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Death Stranding - E3 2018 Trailer (Playstation Conference)

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Death Stranding - E3 2018 Trailer (Playstation Conference) ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (1333)
Mick Burns (6 hours ago)
The twin peaks of gaming. The fact they have hidden the plot to this tells me there isn't one.
Sensier's Miscellany (8 hours ago)
Metal gear solid, mars?
Bux Head (1 day ago)
MinoZ007 (2 days ago)
again I do not understand a shit
MinoZ007 (2 days ago)
por lo visto caminan parados de manos
Evgeniy Stepanenko (3 days ago)
https://youtu.be/H71zLvQQUu0?t=34s is it Deril from the Walking Dead ?
Travis Turner (5 days ago)
Can anyone say down-graded upon release?
Jordan Perez (6 days ago)
I don't know what to think of this.
Tom FL (6 days ago)
Norman Reedus ?
Рэнди 1994 (6 days ago)
MGS and Silent Hill combined.
Vlad Anikin (7 days ago)
даже актёр с ходячих не принудит меня приобрести это вангую минус барыш с проекта
Vlad Anikin (7 days ago)
отчего вода будто кисель в 2к18?
Vlad Anikin (7 days ago)
с первых кадров узрели нагую пизду и жопу кошмар какой
StarOceanSora360 (7 days ago)
looks cool and a little scary
David Saunders (7 days ago)
That’s Daryl from TWD!!!
Johannah Barbara (9 days ago)
eat sting norman feetus
soulbytes (9 days ago)
future silent hill
STERGIOS (10 days ago)
its the guy from walking dead series
Nalla Nosnarb (11 days ago)
Holy Shit!!!!! XBOX 1X please!!!
Daniel rAMOS (14 days ago)
Alguém por favor me explica essa parte da criatura invisível.. Será tipo um Predator? E como o jogo vai funcionar?
chovi rah (15 days ago)
what...in the fuck..is this game
Vitor Silveira (16 days ago)
Esse é o cara do the walking dead WTF
phuuk yu (16 days ago)
Tbh my opinion this shit looks stupid
Eazy Baby (16 days ago)
A krusty krab pizza Is a pizza For you and meee
Marayeavo HD (16 days ago)
Sebastian Ruble (16 days ago)
looks like a mindfuck themed backpacking simulator. I like it.
Telesa Lambos (17 days ago)
Normie Squeedus!
Omar Alsuwaidi (18 days ago)
Hicham Jsk (19 days ago)
Oh fauk he look like daril from the walking dead
Filippo Icloud (19 days ago)
I didn’t understand a shit
Shiva Sharma (20 days ago)
Why is Sean Bean in this?
Hamza Türkarslan (20 days ago)
4:30 musıc ?
softchalklat (21 days ago)
Walking around with heavy shit simulator looks like it’s coming along well
Coolasshooper (21 days ago)
When he pulled his toenail I felt that one
CJ Klein (21 days ago)
Finally a decent climbing mode 😍😍
CJ Klein (21 days ago)
Wilbert Aaron (22 days ago)
perseus xd (22 days ago)
Kadin cok guzel ya :)
Firstname Lastname (23 days ago)
Metal Gear Solid Zero.
Long Johnson (23 days ago)
The walking...................................................
Может кто музыку из конца дать подсказку, весьма приглянулась. https://youtu.be/H71zLvQQUu0?t=7m51s
Pavel Lantratov (24 days ago)
can you tell me what's song?
jatin verma (24 days ago)
Who else watched this trailer again for the song only 🙏
Iacob Florin (25 days ago)
kojima teke 1 level ap whit these game
Do Anh (25 days ago)
we asian are tend to be over complicated in everything, and im sure this one title is over the "over complicated" chart. only hardcore,absent mind fox's fan can like this title.
Marcus Houtzager (25 days ago)
Darrel has a hording problem
a lvl 88 weinie (25 days ago)
This Dora the Explorer game looks a little off.
Amadeus Hellequin (25 days ago)
What in the actual shitfuck is going on?
Éipo (26 days ago)
It’s Daryl from walking dead. Same voice and same person
Waffle Man (26 days ago)
Definitely looks awesome whatever the hell is going on could be a cool mechanic if death cause change to the landscape i just hope its not super confusing and the world isnt as dead as the trailer made it look
Nick Pers (26 days ago)
Walking simulator
Aaron T (26 days ago)
Wow. Managed to take the most annoying thing on the planet (chewing and smacking) and put into cgi
Rick Collins (26 days ago)
Dont get to excited guys it's gonna suck. There's no real point to the game. There's no real combat in it. It's just gonna be alot Of walking around doing nothing really. The only thing this game has going for it is Norman reedus
Ake Jep (26 days ago)
Anyone else think that the woman looks like Lagertha from Vikings (Katheryn Winnick)?
Mtplt (26 days ago)
I‘m confused🤔
Matthew Palumbo (26 days ago)
Ps4 is on a damn roll this year
Tin Pham (26 days ago)
is that daryl in the walking dead??
Dean Fakhrul (26 days ago)
OMG its that bitches from Breaking Bad
Diego Martin (27 days ago)
Cuando van a salir???? Quiero estos juegos
Kevin Smith (27 days ago)
Gran theft paradise
the noob (27 days ago)
thats some high octane gameplay.. totally makes me want to play walking simulator 2018
Hernan Santana (27 days ago)
These graphics are fucking up my mind damnnnn!!
Y esta pendejada k k se ase aki ?????
Yar D Blah (27 days ago)
This made me feel sorry for bell-boys everywhere..😢
ghost500e (27 days ago)
Sean Maddox (27 days ago)
Screw ps4 and its exclusivity BS. Oh well, guess I I'll miss out on this one.
Cory Lee (27 days ago)
Hand Tossed: Hand Delivered
Higgs Prime (27 days ago)
Baby delivery game? How can baby survive? The frag are those death eaters? Phycological game? Like Alan wake?
Jarel Davis (27 days ago)
Does anyone want to hear what Jesus Christ has to say?
Union (27 days ago)
wtf?! I didn't understood a shit.
Tortik (27 days ago)
0:08 it looks like a dick
born to be gamer (27 days ago)
Been watching 40 times and still don't understand at all
EstrangeiroPeregrino (27 days ago)
Fodão! Mesmo se o jogo for só essa chatisse de andar prum lado e pro outro com inimigozinhos invisiveis, da vontade de jogar!
Gianni Vasquez (28 days ago)
Norman Reedus must deliver his Norman fetus
TxT Peer (28 days ago)
TxT Peer (28 days ago)
When you carry all your wepon on you for real !
Minuto 5:08 tengo un paraguas y ya no lo tengo... cagadas hasta en el trailer...
GHOST (28 days ago)
walking simulator... 🤣🤣🤣
Cláudia Regina (28 days ago)
Lindsay Wagner? OH MY GOD
Arlo Brown (28 days ago)
Backpacks: the videogame
Black Knight (28 days ago)
That ripping off of his toenail got me!😬
kubel83 (28 days ago)
For some reason this weirdness freaks me out.
S.O.A. FAKECHOW808 (28 days ago)
The most sneakiest UPS guy! Apparently he can die and come back alive. But if he dies he'll explode
tyson sloan (28 days ago)
All you do is walk around in this game?
Islam Mbarak (28 days ago)
Anyone who understood today’s class to come explain it to me.
TheGaoNan (28 days ago)
First time a trailer start insides a vagina
MOB (28 days ago)
I think this game will be "WTF" all the time
lobato (28 days ago)
One more masterpiece from Kodzima
CHA REE CHAN (28 days ago)
I'm tired of these weird ass games just tell us what the fuck they are about already
Viet Ho (28 days ago)
Hi Daryl!
mike fister (28 days ago)
Walking simulator
HUGGY B (28 days ago)
The fact I have no idea wtf is going on, makes it all the more appealing.. 😂
Valhallen (28 days ago)
Why does he look like the Crossbow guy from The Walking Dead?
hD KiLLeN (29 days ago)
PhoenixFires (29 days ago)
Little does anyone know that this is just Daryl's drug addiction phase in the Walking Dead, coping with the world.
Anon E. Mus (29 days ago)
2:41 Taking all the groceries in one trip
Danvelis Oliveira (29 days ago)
Keith S (29 days ago)
The Oregon Trail: Future of...

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