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PokeMMO 7: Misty and Virmillion City

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We head to the Gym to face Misty, She's a little toughy if your new to the game not many Electric or Grass type Pokémon to deal with her, so make sure your prepared, we begin to head to Vermillion City the home to the Electrifying Lt. Surge, be careful or you might get shocked, or paralyzed. PokeMMO is exactly as it sounds. A Pokémon MMO, I don't own this game it belongs to the creators, but is a very fun game to play, meet thousands of new players who are just as crazy about Pokémon as you are. Battle, Trade, Train your Pokémon, and show you are the best trainer of them all! The game is set on Fire Red for Game Boy Advance but has been tweaked to allow a Massive Multiplayer Online experience, you can trade Pokémon money and even items for Pokémon and even other items with other players. It's great. Now I apolagise, I've uploaded all of these on the same day, they were recorded but I've been busy so couldn't upload them, so I uploaded them all at once, so there's no waiting around whatsoever. You can see what this game is like, and even decide to join the game too, if it peaks your interest. Unfortunately, I can't do you a tutorial to get the game as my friend did it for me and I am no longer in contact with him, and I'm not really a computer expert, but what i can do is give you the link and you can follow the instructions to get the game, as far as i know you need a working Fire Red Rom Here's the Link: http://pokemmo.eu/ My good friend Rasmirasim did the custom thumbnail for me she's amazing at doing art work on the computer, here's the link to her channel so you can check out more stuff: http://www.youtube.com/user/CursedDeath4563
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