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Farm Tractor Games + Mie Tracteur in Action !! Kalmthoutse Hoeve Feesten 16 6 2013

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Lots of classic tractor action on the main field of this event , see Mie Tracteur makin a great time with her old M.A.N.
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Steven Murphy (3 years ago)
Nice tractors I recognized the John Deere,Farmall, fendt, and Porsche nice demonstration
Steven Murphy (3 years ago)
I'd like to drive that Farmall Itlooks like an MTA model late 40's early fifties
dutchurbanminer (3 years ago)
We keep those older tractors alive , Always great events , lots of people visiting , good food and drinks , a bit of sun , what more do you want ?
dutchurbanminer (5 years ago)
There are times in traffic I would love to have a big tractor , with a big plow in front , Want right of Way ?? Me too....
88GTi (5 years ago)
Great Video Pablo! Really enjoyed it! Thank You! You keep making me want a Tractor...haha!!! :)
dutchurbanminer (5 years ago)
Dont scratch the Scudo's paint....
cool tractor games :-) I want a go...... :-)

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