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PlayStation Store Highlights - 10th October 2018

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Highlights this week include Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4, WWE 2K19, Evasion, My Memory Of Us and Space Hulk: Tactics. Deal of the week is Shadow Of The Tomb Raider! PlayStation Access brings you PS4, PS3 and PSVita news, features and gameplay every week, giving you unprecedented access to the biggest titles on PlayStation. Subscribe now to ensure you never miss out: http://bit.ly/AccessSub All music featured courtesy of epidemicsound.com (http://www.epidemicsound.com) One On Onesie jingle created by Pelle Kuipers / http://youtube.com/sketchysong Want more? Rob's Twitter: http://bit.ly/RobPearson Dave's Twitter: http://bit.ly/DavidJackson Nath's Twitter: http://bit.ly/NathanDitum Hollie's Twitter: http://bit.ly/HollieBennett Dan's Twitter: http://twitter.com/dan_wheeler90 Join us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/AccessFB Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/TweetAccess
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Text Comments (119)
Slayer Runefrost (15 hours ago)
God damn it. Don't nobody want story or objectives in their zombie mode. Get all of you defensive and offensive capabilities(perks, guns, ect.) and survive as long as you can. THATS ALL WE NEED FROM A ZOMBIE MODE!!!!
Euronymous99199 D (3 days ago)
That fortnite art style though. Gross
Brian C (3 days ago)
Are these deals outside of the US? Because I've yet to see the deals of the week you post pop up on the store. What am I missing? I'm a bit new to your channel so forgive the confusion. Thanks
fabuschi (4 days ago)
finally mark of the ninja on ps4, that made my day
falaflani (4 days ago)
lBurstu (4 days ago)
Mark of the Ninja remastered & My memory of us looks interesting. Will pick these two at one point
Michael Hill (4 days ago)
Mark of the Ninja is literally the only interesting thing here apart from the deals.
JarvisDavis (4 days ago)
who remember Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
J.R. Wolfe (4 days ago)
I Live in NA. We have completely different sales over here. Anywhere you can tell me to see those?
WayOfFire (4 days ago)
Come on America has a PSVR sale! And we are stuck with games under £13!👎
xXE4GLEyEXx (4 days ago)
While the Vita is still dead :(
007kingifrit (4 days ago)
a multiplayer only game that isn't free? no thanks
no name (4 days ago)
does anyone remember nba 2k18.... where it was IMPOSSIBLE to win a match, because our players had like 40 different skills, like stamina, speed, 90° turn speed, jump, etc etc... and for each skill, there were like 80 slots.. and each time we won a match, we would earn some xp points ... 'let's put 2 points on jump, 1 on precision, 1 on left turn speed...2 on 3-point probability. ..1 on AI precision'.... The problem was --> to have a tiny chance to win a match, we needed to upgrade our players and team..but .to upgrade our players and team, we need to win a match. ... the kind of 'chicken' or 'egg'.... SO, THE ONLY WAY to upgrade our players was.... GRABBING OUR VISA CARD OR PAYPAL, and start spending hundreds, if not, THOUSANDS OF REAL $/£ I love sony since the first day... but i can't tolerate this kind of things. Releasing such game should be forbidden by the law. Just imagine, your 10yo son loves basketball, and he owns a ps4. One day, at school, a friend tells him there is a new basketball game, for the ps4. He goes home, and begs dad and mom to buy him nba 2k18, because basket is one of his big passions. Next saturday, they go to a store, a buy the ps4 version. He goes home, starts playing it.. and he loses. 1 time. 10 times. 30 games, still no victory. Meanwhile, he notices he earned 6 or 7 xp points, that he can use to upgrade the jump, run speed and AI accuracy. He starts a new match, but his players are still as slow as before, they can barely jump or run. Another 10 matches, and 10 losses. He is so frustrated and sad, his dad heard him crying. His dad asks him what is going on, and he tells his dad the game is very hard, he doesn't understand why he can't win a single match. His dad grabs the controller, starts playing, and loses. 5 matches in a row. He checks the options, opens the skills tab, and notices the 40 different skills only have 1 or 2 points each, among the 80 available. He says to his kid 'ohh, i got it, you need to upgrade these skills, to become better'. And the kid replies '..bu..but dad, i already played like 70 matches, and it was impossible to win. And you know i love these basketball games and I'm very good at them... is there something we can do ?.' ... and the dad grabs the controller... opens the skills tab, clicks on a skill... and gets a new window, showing he can buy upgrade points for 10 dollars, 20, 30, 50 or even 100 dollars. Because his son is so sad, he decides to make a little effort, and grab some money that was going to pay some bills, and he buys a 50 dollar pack. Once he bought it, his son kickly grabbed the controller, and starts assigning those new skill points to the different skills. He starts a new match, his players seem to run and move a little bit faster, but it's still very hard to win. 16 hours later, he only won 2 matches and 3 skill points. THIS IS NBA 2K18 sad moment to be a gamer, right.... I am ready to bet my ps4 pro and 100 games the game WWE 2K19 IS EXACTLY like the nba one. Poor young gamers...
James 1137 (4 days ago)
no name can’t say I do. Not a game I would play. Thanks for asking.
Velin Christine (4 days ago)
Still Wait for Family Friendly Game 😍😘
Stoke City (4 days ago)
Pretty trash then
g4m3r 222 (4 days ago)
Im waiting for the AC odyssey sale.
g4m3r 222 (4 days ago)
I know it is good but im never buying any game at the release .
Ravus (4 days ago)
Origins is still pricey so good luck getting a sale on Odyssey lol just get it, it's a good game really big aswell.
TPU Dimzen (4 days ago)
Thats on black friday, next month.
TOMY.BEBOP (4 days ago)
Have fun waiting mate.
UltimateDeath 271 (4 days ago)
It’s worth it bro
Woupsme (4 days ago)
When is The Witcher 3 not on sale?
Brian C (3 days ago)
P.s. Capture the crown eh? I can dig it.
Brian C (3 days ago)
Right now it's not. :P
dutchschaefer (4 days ago)
Mark of the ninja is out! Damn didn’t know that gonna get it right now
dutchschaefer (4 days ago)
Can’t believe this 50gb patch for black ops. Absurd.
Ravus (4 days ago)
What's that day one ?
KPG - GOONER (4 days ago)
Black ops 4 from 6pm tomorrow 👍😋😋can’t wait 👍👍👍
Oliver Bath (4 days ago)
I’ve heard the music used in these videos so much I get feels listening to it 😅
Steve Ozone (4 days ago)
I try to get excited for cod every year. But it looks like a ps2 game!
Nosaveddata (3 days ago)
Probably the stupidest thing I've read all week
Ravus (4 days ago)
I want that ps2, you selling ?
Kozoukom (4 days ago)
What PS2 did you have? lol
Wante (4 days ago)
What ps2 you played on? 🤔
Bill Faulkner (4 days ago)
I always really love these videos
That Eighties Guy (4 days ago)
Yawn ps store
murphyebass (4 days ago)
Dwayne Davis (4 days ago)
Damn I paid damn near $100 for that Tomb Raider game for them just to drop the price a few weeks later I feel like the biggest asshole now
Fake Bobby Hill (4 days ago)
Any game without a campaign is a "skip it" title, with no value whatsoever to me. I wouldn't even play it for free!
Muhammad Ammar (3 days ago)
Nice joke!
Fake Bobby Hill (4 days ago)
James 1137 Mmmm Hmmmmm *snap snap*
James 1137 (4 days ago)
You go girl. Stuck it to the man, maaaan
Fake Bobby Hill (4 days ago)
+luke38289 That's very inaccurate, and demonstrably facetious.
Fake Bobby Hill (4 days ago)
+Brandon f14 Obviously I'm not getting it, but guess what. This is a comment section. This isn't where you go to skip buying a game, this is where you comment.
Brian du Toit (4 days ago)
Its my birthday
TOMY.BEBOP (4 days ago)
Cumpleaños feliz bub
Brian du Toit (4 days ago)
and a happy new year
Brian du Toit (4 days ago)
shut up I bet you 12
EvtheNev (4 days ago)
Merry Christmas
Sean Ross (4 days ago)
Brian du Toit no one cares kid
Meh, i'll save my money for RDR2.
TOMY.BEBOP (4 days ago)
I've gotten so many top shelf games, mate, from the past 2 sales. It's awesome. Very exited for red dead.
Lawrence Pickles (4 days ago)
The real question is that PSVR is two years old next week and we have no sale on PSVR games in Europe, whilst America is enjoying a mammoth sale. What the hell Sony! Sort it out!
Geoff Baumgartner (4 days ago)
It is massive, but you guys always get better sales. We get Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 every week for 10 bucks. About what we deserve lately.
JDINCINERATOR (4 days ago)
Strange how the best game to come out this week is a remaster of a 6 year old game.
Dana Boop (4 days ago)
Question: Is Everybodys Golf any good? I was really thinking about picking it up. Thx ✌🏾
Nosaveddata (3 days ago)
Even if your not a golf fan it's really fun and addictive. Easy to pick up
gowary (4 days ago)
Yeah, if you like golf games you will probably like it. Just watch some reviews/gameplay if you want to make sure graphic style is In your liking
Codako (5 days ago)
I hate when aliens steal your jeans
Evi Reborn (5 days ago)
None of these games interest me. I'll be getting Disgaea 1 complete though no mention of that one but it's out Friday if anyone is interested.
Nosaveddata (3 days ago)
+Evi Reborn very niche games though aren't they?
Evi Reborn (3 days ago)
Looking at it I never see any mention of NIS games from these guys but they have 2 JRPG nuts in the team. Very unusual.
DayFul (4 days ago)
I loved D1 definitely picking it up.
Nosaveddata (4 days ago)
I would have thought they would have included more than one game in a release. Also the price is ridiculous.
Evi Reborn (4 days ago)
MuffinHunterX snap. I'd also like to see phantom brave and makai kingdom come to ps4 I'd buy those in a heartbeat
Intense Nonstop (5 days ago)
No dislikes that's what i like to see
Benjamin 2025 (5 days ago)
Cant wait for that Black Friday sale.
1misanthropist (4 days ago)
Benjamin 2025 Yeah, I’m just waiting for the season pass of Sniper Elite 4 to drop in price. It’s still $35 even though I bought the base game for only$30 in June of 2017. haha
The 23rd of November, it's way too far away to be thinking about it man XD
Haz (4 days ago)
When is this
POOKISTAN (5 days ago)
The PSVR anniversary sale! @___________@ (sorry of the EU got screwed again like last year)
Deal of the week Shadow of the Tomb Raider!?!? The game has been out for less than a month!!... That's why you should never buy games on release unless the hype is really killing you, they get deals so quick, The Last Guardian is the best example I can think of, that game's prize drop was ridiculous.
Caldyz74 (3 days ago)
I allways avoid the hype today I bought God Of War for £13 cheaper than on release.☺
Cesare Auditore (3 days ago)
+Ravus it's weaker then the first 2 Games, but still a good Game.
Ravus (4 days ago)
Is shadow good ? never looked into it, i played the first & half of the 2nd.
Sean Hawk (4 days ago)
Mass Effect Andromeda was about 30 bucks almost a month later
Nosaveddata (4 days ago)
A deal on the PlayStation store isn't exactly a deal. More than likely most of the games are cheaper physically in a store.
Who's ready for black ops 4 🙌🙌🙌🙌
Yeet (4 days ago)
FPS multiplayer games are dead
f q (4 days ago)
Skip this year.
lilith cthulhu (4 days ago)
No thanks. I always liked the Story mode without it i do not need cod. I have a lot of Multiplayer game I can play. Titanfall 2, battlefront 1 and 2, fortnite.. why do I need another one.
Brandon f14 (4 days ago)
+lml Pikachu lml bf5 will be empty sorry
Badass Dan (4 days ago)
I’m ready
ryan011193 (5 days ago)
I'll meet you in blackout or slaughtering zombies on Friday.
Max Gaming (5 days ago)
DRKNSSGMR 23 (5 days ago)
Jakerz (5 days ago)
Feature me

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