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I'm Going to MALAYSIA! (PSX 2017!) - What games will I play?

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I'm flying to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to cover the first ever South East Asia Playstation Experience 2017! So what games am I looking forward to seeing in the event? #playstationAsia #PSX17SEA More details of the event in their webpage: https://asia.playstation.com/en-my/events/playstation-experience/ Thank you to Playstation Asia for sponsoring my trip to PSX 2017! FULL PLAYLIST of ALL my videos: https://goo.gl/mMhnLd Donate to our Gaming House: http://www.peenoiserealm.com/ My Let's plays of other Horror games: https://goo.gl/Yatsta Peenoise Squad Gameplays: https://goo.gl/F13AIO Steam Wishlist: http://steamcommunity.com/id/GLOCO/wishlist Support my channel in Patreon!: https://www.patreon.com/GLOCO Get updated with GLOCO for more Fun Gaming videos! Subscribe for more vids: http://bit.ly/GLOCOsub FaceBook: https://facebook.com/GLOCOgaming Twitter: https://twitter.com/GLOCOgaming Live stream: http://www.twitch.tv/glocogaming Hang out with me at our DISCORD channel: https://discord.gg/Yhm22Sz Buy Your favorite games for up to 90% off! Visit: https://www.g2a.com/r/gloco Get Partnered now with Freedom! MCN, the #1 network for youtubers: https://www.freedom.tm/via/GLOCO
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Text Comments (175)
Jon Hinson (1 year ago)
God of war4
Likes Dy (1 year ago)
cong paden haha
Adrian Chong (1 year ago)
i was a crew @ the redemption counter hahaha. i saw u for numerous attempts
ChannelofRandoms (1 year ago)
wow use google adsense to get money gloco
Vinsky gaming (1 year ago)
I wanta to play all game in ps4 iwant
Lean Arevalo (1 year ago)
dying light & last of us plsssss
hey gloco, i just want to ask , do you know any filipino games for playstation?.. seriously.. just curious..
Zyrus Jade (1 year ago)
Laruin mo fluffy bird
TheRumoredOne (1 year ago)
kelangan yta ng plansta
Lenard Lopez (1 year ago)
Gloco laruin mo yung Dragon Nest Sea :) maganda RPG tapos may mga scene dun i dubbed mo :)
kite was here (1 year ago)
sir GLOCO, please please if there will be a demo for Monster Hunter World, play it and share your experience and thoughts about that game
kwebel naiko (1 year ago)
gloco play pornhub,beeg,youjezz,
DFADGE7K (1 year ago)
Maglaro ka ng naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 4 road to boruto
Mcclownoffraud 0749 (1 year ago)
PlayStation All-Stars 2 needs to be confirmed help me make it happen by spaming on PlayStations twitter
Gloco notice mo si aqouh!!
Master Rage (1 year ago)
Gloco play Black OPS III pls..
Luer96 (1 year ago)
GTA V. Like if you agree
Reave (1 year ago)
senpai laro ka Paladins. available sya sa steam free pa
andrei makisig (1 year ago)
Gloco mag react ka nman sa movie na Kita kita
RyeCa'rcel (1 year ago)
Gloco please play Subway Surf.
vGoldzz (1 year ago)
You got ps4?
Jherzoned (1 year ago)
Gloco what happen to your Asus Mic?
Cyy (1 year ago)
PlayStation? Syphoon Filter and Metal Gear series syempre.
Utot Man (1 year ago)
I believe stifled is from lurking? I played it before on gamejolt and it's really cool and thought of it having a good potential and here it is, in ps4 :D
Nikorain (1 year ago)
ENGLAND IS MY CITY yo boi nick
Cj SanMiguel (1 year ago)
Gloco Play Dark Souls 3 at Bloodborne hahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahha
Kayhley Ariell Balico (1 year ago)
Gloco play dota 2 pls
Asher The Thief (1 year ago)
Vlog plox!!!!
Void Morpheus (1 year ago)
Ni no kuni 2
lCHUPOY TV (1 year ago)
Dragon ball wth
][ (1 year ago)
Eyy Gloco play The Last of Us pls
KIROTS Gaming (1 year ago)
Awesome GLOCO!!!
Dissidia is one of the best game bro!!! You should really try it!
The pokemon like game is very interesting. Good luck there bro! Have fun!
Final fantsy vii!!!!! Let's go!
DANIEL Gaming (1 year ago)
free meme for u (1 year ago)
Gloco Plss Play Crossfire!
Kuro (1 year ago)
Energetic Legend (1 year ago)
Minecraft with friends or Resident evil
GAMER Gaming (1 year ago)
Philippines is my street
XxPROF PLAYSxX (1 year ago)
english speaking
Sketch dude (1 year ago)
Tekken 7!
Poofie Rolls (1 year ago)
Omg I wish I could meet you but I have exam coming soon 💀 you're legit my favourite Filipino youtuber (eventho sometime I don't understand what you're saying). Hope you have fun in KL!!!
Jose Cube (1 year ago)
Gloco alam ko lalaruin mo ung Life is Strange:Before the Storm pero sana laruin mo ung Life is Strange ng Dontnod games yun lng request ko hahaha
Gabriel Martinez (1 year ago)
minecraft hahaha
DJ Echo (1 year ago)
Have a safe trip GLOCO! hahaha
Nohandlebars (1 year ago)
Hoy putang ina ShutOut mo ko
SsOpacitas Xx (1 year ago)
Omg come to penang please Gloco let's meet up >.<
Zairii (1 year ago)
play Minecraft
ArifYollo (1 year ago)
my country !!malaysia
ArifYollo (1 year ago)
SsOpacitas Xx selangor
SsOpacitas Xx (1 year ago)
yoooowwww not my country but i live in malaysia. Which part are you in?
Carl Johnson (1 year ago)
Putang ina
Kurumi Tokisaki (1 year ago)
Kuya gloco react ka sa new cinematic ng League of Legend yung Mortal Reminder BTW ingat ka pala
Dark Repulser (1 year ago)
Senpai yung days gone
Dark Repulser (1 year ago)
Senpai!! Pwede nyu po laruin yung uncharted lost legacy pag labad sa pinas
Riku the violet bunny (1 year ago)
Salam dari Malaysia! I'm not in Kuala Lumpur, but I really hope to see you Gloco-sama!
uzumaki naruto (1 year ago)
buti ka pa gloco nakakainggit ka pavlog ka na lang tapos ka na sa pagiging estudyante nakakainggit buhay mo
Clayd Manuel (1 year ago)
tekken 7!
DRAYMOND GREEN (1 year ago)
mag pagupit ka na lang mukha kang adik
DRAYMOND GREEN (1 year ago)
DRAYMOND GREEN (1 year ago)
bata ampota manahimik ka na lang
DRAYMOND GREEN (1 year ago)
fuck off bitch
SsOpacitas Xx (1 year ago)
please delete your youtube account thank you
Neo Tinamisan (1 year ago)
GLOCO dala ka Souvenir!!!!
Kusuo Saiki (1 year ago)
tang ina ang ganda nung dragon ball nayun ah.
アルミル (1 year ago)
OMG GLOCO!! I'm sadd I can't meet you! Been a fan yo! Hope you have fun in Malaysia!
Shawn Garcia (1 year ago)
Take care Gloco.... HAHAHA! Pasalubong... ^_^
Lester Alisuag (1 year ago)
In Patient - eto yung prequel ng Until Dawn idol
Zarrine Calderon (1 year ago)
Mas maganda ung EVERWING
TykesG (1 year ago)
a really short game 16 mins there we gooo <3
Keanno Peliña (1 year ago)
Play Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
AKOSI EDUARD (1 year ago)
Malaubs Gaming (1 year ago)
Ingat senpai :)
Mikel Dizon (1 year ago)
Astig Far cry 5
ronald Sanders (1 year ago)
Masmaganda sims 4
Amapola Alberne (1 year ago)
Block Gawa ka ng attack on titans tagalog parody.Likebif u agree
BarryFromEarth (1 year ago)
Sir gloco pano po mag download po ng dota 2 pls po patulong
SsOpacitas Xx (1 year ago)
Download steam bro
ms taken (1 year ago)
MOBA LIFE Store.steampowered.com dyan boss Dalawa ang I DL mo Steam at Dota2.. Make sure na kaya ng Pc mu yan medyo malakihan ung files...
G4B TV (1 year ago)
mag vlog ka po papuntang malaysia hahahaha
Screampie (1 year ago)
Wow! Congrats GLOCO, Lots of opportunity coming for ye. Goodluck Mate, Proud Filipino fella over here! :)
Mi Ya (1 year ago)
Kua gloco vlog ka ha
Leo Zachary Monghit (1 year ago)
Laruin nyo po ay ROBLOX, yung classic na RE, o kaya e horror games
Ultus Veigh (1 year ago)
I hope they'll show us some progress of FF VII Remake..
Gab Pogi (1 year ago)
Maganda yan
Ultus Veigh (1 year ago)
Swag Android (1 year ago)
DAB POLICE (1 year ago)
gta 5 is 1 dead iland is 2 dyingligth is3 or out last 2/ 1
your the best pinoy gamer
Juan Carlos Celestino (1 year ago)
Laruin mo yung COD WWII
Harith Muzammil (1 year ago)
love from malaysia <3 im not gay
Harith Muzammil (1 year ago)
also pls play MONSTER HUNTER WORLD its damn amazing
Elmo louis (1 year ago)
Gloco go play dyinglight
Mr. Muscles (1 year ago)
Go to vortex hotel its nice there
Edward Del Rosario (1 year ago)
Cy Pogi (1 year ago)
Monster hunter series gloco!!
Mr. Jawo (1 year ago)
laro ka ng horizon zero dawn
Kazuro Gammaru (1 year ago)
laruin mo na sin ung persona 555555
B4S!C (1 year ago)
My father will go to malaytsia This week
Kazuro Gammaru (1 year ago)
laruin mo ung dissidia gloco maganda un!!
YABOI FATMAN (1 year ago)
"VERY SHORT VIDEO",,,,lasts 16 mins
Bullseye (1 year ago)
omg i wanna meet u there. i live in kuala lumpur
jasper jonas cainila (1 year ago)
GLOCO please Play UNCHARTED 4,MONSTER HUNTER,BEYOND GOOD OR EVIL and I Know You Said Playstation Games.But PlEase Play Also Skyrim...promise It Is Perfect Gamr For You...you Can Fight Or Hunt Dragons,you Can Also Go FishiNg,Ghost HunTing
LeXiCoN TV (1 year ago)
That will be a looking forward experience for every savvy gamers...
Waiting for wwe2k18 to be released....
Jersjew Derder (1 year ago)
Fafa Gloco! Yung reactions mo naman sa mga napapanuod mong mga anime.
hey idol can you play the joy of creation

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