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Why Are These TRASH Games Being Rushed Out? - Rant PUBG/WWE 2K18 Switch

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There is a growing issue with games being released long before they are actually done. Projects like No Man's Sky, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on Xbox One, or WWE 2K18 on Nintendo Switch. Today I want to dig into WHY this keeps happening! Share and subscribe if you liked it! Consider supporting the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DreamcastGuy Follow me on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamcastguy Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dreamcastguy Instagram: http://instagram.com/dreamcastguy Business email: Mark.shockley@yahoo.com All clips of audio and video used in this work are used for entertainment or education purposes under the fair use clause found in sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law (title 17, U. S. Code). If you have any dispute please contact me. "EDM Detection Mode" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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Text Comments (376)
DreamcastGuy (9 months ago)
My original plan was to try and review WWE2k18 but it was so broken I couldnt even make it through a match. Enjoy this video instead! :P
1872VandelayRFC (8 months ago)
DreamcastGuy PUBG G is in early access/game preview.
panicman10 (8 months ago)
You cant blame the game but the hardware. This shows the switches limits. The ones that work on the ps4 and xbox one series but not on the switch. Its not the developers on this one but the limits of the switch. You cant even do 8 wrestlers as there is no option for it on the switch. The switch version can only handle 1 player and entry videos suck on switch. It works great on other consoles just not on switch.
PHILL SHIVELY (8 months ago)
When I Want to Wrestle on a Nintendo I Go to My Game Cube and Play WWF Wrestlemania X8 WWE Wrestlemania XIX WWE Day of Reckoning and WWE Day of Reckoning 2
Might I Share (9 months ago)
Danger Zone Some people want just one console and if you already have the Switch, it's nice to be able to have as many new releases as possible on one console you already have rather than have to spend hundreds more on another kind of console to be able to play another kind of game you're interested in
Ricardo Amado (7 days ago)
And yet, PUBG developers have the AUDACITY to say they have a really good anti-cheat program and that the game is a AAA game ? My ASS is a AAA game, not this game. PUBG is garbage and the people that defend this are the most dumbest and brainless people alive for not wanting to see the truth in front of them. This game is NOT WORTH $30 on Steam.
Ricardo Amado (7 days ago)
I just finished playing PUBG. I'm a good player when it comes about violence, speed and momentum(Doc's quotes) but PUBG always gets in the way. I'm about to shoot a player, my line of sight is perfect, my aim always steady and then....That dude runs into a wall and he pops out of another wall and kills me. Another match today, i was being shot by...you ready for this ? AN INVISIBLE PLAYER. I heard a player approaching the house i was in, i was crouched, he kept running outside, he start shooting towards nothing, i moved silently outside, didn't see him, and then i was shot twice, i managed to get in the 5 story building i was in before, i kept looking but no one was there, i healed myself and then i went outside, he kept shooting and the shots were near me, like, NEAR ME. I climbed the roof of the building and one was there and then i was shot and the footsteps noise were close to me. That player was invisible. You fucks from PUBG. STOP RELEASING NEW MAPS, NEW WEAPONS, NEW CARS AND FIX THAT DAMN BROKEN GAME.
5tubborn N1nja (4 months ago)
I'm sorry but Dude if you can't realize that base building was NOT advertised for NMS at launch then please DO NOT TALK ABOUT IT!
cole horowitz (7 months ago)
Oh god the dark tower movie... I'm such a big fan of all the books and I even got my parents to read them before we saw the movie. I was HYPED for months. And everyone who saw it with me said it sucked after we left the theater
FotoschoPro (7 months ago)
jakerockznoodles (7 months ago)
Answers come to tight deadlines and the fact they know that gamers have started to not only put up with these practices and actively defend them.
Blue Dog (7 months ago)
Only for the switch though
Ura Towel (8 months ago)
Gotta get all that money off the hype.
badtiger man (8 months ago)
Great vid
StormEye (8 months ago)
Problem with gaming industry is that most gamers are defending gaming companies... look at those PUBG defenders in this video’s comment section.
NarcoticDimension (8 months ago)
beatemups is trash...
Jerome Ley (8 months ago)
If PUBG PC ver wasn't released this year, I would have never reconnected to my friends as much as I did. I think online multiplayer games that is supported long term could come with a lot of bugs, as long as they fix it within the first 6 months or so, games like Rainbow 6 siege, CSGO, PUBG, Street fighter, Tekken, etc.
Kenneth PECK (8 months ago)
my biggest dislike is getting a game that is constantly updating to fix things and in the end the hd is becoming more cluttered because if a guy is to purchase a new and larger hd you will be stuck waiting forever to re download all the patches and updates
Patrick Jacobson (8 months ago)
Yuss! Someone finally calls out this issue! Case in point for a racing game: Project CARS.
Kimberly Buford (8 months ago)
Push back against the darkness Max...😂
LegoLad (8 months ago)
Maybe we're getting "old" i also don't get it!....What if for some reason the "company's" go banktrupt in the future, or internet will be gone or something like that. All collectors will have a huge collection of "Broken" and "unfinished" games that arn't able to patch themselves. this is very very concerning. Even now, for example what if i'm on holiday in the mountains in a cabin for like 4 weeks without internet and decide to play No Man's Sky(not that i would;p) I didn't install it back in the city so i'll have to install it in the cabin.....well.....F.U. i can't even play the complete version with the "later" features.
Kia Silverstar (8 months ago)
i know this comment is late, but i wanted to thank you for the entertaining videos, and i wish you and all the subs a merry Christmas and happy new year
Terlin1466 (8 months ago)
kinda.... KINDA!!!? What the flying fuck dude its been happening for longer then 2016. This has been going on for years and years and its getting worse and worse to the point I don't even want to buy games anymore and if i do i wait. The current consoles are more pc then older ones however. This is the gaming break down in a nut shell. If they offer elusive content if your pre order Means the game is not complete yet. If they offer insane bonuses if you preorder it means the game is not even 50% complete yet. If they offer packages for free dlc it means that dlc is eaither Done already and just waiting to be released later or it means the game is so incomplete they used a dlc idea to release the later parts of the game to increase PROFIT. If they offer different version of the game It basically means the same thing above. If you see Ultimate edition of a game it basically means that's the full game as it was intended before Corporate got involved. If you find a game with no dlc options and no Preorder bonus. BUY it and try it out if it fails then give it the nasty review it deserves but its very likely theres no dlc or preorder bonuses becuase the game is 100% done. Even back in the 2k year games came out with bugs and had to be patched down the line. This seems more new because they also do this for console games afterwards but this method has always been around for pc games.
Michael B (8 months ago)
Thanks for saying a lot of things I've been thinking for some time. This "Early Access" mentality has become a HUGE problem.
MobileDecay (8 months ago)
Fuck it we'll patch it later. 👍😎
Daves GoldenDuck (8 months ago)
Reason why I like retro gaming because they are full right out of the box
Daves GoldenDuck (8 months ago)
For the quick cash
The Cooper Tech Kid (8 months ago)
2 dumb to do the research! It was released only a few days after the release date was revealed. If you pre ordered it. You wouldn't have a clue and if you did buy it knowing it's down falls then that doesn't make you a dumbass. A bit of patience and you should be good with a patch or 2. Everything is doom and gloom with you 😒
mbern45 (8 months ago)
What is with the poor video quality in this video, are you using a different camera?
Not Spiderman (8 months ago)
Wwe game sucks on all platforms.
Geno Burgess (8 months ago)
How in the blue hell can anyone call battlefront the biggest mess or the year a masterpeace are they stupid lol
LinkMEP (8 months ago)
Hah! Mad Max was my first guess and I've never even played the damn thing!
Newmarket Dispatch (8 months ago)
but doesnt the xbox run on windows 10? so shouldnt it be just like the dreamcast running on windows ce? i dont know much about xbox one so maybe i am totally off here
BRUTALSHANZ1988 (8 months ago)
In response to the DreamcastGuy all I can say is blame the Men in Suits for pressuring the Publishers to hurry up all because they want to indulge themselves with a table full of Cash and Cocaine. Well because of this current Games Industry has made me resort to buying the games 6 Months after the initial release date to a Full Year. I'm so sick and tired of these AAA Publishers releasing broken games and it all started with the Silent Hill HD Collection,Halo The Master Chief Collection,Assassin's Creed Unity and currently Mass Effect Andromeda all to name but a few. In 2018 I truly hope that games are shipped Complete and not broken but in the end this is just wishful thinking. To finish with,I wish you a Merry Christmas DreamcastGuy and I'll look forward to your new content in 2018.
Brandon x22 (8 months ago)
“Nobody wants to delay stuff anymore” You OBVIOUSLY haven’t been paying attention to gaming.
Brandon x22 (8 months ago)
If you seriously think the core of the situation was for them to release a broken game to trick dumb people into buying it then you’re an absolute fucking idiot.
Brandon x22 (8 months ago)
Cancer in the game industry? Omg shut up seriously! People like you are why gamers are so toxic.
Ethan Ford Ford (8 months ago)
hi human
Kyle9431oilers (8 months ago)
Mad Max came out the same day as MGS 5 i bought Mad Max and really enjoyed it.
Yasha (8 months ago)
It's not even an anomaly anymore. Gaming companies are blatantly releasing unfinished/broken/shitty games since they know fans will still buy it anyway. All it takes is tons of hype and false promises. Gamers on the other hand are rather forgiving and has accepted the "release now patch it later mentality". This practice will never work in other business since nobody would want to eat a burger with no patty or a car with no engine.
GamesTech Fun (9 months ago)
DreamcastGuy - 1 Darkness - 0
Axel's DDO Channel (9 months ago)
Why the rush? The rush was to get it out during prime time christmas spending season.
Slurpee204 (9 months ago)
I know I'm stating the obvious, but this has been happening for so many years it's now the norm. Until people stop buying unfinished games, they'll keep pumping them out! Now, I fear these "early access" game sales are going to become mainstream. "Buy to beta test for us." Garbage. Also, your footage looks a bit grainy. Does your "studio" need more lighting?
Mark Spark (9 months ago)
how you enjoying the new set up mate ?
ninjammer726 (9 months ago)
amen preach it brother
I don't get why people are complaining about PUBG not functioning on Xbox, since it's in the exact same unoptimised, buggy, unpolished state with average af graphics on PC! If anything, you're getting the SAME experience! Game of the Year Nominee everyone. Joking aside, it's a fucking trainwreck and I'm not defending the shoddy port nor the shoddy PC version.
Brandon Ontama (9 months ago)
Wish I could like again because of that ending lol.
Brandon Ontama (9 months ago)
EA, Microsoft and Sega please watch this video.
Ultimate Gattai (9 months ago)
Sadly, it's pretty easy to push an unfinished product and have lots of people buy it, the worst thing is it's become such a big running trend this gen: games that have missing content, games that are cut up and resold later, un-optimized games, lazy ports, or games that had been developed with the bare minimum of effort and content. Then there are the customers/consumers that enable or tolerate this behavior when they really shouldn't be ok with it.
tommygun6866 (9 months ago)
I really love the little skits you do after your outro haha
Roronoa Zoro (9 months ago)
I don't like how you said the thing about people being dumb for buying it or not doing research. Some fans of you and wrestling just buy it because they assume it should be good. I didn't buy it but people who did are not dumb. They just got tricked.
kushman45 twitch (9 months ago)
I'm still buying the game
Uncompetative (9 months ago)
You don't know what you are talking about and are spreading defamatory erroneous information with your false history regarding the launch of _No Man's Sky._ Every feature that was in its product description on Steam was in the initial release of the game. No one was in any way decieved or scammed. The product was clearly marked as SINGLEPLAYER about an inch to the right of the BUY button. I even used the Internet Wayback machine to check that it had always been sold that way and found the very first version of the webpage where it was initially made available to PREPURCHASE and it was SINGLEPLAYER there as well. Sean Murray was only talking about features that were in early builds of the game in those interviews and not making promises about what would end up in the game at launch or what would come later on. His last major interview on The Colbert Report was a year before the game released. A lot can change in a year. I believe they had drop-in / drop-out multiplayer  lobbies implemented only to realise that there would be so many people buying the game that their server couldn't support that number of concurrent users and cut it in order to keep the all important sharing of named discoveries that makes players feel that they aren't exploring the galaxy alone. All games can change for aesthetic, technical, and business reasons and none of what Sean Murray said in early interviews should be taken as guaranteed. Many games get cancelled just prior to their expected release. There are too many factors involved, including developer heath and death to demand you get everything chatted out in a video where Sean is challenged to play some bongos. Yes, the game was rushed out to meet Sony's deadline but you are blowing it out of proportion as most of the major "showstopper" bugs that prevented some PC configurations from even playing the game were resolved within a fortnight and the studio put all their initial profits into hiring a QA team which was larger than the studio to test multiple PC builds whilst engaging its community to identify and then triage bugs in order of their severity. Since then the team has improved the title from an atrocious 2/10 to a competent 6/10 with entirely free updates not funded by an exploitative Microtransaction model. They have incorporated new ideas that were never even talked about before launch as aa result of listening to fan feedback. I sent them a 100 page book of constructive criticism and they implemented many ideas that were in there and have improved their game greatly as a result. _No Man's Sky_ is a success story. Don't lump it in with this other trash. Read about what the community has made of it in this fascinating article published yesterday and don't blame a tiny studio for accepting the media spotlight Sony thrust upon them when they would have struggled to get people to report on the launch of their first cartoon stunt motorcyclist game: http://www.kotaku.co.uk/2017/12/18/no-mans-sky-players-had-their-first-war-and-it-killed-an-entire-civilisation Sean Murray received no money from Sony in order to make _No Man's Sky_ and admitted in this recent GDC talk that he had low expectations for its sales until Sony told him otherwise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SePDzis8HqY&t=45m25s I think this is the "smoking gun" which explains the removal of multiplayer. Accept it or don't accept it, I don't really care. The blunt truth of the matter is no one can complain about what they bought as they were never decieved as to its contents at the point of purchase.
Mister Salesman (9 months ago)
To add to your first point, the AI is always dumb in these games. They never actually make anything good. They always disappoint as even on PS4, AI will watch pins happen, will watch you climb a ladder and take down the belt/briefcase, will play ring around ring with you for hours because they won't switch targets.
MechaTerryNutkins (9 months ago)
The Dreamcast wasn't really a PC, it didn't use x86 architecture and ran Windows CE. Very few games utilised Windows CE (therefore not many used the Direct X API) so it was a pretty standard console for the most part. Sega Rally was one of the WIndows CE games IIRC, probably why it is one of the DC games that can't be emulated properly.
Marco Sanchez (9 months ago)
And then you find out that Vince McMahon wanted 2K to release it on Black Friday but 2K didn’t because their plan was to release it two weeks later so then they had to release it sooner. But yes, it’s fucking awful on the switch
TheRetroDysania (9 months ago)
I have more patience to wait for a incredible indie game or decent third or first person shooter, but I have no forgivness for a rushed triple A game being sold just for the money. I say Quality over Quantity
Dan (9 months ago)
Don't see why this is a problem in 2017. Broken games got released in the 80s but now we have the internet and games are reviewed and played within hours of release. Either take the risk and pay upfront or do some research first if you are unsure about the quality. If they made a broken product we will know within a day and then you don't have to go buy it...
jill stanhope (9 months ago)
wwe2k18 on xbox one had same problems the Ai would climb the turn buckle and would just stay sat up on their. also I hit someone with a chair and the commentator said something like wow straight through the table lol
MrBrockarock (9 months ago)
To be completely fair, PUBG is early access. Don't want to play broken games, stop buying early access games. No excuses for No Man's Sky and WWE.
Knache 38 (9 months ago)
I thought PUBG. Was a early game preview? Was meant 4 early play 2 get the gamers feedback on how 2 make the game better!.
S-L Million (9 months ago)
Pubg isn’t even released yet technically. Unlike no mans sky.
Ryan Nelson (9 months ago)
Great work. Great show.
Erlaxis (9 months ago)
The only reason pubg is crap on console is because they were not willing to wait to launch it later, just like you said in the beginning of the video. It's not like any studio has ever has attempted bringing a PC game to console. Plenty of developers have done it, and with awesome results.
MadSense (9 months ago)
So what every company adapt the Square Enix way... delay the game and still release an incomplete piece of dookie. FFVII Remake better be complete. haha
Retro Patronum (9 months ago)
I don't like the idea of having to patch, only because what happens if you buy a game 5 years from now... that patch probably is not available
ressljs (9 months ago)
I find it frustrating how much impact Christmas has on the gaming industry. Every year there is an avalanche of games released October through December, many of them clearly not ready. Then in January, what a surprise! A game drought.
Petronious (9 months ago)
I've always thought patches are one of the ultimate double edged swords of gaming these days. They can be a great thing for fixing small, genuine oversights but it's a shame that there's so many games that practically rely on them for fixing things that were never going to be implemented at launch in the first place.
Viper the Red (9 months ago)
Lol ignore the rip in the shirt
Barbarez82 (9 months ago)
PUPG is released as a preview version so it should be seen as a preview version. The problem is that there are many developers, that release games, that are not finished, or totaly buggy. Where there ever a bethesda game that was playable day one??? I don't think so.
The Jeidi (9 months ago)
A delayed game is eventually good. - Shigeru Miyamoto. The fix it in post mentality is a bad thing that is becoming a virus in all aspects of everything.
aR0ttenBANANA96 (9 months ago)
I like playing pubg just fine but I despise it's creators. The game isn't that good and they have the gall to say the game is original and it's insane popularity just feeds their ego which makes them act like cunts more each day. They got lucky, simple as that but they actually believe their work put them in that position. If their had a modicum of introspection I'd respect them but they just seem so petulant. The game is broken, it has so many logistic problems that fanboys defend. It's an early-release, the more feedback that is given, the more information they have to fix it, so why do fanboys dickride so hard?
dajam9035 (9 months ago)
The saddest part about this game is you have people out there judging the switchs power based off of it smh. They could just be crappy trolls and fanboys though.
Wade Dewell (9 months ago)
Lets keep the anger and backlash going against microtransactions and publishers.  #FUCKEA I HOPE THEY BURN TO THE GROUND AND GO OUT OF BUSINESS! lets help them lose a few more billion, hold their feet to the fire boys!
trens (9 months ago)
Have you heard of Halo The Master Chief Collection? Without a doubt the worst nextgen video game release.
Karnage Fails (5 months ago)
trens Those motherfuckers MANGLED Halo 2.
trens (8 months ago)
You're right, the campaign did work. The same campaign that most fans had played at least 100 times over. . . but this time included a special bonus a feature that allowed for random game crashes. I love Halo have been a major fan, but man TMCC is proof of a money grab now, and fix later.... years later.... XboxOneX later.
TQT1995 (8 months ago)
trens wouldn't say the worst. campaign worked atleast but multiplayer definitely broken lol
Frans Andersson (9 months ago)
Its nuked
Reddit Mod (9 months ago)
Please no more 10 minute videos of your mug. Show some gameplay.
Kleizar (9 months ago)
There's still one incredibly easy technique you can use to avoid these scams. Wait at least a few days after launch to buy the game after you've actually watched reviews........ but morons don't have the patience for that.
justanother beautiful (9 months ago)
Nice Tv ;)
GameBoy Greg (9 months ago)
Patches to make a game experience better and to fix maybe minor glitches are okay and acceptable but a patch to make the game a game is not..
GameBoy Greg (9 months ago)
WWE 2K is a product that I buy every year for my birthday from the best 2K 13 2k14 wrestling games it feels like there's been a decline now how is something like this going to get worse, $89 later and I could say that WWE 2K 18 is a frame rate mess and a disgrace even on the Xbox One sadly I'm thinking about discontinuing buying this product every year after seeing this...
Slimv3 .1 (9 months ago)
Yep the WWE forced 2k to release the game unfinished so Vince McMahon could get his greedy hands on some holiday revenue. I bought it knowing it was broken with the hope that 2k fixes the game. I know they can because I have NBA 2K18 for Switch and it’s phenomenal. But I refuse to play WWE 2K18 until they fix it.
JD (9 months ago)
No more delays I'm starting to get a bit worried about the next Zelda game
NEON NOIR (9 months ago)
What are your honest thoughts on A Way Out? I'm pretty stoked for the game and the concept... But will EA once again keep a development team held down from achieving the game's full potential? The thing giving me hope is that it's priced at $30. I'll either feel great getting a great game for $30... or it'll suck or not live up to the hype; but I'd have only spent $30 as opposed to $60. Anyway, what do you think?
Epic-Hero Gaming (9 months ago)
Pubg isn't optimized well but the game play is just so much fun especially squads with friends
James Mincks (9 months ago)
nowdays its all about pleasing the investors and the share holders. its not about making great games. its all about shipping unfinished games and patching them later
Jesse Cosby (9 months ago)
Always love your videos! Keep up the good work!
Ronnie Williams (9 months ago)
Pink Floyd once wrote & recorded an amazing song called... Money
BrutalSax (9 months ago)
The big 3, as well as the companies who do digital distribution on PC like Valve, need to bring back the official seals of approval. That's how you knew you were getting a working product. That big Nintendo seal of approval sticker on your boxes and cartridges. Before the NES days, a lot of games didn't work, and that helped cause the big crash in 1983.
Youtubernolife (9 months ago)
haha nice video. And yeah I totally agree with you! Games should be better. Too many dumpster fires around here. I mean look at Sonic Forces. It could have been a real comeback for Sega but I guess they just don't care anymore. Its pretty sad actually. Because they only care about money and don't give a shit about Sonic or the fans.
Nicolas Marr (9 months ago)
Bring back quality control. Microsoft's title update fee was designed to encourage Xbox developers to spend as much time as possible making sure their games were up to scratch before they were released. They don't do this anymore probably because no one else does it either. But here we are with broken ass games. Bring back quality control
San Juan Horst (9 months ago)
The current version of Battlefront 2 is NOT a masterpiece. Whoever said that either does not know what a masterpiece game is or is literally sucking up to EA. Of course I can see that there are people that can enjoy this broken game but even then it is NOT a masterpiece.
Dick Fantastic (9 months ago)
I'm SO glad you brought the Dark Tower into this. I can't pile on my own hate as my 4K copy still sits there unwatched as of yet, but I have had friends who loved the books as much as I and have watched it tell me it's a cash grab pile of crap. I could tell by the casting things would be different, I mean how is Detta Walker going to call Idris Elba playing Roland a honky mafah' and have it make any sense? Javier Bardem was my choice... I could go on and on, but between that and the DC Universe I'm really disappointed. You can tell the Marvel movies were lovingly constructed by FANS who happened to be producers and directors. First and foremost, they wanted to see their childhood heroes brought to life and have the end product make coherent sense. Wow have they succeeded. Here's to hoping now that the DIsney/Fox deal is done the end credits of the Infinity War are going to feature the Fantastic F*ing Four!
Muovi (9 months ago)
Dude, i love your channel
Sega Sonic (9 months ago)
Dreamcastguy, how can you say the Sega Spartan will do horrible if it hasn't even been released in the market yet? That's like Sega saying your Youtube channel will never be a success before it could start. Give it a chance, wait for 10 years, then judge the console.
Gary Bravo (9 months ago)
I was gonna buy this, thankyou Dreamcast guy #topman 😊
PimptatoPCs (9 months ago)
I made a video the other day and noticed a rip in my shirt that I didn't even know was there haha
Daniel Vo (9 months ago)
Fortnite BR is much much much better than PUBG.
Fungamertay (9 months ago)
I agree with this, should bring back seals of approvals lol. Plus there doesn't seem to be much heart or thought put into stories or gameplay. Oh but wait look at those graphics oooo aaah.... no! if I want to watch a movie I would.
Notyourtype (9 months ago)
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been in (early access) for 3 day's, how did PUBG run on PC in the first week?
eric dawson (9 months ago)
they are rushing games out bc there so hot right now and add to that xmas and its a money grab plain and simple and its sad
Alireza Ghasemabady (9 months ago)
Its a fucking wwe game its for kids who are too dumb to play real fighting games what did u expect I played them when I was a kid and I feel like an idiot for wasting so much time and money on them
Oddallus (9 months ago)
NMS wasn't rushed at all lol. Sony showed the game 3 years in a row on the big E3 stage spreading lies till it got released. It sure helped form a narrative of winning E3 thanks to a game that will be the greatest ever in your mind.
vaultlegend101 (9 months ago)
Investors destroy game potential because of their early deadlines. HEY INVESTORS, you will make more MONEY if your games are finished and polished. Let developers take the time they need.

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