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Dance game mod for Nintendo LABO Robot Kit

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This is a rhythm game mod for the Nintendo Labo Robot kit. This creation was inspired by Labo DDR I came across on YouTube. I basically turned it into a 2 player game where the other player controls the sequence. It's simple but fun and quite an exercise too! P.S. I don't really have a programming background so some of my understanding of the program might be wrong. In that case, please comment and correct me!
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Shabaab Kamal (30 days ago)
Your logic is amazing, I could never have figured this out! In utter awe of you!!
Jordan Bowles (1 month ago)
Great job momo
Momoka Kinder (1 month ago)
Jordan Bowles thanks man! It was easier to make than my labo accordion because hardest part of labo is the cardboard!

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