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5 Funniest Fallout 4 MODS

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► Get more: http://bit.ly/XboxOnSubscribe Hit LIKE and be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you never miss brand-new unboxings, exclusive gameplay and LOADS more. Leave it to the Fallout 4 modding community to bring some laughter and joy to the bleak wasteland that is The Commonwealth. Ellen lists off 5 of the funniest Fallout 4 mods to grace the wasteland. ___ Xbox On is the home for all things Xbox from features on your favourite games to the worlds' hardest Achievements and everything in between. Join our Xbox experts Benny Central, Ellen Rose and Graeme “AceyBongos” Boyd for the latest and greatest games including Gears of War 4, Quantum Break, Crackdown 3 as well as E3, Gamescom and EGX. Subscribe now: http://bit.ly/XboxOnSubscribe • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xboxuk • Twitter: https://twitter.com/xboxuk • Instagram: https://instagram.com/xboxuk/
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Text Comments (115)
GamerCris (1 month ago)
The dovahkiin mod doesn't work for me It does no damage and none of the attacks send them flying
Jamie B (2 months ago)
The people Ragdoll flying reminds me of the Incredible Hulk for the Xbox 360 where you can throw people just like that
Rookie Master (2 months ago)
RKO Sneak kill mod, that has to happen
Rasmus Vavilov (2 months ago)
I loved the olla roch and jhon cena and word power and the pew
Minecraft, FNAF, AndMore (3 months ago)
Who knows that song that people made from Skyrim That has the lyrics “praise the lord f***ing cool oh my god
I know what makes you laugh GIVE ME JET
Tino Trivino (3 months ago)
you talk and talk and talk....let us hear the sound common!!!
Lex Derp (4 months ago)
“Olla” -Roach the Radroach
TheComedyGamingNetwork (5 months ago)
Pandaz Gamez (5 months ago)
Weres steve the reproach
Dazz-Typhon-Yu (6 months ago)
caboose the god (6 months ago)
Are you sure the pew lazers are for xbox because I searched and nothing came up even just searching lazer ,lazers etc
Alec Straub (7 months ago)
There's a mod that makes super mutant suiciders shout 'ALLAHU AKBAR!'
the normal guy (8 months ago)
i must get that pew gunsound mod in my life
kageyfna (8 months ago)
"Al-oo-min-ee-um cans"
thatbarneyguy 657 (8 months ago)
"you made have heard this game before Skyrim"
Saucy Boi (9 months ago)
My name jeff mod
NicktheNoob (9 months ago)
Gatling laser: Pewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpew
WesternWolf (10 months ago)
JOHN CENA PEW PEW Lmao They should have John Cena play for the stealth boy.
mayap6428 (11 months ago)
Roach.. the radroach 😂💯
CXULT (11 months ago)
Kyle Dennis (11 months ago)
that radroach mod is racist
Xeytal Xdmaple8 (10 months ago)
Kyle Dennis How?
Mason B5 (1 year ago)
xbox succz
Air Barbarian (1 year ago)
I am so downloading everyone of these mods
lintlickerben (1 year ago)
1:30 "Aluminium"
Ben Williams (1 month ago)
Zero Bahamut al-u-min-i-um
Domestos Bleach (1 month ago)
Ben Williams I am too
Ben Williams (1 month ago)
Domestos Bleach correct... I'm british
Domestos Bleach (1 month ago)
you do realise that the British made the name Alluminium, right?
Zero Bahamut (8 months ago)
UH-LOOM-E-NUM, NOT ALLU-MINI-UM. the british version sounds awful, same for your version of garage.
Marcelery Stick (1 year ago)
What is this, TF2? But can you backstab with the frying pan?
fallout lover (1 year ago)
i need subscribers for my channel i will be my first video when i get the dlc version my channel is fallout lover
NicktheNoob (9 months ago)
That's spam stop spamming and get a life
dueling fishboy (1 year ago)
I have a mod where every time I level up I do a super saiyan scream
Ig s (1 year ago)
A Mexican Roach :V
Joseph Gallaway (1 year ago)
Es la cucaracha
cheapshotninja (1 year ago)
OmG ELLEN!!! Such a nice surprise seeing your older videos.
jenniw9999 (1 year ago)
John Cena and the Pewpewpewpewpewpew mods are too good... I choose them both
_griffypeaches _ (1 year ago)
this video was exactly what a normie wanted.
max Marquez (1 year ago)
I love that john Cena mod
Legendary Gamer Mafia (1 year ago)
the pew pew laser mod makes you feel good you died with that enbarrasing sound
Scott Brown (1 year ago)
That John cena one is so funny 😂
BenTheNerd (1 year ago)
I play with the "Suprise Mothafucka" mod that plays "Suprise Mothafucka" after stealth attacks and critical hits.
Bradlee Apodaco (5 months ago)
mayap6428 (11 months ago)
Dr Gabe (1 year ago)
The first mod is Tf2 in a nuttchell
Pink Guy (1 year ago)
Dammit I need to switch to Xbox
Farmer Maggot (8 months ago)
Pink Guy or pc
Pugzee (1 year ago)
Synystr7 (1 year ago)
Booooooo. I thought it was Roach from the witcher.
Sylvester Savage (1 year ago)
what about the Donald trump companion mod lol
Big Orton (1 year ago)
I lost it when the radroach said Olla
Oddtick 8 (1 year ago)
Hg Ssnipes (1 year ago)
call it the tangled mod with the frying pan
Evac 115 (2 years ago)
I'M JOHN FREAKIN CENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Teeny Warrior _ (2 years ago)
Manly Generation (1 year ago)
124214324 324321432 (2 years ago)
the roach speaks spanish, that's actually racist but very funny hahaha
Condemned Jester (2 years ago)
Mysterious cena is still better
patrick Katalenas (2 years ago)
1:50 HOLD UP is that a sentry turret modded to looks like R2-D2??? XD
Glacier Frostclaw (2 years ago)
disappointed that Immersive Facial Animations wasn't on the list.
Laura E (2 years ago)
Thomas Hague (2 years ago)
I'm disappointed the Radroach isn't called Steve
TheFridayVerse (1 year ago)
Chris Hansen (1 year ago)
Thomas Hague there's a mod for that
Ali Alajmi (2 years ago)
PS4 mods are funnier 😏
MrBigot Gotem (1 year ago)
Ali Alajmi your joke is funnier. Hehehehe. But I am a PS4 gamer and I love PS4 but I'm sad their is no PS4 mods.
Cave Crafters (2 years ago)
smepic10 (2 years ago)
Definitely the second to last one!
Smashbroboy Gaming (2 years ago)
Karl Long (2 years ago)
well done and 👏 for the modder,s and id have to say the night vision goggles very cool
IC gaming league (2 years ago)
They are all awesome especially the John cena
Depressed Dolphin (2 years ago)
Justin Overholser (2 years ago)
Could you imagine the pew lasers as John cena I'd be like jjjjjjjjjjohn cena
Blithe Painter (2 years ago)
Hi Xbox and Comments. If I add mods to my game does that mean I can not get any achievements?
Bradlee Apodaco (5 months ago)
Achievements are disabled when using any mod as you can just cheat your way through the game. I have a clean save where i dont use anymods so i can get achievements, and a modded account
Just complete the game then install mods for your next play through
Blithe Painter (2 years ago)
+joe carroll for now I can. I will have to get it after I have all the achievements.
Sheri Hendrix (2 years ago)
+Blithe Painter I think you can get achievements back If you disable all the mods and go back to a save/character without mods
joe carroll (2 years ago)
But can you really resist the company of roach the radroach? No. You can't.
Magiz (2 years ago)
OMG the pew pew pew mode. Must have! :D
Guerrilla Warfare (2 years ago)
No mods for PlayStation?
+Guerrilla Warfare thanks. My room can't fit much more than a 32" so I may need wait
Guerrilla Warfare (2 years ago)
+Random Username mine was $3000 and somethink but I know there's some out there that are like $400 that are like 50" or 60" brand new
How much was your 4K TV? Debating to get one soon
+Guerrilla Warfare I must be one of the only people that didn't like BO1. Then again I only really played campaign - something for me didn't gel
Guerrilla Warfare (2 years ago)
+Random Username yeah I have a 4K TV that supports HDR so I'm going to get the one s and I heard bo1 and Mw2 is going to be backwards compatible so I'm going to sell my ps4 tomorrow and get the one s
Mark Hilton (2 years ago)
it has to be frying pan and the JOHN CENA mod. especially when combined together XD
James Howell (2 years ago)
more fallout 4!!
LALM thelegendary (2 years ago)
dudududuuuu dudududuuuuuuu dudududuuuuuu
JdmKustoms Official (2 years ago)
Surprised why there's no Itishad Super Mutants or Allah Fatman's
I have the pew pew mod the frying pan mod the lone dovaking and the jon cena mod
Taynara (2 years ago)
my fallout 4 crashed
Useless Loser Club (2 years ago)
john cena mods my fav mod lol
papi spoopy (2 years ago)
I will now wait for my cartwheel across the commonwealth
اللمبي (2 years ago)
Guys can you give me name of mod that can give me items any items ?
maxiking135790 (2 years ago)
what did they use for infinite ammo
mannequinxxx (2 years ago)
Uhm, God Mode?
Francesco Caruso (2 years ago)
Nice vid
Attack Helicopter (2 years ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Connor Holt (2 years ago)
55th view
Nando Chicken (2 years ago)
King Croq (2 years ago)
not takeo ishi

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