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FOR HONOR ALL Heroes Class Gameplay Trailers (Samurai / Viking / Knight Factions) 2017

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FOR HONOR ALL Heroes Class Gameplay Trailers (Samurai / Viking / Knight Factions) 2017 ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q ►Apply for Curse Network : http://bit.ly/1Mseqxc
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Text Comments (1276)
Kentrell Martin (1 day ago)
Samurai orochi
Crusader (1 day ago)
Kentrell Martin weaboo
Kentrell Martin (1 day ago)
Totally going to join the samurai
Adine the Wyvern (2 days ago)
That’s not a nodachi, it’s an odachi, big difference.
Ramen Nuddles (2 days ago)
Narration is cringy af.
Trash PotatoMan (4 days ago)
KỳNam Văn (4 days ago)
I am still waiting for a Viking or a Knight char that wield a big Hammer as their weapon.
/pol/ Agent (6 days ago)
Factions they should add: Chinese (EDIT: Already being added) Greeks (No need for explaining. Strong, beautiful and unmatched.) Prussians (Or basically ancient Slavs, they had some very cool weapons.) Factions they should NOT add: Arabs/Persians (Boring weapons and aesthetics) More Romans (Self explanatory) Mongols (Same as arabs, but also because they're very similar to the Chinese)
KỳNam Văn (4 days ago)
/pol/ Agent I'd love to have a spartan faction. We can have King Leonidas Legionare or sth
Skully Ninja (7 days ago)
Henry Maltby (9 days ago)
if no one has seen vikings the series then you're stupid. End of.
GVLasH (13 days ago)
11:09 *turns on the subtitles* *sees beef* forests of our lands said to be filled with the spirit of beef ....
Lie Mon (14 days ago)
i think chinese will do great in this game
adam etheridge (18 days ago)
Vikings are the most OP
Vishal Chaudhary (21 days ago)
Samurai are already the best
Majin Ketsu (26 days ago)
11:20 The Berserker weapons are the same as the one I use in Skyrim
Majin Ketsu (26 days ago)
Peacekeeper and LawBringer will be the only characters I try out
Kral Asgore (27 days ago)
My favorites is samurai
Benjamin Thibieroz (27 days ago)
Just to say: lawbringer is clearly way above all others. Warden and conqueror are good too, so are valkyrie, warlord and nobushi. The rest is crap and misinterpretations (not even talking about moves...). Raider is pure shit. Note: speaking in term of real warfare, not gameplay. Why don't you just gave samurais spears and bows?
timbo slice (28 days ago)
All that pride and passion poured into this then they release a trailer for on or two and they throw all these factions away and replace them. I could understand adding a faction not replacing
Jumping Buddy (29 days ago)
Shugoki smash!
Raul Balogh (29 days ago)
Warden is master of the long sword
yacir Rahov (1 month ago)
Superbe voice acting, nicely synced.. well done ubisoft!!
Jason Strom (1 month ago)
UBISOFT has another hit on their hands. This looks fantastic.
Jason Strom (1 month ago)
UBISOFT has another hit on their hands. This looks fantastic.
Dave Hart (1 month ago)
2:34 .. I like the Big Guy .. My favorite fighter ..
Harrison Largue (1 month ago)
Best Rock Paper Scissors game ever
Fredbear Fazbear (1 month ago)
Death than dishonor, my ancestors wrote a samurai book and it said that. My history dates back to the Jomon Period
OnlinePorkchop (1 month ago)
Great graphics!
Bogdan Veloni (1 month ago)
We can all agree that the fat boi is the superior fighter.
BLADE AMEER AMEER (1 month ago)
KRATOS can finish easy to all
The Anti Cancer (1 month ago)
Gotta admit, the first time I saw the Lawbringer's gameplay trailer, I thought it was fucking awesome
coolcrazy jay 57432 (1 month ago)
Lawbringer vs raider who wins? Neither only orochi
Mjolnir (1 month ago)
Deus Vult! you neckbeards and Weaboos!
Hminghlua FD GOD (1 month ago)
Always wanted to play this game and i never play but i choose Knight
Abdul Rahmam Bin Amil (2 months ago)
Shugoki is stronger then other samurai
Jose Gonzalez (2 months ago)
No honor
FaZe ZeRo (2 months ago)
the end gave me chills
Encio gamer (2 months ago)
I got the full game on PS4 you should buy it it's so cool!!!
Brayden Brown (2 months ago)
Aztec warrior class
r3sp3ct108 (2 months ago)
...worthless quality like other UBI games nowadays... :/
Marin Karimov (3 months ago)
7 Crøwnz (3 months ago)
Where's Daubeny? Daubeny! Daubeny show yourself!!!
ucha phutkaradze (3 months ago)
Hello pls samurai vs knight
REBORN CENTRAL (3 months ago)
The Berserker looks more like a raider and the Raider looks more like a Berserker
crazycharacter99 (3 months ago)
Shaman the better berserker
Looney Mar (3 months ago)
7:30 BY THE WAY.
JSS951121 (3 months ago)
baited by the trailer lmao
Maui 69 (3 months ago)
Should i get this game
Watch the before you buy the game
RolledFig (3 months ago)
ApoTex (3 months ago)
Where is season pass?
SuperFanFiction (3 months ago)
They could add an Archer Faction that comprises Snipers, Hunters, Assassins, Venomancers
RolledFig (3 months ago)
SuperFanFiction it would just destroy the whole idea of the game because people could just run away and keep shooting people, no more close combat
SuperFanFiction (3 months ago)
OP how?
RolledFig (3 months ago)
too op
Az Man (3 months ago)
I will join the samurai all day!!!!!!!!!
Phil Germany (3 months ago)
Anyone 2018?
ImABigNoob (3 months ago)
Phil Germany yeah
Roberto Paniagua (4 months ago)
Cuttive (4 months ago)
shugoki baby rules
GeneralErica (4 months ago)
axeflanker (4 months ago)
Damn fucking neat game.. at first sight it looked simple arcadian like movements.. but, fuck.. it's very complex, envolving, addictive...
Alexander Mcadams (4 months ago)
I find it funny seeing as there trying to promote one another character when u put em side by side each one gets demolished by a different character but that is how it needs to be as there needs to be balance
Albin Lundberg (4 months ago)
Ubisoft are legit horny about the frase ”we samurai”
Kamiakin Tomeo (4 months ago)
papa T (4 months ago)
You know that when you are from the land that vikings originate from, you will choose viking
Ulrich Medez (4 months ago)
I'm so in the vikings side, VALHALLA!!!!
MAR10 (4 months ago)
the lawbringer is the best one O______O
NerdreX Music (5 months ago)
Jonathan Schanke (5 months ago)
For 12 straight matches against bots I have faced only conquerers Those fucking shields
im dodo (5 months ago)
Arethrid (5 months ago)
The overdramatic narration gets annoying really fast.
Futurama pop (5 months ago)
witekdemski (5 months ago)
Kenney Cookies (5 months ago)
Why does the narrator sounds like SIX from Rainbow Six Siege.. (Only for the Japanese Fraction)
jek 21 (5 months ago)
You cant hit thrugh steel plate !!!!
pip troy (5 months ago)
This sucks dick
Deven Reynolds (5 months ago)
I kept falling asleep no joke
Leonidas The Great (5 months ago)
The Knights may be bad at winning the factions wars but they would absolutely skull fuck the samurai and vikings
The Extreme Headset (5 months ago)
ha ha ha obviously knights (vickings=animals) (samurais=weak)
Possum (5 months ago)
JenoPC (5 months ago)
3:12 - Sumo!
Mr Chopstick92 (5 months ago)
Kensai is da wey
Redharvest2000 (5 months ago)
Pole axe? Nigga u mean a halberd?
Inkompatibel (5 months ago)
Tz. Trailer spoils movesets from evry hero.
Havoc Da stick dude (5 months ago)
Welp, I’ll see you guys with the samurai cause I’m about kick ass.
Punk Paranoid (5 months ago)
Respect all players, who can play with basic Heroes and don't need "pay to win" unskilled shits.
Solomon Sinclair (5 months ago)
Video starts 4:24
Shape Snatch (6 months ago)
I just nutted at the lawbringer part
TmanTheTdog (6 months ago)
Even in the gameplay trailers they ledge people XD
Adam Hathaway (6 months ago)
Is anybody going for vikings????? There prettty goood tooooo
Deus Vult infidels
Constance Leclercq (6 months ago)
President disease fool abroad reserve bet area comprehensive defensive wash Muslim
AKA47 Ghost (6 months ago)
Fuck Vikings are born killers
Rafe Hardin (6 months ago)
Warden Main, Knight faction all the way
Angery Angery (6 months ago)
Angery Angery (6 months ago)
TheKersey475 (6 months ago)
If there was an Arabian/Saracen faction I think the 4 base warriors would be; -Ḥashāshīn (Assassin): Given how it's Ubisoft, this is self-explanatory. Can either be a copy of the Assassin Creed Assassins or just desert ninjas who dual-wield Janbiya curved daggers. -Mameluk (Heavy): Egyptian slave soldiers turned knightly military caste. They were mainly cavalry-based and thus are more heavily armored and wield a mace and a shield. -Janissary (Hybrid): Elite Ottoman slave infantry. The Yatagan saber was a signature weapon of the Janissaries, but the Zülüflü Baltacılar (Janissary palace guard) wielded Halberds so the Janissary could dual-wield halberd and saber to make them stand out from the other Hybrids. -Emir (Vanguard): "Emir" is a term that generally means "Commander" so these can be warrior-leaders of this faction and thus it's free game what they look like or wield.
Susan del peru
defaultboy1234 (6 months ago)
Wait I'm gonna join the samurai
defaultboy1234 (6 months ago)
I will join the KNIGHTS
Joshua Brown (6 months ago)
ti is time to kick same Ass
IRIE BI TRA ERIC (6 months ago)
For Honor KeyGenerator http://bit.ly/2BU0K1n
itz josh (6 months ago)
I went beserker
Tblitlebrownbear Reacts (6 months ago)
What year and month did this come out?
josecho1alf Raizen (6 months ago)
Shugoki , in the subtittles "sugar key" jajaja
MR SPACE BOI (6 months ago)
My favorite is kensei

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