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How to Install a Micro SD Card in Your Nintendo Switch | Increase Nintendo Switch Storage

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The Nintendo Switch only has 32GB of storage, but you can install a Micro SD card to get as much more storage as you need! Alex has the details on how to do just this. Check out our full site ■ http://www.nintendolife.com Like us on Facebook ■ https://www.facebook.com/nintendolife Follow us on Twitter ■ https://www.twitter.com/nintendolife
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Text Comments (320)
Osvaldo Mendoza (4 days ago)
Thank you for helping me
AsusAlex (4 days ago)
I got 2 512 GB micro sd cards
Stubz702 (6 days ago)
Are SDXC cards supported yet?
MommaWolfOf2 (16 days ago)
Thanks just got one and was like where the hell do I put it lol :) this helped me a lot haha
Oh, Ok (21 days ago)
I really need an sd card as i have literally no god damn space in my switch because I download too many games so.....
JBsCorner Brandon (1 month ago)
I found your video very helpful. ty for sharing with us
antonio grady (1 month ago)
Does save data stay on Nintendo switch when upgrading sd cards because I'm switching out my small sd for a new one
atom1cs (1 month ago)
Thank you for this video, I thought I bought the wrong kind of card, but I didn't, just needed to RTFM or... watch this video. :)
Jennifer Cushman (1 month ago)
Thanks Alex I thought I had gotten the wrong size 128 gb sd card or something. I didn't know you had to place it in the back of the console. I was putting it in the same place where you put your games. I wonder why it wasn't working. And I thought I had wasted my money on getting one. Now I know I didn't and I had just put it in the system. And just updated it to hold more memory.
its_the_wej (1 month ago)
Actually the largest size SD card at the time of your video is 400gb by Sandisk, and they just released their 512gb microsd card
Jake Cross (2 months ago)
Thanks man
I only have a normal sad card
3rdMonocle 78 (2 months ago)
what a world we live in; 500+GB of memory in a micro SD card. I can't wait to see 4TB of memory and beyond for micro SDXC cards.
Jzeke 420 (2 months ago)
If you need to watch this vid, you probably aren’t smart enough to play literally any video game
MrMadness360 (2 months ago)
If I bought a 64 Gigabyte card and want to swap it out with an 128 Gigabyte card can I just pop the other one in just like that or do I have to do something else to transfer the data?
matthewmega 123 (2 months ago)
Do sd card work
Alexis Martinez (2 months ago)
Does it restart every thin
HeroOfTime (3 months ago)
Does it erase data on the normal switch space
Dinkolish (3 months ago)
One year later, in a time where 400 GB SD cards are thinging, thank you sir.
the electric knight (3 months ago)
I was looking everywhere where you have to put the SD card in ^^; this is helpful.....
Master Mind (3 months ago)
Cyborgs Universe (3 months ago)
You are the best! human we saw today! You are not a clone robot right? 🤔
twiggz (3 months ago)
Wow, 1 year ago now!
Lori Manzoline (3 months ago)
I did this and still have the same storage I have four more games left until I'm full on storage did I didn't it wrong
GameStop Sudan (3 months ago)
Kaleb B (3 months ago)
Do you lose your data from the internal storage or not
theGreatBlake (4 months ago)
And you can keep all the games on the hard drive working while using a micro sd? Don't want to lose all my saves.
SCAR- The Sabertooth (4 months ago)
WoW 32gb sandisk gb card for 16 quid I GOT ONE FOR 8 QUID👌🏻
Jere1570 (4 months ago)
Thanks for this ! Had mine in upside down!
SIR (4 months ago)
Lol I won't need one because I buy physical games. Physical games use minimal storage
Ron Mathias (4 months ago)
I want that Shirt!!!
ThomasGrillo (4 months ago)
Thanks for showing how to put the sd card in.
Carson Clifford (4 months ago)
Thanks Nintendo life jk🎮🎮
valeriey (4 months ago)
so once you insert the sd card, will the games downloaded automatically save into the sd card instead of the internal storage?
Ken Hill (4 months ago)
Can someone explain why my SD card isn't reading on my switch? I got a SanDisk Ultra 128GB MicroSD card.
Joseph Joe (3 months ago)
I made sure from the very start that I was inserting it in the right way, yet it still won't lock. Here is the item I got from amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073JYC4XM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It just won't lock. I ordered another card and hopefully that will work, otherwise I might have to send my system into repair, which I'm dreading greatly.
Ken Hill (3 months ago)
Joseph Joe make sure it's in the right position to insert it in. Make sure it's also SanDisk.
Joseph Joe (3 months ago)
Well, no matter how hard I pushed it in it won't click for me. Does it require a great deal of force?
Ken Hill (3 months ago)
Joseph Joe I just looked at another tutorial & i inserted the sd card until I heard it click on.
Joseph Joe (3 months ago)
I just got the same card and it isn't locking into my switch. What did you end up doing?
Cholo Popo (5 months ago)
What if my switch have data on it do u just reset all your data. im scared pls help😰😰
The Video Kid (8 days ago)
It moves everything on the system to the card. And when the card’s storage runs out, it will use system memory again.
Malachi Zeman (5 months ago)
I don’t even have a switch but it’s fun to watch
Ebony Grant-Rowlands (5 months ago)
What happens if it restarts? Will it delete my data or somethings?
Wickedkwwe (5 months ago)
Of course not When it says restart it just turns the system off then on
Jeff Morrison (5 months ago)
focus your camera pls
Optimistica1 (5 months ago)
Thanks dude! Now we can buy all the games we want!
Mapleman9322 (5 months ago)
No prompt to restart? Is that an issue?
Albert welch (5 months ago)
Thank you
Akhil Nelapolu (5 months ago)
neon or gray?
wooper tube (5 months ago)
I only wanted to know how many micro sd cards it had
op family fun (6 months ago)
Son Edo (6 months ago)
Do I put the SD card in while my switch is turned on or off?
Tyson Mathieu (6 months ago)
K good night invest in one of these
Jack Lee (6 months ago)
wish i knew this before downloading full games on my switch
Vinh Le (6 months ago)
Doesn’t work, inserted it and in the settings, it says Micro Card Not Inserted. Tried that way again, same results.
PI Lennard (5 months ago)
Vinh Le Same for me
Charlie Welton (6 months ago)
The switch can support a 2 terribites of storage through micro sd but it is not possible...yet.
Trapster2 (6 months ago)
Wha-? It's that easy to open the hatch? It won't budge.
BurntOrange 4life (6 months ago)
512gb sd/xc on wish $6.00 a piece.
BurntOrange 4life (6 months ago)
Micro sd definatly cheaper than the 4tb hd i had to be for my x1
Ed D (6 months ago)
Thank you for this can you show me how to pop the freaking kickstand please. My kickstand is stuck
PC GameBoy (6 months ago)
Got a 200GB SD Card on Amazon for $50 on Black Friday. Great deal.
Weegee-E (6 months ago)
Does it work with a 3ds card
Oozette (6 months ago)
I put in a 200gb card and got 183gbs to use whats eating up the missing 17gbs
C.D. Riley (28 days ago)
Oozette https://www.diyphotography.net/memory-cards-have-less-space-advertised-here-why/
Dr Bullets (6 months ago)
This video should be 30 seconds
Dave Campbell (6 months ago)
Thank You
Jake Hackney (6 months ago)
ITS UNDER THE KICKSTAND! I was looking EVERYWHERE for it and it was staring me in the face the entire time!
Miadaskate (6 months ago)
Just installed my 256 GB Card. It was on sale via SanDisk's website for $80 which is the best price I've seen! Thanks Alex!
Kopend (6 months ago)
If I have to restart my switch by inserting a new micro sd card will I lose all my game data?
Danko (6 months ago)
Kopend restart just means turning off an on again
Miguel Rios (7 months ago)
Thank you good sir it's my first day with the switch and sd card too
dollparts (7 months ago)
Umm you also need to format the sd card so it works on the switch (according to Nintendo).. this is under settings > system > initialize
Álvaro Cadiñanos (7 months ago)
I bought a SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-1 A1 class card yesterday for the Switch and it works perfectly on my console. Am I the only one? Maybe I made a mistake...
Sturmy (7 months ago)
Can you still do the free update?
stephaniepretty (7 months ago)
Okay so the console comes without any micro SD inside it right? Only the built in storage... Kind of a good move on Nintendo's part in the sense that there's no moving around data once ur console data is full :)
luckyboy 421 (7 months ago)
if you use physcical copies do you need space for the games or not
Stranger (7 months ago)
when i insert a new micro sd card does it delete my games data?
JRPG gaming (7 months ago)
+Nintendo Life very helpful video THANK YOU. i wasn't pushing in micro sd in far enough to hear CLICK got it working. including default system storage I'm set for a while. Will mostly download retro once VC really gets trucking in 2018
Scooby Doo (8 months ago)
So where can I get a micro SD card at I still have plenty of space left on the one that's already in the Switch now
Thomas Volpe (8 months ago)
I got a lexer 258 gb and I did the update but some games won't download to it ! Nba jam and 10 sword game? Try like 6+ time finally put it inside memory instead. Y is this?
Paramesh Subramoni (8 months ago)
Your welcome
Paramesh Subramoni (8 months ago)
Just buy a Sandisk XC or HC guys
Thuan Nguyen (8 months ago)
Thank u so much! Quick and simple! Helps me so much! :)
Cookie Cat (9 months ago)
Aaaaaaand Error code 2005-0003 which means you can't download shit anymore because an "error" on your newly bought $60 500GB micro sd card which Nintendo tells you to reset the sd card or buy a fucking new one
kuko0306 (9 months ago)
GFEAST (9 months ago)
Where u get those pictures behind you
Pika Throw (9 months ago)
thanks chu very much Ninten Life I really couldn't find that slot...I feel a little silly now...hehe hidden behind the kick stand -w-
stefanieRibarra (9 months ago)
If it's a new SD card so I need to format the sd card or I can use it right out of the packaging?
904 mappy (10 months ago)
Jared Jones (10 months ago)
Anyone else have a heart attack when they bought an SDXC card for $50 only to hear him say it siding work?
Xx X_F_A_G_G_O_T_X xX (10 months ago)
If I got a new sd card would all my data still be there or would all my progress in my games be gone
Jeremy Sutherland (10 months ago)
Who's watching this in the future where 2 TB SD cards are a standard thing?
DRAGON DINOGUY (3 months ago)
Ebony Grant-Rowlands same
Ebony Grant-Rowlands (5 months ago)
Jeremy Sutherland I'm watching in 2018
i did it
Kordell Wilks (11 months ago)
WHOA Before I watched this video I thought I had to take off the back. sweet I didn't even see the little hidden micro SD card port before watching
Akilies (11 months ago)
How do you save games onto the mirco SD card?
ManaRocker657 (11 months ago)
Will you lose your data doing this? Hopefully not. Are the cartridges saved on the system itself? Are the saves saved on the system itself? Do you hope Nintendo adds a software update to transfer save data? Because I do.
Leong Mun (11 months ago)
I going to wait for nintendo to upgrade the gb to 500 before I buying this
derpster derp (11 months ago)
You do keep your games and progress, right?
creek boie (11 months ago)
what makes me upset is you can't transfer once it's formatted it done. if your going digital all your games are saved and you switch breaks you can't use your SD card on any other switch.
Brian (11 months ago)
To download "so many" games? Sure, mate...
Con Wil Sim (11 months ago)
Does it support 64gb or 128gb SD cards? Just curious
Tom - Rainbow Six: Siege (11 months ago)
So you can put an sd card on top of the 32gb that comes with the switch?
Gavin Griffin (11 months ago)
Does everything transfer over onto the new SD card through the account and games or is there another step you need to take?
Oscar Castro (11 months ago)
But wait, can you use multiple SD Cards? Like SD Card 1 is full of games, and then SD card two has other games. I mean I keep wondering why does first party cases allow you to store multiple sd cards... If it is how I suspect, then it makes my life easier of course I would have to be careful of not loosing any of the sd cards
TristanGav11 (11 months ago)
Cacho no mate
André Ferreira (11 months ago)
Thanks a lot, pal. Great job. Saved me arse.
Maier Stacks (1 year ago)
How do you do the update to use the micro sdxc cards?
Justin Ruiz (7 months ago)
Maier Stacks does it work? I just bought a 128 gb sdxc does it work on switch?
Chrono Breaker (1 year ago)
why dint put a protec for sd?! i use a black maskingtype to protect the sd!
leave me alone (1 year ago)
So do I just put the sd card in the switch and that's it?

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