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Monster Hunter: World Review

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Bold and newly beautiful, World demands to be played on its own terms - and you should absolutely play it. Monster Hunter World: 47 Changes Only Fans Will Notice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dOV_bSQgi8 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN #ign #monsterhunter
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Text Comments (3861)
Simi Dunlop (1 day ago)
*Hands f#@king down, GOTY*
Solid Snake (19 hours ago)
Simi Dunlop agreed. Then again RDR2 is coming..
Guilty King (4 days ago)
6/10 Too many monsters.
hl_3n (5 days ago)
dauntless is free :p not 60 euros :D
SeBu (5 days ago)
Next month Monster Hunter World comes out for PC ... I played and really loved MH on PSP. Should I buy it ?
WOOGIE (4 days ago)
If you love monster hunter a ton then yes if you can run the game if your not sure send me your pc specs and i can tell ya
Brennan Perdue (7 days ago)
Just picked this up at gamestop, and I've never played any capcom games and I'm curious but also hesitant I need some info about the game
Didi (8 days ago)
Beautiful Review
Xerathon (11 days ago)
9th august to PC :D
Raikozy (12 days ago)
August 9 boys! Time to juice up your PC and get that 60fps goodness (or hopefully 120) at absolute max settings
Jeremy Gullatt (12 days ago)
Honestly this is just a fluff video. You didn't really cover anything except there's a crafting system, armors and weapons(well yea we know that already). What about how does the multiplayer system actually work? Do you have to queue up before going to hunt like every other MH game or can you meet others in the wild? How are the servers? Are they p2p or actual public servers? Do your wep/armor have durability? Do you get any sort of mount to traverse the terrain? Several more questions but yet all this video answered was "There's weapons and armor. Monsters to kill. There's multiplayer. Oh and it's pwettyyyy"
Andy Neon (12 days ago)
The only way i can be convinced to buy this game is if they release a DLC where 4 hunters battle a giant Lao Shan Lung that actually targets them . And with epic theme song.
Muhammad Sahil Khan (16 days ago)
Capcom <3
Akanio Tevanos (17 days ago)
the #1 thing that i love the most about monster hunter is the true sense of progression i've gotten from it. You have to really EARN EVERYTHING you own, you can't just stack up on zeni and buy the best gear, you got go out there and find those monsters and capture as many as you can but when every fight is a mini boss fight, it's easier said then done. You really need to EARN the right to kill your next prey, otherwise the prey will kill you.
Rich Buckets19 (20 days ago)
What console
Dante Liang (24 days ago)
Bad online system...6/10
Lelouch Vi Brittania (24 days ago)
I forgot this came out this year
Wizard Jack (25 days ago)
$60 is a lot to pitch in and just "try the game" kinda makes this video 100% pointless if I were to just "try the game"
MiniNinja (26 days ago)
three minutes in and it seems like the ideal game for me.
Alex Knight (27 days ago)
Just tell me it doesn’t have japanese style voice overs and body language mannerisms. I CAN’T STAND that....
Milovan Castillo Soto (28 days ago)
im just into this videogame.
drfinest08901 (1 month ago)
I wanna see sengoku basara layer armour
Lelouch vi Britannia (1 month ago)
This games looks amazing, I wanna buy it
equilibrium 814 (1 month ago)
GOTY contenders: This Marvel Spider-Man God of war Mayybe tlou2 and days gone,dying light2 and doom eternal...IF they release this year.
Dalen Percival (1 month ago)
I would of preferred a level up system not just armor to hopefully get or maybe crackdown type of Monster Hunter where you grow in abilities such as get stronger and quicker the longer your character progresses through the storyline but sadly they have no real vision a little changes that's all it's disappointing. Most of Monster Hunter was repetitive and barely gave me true sense of accomplishment especially getting barely nothing out of it. Only if there was a leveling up system instead of armor and weapons.
Myke Playz (16 days ago)
Dalen Percival SKILL OVER LEVEL. Thats what i like
Fredrich Von Buhion (1 month ago)
is this on xbox 360?
Peter McPhee (1 month ago)
Honest review I have completed many games over the past 27 years ranging from dino crysis to to resident evil to streets of rage dragon quest and final fantasy and this game is one of the worst I have ever played why the fan boys of this game hold it in such high regard is beyond me utter garbage even worse than a Magikarp holding an Everstone.
Myke Playz (16 days ago)
Peter McPhee why is it worst?
Ethan Bowers (1 month ago)
combat is weird and too many cutscenes, but that's just my opinion.
Kevin Lucero (1 month ago)
Saw 56 seconds of this video, on my way to purchase the game. Thanks IGN.
Light Bringeus (1 month ago)
this video sold this game to me
Reformed Anon (1 month ago)
Just got the game because of the deals on ps4! bought the deluxe edition
Tetsuo Arakawa (1 month ago)
And this, people, is why the monster hunter franchise is better than every other game that exists. No lootboxes, no in-game purchases, made with full passion and effort, amazing animation. Compare that to your average game lmao
FlipaClip And paint! (1 month ago)
My mum by’d it for me today!
na hee (1 month ago)
Which version is better ps4 or xb1
jan deniel bondoc (1 month ago)
do you need ps+ to play this in ps4??
Darko2862412 (1 month ago)
for online yes, but the game is completely playable solo without needing ps+
Patriot Samurai (1 month ago)
Well the bad lip syncing is because of the translations, and they didn’t resync it
Benjamin Gertz (1 month ago)
Can't wait for this to hit PC this year!
JR Black (1 month ago)
They did a horrible job on Longswords... they look to similar, and most look bland.. weapons looked better on Monster Hunter freedom.
Kostner Guyton (1 month ago)
Frame rate is still pretty awful on the standard PS4. But im going to try and deal with it
Noob Gaming (1 month ago)
I choose Geralt of Rivia for that job
Jon Martin (1 month ago)
Is this game worth it ?
Ryan Singleton (2 months ago)
Not only is the initial gameplay fantastic, even the updates are unbelieveable. GOTY indeed.
FuzzbeeAndMe (2 months ago)
Where is joh I need joh
Mroqqq (2 months ago)
Hi there. Will it hold stable 30 fps on my ps4 slim? I saw many threads about fps drops in this game. Did they patch this?
Buster2004 (2 months ago)
How did this get a lower score than fortnite
The Hip-Hop Otaku (2 months ago)
I like Toukiden 2 more...
Ariq Prayogo (2 months ago)
Should i get this or the new god of war? Beside the online co op feature
StockyDoccy (1 month ago)
god of war
Doflamingo Donquijiote (2 months ago)
Congratulation to CAPCOM
House Nebula (2 months ago)
So the witcher and warframe had a baby huh..not bad
Saijou Candari (2 months ago)
House Nebula or the witchers and Warframe parent finally catches up with world
Awakener OG (2 months ago)
This game take FOREEEEVVVEERRRR to grind, I wish you could grind an easier way, without having to kill the same monsters so many times. and it takes way too long to level up.
Saijou Candari (2 months ago)
Awakener OG level up? Is that something you eat?
Laxus Poldish (2 months ago)
Welcome to Monster Hunter
Bunch Bunch (2 months ago)
Wow i love it
krum1985 (2 months ago)
I got over 200 hours in this game so far, and still looking forward to the PC release so I can play with my PC friends. Even though my PS4 buddies has moved on, I'm still having a blast playing on my own.
Spiro The Legend (2 months ago)
Cool game but first person would have been better. Not better than the Elder Scrolls though (not my opinion, its a solid fact)
Polar Seal (16 days ago)
Imagine first person with Insect Glaive...
Saijou Candari (2 months ago)
Not really it wont work for mh formula and your comment is an opinion not a fact
Tanderen (2 months ago)
What's up with this guys pronunciation of the letter "T"
Colby Chaos (1 month ago)
Deepak kumar singh (2 months ago)
Kushala daora made me quit this game. It was just pure annoying thing, not difficult just annoying.
Saijou Candari (2 months ago)
Deepak kumar singh you are a liar 😂
Blake's Neat Toys (2 months ago)
Is there couch co-op
Laxus Poldish (2 months ago)
Tedi Malekian (2 months ago)
I dont understand why you cant skip the cutscenes even when you start another new game
Tedi Malekian (13 days ago)
Knew that after i posted that comment but thanks for the tip
Polar Seal (16 days ago)
You can try to use the “option” button on your Ps4 controller to skip the cutscene
Casey wasey (2 months ago)
Keywords: Vast Fun Eb and flow Living and breathing world REWARDING And many more
Isaiah Walden (2 months ago)
Is this game like Phantasy Star?
Saijou Candari (2 months ago)
MacTenno 1 (2 months ago)
Does it need psplus
Polar Seal (16 days ago)
Needed PS plus for online multiplayer coop
FirPtl (2 months ago)
u can play the entire game solo.
Ari Ka (2 months ago)
is it a co-op game?
Myke Playz (2 months ago)
Ari Ka nope it can be soloed
The Hungry Troll (2 months ago)
So serious question here. This worth getting? It's on sale this week on the PS4 store...thanks in advance.
FirPtl (2 months ago)
Sure if ur into grind heavy games. Hunt monster, learn it, make armor/wep from it, repeat. U dont hav to do tht with every monster but its a Loot based heavy game tht can b played all in solo or online. Remember dont expect a great story when it comes to MH. MH is never about a complex story but is about its lore if u listen to dialogue from npcs and devs, artbooks, etc.
Anthony Robinson (2 months ago)
I love this game, but the beginning is the only bad part: long and unskippable cutscenes, escorting, manual RP moments. If you can survive the first 45-ish minutes of the game without quitting, the rest of the game is well-worth the $60.
Myke Playz (2 months ago)
Anthony Robinson the assigned section are supposed to be singleplayer like old entries
Nicholas Harppinger (3 months ago)
I have looked all over and no one even talks about how you have to be PlayStation Plus member to play co-op. There are so many Shady documents and forums that skirt around this fact. I've never found a use for PlayStation Plus Membership and this just bothers me to my core that to play the game how it's meant to be played you have to buy the game and then buy a membership. This is a shitty on PlayStations part and a shittier decision not making people more informed before that buy.
FirPtl (2 months ago)
Its common knowledge tht any game on PS4/X1 requires a sub if ur going to play online with ppl. Seriously how hav u not not known this? Its been around since 2006.
Jayden Hamilton (3 months ago)
Can this game only be played in single player?
Jayden Hamilton (3 months ago)
camofan123 ok good, it stinks when you NEED internet to play games, (clears throat) elder scrolls online.
camofan123 (3 months ago)
Jayden Hamilton you can play offline. No internet needed for single player (UNLIKE SOME GAMES)
Jayden Hamilton (3 months ago)
camofan123 so you have to be connected to the internet in order to play, and you can't play without internet?
camofan123 (3 months ago)
Jayden Hamilton nope, there are online settings in 2 different flavours Joining an online room to make organised hunts And S.O.S where you can swoop into a mission after someone fire a flare to help them kill the monster.
Davis Malcolm (3 months ago)
Spoiler Alert: The longest frickin' unskippable credit sequence ever at the end.
Avarice21 (3 months ago)
On the poor lip synching, its synced to the monster hunter language, not English.
Dirk Diggler (3 months ago)
This should serve as inspiration for the next FF.
clark steel (3 months ago)
Tagging a monster is the worst mechanism of the game
Barbara Gracida (3 months ago)
It's fantastic!
oOoHCGoOo (3 months ago)
They talking bout Autumn 2018 for PC release. I don't know if my wallet can wait that long.
BlackStar Tv (3 months ago)
I guess I am the only one still playing Monster Hunter Generations.
Polar Seal (16 days ago)
I still have the first original monster hunter on my ps2. ;)
Jesse B (3 months ago)
Absurdly poor lip syncing? You can't really take a jab at the game for that. The lip syncing is good, but you're playing a Japanese game dubbed in English, the lip syncing was for the Japanese..
Jesse B (2 months ago)
You can choose to play the game in MH language, but it's defaulted to English in America/England/Aus and Japanese in Japan.
Myke Playz (2 months ago)
Jesse B its actually mh language not japanese language
Remember that one time (3 months ago)
I’ve played two monster hunter games, I played a few hundred hours of generations and about 47 hours of monster hunter world. For the most part Monster hunter world did a MUCH better job at teaching newcomers, but I liked how in depth the armor sets were, and surprisingly the different areas and how they loaded in in generations. I still think monster hunter world is really good and a great experience , but I personally like generations a small bit more
Shano Pow (3 months ago)
If he thinks this game is bad for new players he should try some older monster hunter games like Freedom Unite. You spend more time staring at the wiki than hunting monsters because of the lack of help.
ytubeanon (3 months ago)
he says killing mythical creatures to make shoes like its a bad thing
I Wng (3 months ago)
horrible reviewer. I have no idea what he is rambling about.
MyGuitarTwerks (3 months ago)
Overrated game. The gameplay has terrible framerates. And its too simple. You are overwhelmed with all these items that keep glowing around the map. You waste a whole lot of time trying to find footprints of monsters you need for stronger material. Then when you attack the monster, it is just a framerate mess. The charactors are way too cheesy and makes it feel like a childrens game. I could go on and on about how this game is bad. There are so many factors that make me want to switch to a different game. Dont buy it.
Mjw23 ST (3 months ago)
This got the less than Fortnite Battle Royale Are you kidding Monster Hunter world is way better than Fortnite
bostonianful (3 months ago)
is this game good for newcomers? im new to this franchise and from the looks of it, it seems kinda overwhelming
Myke Playz (3 months ago)
bostonianful yes its more casual friendly now
GetShitOn (3 months ago)
Is this only a pc game?
Myke Playz (3 months ago)
GetShitOn ps4 xbox and pc
Itz a wild Potato (3 months ago)
This got less than Fortnite. Just saying.
Itz a wild Potato (1 month ago)
Colby Chaos that doesn’t mean it’s good
Colby Chaos (1 month ago)
Fortnite is free duh
PK Cheong (3 months ago)
Hi do you need playstation plus or xbox live to play this game?Thanks
Myke Playz (3 months ago)
PK Cheong the game is available on solo but online you need xbox live or ps+
Jesse Turner (3 months ago)
Hm I think I’ll pass
Amit das (3 months ago)
Can anyone tell me is it hard like dark souls?
Myke Playz (16 days ago)
Polar Seal yeah cant wait for behemoth
Polar Seal (16 days ago)
Myke Playz Still having fun lolz.
Myke Playz (3 months ago)
Amit das it got casualize so not hardcore anymore :(
Maya GameFreak (3 months ago)
Autumn 2018 :( but better that never😘
Gilbert (3 months ago)
Game is way to slow, when I mean slow the guy takes mins to do one single attack with a gigantic as sword...
FirPtl (2 months ago)
exactly wht u said. Ur just used to action games making ur atk and animations near instant. This game adds "anticipation" animation to ur combat to give weight and strategy of using the wep.
Gilbert (3 months ago)
im used to games like ninja gaiden where i slash and dash quick even the small swords are big
Myke Playz (3 months ago)
Gilbert well what do you expect from a gigantic sword i prefer u use longsword if you think the game is too slow just do my combo in mid combo use r2+O to do foresight slash when the monster is about to attack and repeat the prpcess
Scorch Noir (3 months ago)
Upon booting up the game on my xbox one x, it asked me if I wanted to prioritize graphics, resolution, or frame rate. This is my new favorite game and I'll be playing it for a very long time. Congrats capcom. You made a new fan.
mm436 (3 months ago)
Looked at a few videos for this now and I’m intrigued by it but still not sure I’ll like it. I didn’t care much for the Witcher but I love Skyrim and fallout. Could anyone offer advice based on that towards this game?
juanlash (4 months ago)
do you think Capcom is redeeming themselves from the shitty business practices done in the past? I mean, they launched RE7 and this game, I´m beginning to regain hope
FirPtl (2 months ago)
MH series is the only one Capcom owns tht has never done anything shitty. imo anyways
Knight Bowman (4 months ago)
8/10 “to much monsters”
Juan C. (4 months ago)
Really trying nto enjoy this game, but im not feeling it.
trcsonic (4 months ago)
Juan C. Same here
honeytos28 (4 months ago)
AlphaChaser (4 months ago)
PC version plz come soon!!!!
PavelTayTay (4 months ago)
5 areas and only 20 something large monsters. Nearly no difference in weapon appearance... this is the most anemic mh game to date. On release this is one of the worst mh games.
Luis Landell (4 months ago)
PavelTayTay 40~ monsters, areas are much bigger than before, monsters are much more dynamic and less predictable, all assets are made from scratch and not copied over like 4u-XX.
Ryan Mccloskey (4 months ago)
I “Hate watch” most IGN reviews
The End (4 months ago)
My favourite game ever
m Cave (4 months ago)
my gtx 1080 IS READY.
Knighttuck 98 (4 months ago)
Games pretty boring imo
LiangHuBBB (4 months ago)
I got 3 more questions: 1. Correct me, if Im wrong. But it's never a good choice to mount a monster with the hammer right? I can only deal 1 damage per hit because my hunter only strikes with his knife. 2. Why would anyone use the LBG over the HBG? Isn't the HBG like almost in every case the overall better weapon? 3. Also how do I increase my Hunter rank? Only with investigations? Thanks in advance.
mini craft (3 months ago)
well 1. I don't know about 2. well, the name describes it all, the LBG is very light, your faster and it'll be easier to dodge, but you'll have less damage, the HBG is the opposite, more damage, less mobility 3. Just do the quest in the rank, you'll progress eventually
Jimmy Hopkins (4 months ago)
It’s better than Destiny 2, that’s for sure.
Fool Gaming (4 months ago)
WHERE does 0.5 go ? eaten by monster ?

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