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Top 10 Anticipated Wii U Launch Games

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Justin Blystone (9 months ago)
#10 Scribblenauts Unlimited #9 Assassin's Creed 3 #8 LEGO City: Undercover #7 Project P-100 (Wonderful 101) #6 ZombiU #5 NintendoLand #4 Rayman Legends #3 ? #2 ? #1 ?
Hasslaughter (11 months ago)
2012: Let's review the Wii U 2017: Let's review the Switch
Jack Aumack (1 year ago)
Can you make a redux
Logan Ballard (2 years ago)
On wiiU they should add left 4 dead 2
Malik Harness (2 years ago)
I heard that rayman fans weren't happy it wasn't going to be a launch title for the Wii u and 11,000 people signed a petition
BigOleTodd (3 years ago)
Who taught this guy how to say "Mario"?
Turtlejam (3 years ago)
Is there Plants Vs. Zombie Garden Warfare and The Crew
Juanpablo Montoya (3 years ago)
Project P-100 Is Actually The Wonderful 101
Nostalgia Works (4 years ago)
If only he knew about the delays and mishaps involving Rayman Legends in the future...
Andy Octafish (4 years ago)
Zombie Fucking U! Thats the best Zombie Game i have ever played! Everyone with Wii U needs to play it...
KevinGame3 (4 years ago)
I like need for speed most wanted u is the best raceing game on the wii u
Morten Jensen (4 years ago)
I Got a Wii U yesterday for Christmas. IT IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!
R R (4 years ago)
I still cant get used to the way WatchMojo pronounces the word "Mario"
Jayce Overton (3 years ago)
Merio Obviously
TheLoZKing (4 years ago)
Where's your common sense?
Super Awesome Films (5 years ago)
I wish super luigi u was on dis list
John Maldonado (5 years ago)
When I heard about the Wii U I thought the game pad was a accesory to the Wii
DigiFiz (5 years ago)
I highly doubt it. Nintendo has a broken business system. The same thing happened with the Wii. They come out first, and end up with the worse of the 3 technologies. The difference is that the Wii was actually a success, and when the Wii U was announced people were confused whether it was a peripheral or not. Not only that but half of it's library are just ports of games that came out months or years before, with a few updates. The only thing that would make me buy it is Zelda, and maybe Pikmin.
DigiFiz (5 years ago)
This was posted 2 months ago. He had six likes at the time.
querubin2811 (5 years ago)
Make a video for ps4 and Xbox one launch games
metroidOO7 (5 years ago)
Kinda sad watching this now when like half of this stuff still isn't out yet.
Miguel Vaca (5 years ago)
Gay just gay
Erik Papps (5 years ago)
lol like your coment "I FUCKING LOVE IT"
TheIntersestedComent (5 years ago)
you pronounce mario funny... xD good vid
Perfect Kollision (5 years ago)
The tech used in the wii u has potential in terms of gaming, than again many including myself felt the same way about the wii and that later became a gaming joke.
SantosOverlord (5 years ago)
really kinect as a selling point, really?
DigiFiz (5 years ago)
6 people. 6 people agree. Let that sink in.
AmarMah (5 years ago)
after seeing the fails that are ms and sonys next scams, the wiiu is once again going to be gamings saviour.
Leivi Knight (5 years ago)
Zombie U! Epic and Scary!
Horrid_ (5 years ago)
Yes. I've played Zombie U, Wii U sports etc but I prefer the Xbox over the Wii U, not trying to be a fanboy but I just like it over the Wii U.
Zultiner (5 years ago)
Have you ever even played a game on the Wii U?
Horrid_ (5 years ago)
I'm not saying the Wii U is bad but it's nothing compared to some consoles, Not naming any so I don't start a flame war.
samantha senior (5 years ago)
I agree.
samantha senior (5 years ago)
I agree.
samantha senior (5 years ago)
... that doesn't have good taste! Sorry, had to finish your sentence buddy!
Horrid_ (5 years ago)
No one.
Otto (5 years ago)
1943fighter (5 years ago)
Posted on internet anyone can go at you
thelastemperor85 (5 years ago)
Thats a good question..
bioshockinfintyfan (5 years ago)
yeah i wonder how much the wii u lasts
thelastemperor85 (5 years ago)
very true, The Ps3 can outlast 2 xbox's
bioshockinfintyfan (5 years ago)
no i never saw xbox live down bu i saw the red circel of death many times.
Lay Mace (5 years ago)
if you cant take it, dont dish it
CircleYurk (5 years ago)
Dude, this had nothing to do with you. So, fuck off. With all due respect.
Matisse EM (5 years ago)
WHy does he say, mehrio
trotters224guy1 (5 years ago)
1:14 i have never played that level in the game
Magan Koje (5 years ago)
Where's Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2?
DarkAperature (5 years ago)
I accidentally pushed your Xbox 360, here's your scratched disk.
DarkAperature (5 years ago)
The Kinect. Ha, you brought the motion control crap that destroyed or damaged the following franchises: Steel Battalion, Sonic (Free Riders sucks), DBZ games (DBZ kinect makes crap ones look good.) And finally Rare, which has been reduced to making Kinect games instead of classics.
CircleYurk (5 years ago)
Well, Xbox has Halo, Minecraft, the Kinect, and more. Wii U? More like Pii U! Whiny about the goddamn online you gotta pay for on Xbox? Then keep PSN, which was down for 2 months! Ever seen Xbox Live down? Didn't think so.
J Melon (5 years ago)
Wrong. That's the raccoon suit
Nikfang (5 years ago)
Cough cough, you mean 13th in the series of assassins creed
Bushy Bush (5 years ago)
bit late to change from wiping ass to finally getting closer to what people actually want.. ooooh scary.
Jesse C (5 years ago)
farespokemon (5 years ago)
O_o will holy shit tell me what it is XD
Edward Richtofen (5 years ago)
when I was a kid I played the Mario with the flying squirrel suit that shoots fireballs
Edward Richtofen (5 years ago)
uh uh
farespokemon (5 years ago)
it is....
MrClamSmaka (5 years ago)
Jegory, you might think that rayman looks terrible, but everyone is into diff types of games, its nice to bring back some more relaxed games,i love platformers, and a lot of others do too.. i mean look at LBP on the ps.. great fun.. this is what nintendo do so well, they make gaming fun..
Jegory (5 years ago)
Why wold anyone want to play Rahman legends? It looks terrible
Isabel Blacksmith (5 years ago)
No Metroid (thats not like other M), No for sure Monster Hunter in the States, No known fire emblem, no point in buying for me.
Edward Richtofen (5 years ago)
the squirrel suit's not new...
Dennydo1 (5 years ago)
epic mickey 2
Zer0dog (5 years ago)
it was delayed after this video was made
COLBY611 (5 years ago)
Pikmin 3 is not a launch game
nuggmn3 (5 years ago)
@TheNerdywarrior you know I'm on an iPhone?
Nerdywarrior (5 years ago)
You know there is a reply button...
nuggmn3 (5 years ago)
@MrMorda898 Then why Assassins Creed 3?
MrMorda898 (5 years ago)
He said right at the start that they won't include ports.
MrMorda898 (5 years ago)
Not a launch game.
nuggmn3 (5 years ago)
Not black ops 2? NBA 2k13 maybe?
Miketastic (5 years ago)
super smash bros?
orangee34 (5 years ago)
are u sure the fly squerill suit is completely new cuz 1. it looks like he's gliding down like the raccoon tail suit 2. squirel and raccoon seems the same
johngrey (5 years ago)
Sigh looks like I need to sell my Wii so I can have enough to buy a game and make people think, "dude has a WiiU, must be fun" even though I don't have one. It's all about the image LOL
WrestlefanHD (5 years ago)
batman arkahm city armored edition
cuberandgamer (5 years ago)
WHy was wii fit u soo high on the list?
Ser Strigori (5 years ago)
oh...well, this is kinda awkward. no reason to get the WiiU then on launch^^
hkig448833 (5 years ago)
not a launch title
Ser Strigori (5 years ago)
Wtf? Not even mentioning Bayonetta 2? Are you guys insane?
Ethan Taylor (5 years ago)
Mar-ee-O not
dreadvenom1 (5 years ago)
yes it is.
Brandon Black (5 years ago)
j22rocks (5 years ago)
and it will be out longer than the ps3 will because ps3 is 7th gen
j22rocks (5 years ago)
Nic Connor (5 years ago)
this video is so wrong
Mariyo (5 years ago)
SHADOW THIEF (5 years ago)
Is call of duty black ops 2 gonna come out for the wii u
Groovy Gabe (5 years ago)
I'm getting the the Wii u instead of the ps3 because I want to play Zombi u and other really good games
Communist Diofesto (5 years ago)
Now make re 6 for it
Andre Perko (5 years ago)
super smash bros 4 has been announced, HEELLL YEAHH
MrSeagull16 (5 years ago)
someone better start sucking some dick to get Pikmin 3 on my xbox 360. im not gonna buy a whole other system for some game but GOD DO I LOVE PIKMIN!!!
MrSeagull16 (5 years ago)
my name is Chase...
manuel davila (5 years ago)
Andy (5 years ago)
ZombiU doesn't look bad.
Lumpkins McDream (5 years ago)
better be khezus
dosrk (5 years ago)
can you play super mario bros u with the pro controller?
Weranoc (5 years ago)
where is Bayonetta 2???
Bushy Bush (5 years ago)
The only one that looks decent is Zombie U.. i would like it if was on a console/PC that i already own.. The rest are kinda childish in my opinion. (seems all the Nintendo can offer is children's games)
Khaled Ajlan (5 years ago)
well, are you really suggesting they change the name of the best selling console just because it sound "kiddy" to you? ;p My advice for your future, don't take a career in business :)
david dragonsoap (5 years ago)
why do you say that
NinjaOnion (5 years ago)
Jesus, man, is it really that hard? It's GAIDEN, not GAYDEN

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