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Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Official Live Action Trailer

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Text Comments (577)
Direktor Krennic (15 hours ago)
No matter what you think of the game (i love it) this trailer is awesome
licher1988 (23 days ago)
who know the girl name is
K-den (25 days ago)
Who plays with their PS4 sideways?
Carrie Benson (28 days ago)
I'm with the girl on this one
Elmo the rapist 2.0 (1 month ago)
The kid actor then died from hate and diebets
Qasim H (1 month ago)
I like star wars music
That was Kik ass...
Michal (1 month ago)
I think guy win
Jack Gee (1 month ago)
Looking like the killzone trailer
PyroCircuit (1 month ago)
*Execute order 69*
ghost 9 (1 month ago)
Es una pena que el juego sea actualmente una mierda y esté bien muerto
Kyle Kroeck (1 month ago)
“We were deceived by a lie, we all were.”
fadhil gaming F (1 month ago)
I hate EA
asian panda (1 month ago)
From simple pranks to attempted murder......when you piss bae off
Admiral Gial Ackbar (1 month ago)
Anybody else not going to question how she tried to actually kill him with an AT-AT
assassin1162 (1 month ago)
Pay 600$ in order to see extra 2 minutes of that trailer *BECAUSE WE'RE EA*
Adrián chanel (1 month ago)
Best trailer forever
M0tionL355Halo (1 month ago)
Better love story than twilight
This looks like a toy commercial than a video game
Zeusx2000 (1 month ago)
Empire is greatest
GAMINGTEENAGER (1 month ago)
How did we go from:"haha light and dark" to killing eachother
M.L C.R. (1 month ago)
Best game on xbox one x with 4k
The Cooking Channel (1 month ago)
I so so want Battlefront II but my PC can’t hold it
The Cooking Channel (1 month ago)
No 2017
Mickey Sneaky (1 month ago)
U mean 2005?
Russian Federation (1 month ago)
The lady got me to turn really horny
Russian Federation (1 month ago)
The sith girl is hot as hell, Ive always liked the galactic empire, Id Rule the world with her
Evan Mitsakis (1 month ago)
Better than episode 7 and 8 I can assure you
star wars lego (1 month ago)
Roger Roger
Roman sixnine (1 month ago)
0:38 damn he’s a cutey also I’m a girl on somebody’s account
Mickey Sneaky (1 month ago)
Russian Federation 30
Russian Federation (1 month ago)
Roman sixnine ok, how old are you??
HJMA9813955 (1 month ago)
заебысь рекламка
Doge Doge (1 month ago)
1:12: Holy friggin shit a simple feud escalated too fast.
Doge Doge (1 month ago)
This is weird
Johnny Mo (1 month ago)
this is fk noob game!! don't play i say pc Star Wars Battlefront 2 , fk , no people play fk EA game !!! noob server match , no serverserver browser , waste my money
Johnny Mo (1 month ago)
Sorry, I don't know English, I can only translate as much as possible.But this production company has destroyed Star Wars game.The number of computer players is seriously insufficient,
Mickey Sneaky (1 month ago)
Russian Federation how do u know hes under age? Maybe he is old but have a diffrent language as first language and Maybe he his trying to learn english as well
Russian Federation (1 month ago)
Johnny Mo your english is terrible, Clearly you are under age and that sums up this games players!
Artur Araśniewicz (1 month ago)
1:09 Boi
Private. J.Williamson (1 month ago)
Al principio pensé que los dos la hiban a palmar en una pelea de sables de luz xd
Cooper Brady (1 month ago)
I love this trailer!
Artur J (1 month ago)
For the Empire 🌐
TDurp (1 month ago)
That was actually pretty cool, to be fair.
Jackson Parker (1 month ago)
I'm probably the sith master
Atom 990 (1 month ago)
This is awesom!!
lol man (1 month ago)
1:12 he is look like Coutinho
Lord ciemności (2 months ago)
No nieźle
The girl is crazy
ZEPHYR (2 months ago)
The Dovalord (3 months ago)
I don't care how bad the game is, this trailer is amazing!
STAR VVARS (3 months ago)
goodwind3190 (3 months ago)
This was a cute commercial.
Eric (3 months ago)
“Rebel scum”
NY thegreat1046 (3 months ago)
Pretty cool
Landon Mcivor (3 months ago)
This is so cool
Joesaurus Rex (3 months ago)
Poe Dameron and Captain phasma comfirmed
Enrico Grillo (3 months ago)
Si sono fidanzati?
Chris Pluciński (3 months ago)
I live dark side!
Britton Productions (3 months ago)
Which side are you on?!
Napson 12 (1 month ago)
Britton Productions (3 months ago)
That Bringo (3 months ago)
Star Wars battlefront 2 leaked gameplay
Ali Gaming (4 months ago)
Execute order 69
Bé Táo (4 months ago)
I hate jedi :)) im darkside haha
DarchyYT Večerić (4 months ago)
Love Star Wars soooomuch
Jesper Eurén (4 months ago)
Strange. Didn't see any loot crates in this trailer.
BeeF LosS (3 months ago)
XxteaguexX60 gaming (4 months ago)
Aw they make a cute couple who always try to kill each other
Hell Arrow Noe (4 months ago)
Harry Hufflepuff (4 months ago)
What about the kid who supports the CIS
ryle guinez (4 months ago)
this is why i joined the dark side
NeddyWallaby 20 (4 months ago)
that trailer better than new trilogy
NeddyWallaby 20 (4 months ago)
1:18 pubg: star wars edition
mattia de groot (4 months ago)
Im a rebel u know that
John EDMONDS (4 months ago)
Go dark side !
My dreams...))
AxisYT (4 months ago)
0:25 Free user. 0:28 Paid user.
CARLOS PIMENTA (4 months ago)
Anony Mous (4 months ago)
i dont personally like the trailer but its very creative.
Bé Táo (4 months ago)
I dont why im soooooo love the darkside
SlenderHITT08 Gaming (4 months ago)
The gril have right the darkside is best.
NavarDerth (5 months ago)
Better love story than Episode VIII, better villain than Episode VIII and better screenplay than Episode VIII.
Dumb Comment (5 months ago)
Execute Order 59.99 wait what , no, I need to buy another DLC to sell the game? oh man :C
Dumb Comment (5 months ago)
there are no bad guys or good guys, just jedi and sith
bendy the ink demon (5 months ago)
empire for life
Ugljesa Mitrovic (5 months ago)
thats ma girl
Gunners (5 months ago)
Now only if they did battles that intense in the movies..... like Rouge One
Mr. Snarky (5 months ago)
Every Battlefront trailer: PS4 chime Establishing shot Light piano tune Announcer debriefing "Let's give them everything we've got!" "Push on!" "grenade incoming!" etc. Highly scripted gameplay shots of troopers slowly advancing out in the open (guaranteed to get you shot in a real match) Musical beats timed to blaster shots and explosions (best part of the trailers, in my opinion) Cut to black Badass intro of hero/villain Hero/villain gameplay interwoven with starfighter gameplay End with fan service moment
Alexander Schmitt (5 months ago)
and welcome fucking loot boxes...
flame boy production (5 months ago)
I vote that girl because she is the first order and galactic empire these
Lord Aidan (5 months ago)
Oh sheit the death tree
Joci_ 126 (5 months ago)
squarek (5 months ago)
MisterPro (5 months ago)
is it weird that i ship them?
Declan McNaughton (5 months ago)
i feel bad for her at birthday party she was the only one dressed as a stormtrooper
Так они поебались-то либо дудки?
Alejandro (5 months ago)
The Empire was right.
Alfie W (5 months ago)
In between some sucky fucky
Kłebo (5 months ago)
Only dark side !!!!!
Panda (5 months ago)
Dat aim is so bad
Fouzaan Noble (5 months ago)
Wow, first time seeing this, really awesome
Olliver Aira (5 months ago)
This isn't exactly what I thought of when I read "live action" but ok... ._.
L.S the King (5 months ago)
Go Empire !!!!!!!
Maximilian Schoch (5 months ago)
That escalated quickly

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