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Final Fantasy XV 7 NEW AMAZING Things You Need to Know

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Text Comments (171)
CubeMster (2 years ago)
it's called an OVA if it's only 5 episodes.... go learn something
CubeMster (1 year ago)
oishii.t uneducated opinion
squidlena (1 year ago)
Kehlsteinhaus7 my opinion
CubeMster (1 year ago)
oishii.t you don't even know what a weeb is let alone have the right to label me one.
squidlena (1 year ago)
Kehlsteinhaus7 there's people that don't even watch that shit calm the fuck down. Sorry that everyone doesn't know what u know
CubeMster (1 year ago)
oishii.t yet you play Japanese games and watch Japanese movies... learn what you are watching
April Aballa (2 years ago)
can you play it in Japanese dub instead of the English dub?
Fred Fredsen (2 years ago)
I think its a bit wired to play 4 guys all dressed in black riding around in a car...... are they some kind of japanese emo-goth-rockband ?!?!?! The characters in all other FF titels look so much more unique!
squidlena (1 year ago)
Fred Fredsen ok bye
Matt Reed (2 years ago)
Lol ok
Îngwaz (2 years ago)
this game will be better than any metalgear. im sad and happy when i say this.
Alex San Lyra (2 years ago)
I don't praise games before I play them. Sure, I hope the game is good, but after all those "Lightning" games.......... meh, I'm still a bit skeptical.
CogniVision (2 years ago)
Loving all the hype from retards for this piece of shit game.
Sophie Hitchcox (2 years ago)
Silly question how do you get the first demo? I have the new demo but how do I get the first is it something to do with FF0?
Sophie Hitchcox (2 years ago)
OK thanks :)
imrickjamesiii (2 years ago)
not sure if its still available but it came with FF type-0.
Du'an Robinson (2 years ago)
needs co op[
Last Walts (2 years ago)
.....life is gud....
Stonehawk (2 years ago)
... Yeah, I'm pretty stoked alright. Shame they expect me to buy a PS4 for this. I'd have preferred a high end PC release, given that a $700 PC can blow any $800.00 console out of the water in raw numbers performance-wise. I'm talking hard numbers; CPU operations per second, RAM size as well as clock speed, any damn hard disk size you want, graphical resolution and frame rate. Every measurable performance stat, really. I can see how hard Square/Enix is working on this. I am rooting for them. I really hope it's good and worth their investment. So much so that I might just buy the game even without a console and wait for the emulation scene to catch up.
Monius13 (2 years ago)
The director said he plans to release it to the pc. but he don't want to port it. He wants to pretty much make it again for the pc to take full advantage of pc hardware. unfortunately, he gave no date, so we could wait a while. I've got a ps4, but I'd still buy it twice if that happened.
LIQUID SNAKE (2 years ago)
attacking noctis? its noctis summon...
RedRamekRaze7 (2 years ago)
This is the game I been waiting for all my life, seriously.
MiGz Williams (2 years ago)
i know i signed up for PC master race for about a decade now but i think its Time i purchase a ps4. no way im letting FF15 miss me since im a HUGGGGE fan of the series
MiGz Williams (2 years ago)
+TooToo246 interesting indeed. hope its not a direct port. those are horrible
TooToo246 (2 years ago)
This is very interesting; http://www.gamespot.com/articles/final-fantasy-15-might-be-coming-to-pc/1100-6434443/
TooToo246 (2 years ago)
well, all FF games come to PC sooner or later. But I have a feeling FF15 won't take too long before we see it on PC. The high demand will compel SE to port over to PC much sooner
Monius13 (2 years ago)
+Miguel Williams the pc version gave no release date. The director just said he had plans to pretty much remake it for pc. so, if you don't want to wait for what could likely be a couple years, you'll still need a console. Which I don't mind. already have my ps4. and a pc. I don't choose sides. lol but I stay away from xbox, since they're trying to ruin pc gaming. lol
MiGz Williams (2 years ago)
+TooToo246 u lieeeeeeeeeeee for real? means i dont need to waste money on a ps4?
Rookie (2 years ago)
Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Sasuke?
Recon Specialist (2 years ago)
How could we trick people into paying 200 for a 60 game? Lets put some books and a toy in it & call it the super deluxe platinum edition & pretend we sold out, drive americans crazy
Jeremy Saito (2 years ago)
EQUIX_SON_FRENT (2 years ago)
What is the name of movie pls?
EQUIX_SON_FRENT (2 years ago)
+mommozz123 thank you bro
mommozz123 (2 years ago)
+EQUIX_SON_FRENT The guy repeated it like 3 times. It's called Kingsglaive
Leo Craveiro (2 years ago)
Special editions, downloads, levels to buy, online games, a thousand settings in the console and another thousand in the game, something goes wrong in the HQ and every console around the world fails, random new demo offers, continues notifications about what other people are doing, adverts, a million upgrades in and out of the game And this is just what I've seen my best friend doing, whatever happened to getting a game and playing it plain and simple? I miss my PS2
lildevilboi7 (2 years ago)
It wasn't a giant hybrid colossus/Titan attacking noctis. It was the summon Titan protecting Noctis, similar as to how Ramuh acts in the episode Duscae demo
Rafael Parungao (2 years ago)
I keep seeing Sasuke
Perry D (2 years ago)
the "giant colossus titan hybrid" is Titan and this is him performing his attack as a summon. he punches the ground with one hand while he holds Noct in the other, protecting him.
Lukas Reid (2 years ago)
dat R8 doe
tangbein (2 years ago)
man I like the summons in this game so much more! they have more this traditional look instead of being robots or having this over the top design. wanna design carbuncle? make him a greenish tiny racoon - which is what he is supposed to be! also the song playing in the background during the demo there, is that the carbuncle song from ff9?
Boskobo (2 years ago)
3.26 what the fuck was that Framerate
Bwansson (2 years ago)
+Boskobo If you had more than two brain cells, then you would realize that most of the footage used in the video was recorded from a stream. Keep your delusions to yourself, kiddo.
Klazyo (2 years ago)
You forgot the best thing You need to know is that the game gona suck very hard
Alter A (2 years ago)
+Klazyo "Truth". Yeah right.
Klazyo (2 years ago)
+Alter A Thats the truth and remember my words . I Know when an Rpg Will suck you see the thing that will surprise me is not that the game  will suck but the contrary that the game will be good 
Alter A (2 years ago)
Sureeee. Keep telling yourself that.
hithummah (2 years ago)
no.8 the pc port will be the definitive version when and if it comes out.
jambu95 (2 years ago)
OPRPG, Open world rocket propelled grenade.
Chicken Wing Boy (2 years ago)
Is this the same guy from cultofmush
jotaroxtreme (2 years ago)
+Mrzombieslasher24 Yes
tonerton (2 years ago)
The titan picked up Noctis though, he was attacking somebody else or the ground.
tonerton (2 years ago)
+vana lemoni hahaha the only stupid one here is.. YOU. Go fuck yourself retard. hahahahahaha 8 year olds like you should stop this idiotic gestures, but hey! it's entertaining. haha FUCKTARD hahahaha
tonerton (2 years ago)
+Hilman Uh yeah so? What's your point? My point is Titan is an ally and he picked up Noctis just like what Ramuh did in Episode duscae you dumbshit
Hilman (2 years ago)
well in the platinum demo you can see that the titan showed up and carbuncle said that you shouldn't scared of him 01:48
tonerton (2 years ago)
I can't wait for the game! Subscribed. :)
game nerd (2 years ago)
I guess we can expect aegis to die in the movie
Diego Brando (2 years ago)
I hate the theme by Florence and the Machine. Why in the fuck did they choose a lame ass cover by an overrated folk jam band??
Rudy Amendolaro (2 years ago)
I got my Ultimate Collectors Edition pre ordered and I am all to ready for this game.
Fan XD Square Enix (2 years ago)
+Rudy Amendolaro im so jelly :C
meeu (2 years ago)
Square Enix isn't holding back . . . wow.
Joshua Bernardino (2 years ago)
Wait will you have to pay for a fee to play a game or no?
Håkon (2 years ago)
The Titan wasn't attacking Noctis. It was a summon :-)
Alundaio (2 years ago)
My god FF series needs to go back to their roots I'm really getting tired of this sci-fi emo punk rock shit.
mommozz123 (2 years ago)
+Revolucas Pretty sure the one after XV will be a medieval/fantasy style setting.
LVL WON (2 years ago)
+Revolucas Because how overrated it was? Don't see how that's SE's fault. FF9 getting a free pass from you because it's the only one that got less attention? Dafuq. FFXIII is the only one that a larger portion unanimously agreed upon as very inferior, meanwhile FFXV didn't even come out yet.
Alundaio (2 years ago)
Yes, it all went down hill after FF7, because of how overrated it was. FF9 shown they still had the Final Fantasy magic, but then again they strayed away to create ridiculous games like FF 12, FF 13 and now 15.
LVL WON (2 years ago)
+Revolucas Ahem, many FF from the past have been this sci-fi rock shit you're talking about. FFVI? FFVII? FFVIII? So many others? These games brought FF to another level and they've all be like that. Not everyone wants to go back to prehistoric 80s FF.
LaroonDynasty (2 years ago)
my only concern is whether current gen consoles can even handle it
LaroonDynasty (2 years ago)
+Low LvL I played the Platinum demo on my XOne, turning he viewport was very disorienting. I doubt it is so much a problem wih the game, but simply the poor quality of the XBOX. Even watching the trailers on the xbox store, they are significantly lower quality than on youtube. Im pretty sure the PlayStation should run it far better, but I wont know until I have a PS4.
LVL WON (2 years ago)
+LaroonDynasty According to the drops we've been seeing in the demos.......things look bleak. In the Duscae demo people thought it'd be fixed in a few months, so all that time later this second demo comes out with similar issues. Two days before the game comes out we'll probably still have people thinking it'll be fixed before launch. Only way to convince people is with a third demo that actually has smooth 30 fps.
Coshi360Gaming (2 years ago)
dialingdust (2 years ago)
All the suspense for this game is fucking torture, so excited.
akechi mitsuhide (2 years ago)
$270 for CE? First Mirror's edge now this. Sorry but not worth it when a game costs almost as much as a system. CE's are getting more expensive.
AlmightyStarfire (2 years ago)
Not expensive at all. COLLECTORS edition. These are our generations antique jewels lol.
Raphael W (2 years ago)
+akechi mitsuhide those kai figures cost around 100-130. If you take that in perspective and that the figure is limited to 30k its not that expensive. I missed out on that because i took to much time to consider. But now i wish i would have bought one, when i saw they sell on ebay for 600-800
PredeKing (2 years ago)
+Tris tan I'm a fan but I cannot justify shelling out that much $$ for something that will just sit on my shelf .Next to The Halo Helmet, and Cloud statue and other junk.
PredeKing (2 years ago)
+akechi mitsuhide If they set the price for $1000 people would still buy it regardless of the value proposition, I guess they really have to make back their investment .
alley ferguson (2 years ago)
+akechi mitsuhide for a fan thats dirt cheap tbh
Chaz Hinn (2 years ago)
So if the car has a radio does that mean ff7 songs will be in it because that'd be awesome
spactacular (2 years ago)
i played the demo today.... im in fucking love i don't think i can survive til october :(
Psypos (2 years ago)
I don't know if I should get ffxv or uncharted 4
Psypos (2 years ago)
+thornyrose101 Yeah, perhaps
thornyrose101 (2 years ago)
+Psypos --You can always get one first then the other one later when you save up some more.
Psypos (2 years ago)
+sy20vip Because I'm trying to save for a new computer at the moment and I'm just 14 so I'm pretty poor :(
sy20vip (2 years ago)
+Psypos why not both?
Jaime Fresnedo (2 years ago)
Thanks for the spoiler! Now that we know Sean Bean voices King Regis we know he's gonna die...
Alex San Lyra (2 years ago)
I know, right? Total spilage!!! ù_ú ... Unless the movie sucks, like Jupiter Ascending... then King Regis might still be alive at the end.
Tony Oulama (2 years ago)
maybe thats just what they want us to believe
Kitten Store (2 years ago)
i never played the game before but the demo i just tried was amazing !!
coley honeycutt (2 years ago)
That game is truly starting to look like a work of art
DELTABOY04 (2 years ago)
the emo cast is off putting..i like the diverse cast of ff7,9,10
LIQUID SNAKE (2 years ago)
+Silveresque i dont see that as emo, and they dont look like teenage budies, the two grownups are royal guards or buttler.
sy20vip (2 years ago)
+DELTABOY04 The main character is fun though
sy20vip (2 years ago)
+DELTABOY04 The main character is fun though
DELTABOY04 (2 years ago)
i hope so
Silveresque (2 years ago)
They are emo in clothes only. Their personalities are pretty different.
Somber Squibble (2 years ago)
I can't wait to ride in the batmobile with Batman.
Doctor Whooo? (2 years ago)
Hakeem Harris (2 years ago)
No Personality (2 years ago)
It's not coming to the pc huh?
dialingdust (2 years ago)
+Sechoki well whatever it's finally got a official launch date and i'm happy about it. 
Sechoki (2 years ago)
+dialingdust The reason it took so long was because the Luminos Engine was a pain in the ass to work with and the fact they scraped 6 years worth of work (Verses 13) and restarted from scratch with 15. When they mean all systems, I think they mean't Xbox one and PS4.
dialingdust (2 years ago)
+Sechoki I remember them planning to release it for all systems, and that was one of the main reasons it was taking so damn long to launch. 
Sechoki (2 years ago)
+dialingdust As of right now, they haven't announced any plans on releasing a PC port so its gonna be a while.
dialingdust (2 years ago)
+Crow yea it is. Thought they were launching it world wide for all systems.
Peter Xiong (2 years ago)
Sean Bean would play the character that dies. Lol
Peter Xiong (2 years ago)
Voice in this case
Pablo Escobar (2 years ago)
Pc sucks dik, no exclusives and no FF15
Voltaire (2 years ago)
+Hassan K lol, my fanboy senses are tingling... also its coming to pc dumbass, just not on the exact same day
Sam Balmer (2 years ago)
loved all the trailers and the demo! I have an issue with blocking and dodging though it doesn't seem to work for me, saying that it may be because I'm rubbish haha
Duel Verse (2 years ago)
It's already sold out good thing I got it really early
LIQUID SNAKE (2 years ago)
:( very unfair, it came 5am but people said it got up much earlier...
Derek Dorr (2 years ago)
The platinum demo had a really cool Kingdom hearts feel, im stoked for this game now, as well as kingdom hearts 3 :DDD
KLICKTRICKERS (2 years ago)
i hope it will come to nx
KLICKTRICKERS (2 years ago)
+Gaming4Dayz Yeah i know, but we can hope... :(
juliopiotti (2 years ago)
It won't. I'm surprised it is going to xbox one..
Cabbage 61 (2 years ago)
I have som money left, what should i buy xbox one or ps4? Wanna play this game.
juliopiotti (2 years ago)
Buy a ps4, it has better specs. Ps4 is also getting 48 exclusives the entire year while Xbox is only getting Crackdown 3. Don't forget that the ps4 is also getting vr.
Derek Dorr (2 years ago)
+hurp123 lol123 ps4 duh
Kalavious Turner (2 years ago)
The ultimate Edition is not sold out. It doesn't go on sale until 9 o clock
SuperTroy999 (2 years ago)
+Jordan Vyl There was only an option to notify me once it's on sale again. I saw the news about that somewhere, yet I don't know when they're making it available again. TBH waiting after the release would be really shitty, since I wanted it day 1.
Jordan Vyl (2 years ago)
+SuperTroy999 They announced a second batch in april. However those who got an order from the second batch would have to wait a while after the release to get it.
SuperTroy999 (2 years ago)
+NoctisCrystallisXV I really hope they make more of it, I really want one, I've been waiting for 10 years now, and I would really throw my money on it.
NCXV Gaming (2 years ago)
I got mine since the uncovered event but am on the waiting list for second batch will come.
SuperTroy999 (2 years ago)
+GameCross So if you want to buy it, it's either gonna be through a person not a retail who's gonna sell it for probably double the price, right? And is there a Digital Limited Edition cuz I checked the PS Store, it only has the standard edition.
Everything (2 years ago)
soo hyped
Sean Ong (2 years ago)
why does he have to look like sasuke tho. like seriously
Tchitchouan Inouane (2 years ago)
+Grand Chocobo the JIN KAZAMA look-alikes are seen as the cool type by japanese people
Michele (2 years ago)
thanks for the video :)
Tchitchouan Inouane (2 years ago)
so much hype
Alex Robinson (2 years ago)
The graphics on the demo are god awful. Am I the only one that saw this?
Israel Ruiz (2 years ago)
+Alex Robinson PC wise there underwhelming, but console wise its amazing
juliopiotti (2 years ago)
You probably played it on xbox.
Derek Dorr (2 years ago)
Timothy Ortiz (2 years ago)
+Derek Dorr My jaw dropped playing it fir ps4. Loved it
Alex Robinson (2 years ago)
+Derek Dorr yea, I was playing xbox sadly
Arbaz Siddiqui (2 years ago)
Hope this game would get the appreciation level as how Witcher 3 got!!.....not for the anime/movie but for the whole game!!!
Arbaz Siddiqui (2 years ago)
+Tuquan Minor Actually I'm just looking forward into the game(Not the movie or an anime) and Biggest hype results higher expectations and I hope this one would be epic just like witcher 3 got!!!
tS Tuquan (2 years ago)
+Arbaz Siddiqui Everything in general. When they go out their way to make a anime, movie and amazing game.. Everything should get appreciated.
KillerporkV2 (2 years ago)
god i need this now
defec (2 years ago)
Nice video!
Zain Munshi (2 years ago)
Whats the difference between an RPG and an open world game? An RPG is a rocket launcher
Asura (2 years ago)
Click show more. he says it right there "An RPG is a rocket launcher"
Symbine (2 years ago)
+Tuquan Minor but thats just it is doesnt launch rockets it launches grenades
tS Tuquan (2 years ago)
+Marcos Danilo He didn't say what that RPG stand for..
Marcos Danilo (2 years ago)
+ZainThePain actually, its a Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher.
ThatCreepSteven (2 years ago)
Chrys Wolf (2 years ago)
Aran Doski (2 years ago)
I played the demo and tbh with you the combat only looks good it feels boring and repetitive
Fan XD Square Enix (2 years ago)
+ARAN DOSKI just a demo, noctis is probably lvl 15ish when fighting the giant anyway. however, i bet you dont know that each weapon we can get from the demo has unique and special abilities anyway. Not to mention a spear and a pistol we still havent got to test out yet. Dont forget about magic too.
Hakeem Harris (2 years ago)
+alternine lol
tS Tuquan (2 years ago)
alternine (2 years ago)
shut the fuck up
Spoonasaur (2 years ago)
cant wait for release
dodongo0943 (2 years ago)

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