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Top 15 Upcoming PS4 Exclusive Games of 2017-2018 | Best New PlayStation 4 Exclusives

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The most anticipated PlayStation 4 console exclusives coming soon this 2017 and 2018; these are the biggest PS4-only titles. Support this channel by getting these games through the Amazon links below: Days Gone https://goo.gl/Gi3Of5 Death Stranding https://goo.gl/vuNkiH Detroit: Become Human https://goo.gl/9nHpYK Final Fantasy VII Remake https://goo.gl/Z3FVpa God of War https://goo.gl/fm0Qdw Gran Turismo https://goo.gl/fqknnd Gundam Versus https://goo.gl/Hg2Bnw Hidden Agenda https://goo.gl/EFCw9B Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds https://goo.gl/pHCPXd Shadow of the Colossus https://goo.gl/dE4s8K Spider-Man https://goo.gl/lAHV3y The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR https://goo.gl/zoeYqY whatoplay updates you with the latest, the most anticipated and the best PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, iOS and Android video games today. Subscribe now at https://www.youtube.com/user/whatoplaychannel Discover and Share your video game choices at http://www.whatoplay.com. Connect with other whatoplay followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ - https://www.facebook.com/whatoplay - https://www.twitter.com/whatoplay - https://instagram.com/whatoplay - https://plus.google.com/100536220375867144593/.
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Text Comments (192)
The NoobScorpion (9 months ago)
To me, advertising 60fps in games as if it's some new elite feature is like saying power steering is a super added bonus while buying a new car. Get over it ya wanks, tis nothin special
ozeal D. (9 months ago)
the last of us 2, god of war, death stranding, spiderman, shadow of the colossus remaster, detroit become human, final fantasy 7 remake, days gone, ghost of tsushima, wild, ni no kuni 2. all upcoming #PlayStation exclusives. @Xbox i love you but all you have is scalebound... oops well atleast we have crackdown and sea of thieves.... hopefully they are good... unlike recore.
Time Knight (9 months ago)
Final Fantasy 7 remake might be released on December 29 2017
DewMe Papi (10 months ago)
Hehe, you said tit
Time Knight (10 months ago)
I think final Fantasy 7 remake is being released on December 29 2017
Uganda Knuckles (10 months ago)
Horizon Zero dawn The Lost Legacy Crash Bandicoot Persona 5 Gravity Rush 2 Nier Automata Nioh Yakuza 0 Kindom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 Yakuza Kiyami Yakuza 6 Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy VII Gravity Rush Remastered The Frozen Wilds Knack 2 Wild GT Sport God Of War Spiderman Detroit Days Gone Death Stranding The Last Of Us 2 Shadow Of The Collosus Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice Lawbreakers Nidhogg 2 Sucks to be a Fuckbox Juan Owner
Uganda Knuckles (10 months ago)
Shitbox done
DewMe Papi (11 months ago)
For those of you who don't know or who haven't caught on yet. Death Standing is the new Silent Hills. If any of you are familiar with the developer, he's notorious for playing pranks on his consumers. If you watch the trailer and pay attention to the details, there is no doubt it won't be another awesome thriller!
esteban ruiz (11 months ago)
Exclusive? For how long though?
Borja Triay Moll (11 months ago)
Easilly Death Kojima Stranding out and Monster Hunter in... Just muy opinion
DJK1NG Gaming (11 months ago)
Like I SAID. BLAZBLUE isn't a PS4 exclusive. What to Play you should've of done your research.
DJK1NG Gaming (11 months ago)
Good. Can't wait for more videos!
whatoplay (11 months ago)
Yes, you're right. It was a presumption, and we apologize for the error.
TRSEC AFSRG (11 months ago)
God of war is coming out on december of 2018
Ted Tris (10 months ago)
TRSEC AFSRG no its not lol. The 12/31/18 is a placeholder. There's no release date yet
Drogon 298 (11 months ago)
Every time an xbot says, "playstation doesn't have any exclusives I'm interested in." Simply link this video and say, "really?" They're either lying to you or themselves.
B Matter (11 months ago)
this is the reason I bought ps4 😍😍
Jon (11 months ago)
Gundam Versus is not the first "Versus" title to be localized, it's Gundam Vs Zeta Gundam for the PS2 and Gundam Extreme Vs Force is the first Cross-Over Gundam Versus to be localized, released for the Vita.
OST Talk (11 months ago)
I know I might get bashed for this, but does anyone actually expect the FFVII remake to launch on the PS4? The way SE works I don't expect it until the PS5.
bas twees (11 months ago)
if there is no multiplayer in THE LAST OF US we dont need this game >> who is with me ?
Rpgamer 05x (11 months ago)
in my humble opinion #5 should be #1
Hiro20024 (11 months ago)
7 games so far that I want to get but three I’m not going have time for
robotcop (11 months ago)
They will never let ff 7 go
shachar (11 months ago)
I doubt shadow of the colossus will cost 60 bucks
Technixx (11 months ago)
God of War, The Last of us 2, Spider Man.
Alu Lyis (11 months ago)
Nintendo is here baby.. nice list of remakes, remasters and dlc ;) jk.. nice games hope ff7 is timed and makes it to the switch
kenarblt (11 months ago)
VINYL PS4 REMOVABLE SKINS https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1544785825582112&id=100001521285071
kenarblt (11 months ago)
Minh Vương (11 months ago)
The Last Of Us 2 is Top 1 !
Raul Rojas (11 months ago)
this SUCKS what about South park or the new assassins? Those games are coming this year and yet they arent even on this list, what a shitty channel i need games to play NOW not in a year or 2.
Ewok Thisway (11 months ago)
Did they hire Jonah Hill to do the voice over ?
Dylan XD (11 months ago)
"remastered to the very core" so you mean remade, right? coz it is a remake not a remaster of FFVII
MR. AWESOME (11 months ago)
PS5 is backwards compatible with PS4, so if you get PS4 disc or digital then you can still play them on PS5. This is confirmed by Sony. They said if they make PS5 then they will make it backwards compatible, so don't be scared of buying new PS4 games.
Carry Me Anego (11 months ago)
I'm glad I bought PS4 and not xbox one. Phew.
Eric (11 months ago)
16- Dissidia
Logan and Annika (11 months ago)
Final Fantasy 7 isn't exclusive anymore and anyone who thinks it will be, sure XD
Lynda D'great (11 months ago)
lol im just guess that the new god of war will be number 1 and then boom...its really happen ? nice video (whatoplay) you choose the number correctly
Moi Toi (11 months ago)
What about shenmue
Last First (11 months ago)
At first when the BlazBlue CrossTag battle came up at 2:55 i was like wow that looks really similar to Marvel Vs Capcom infinite that I realized u just put the cross tag character heads over that mvc image lol
DJK1NG Gaming (11 months ago)
You also forgot to realize that the game isn't confirmed for any platforms.
Hugo Azevedo (11 months ago)
Playstation has some incredible exclusive tittles, only Nintendo has more than them incredible. Meanwhile Microsoft is a trainwreck.
w g (11 months ago)
Games for everyone 🙂.
INGSOC (11 months ago)
I am a Sony and nintendo fanboy for life. But I only wish that Sony took more time, with the ps4 pro, so that it would have ended Microsoft's presence in the console industry.
Haruhi The Mighty (11 months ago)
50/50 that TLOU part II might not be released on PS4 :( Hopefully we get it.
Paranoid Real Ninja (11 months ago)
I own PS4 and Monster Hunter World is by far my most anticipated! Happy for XBOX users getting it though :)
Zaxon Leader (11 months ago)
I owned all console so all fine for me, fanboy just stupid n poor ppl only have 1 console
Craymon Ham (11 months ago)
Poor people only have one system????? Only loser's play games all day!
Lynda D'great (11 months ago)
Zaxon Leader im not the fanboy but im just support sony cause first time i played ps2 i feel so great and now i have ps4...im not poor, just dont want to waste money thats why i buy the great console ps4 ..it is not about fanboy ..it is the fact that ps4 is better
Drycks (11 months ago)
Zaxon Leader Don't be so boastful about your life.
maine Bail (11 months ago)
Gundam versus put MvsCI to shame😜🤗😍 ps (FF,7 is going to make 3 parts then wait and make a ultimate version/ addition with all 3 parts 😒 they loved milking Fan's dry like ff13)
jorobadura hz (11 months ago)
4k on ps4 pro? lol. epic lair
progranite xl (11 months ago)
Most of these games don't even have release date last of us is not coming on in 2018
nick Larsen (11 months ago)
FF7 remake on 4th place? jeez. should be #1 by far
The Amazing Spider-Man (11 months ago)
If anyone is thinking about getting a PS4 this holiday season you are making the right choice 2018 is gonna be another great year for PS4
maine Bail (11 months ago)
The Man Without Fear u said that then ps5 comes out get reck 😌🙃😕😥
Vocaloid Fun (11 months ago)
8:46 I swear that guy looks like a bad ass version of Viktor from YOI😂😂😂
Emperorkang (11 months ago)
gran turismo released on oct 17....what nice birthday present!
yousini (11 months ago)
time to sell ps4, apart from god of war it's complete crap
MiracleLag (11 months ago)
yousini at least its better than xbox lol
Nicolas Rambeau (11 months ago)
I was waiting for that video
AMV Kimiko (11 months ago)
so need to buy the final fantasy xv too
sephirotstrikers (11 months ago)
were is monster hunter world?
REVIIVE™ (11 months ago)
being released on xbone and PC
NYCJoeBlack (11 months ago)
Please do a PS VITA Upcoming list next.
Jelle de vlieger (11 months ago)
FF7 remake should not be posted here, this aint coming in 2018
Rai Jin (11 months ago)
>Exclusive >Skyrim Choose one
Simar DhillOn (11 months ago)
Rai Jin exclusive come on tlou 2 spiderman god of war
Roman Atanasiu (11 months ago)
blazblue is not an exclusive
Faraz Sarwer (11 months ago)
Where is FIFA 18 and Wwe2K18
Cats Land (11 months ago)
Faraz Sarwer there are not there cuz this list is worst
Party 1004Man (11 months ago)
God of war everytime is the best .......
Zee Nee (11 months ago)
Olympus is not enough for kratos now his next target is Asgard
Catrunner S. (11 months ago)
Why shadow of colossus price cost $60 ?
Michael Riddim (11 months ago)
I thought the same thing should be $40
Ace D (11 months ago)
Actually only played on PS4 not like all shitbox games played on PC. lol so sad too bad shitbox fucktards
Drogon 298 (11 months ago)
Ace D Yeah PC and PS4 cover everything you need. I love the Xbots making desperate comments like, "but no one plays ps4 exclusives. They're not good." Or a guy in this thread that said, "half the titles don't have release dates." At least there are titles. What do they have? Scale bound? Oh wait it got canceled. Well at least they have Crackdown. Oh it got pushed back. Oh, it's coming out on ps4 as well.... lol
Lady J (11 months ago)
I don't need shitbox i have a pc and ps4
Dávid (11 months ago)
i love people like him that need to justify their purchase by shittalking others
Logan and Annika (11 months ago)
Yeah literally calm down
Dávid (11 months ago)
chill xd
kahara (11 months ago)
who would play hundreds of hours on vr?
Ong Yu Xuan (11 months ago)
Why no kingdom hearts 3......
Berrlett-At-Gameplay (11 months ago)
Ong Yu Xuan not exclusive coming on Xbox one too
sunsbookishgamesx (11 months ago)
Shadow of the colossus, Gran turismo, wild, Detroit, the last of us part 2 - that's what's up
Craymon Ham (11 months ago)
sunsbookishgamesx Damn u like video games?
sunsbookishgamesx (11 months ago)
I know my channel is mainly nintnedo based but sony really does kill it, there is so many games for it 😍
Christopher Harte (11 months ago)
sunsbookishgamesx your channel rocks!!!
xTRUxGxBEBEx (11 months ago)
Add ps4 on your channel
Jonadab Condeno (11 months ago)
Wild seems interesting to me.
sunsbookishgamesx (11 months ago)
Jonadab Condeno yes it looks beautiful to me
Catch (11 months ago)
Its not rumors , naughty dog has confirmed that ellie is the main character. The biggest fan theory is that joel is dead Or dies early and ellie can still se him in her own mind.
Catch (11 months ago)
Days gone actually has a release date in europe Its like december 29th 2017
Catch (11 months ago)
Sami Khan oh My bad
Clorox Bleach (11 months ago)
That's just a place holder and not the actual release date
Sir Galahad (11 months ago)
[ #whatoplay ] I expected *Death Stranding* to be #1
esperCELL (11 months ago)
FFVII Remake looks lagging there hope they will push it toward ps5 as launch title since these jaguars on ps4 are utter crap
Aes Silver Fang (11 months ago)
FF 7 remake is coming to xbox tho???
Aes Silver Fang (11 months ago)
berrlett oh ok just my gaming store is advertising it as a place holder
Berrlett-At-Gameplay (11 months ago)
Aes Silver Fang not clear for now, at first it was announced first on PS4 but then when square enix is asked about multiplatform they refuse to say anything promoting ideas it's only on PS and it's announced only on PS on all gaming media, outlets and websites.
AngelTribalWolf (11 months ago)
Great Video!!, Love PlayStation, can you do 25 playscore horror games on 3DS or however many you can find, theres really good ones on there, love your videos :9
White Night (11 months ago)
Cant wait to emulate all of them on my pc
ggisfat DX! (11 months ago)
Black Fox ffs
shahid khan (11 months ago)
Most of the games don't even have a confirmed release date ?? "PlayStation 5 looks good , coming out sometime in 2020.. ohhhh kayyy
Joker- J (8 months ago)
If Like you could buy ps5
shahid khan (10 months ago)
DewMe Papi I agree. I just think they are gonna drag the next console out and have a rest for a bit
DewMe Papi (11 months ago)
That kinda sucks if true.. PS has ways stuck to their "5 year" release date :/
shahid khan (11 months ago)
Familyguy Interesting that one . I guess that the games shown in the video have all passed production and will definitely get a release date . You would hope seeing that this video I think was ahead of the game by a lot of months rather than instead staying in the present by a few weeks of release dates
shahid khan (11 months ago)
Cry About it Hahaha that's exactly how it went down in this video. At any point games can be cancelled too. So I think sometimes these videos are ahead of the game a little bit too much !
shahid khan (11 months ago)
Hahhahaha Condom Versus is being released. WHAT!!??!?
Ben Santos (11 months ago)
Atachzy (11 months ago)
Homeless Emperor they can have them, as long as we still get bunch of exclusives. No point in Xbox one x, when you have expensive PC, same games.
Golden Sperm (11 months ago)
Ben Santos oh... Haha but lately the Xbox fanboys are bashing Ps4 cus they have a superior console specs now
Ben Santos (11 months ago)
Homeless Emperor I'm talking about PC stereotypes.😂
Golden Sperm (11 months ago)
Ben Santos *cough* Xbox one x
Nickie Archua (11 months ago)
Wow! I think Gundam Versus is a good game!
bonifacio_kid (11 months ago)
I can't wait to play Ellie.
untseac (11 months ago)
Not impressed by this list. No I'm not an Xbox fan or a Sony hater. I'm just not impressed. I guess at least Death Standing will be good.
untseac (11 months ago)
Lynda D'great I'm sure it will be but it's just not a game I'm interested in. In fact all of these games will probably be great sellers.
untseac (11 months ago)
MiracleLag I don't like Xbox brand or Microsoft in general but for other reasons. I don't think Microsoft cares that much about gaming. At least not directly.
Lynda D'great (11 months ago)
untseac no !!!! you should impress because god of war will be the great selling in 2018
MiracleLag (11 months ago)
untseac at least you dont got an xbox, that thing has barely anything exclusive coming out
untseac (11 months ago)
Darth Revan not that interested. Maybe Last of Us but the other two not so much. But that's just me.
untseac (11 months ago)
Final Fantasy 7 remake fighting style will be like Kigdom Hearts? Bah disappointed. Don't fix what's working.
Zacky Monarch (11 months ago)
this why you buy ps4 not xbox one sad
Barrythe Speedster (11 months ago)
Halo is the only game i like that isn't for playstation which is not a good selling point
Logan and Annika (11 months ago)
Yeah unless you know, you just have different tastes. Like halo.
sunsbookishgamesx (11 months ago)
eko setiadi you know it
Devon Grant (11 months ago)
Half of the games have been known for 1 year already, going on 2 years soon. Half with no release date. Anything can sound good if your giving games 2 years to come out since being mentioned.
Arturo Sanchez (9 months ago)
I think death stranding will be release in 2020 :v
Astrom34 (11 months ago)
Ok! now jjust do a xbox one top 15 exclusive !! Oh wait... can they really even do a real one ?
BlackDoge (11 months ago)
top 3 maybe
Golden Sperm (11 months ago)
They can if they put all halo and forza from back compat lol 😂
Alex Townley (11 months ago)
Uhhh playing as Ellie isn't a "rumor" Neil Druckmann himself confirmed that when the fucking game was announced at PSX… 😂
Tariq Hassan (11 months ago)
Amazing line up😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
evmatic89 (11 months ago)
Final fantasy 9 was remade for ps4? Or did he mean 12?
Raul Rojas (11 months ago)
is on the PSN store at 16$ with trophys and shit ( 1000 jump in rope is the most bullshit trophy in the game ><) i s not a REMAKE rather a PORT of the PC remaster that came out not so long ago on steam
maine Bail (11 months ago)
evmatic89 FF 9 remastered for the ps4
Berrlett-At-Gameplay (11 months ago)
evmatic89 it is getting a remake for the PS4 it was announced few days ago at the TGS.
DJK1NG Gaming (11 months ago)
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle isn't confirmed for any platforms. Do some research before you include games for a single platform.
InfamousJoshy91 (11 months ago)
Xbone has zero exclusives this year. Hold those L' s xsluts
Tselel Leb (10 months ago)
InfamousJoshy91 But...but...but. Cuphead and PUBG.. 😂 plays them on PC.
Atachzy (11 months ago)
Bowser Koopa yep, you just play all those games on pc and get that sweet 60+ FPS on all games.
Bowser Koopa (11 months ago)
xbox lose all exclusives, cos you can play all his games in the pc
AngloLatino (11 months ago)
the fact that xbox fans are bragging about cuphead and PUBG is a bad sign
Atachzy (11 months ago)
I heard a lot of bad things about Skyrim VR, one of those is moving by teleporting...
Willy_Th3_ Walrus (9 months ago)
Ewwwww teleporting... I’ll keep it on my switch
GHiZA (11 months ago)
Carefull! The switch is comming for u!
B Matter (11 months ago)
switch have a different market with ps4
Vfopie jcod (11 months ago)
aaron garcia Careful! The Last Of Us 2 is coming for You! Fixed!
Alu Lyis (11 months ago)
Don_ p75 ehm.. mario and xenoblade alone are better than this whole list.. this list uses a dlc for horizon as an exclusive game and remakes/remasters of already existing games..
sunsbookishgamesx (11 months ago)
aaron garcia I adore my switch but 👀
Don_ p75 (11 months ago)
aaron garcia the switch has no chance lol
Icy Grim (11 months ago)
Icy Grim (11 months ago)
Umang Shakya you don't even have a life. How sad 😉
Umang Shakya (11 months ago)
15 15 you can't even spell first, how sad😢

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