (10 days ago)
PS1 graphics on any 3d game are a violation to the eyes. Utterly horrendous. Have aged so badly. Nobody should have to go thru that again.
Victor Castro (10 days ago)
Without The Legend of Dragoon it does not deserves to exist. I'll boycott it exactly like PSASBR. Show some respect for your fanbase Sony. Sorry guys, your channel is great, nothing do to with you.
M E (10 days ago)
Now some livestream of some of the games please.
Red Black (10 days ago)
I will lose my mind if sometime in the future they announce a PS2 Classic. That is easily my favorite console of all time.
ezzwhitezombie666 (10 days ago)
Already preordered, and cannot describe how happy and excited I am about this !!! (Even though I have a Playstation TV and already own those twenty games as digital downloads and I play them all the time, and while were at it, I have the original PS1, a slim PS2, a Slim PS3, a Slim PSP, two Slim PS Vitas, a Playstation 4 Pro, and a PSVR, Haha... PLAYSTATION IS LIFE)
RuiNas (10 days ago)
Ice Dragon (10 days ago)
Rob, I want your honest opinion. Do you think the PlayStation classic is worth the money?
andrew dunn (10 days ago)
I pre-ordered 30 minutes after the news came out. That sony NewsSuite does come in handy.
Super King 64 (10 days ago)
No RCA jacks!!! Total disappointment that screams 90s!!! How dare you!!! Canceling pre-order now!! Long Live RCA jacks!!
EP3mentalist (10 days ago)
Much respect for using the 1002, the original gangster.
fcukugimmeausername (10 days ago)
No mention of cable length... I'm suspicious.
tytech _ (10 days ago)
It's so tiny!
Volo (10 days ago)
Ehh ill just continue emulating my 100+ ps classic and ps2 classic games on my pc
Makalov (10 days ago)
That's the controller connector ? Ouch that's gonna break in not long
Acemaker (10 days ago)
Nha, Ill still use my original one
Enrike Kasijas (10 days ago)
I ordered 2 copies xD one for usage and one for decorative purposes.
Austen Andrews (10 days ago)
The games list is atrocious. I won't be buying it.
that anime guy rido (10 days ago)
I just can't get over the guys voice
Swedish Gamer (10 days ago)
No Gran Turismo 2, no buy.
ThePSXcollector (10 days ago)
Freaking awesome! Perfect mirror image :)
“Just you wait til I get my dad” says PlayStation Classic to N64 Classic
Duzzuz (10 days ago)
Yes,it is beautiful. But my only question is: *Can* *it* *play* *games?*
mikkdc (9 days ago)
Only the 20 that come pre-installed.... until someone figures out how to re-flash other games onto it that is
C Dub (10 days ago)
Aaron Chapman (10 days ago)
Already pre ordered booom!!!!!
Dara M (10 days ago)
Does it play cds though? No, so who gives a toss about its reductive form. Utter shite
Mashud Mohammed (10 days ago)
My jaw opened wide and it won't shut
Exile 1 (10 days ago)
To be fair its just a grey plastic box, it’s not that hard to recreate, mate.
bsfatboy (10 days ago)
Should have added PlayStation tv to it.

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