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Assassin's Creed 5 Settings Revealed in AC4 Email

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We discuss locations and time periods for the next Assassin's Creed game that was revealed in an AC4 email. For more from GamesRadar Subscribe: http://goo.gl/rcDzoE http://www.gamesradar.com http://www.facebook.com/gamesradar http://www.twitter.com/gamesradar http://www.twitch.tv/gamesradar
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Text Comments (1678)
1234z 12342 (11 months ago)
Now we get origins it was true
Dark Shadows (1 year ago)
Assassins creed in space
I remember in a comic of AC were Desmond has a Roman Empire Ancestors. And also I know that the email have some missing centuries as well. I got an idea on who would be the missing ancestry lines for Desmond Miles would be. Patrilineal Line. 8th-11th Century Viking Eras 13th-14th Century Scottish War of Independence 17th Century Dutch Republic (mostly because of 1666 Amsterdam) 20th Century Prohibition America Matrilineal Line. 6th Century Arthurian Legends (because of Excalibur being a Piece of Eden which was mention in AC2) 15th Century War of the Roses 16th Century Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire 17th Century Salem Witch Trails 19th Century Greek War of Independence 19th-20th Century Meiji Japan P.S. I think Desmond's Roman Empire Ancestor from the comic book in my opinion was probably from the dad side.
john brown (2 years ago)
and thus 2 locations in the email have come true. Victorian london, and the French revolution. Now ancient egypt is rumored
TopNotchStoner (1 year ago)
Except ANCIENT Egypt isn't mentioned in the email. The email mentions 13th century Egypt, but Ancient Egypt is considered to have been from 3100 BCE to 332 BCE. Altair actually died during the 13th century(1257 AD), so it's even conceivable that there will be an Altair cameo, if the setting is, in fact, 13th century Egypt. That would be pretty awesome.
Conor Martin (2 years ago)
One of those emails mentioned the Irish War of Independence. Says one of the people had relations to Michael Collins and Eamonn De Valera. I think that has a lot of potential
Nurmp gamer nisho (2 years ago)
Ancient Mesopotamia
N00BPUN1SH3R (2 years ago)
so, which one will it be next, i'm thinking Egypt
Well the most recent leak is suggesting so.
Your Personal Toaster (2 years ago)
They should totally do another assassins creed about the uprising of Warsaw
Gladiator Spear (2 years ago)
Samurai and Ninja Assassins.
Datu Kula (2 years ago)
If Ubisoft's going to make AC in Japan, I believe it should be during the Meiji Restoration.
Roderic Kingfield (2 years ago)
+Venz Andrei Advincula I have to disagree. Too recent. We've just had four games in the 18th century, and are getting a game that takes place in the 19th century. It's time for some older settings.
Datu Kula (2 years ago)
If Ubisoft's going to make AC in Japan, I believe it should be during the Meiji Restoration.l
xXx - juLandME28 - xXx (3 years ago)
assassins creed game whose story line was on asian countries. i bet that would be great ;)
Mladen Ilic (2 years ago)
+xXx - juLandME28 - xXx Like Mongols :)
Redstone Pickaxe (3 years ago)
I think many people will like if Assassin Creed 5 occur during the Spaniard Rule in Philippines(1521–1898). So many possibilities, think about new game mode, like sending other assassin to other parts of Philippines. And become the Mentor, planing attack strategy to crush the Spaniard rule while they fought the Netherlands(ex. Battle of La Naval de Manila)
Spencer Archer (3 years ago)
Great Prediction on the French Revolution. However, I would LOVE to see a game taken place in Japan.
Jermone Lol (3 years ago)
how about the philippine revolution against the spanish you play as a member of the katipunan
Aadarsh Balireddy (3 years ago)
Also at the beggining, when you are introduced into the studio, you might hear an employee say 'Feudal Japan. I'd like to visit that. " or something like that.
George Adamopoulos (3 years ago)
SeaAggieDiver (3 years ago)
19th century in New England setting probably has to do with the war of 1812 and Connor which means he'll probably be in his mid sixties and married to Aveline. They probably live in Achilles manor which is now Connors manor and have a child who has been raised as an assassin and is in their early twenties. Their child would be the main protagonist and would be fighting the British in the war of 1812 in New York and in the American / Canadian frontier. Connors ship the Aquilla would play a major role in the game. This would be a fantastic way to end Connor and Aveline story and create a new assassin that would be lead to Desmond's story which we have completed. I would love to see this game running on the Assassin's Creed unity engine on ps4 it would be fantastic
Robin Elms (3 years ago)
Connor doesn't marry Aveline. Why would he? Just because she's a girl?
ninjaking915 (3 years ago)
ac unity was french revolution so they should do Napoleonic wars and an older Arno on napoleons side as you see them together (sorry for little spoilers) it could be like like the Ezio series cos i like Arno.
obliviongaming141 (3 years ago)
Arno gets napoleon arrested
John The Nice Guy (3 years ago)
Why not in China? Just before you kill someone just be like "Ni Hao motherfucka! *throw blades*"
Krazer Stylez (3 years ago)
Assassins in Anicent Greece in Sparta? WOULD BE BEADASS!
dawid pwika (3 years ago)
Didn't nubunaga make a African native a samurai. I can see how that could relate to Egypt
GregTom2 (3 years ago)
They always pick settings that trump the expectations of players, because in the end they like to teach us about the world's culture. You can bet that when they do a game in Asia, it will not be in Japan. You can bet that as long as "feodal japan" is the most expected follow up from 14 year old fans, they won't do it. You can bet that when they do a game in japan, it will be in a more modern era that will confound people's belief about Japan. Ubisoft will not catter to the expectations of a juvenile audience and I like that about them. ... Basically people just demand what they like. They like what they know. And therefore they won't learn anything by getting what they demand. What they should get is something completelly different. Every single time.
John The Nice Guy (3 years ago)
Or you guys just hate Asians LOL nuff said
Blake Snowe (3 years ago)
Just think of it. If we couldn't go to Japan because of the Assassin's belief and Japan have it's own Assassin, which is Ninja and the Samurai with bushido. Could it be possible if we go there as a Templar? (just finished Rogue btw)
Blake Snowe (3 years ago)
Ubisoft as they are now, making an AC game in Japan could be their death sentence. Honestly, AC fans who played the game from the beginning, knowing it's setting, storyline, narative and the war between Templar & Assassin, Japan is the worst idea any AC fans can think of. Having a character to travel to Japan is still possible, having Japan's scenery as a location to visit is possible. But don't even try to force or find a way to adopt AC belief on Japan and it's people. Because it's the hardest and if not, impossible to do. If they even knew about Japan at all. Its the other way around. Egypt, Arab or anywhere in Asia could do, but Ubisoft, pls, if you aren't confident enough. don't you dare take on Japan as you are now.  
rvandendikkenberg (3 years ago)
I want samurai!
Meep Meep (3 years ago)
AC in feudal Japan, your clan of assassin ninjas is hired by a Shogun to kill a rival in a strugle to become the next Emperor, only to be betrayed in the end. Your own village is destroyed and all your clan is wiped out leaving you in a path of revenge to restore the honor of your lost companions.How long will you survive in a batle against an misled army of Samurais, sneaky thieves, lost Ronins and lustfull geishas?It up to you to restore order in the land of the rising sun. Now theres a game i would buy !!!!
Robert Weniger (3 years ago)
French Revolution and American Midwest are next! Unity and Rogue are those settings respectively! I'm going crazy!! What if it's true?
Arno Dorian (3 years ago)
+Abdelwahab Muhammed Look when I posted it lol.
Abdelwahab Muhammed (3 years ago)
+Edward Kenway No, actually AC 2015 will be in london , Search for Assassin's Creed Victory 
Arno Dorian (3 years ago)
Rogue isn't American Midwest.  AC 2015 is most likely Japan, although China is also a possibility.
The_Fetus_run (3 years ago)
soo when does the philipine assassin can go out LOL i mean come on weve been invaded by spanish too right??
caleb tinker (3 years ago)
It's the revolution
JAPON Best place : Katanas, Ninjas, Samurais
IS  ASSASSIN creed 5 like all assassin creed games combined together like hell
Dom P (3 years ago)
Mid evil age
Dani The Monster (4 years ago)
Also an ANcient greece would be an amazing concept...
Matt Wittlinger (4 years ago)
This is kind of mehh, but what I'd LOVE to see for the 20th Century is the Civil Rights Movement.. Preferably in Mississippi.  
jake burge (4 years ago)
assassins creed in egypt would be the shit
ALINOjigz (4 years ago)
This might be stretching it a bit but what about the early 20th century italian mafia/ prohibition era? Theirs always mobsters making hits on opposing crime families/ gangs. I dont know how the story would become parallel with the relevancy of this time frame and setting but its just a suggestion. But yea feudal japan would be a fucking awesome idea, japan are known for their ninjas so it already makes sense for a potential setting
childof Venus (4 years ago)
These guys had it right when they said French revolution.
Lam Le (4 years ago)
For those who are on the fence about an Assassin's Creed in China, check out these artworks and it'll change your mind. http://geektyrant.com/news/2013/1/22/beautifully-badass-assassins-creed-china-art.html
Ivan Alcala (4 years ago)
Just a thought. If we are still following Desmond's ancestors, wouldn't the next one we see in ACUnity still be Connor... O_o Or maybe a relative from Haythem's side of the family who still at Europe? The French Revolution wasn't long after the American revolution with a gap of 2 years so it shouldn't be long. Though I doubt Connor would get involved mostly because his focus is his people
Hubert Darcy (4 years ago)
They should do the Irish revolution. Michael Collins' assassination squad would be perfect for ac!! Civil war straight away afterwards too!
Anakin Skywalker (4 years ago)
They should remake all the old AC games with stunning graphics and shit. Or they could continue Ezios story after Revelations... to me, it seems like the AC franshice is dying, because no Desmond. If they make a new AC game, PLEASE BRING DESMOND BACK TO LIFE!!!!
asa hems (4 years ago)
I would love it if AC5 was in Japan
Royal Dreams (4 years ago)
they should do north and south korea
MrPanos2000 (4 years ago)
for those of you that don't know, the new assassins creed is set in the french revolution and is called unity
Aliensinnoh (4 years ago)
What about using the Chinese assassin that appears in a dlc for revelations?
Kaikoai Iona (4 years ago)
lets do Hawaii!!!
Mark Branham (4 years ago)
why not japan jeez ninjas were about the closest thing to the assassin's creed assassins 
mason foster (4 years ago)
Why would you do japan back in the 1500-1850 it was just farm houses it not like modern day Tokyo
nick sopko (4 years ago)
That would be cool of it took place in the american civil war
James Macek (4 years ago)
Its not ancient egypt... its 13th Century Egypt. Alexandria and Cairo are huge and have terrain accessible to Assassins. 
CrossingJay (4 years ago)
Is it bad that i want to see vlad the Impaler in an assassins creed game?  
ro3snowman (4 years ago)
 think it should take place in Tudor England. It would make sense with the story line 
wolf (4 years ago)
i think altairs farther would be cool
The Lone Wanderer. (4 years ago)
He acted rashly when he cut that nobleman's throat and he paid for it, willingly.
Wolf Prince (4 years ago)
i want to see ancient china
Winston Beharry Jr (4 years ago)
I would like the setting in Japan. 
Eric Borden (4 years ago)
Anyone notice the floating pyramids in the Egypt scene
Randolph de Leon (4 years ago)
I was really hoping for a WWII setting or a continuation of Shao Jun's story. But oh well. :)
SCUD B (4 years ago)
AC 5 will be in Russia
Andrew S (4 years ago)
Here's an interesting thought about Assassin's Creed in the '60s - although I would be surprised if nobody had thought of this already: bring in the Kennedy assassination somehow. THAT would be an interesting game.
Nick Dretke (4 years ago)
They NEED civil war. Just imagine Abraham Lincoln being an assassin
RekT.Mp4 (4 years ago)
Wished they did sweden! Then you can have vikings!
ray oxendine (4 years ago)
WW2 anyone?
JustAGamer (4 years ago)
The french revolution is being done in Ac unity so the list is being completed 1 step at a time
Gun Jew (4 years ago)
French revolution game is confirmed. I personally want to see mid-late 19th century london before anything. 
SAMAKUSgamer (3 years ago)
Wish granted - the ubigods answered your prayers.
victor felipe (3 years ago)
Ben G (4 years ago)
Will the new game be on xbox 360?
glenndermage (4 years ago)
Guys!!!! It's very likely that one of the future AC's is going to take place in Feudal Japan, because of 1) It is mentioned in the email in the video above, but 2) (here it comes...) in an other email I found that they said: "Pirates, Zombies and Ninja's would be awesome!", which is replied to with "Yes that sounds great but lets keep it realistic". (Quotation might verbalized differently but it's really what the mail exchange said). Well... Pirate's have been done and Zombie's aren't realistic... soooo... Ninja's :D I sure hope they aren't trolling but if they indeed aren't..........
TheMissPelled (4 years ago)
One thing is certain...there will be horsies! (i missed those)
Jake The Oreo (4 years ago)
Nope Totally No Horses... JK
Darryl K (4 years ago)
A black assassins would be awesome Jangooo
ThePreciseClimber (4 years ago)
+SpeedIsMyMiddleName Adewale AND Aveline. :P
SpeedIsMyMiddleName (4 years ago)
NordicGames (4 years ago)
they can't do viking theme - skyrim they can't do western theme - red dead redemption and for some reason they can't do japanese but they can do victorian
Just because Skyrim has a Viking Theme (It really doesn't) and RDR has a Western Theme doesn't mean that AC can't do it,
Jake The Oreo (4 years ago)
Harry071297 (4 years ago)
+firestarsx I don't even know...
Dein Bein Foo (4 years ago)
+NordicGames what just happened in this conversation
NordicGames (4 years ago)
+Harry071297 thank you
lostfan10000 (4 years ago)
Welp, looks like it's time to break out the old guillotine.
qwertyuiop9060 (4 years ago)
Guys! You got it right! AC5(called Assassins' Creed Unity) is set in France!! How cool is that!!
Denzu Silvery (4 years ago)
+nuthead611 it might be something like Brother Hood or Revelations
reezicat yh (4 years ago)
Seems unrealistic but I would absolutely love a WW2 Assassins Creed, yes before you hate saying it would be pointless, wouldn't fit in with the story line blah blah, imagine free running on the Reichstag, still using blades and as a replacement of muskets the nazis could use a carbine rifle as in Nazi Germany it was very unusual to see a automatic gun for obvious reasons.
madCRO (4 years ago)
Maybe it would be a good idea to make a habsburg monarchy assassin in the late 16th century when the ottomans are attacking the whole Europe. The last mission would be at the fortress of Siscia (Sisak) where the first christian military win against the nearly invincible ottoman army happened. Just a thought.
CloudTheEevee (4 years ago)
who else got the summer of love refrence?
Wojak Skip (4 years ago)
I wonder if Hitler was a templar. I think AC6/7 will give me an answer ;)
Nexerous (4 years ago)
He was under the influence of an Apple.  http://assassinscreed.wikia.com/wiki/Adolf_Hitler
Eugene Serado (4 years ago)
How about in the year in the philippines, I mean, there are many historical stuff there.
any4003 (4 years ago)
isn't it amazing how AC can get a person into history and enjoy it. 
Marcus Ronning (4 years ago)
They shud make an assassins creed viking game
Mustafa Zaidi (4 years ago)
+Rainbow Death lol yea i get emails from youtube and its too much work to turn them off. and they already released a teaser which shows it French Revolution. The guillotine dropping gave it away for me, plus notre dame in the background. if u mean plot wise or in the world outside the animus i really dont kno. They're leaving behind the whole desmond line, they said black flag was just like a goodbye game to that story arc so i dont kno whats going to happen or who the assassins will be.
SkullMcCurly (4 years ago)
+Mustafa Zaidi lol that was quick. So in that case what do you think the new game will be about?
Mustafa Zaidi (4 years ago)
+Rainbow Death actually the first game basically is the beginning altho its not directly stated, as far as real world history that era is when they first showed up. In actuality i think in the truth file from ac2 they said adam and eve were the first assassins but thats subject 16. Real history wise the crusade era was when the assassin order started and finished as did the templars. 
SkullMcCurly (4 years ago)
+Mustafa Zaidi All true but what about an AC game about how it all started? (that's not in the first right? I never played the first)
Mustafa Zaidi (4 years ago)
+Rainbow Death then ubisoft looks like theyre just trying to make money. It'd be pretty hard to justify in the AC universe as well because what artifact could they be looking for etc. and like Dont Give101 said i think its established they werent around then so they cant just change theyre own history if its meant to be the actual history of the world. idk if that all makes sense i hope it gets my point across
MidnightBlue (4 years ago)
Assassins creed 5 (Assassins creed Unity) will be set in paris and the main character is Arno it will be released this year soon. even search it up
TuckFheIlluminati (4 years ago)
A mixture of Old West and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution would be pretty sweet . I'd like to see how'd they recreate that environment. It would also fit into the chronological order somewhat.
Alphonse Elric (4 years ago)
i saw french revolution THAT sounds epic to me i think they should do that
Elisabeth Warner (4 years ago)
Antarctica ! Would be cool... Jk faggots ! 
_Hugana _ (4 years ago)
wonder what happens when the timeline comes to Desmond's timeline do we get to be a awsome assasine with high tech gear and wepones? cus that would be so cool as long as we get to keep the swords in the game no fun without swords.
Trap Advisor (4 years ago)
I think going back to Rome around Caligula's fall would be cool, the entire layout would be different from that of Brotherhood too.
xxxGhostiexxx (4 years ago)
They did add the easter egg for AC V because it is now known that it is set in France :)
ShadowVSGamez (4 years ago)
I guess pretty awesome I mean I root alawala
E Waal (4 years ago)
If anyone paid attention in Assassasins creed 2 (or Brotherhood), it is said after solving a puzzle that leaders like Napoleon, Ghengis khan and even Hitler gained there succes due to the possesion of a Piece of eden (Apples but also swords and staffs, even an holy grail). So if a Napoleon setting were to be used, Napoleon will be on neither side, just as King Richard in the first Assassins Creed.
Daedric Mannor (4 years ago)
What about Australia? Or some WW2 AC. Like say if you where in the jungle of some Japanese territory you just come out of nowhere and assassinate them. Sounds pretty awesome to me 
Sam Hart (4 years ago)
'Defeated by the English' -_- Classic American.
Trevor Phillips (4 years ago)
Spicy0505 (4 years ago)
summer of love? MLKjr was a templar!!!
Taichi Kojima (4 years ago)
the opium wars...
Danny Grant (4 years ago)
Egypt would be cool, but Japan is an awesome idea, though I think its going to be in Moscow, Russia!!!!!!!
Danny Grant (4 years ago)
awesome and its in the French Revolution, the next one has got to be Egypt though.
mateusz martyni (4 years ago)
+Danny Grant calm down AC V comes out on ps4 and xbox1 But there is other one which we know nothing about coming out on ps3 and xbox360
Danny Grant (4 years ago)
133spartan117 (4 years ago)
The AC V trailers already out and its set during the French Revolution.
Assem Khaled (4 years ago)
Egypt would be good
Bryant Quidley (4 years ago)
Vandon Tarkov (4 years ago)
I'd like to see the game take place in a Nazi Occupied France during World War 2 or during World War 1 ( Stealthy Trench raids ftw)
Thomas Conklin (4 years ago)
Im guessing that it could be in russia 
Mikkel Nielsen (4 years ago)
i think assassin's creed 5 sets in france, is a bad choice. Sure it would be cool and all, but it won't be something we havn't seen before. It will feel alot like ac3... and that is sad, rifles again, ugh... Ubisoft should've taken Japan.
Strider Hiryu (4 years ago)
It seems like not all of these hinted locations were false after all, since the French Revolution is picked to be the next setting in AC Unity. Maybe Ubisoft might start doing Egypt and Japan since those two are the settings that everyone wants besides France.
Strider Hiryu (4 years ago)
+Juan Cabal Yeah? and its been picked to be the setting for AC Unity. 
Juan c (4 years ago)
French Revolution is on the list.
renan giroux (4 years ago)
viking era ?
Christian charles (4 years ago)
I wonder if Ubisoft would ever decide of making one that would take place in modern times when one of the Animus users would learn about their ancestors and at the same time rise against the Templar Powers that Be by becoming a full-pledged corporate destroying assassin?
SilverStrumer (4 years ago)
The Taiwan inclusion into Desmond's line history does seem to be random. Perhaps its there to extend the AC Japan storyline and mix China into the equation? Maybe after we get AC6 Japan it will be AC:Clan set on Taiwan & China? that's what I think Ubisoft is aiming for.
RossDay7 (4 years ago)
Well is game will be pretty easy if the Templars are French they will simply surrender...
IronBlueDog (4 years ago)
I think a Japan AC would be awesome

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