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[OLD] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Complete Character Roster (So Far)

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This video is outdated, please refer to our latest video for the full, updated roster: https://youtu.be/La-ki7Ne7Gc Check out our full site ■ http://www.nintendolife.com Like us on Facebook ■ https://www.facebook.com/nintendolife Follow us on Twitter ■ https://www.twitter.com/nintendolife
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Is this Loss? (1 day ago)
I've never owned a console that I could play smash on, but I just bought a switch. Anyone have any character tips for me?
D Wayne (18 days ago)
They need to release this for the N64 😡I aint buyin no damn switch!
D Wayne (18 days ago)
As long as Green Hill Zone/Chemical Plant Zone is on the tracklist all is well with me
#MakeWaluigiAPlayableCharacter #SaveTheWAA
Jeff Keller (25 days ago)
Underground River (29 days ago)
Man I hope Shadow makes it in.
PeakMean (30 days ago)
Would be dope if they add Goku or Naruto...maybe both🤔
Taylor Garrett (30 days ago)
CeaseEel (30 days ago)
I feel kinda bad for the balancing team
MONKE CHEZE (1 month ago)
10:03 is my main
g00py Grandé (1 month ago)
*You forgot Skull Kid*
Mattmanmario Saga DX (1 month ago)
Add Cooking Mama, Rayman, and Crash Bandicoot.
Funkeh the Dong (1 month ago)
Because Knuckles is an assist trophy, I think Shadow will become Sonic's echo fighter!
Funkeh the Dong (1 month ago)
I like it how Marth's voice is now in English! But how about Roy and Cloud?
white wolf (1 month ago)
amaterasu okami for smash ultimate! Maybe
ACK (1 month ago)
BlastOff98 (1 month ago)
Honestly, I think there’s gonna be another unexpected obscure retro character in this game considering every Smash game since Melee has had one. Melee had Mr. Game & Watch, Brawl had ROB, and SSB4 had Duck Hunt.
Nicolas Herrera (1 month ago)
Shenzy Brosee (1 month ago)
Man... seeing young link in hd. It makes me think about how hype an oot hd would be (or MM)
Shenzy Brosee (1 month ago)
What the hell im actually so excited to play Mario for some reason lol. I would have loved a Mario bros 3 reference to his moveset but whatever daddy sakurai has already done so much
EvilWeevil XD (1 month ago)
Ok here me out, Mr Saturn will be playable because he is in the panoramic art
giereroid 02 (30 days ago)
true. they have not shown him as an item
Jj the strawb (1 month ago)
Waluigi must be number 69
Rogier van den Berg (1 month ago)
I'd prefer some kind of commentary, rather than just showing footage of all the characters and calling it a video
Turtle Lin (1 month ago)
My predictions Unique fighters Bandana Dee Gen 7 Pokemon Geno 1 other Echo Shadow Isabelle a LOZ echo 1 other
giereroid 02 (30 days ago)
less of a prediction, more of what you want
Pathyo 77 (1 month ago)
Ima freeze my self until December 7th
Lord fartamor (1 month ago)
and alf
pamela sims (1 month ago)
So I just had to say this but there might be only 71 fighters in the game so there is 4 spots open for 4 more fighters. maybe like geno or sora or isabelle skull kid who knows. ridley made it and king k rool so geno might make it I'm not sure but all I know is there are 4 spots left for fighters. if you go to the super smash bros website it says over with 71 fighters so not a lot of fighters will be there just ike sakora said don't expect so many fighters. So if sakura is picking them from the roster then geno might have a chance maybe even sora but idk.
Dalayzie1 (1 month ago)
Damn! So far (technically) there’s 73 characters. I’m counting the echoes & 3 in 1 fighters separately. Imo, I think the final amount of fighters we’ll see next smash direct will total 5. Two to three of which will be unique/echo fighters.
Jimwhoa (1 month ago)
This got me way more hyped than the direct.
Dark Void (1 month ago)
Damn, all the characters are packin them meaty sound effects on their hits now 6:45 You hear how MEATY that b was? Or 7:00 that u-tilt tho. 18:40 The meanest bair I've ever seen. It's amazing to see they've vamped even the slightest aspects of this game.
Theoddballguy (1 month ago)
Guys it’s actually 73 fighters if you count echoes.
Theoddballguy (1 month ago)
I get mad every time I see pit’s final smash in this game. It’s so ass they should’ve kept his normal one from smash 4 that one was way better.
Channel Surfer (1 month ago)
Snake, Cloud, Ryu, and Pac-Man all in the same ring. How surreal.
John the Bopper (1 month ago)
This is gonna be revolutionary
MarcoTheMan (1 month ago)
I love the mister Saturn in the thumbnail
Kingdom Sonic (1 month ago)
Hello everyone, are you a Shantae fan and would you like her to be playable in the brand new Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Well good news, we have a discord server where we talk about the Shantae series and possible move sets for her. Come on down to our discord server now. Here is the link: https://t.co/SlvG9500Tw
ωιllσω (1 month ago)
Seeing as all these characters are important in their home series, it makes me think people seriously Ashley in a all-stars game? She barely relevant in her own series, comes from a spin-off, she has no personality. I'm so glad she's not in the game.
Bobby M (1 month ago)
16:30, wait, did Cloud use Thunder?
Rodrigo de Alfonso (1 month ago)
where is Waluigi
JayTheGamer (1 month ago)
Go to 19:08 for Waluigi.
Bobby M (1 month ago)
Why Dr Mario, Marth and Pichu aren't Echo fighters is beyond me, but omg how much I'm looking forward to this game!
giereroid 02 (30 days ago)
marth is an original lol. lucina is the echo of marth
Omega Son (1 month ago)
This game is already better than all the others in my eyes. Anything else is just extra frosting on top of a huge cake with an already huge amount of frosting
AJ888 (1 month ago)
God Sakurai is truly making this the Ultimate smash bros!!
Krishna Galih (1 month ago)
Whats The Song For Diddy Kong Called, I Forgot
Wambold But With A 'Q' (1 month ago)
This video is way longer than it needs to be.
I was already really hyped up for this game but when they announced K. rool I literally died!
Pedro Gordinho (1 month ago)
Remember that Nintendo E3 presentation with the "muppets"?. They should use the muppets of Reggie, Miyamoto and Satoro in Smash.
Amand Trevelyan (1 month ago)
5:45 Falco's spot dodge is no longer a dab
Amand Trevelyan (1 month ago)
Indeed it is.
Jose Relvas (1 month ago)
Amand Trevelyan thats good
Andres E. Gomez M. (1 month ago)
I still want Impa, Waddle Dee, Isaac and Decidueye to make it in. Dixie as an echo of Diddy since K Rool made the cut.
Stormsurge28 (1 month ago)
Hey, I noticed something that mat lead away from the idea of skull kid being in the game. Each fighter has there own music while they're being shown off. Ganondorf's theme in this is a remixed lost woods, which usually is most associated with skull kid, so which theme would they use if he came in, there are no dupes when it comes to music and Sakurai wouldn't overlap them unless it was on purpose.
Just not a good enough reason.
Stormsurge28 (25 days ago)
+Waluigi Is more than a Assist Trophy Any reason why you think not?
BossCrazyRoss (1 month ago)
Cant wait
Not a Cool Username (1 month ago)
Isn't this video unnecessary?
Henry Jacobs (1 month ago)
So it’s just all the character trailers.
Jordan Collette (1 month ago)
mario (1 month ago)
I hope they put all arms characters on here too
Chris Kaufmann (1 month ago)
I shudder to think of how long it must've taken to find and sync all of this music...
World of Weebcraft (1 month ago)
Plz do a video where you read out all the fake character leaks from the comments! Would be hilarious
Carlos Melgoza (1 month ago)
IGN says to many characters 😑
Zwolfblade22 (1 month ago)
I feel like chrom is an echo to ike not roy I dont get the roy echo thing
Dark Void (1 month ago)
I hate that they did Chrom in like that by giving him Ike's all-vertical trash up-b. I main Roy and was hoping to main Chrom as well. He better hit harder than Roy to compensate for his booty recovery, especially since he lacks Ike's side b.
Justin Baker (1 month ago)
Chrom only has Ike's Up B. That's it. The rest of his moves are similar to Roy's.
GreenPrinceRukio (1 month ago)
Ike's Final Smash portrait is using the older Ike's while he's the PoR Ike
Dillo64 (1 month ago)
13:03 - I never noticed. Mega Man has the same Perfect Shield/Parry animation as Ryu!
VexStep [GD] (1 month ago)
Ridley should have been a new assist trophy character... cuz its weird seeing a stage enemy as a playable character >.> (#ssb4forlife)
Novva (1 month ago)
Guys GAME (A game store in the uk) leaked the total number of fighters as 71
Novva (1 month ago)
5ashll it could be excluding the echos but you never know
5ashll (1 month ago)
NovaGamer551 I don't think it did, if you count all of the characters and echoes you get 71, and Sakurai said they had more to reveal. ( if think they'll change it when more characters are revaled)
Chay Vyse (1 month ago)
Person: 'Wow they haven't added Geno yet, this game will be terrible' Other person: 'I guess wanting a character in a game is ungrateful now' Me: "Are you serious?"
Anthony Barberis (1 month ago)
You wanna know what's going to be fun? Trying to recreate these scenes in the game.
Hdfet Galaxgaggle (1 month ago)
Sakurai should get a 10 year or more break I mean Jesus Christ this game is gonna be 1057466736562756475799999999999999999988476% amazing he might do dlc or make a port with a bunch more but still
Candy Love (1 month ago)
Bring in Andy from Advance Wars.
King Julien XIII (1 month ago)
On the Manga side Goku would be a great echo fighter for Ryu and The little orange dinosaur Gon from Tekken 3 would be a great echo of Wario as these characters have incredibly close movesets.
Andres E. Gomez M. (1 month ago)
JoJ0 Ugh...
Ivan Williams (1 month ago)
Once the game is done and over with, Sakurai deserves a long vacation. And when he comes back he should be allowed to pursue other projects he wants to work on. He went above and beyond with this game trying to make the best experience possible so I will definitely be buying this
Andres E. Gomez M. (1 month ago)
Ivan Williams An Ice Climber revival would be great. And since you can share Joy cons, it can work perfectly
TheWindChicken (1 month ago)
This looks like a real video Nintendo would actually make.
Jose Relvas (1 month ago)
TheWindChicken are you living under a rock?
Jose Relvas (1 month ago)
TheWindChicken YES
TheWindChicken (1 month ago)
So is this like a re-upload or something?
The Spartan (1 month ago)
TheWindChicken that's because they did
Impossible Pizza (1 month ago)
Am Inthe only one that hates JUSS and hates it in every trailer
Christina Gaming1029 (1 month ago)
Impossible Pizza Ohhhh It usually only plays for Mario though
Impossible Pizza (1 month ago)
Christina Gaming1029 jump up super star the one song the won't stop playing in all the trailers
Christina Gaming1029 (1 month ago)
Impossible Pizza Juss?
Nightwing gamer (1 month ago)
the fuck is juss?
Evildie .x (1 month ago)
I'm glad duck hunt is back
Nickwiz 190 (1 month ago)
What franchises are Ness, Lucas, ROB, The Ice Climbers, Little Mac, and Palutena from?
giereroid 02 (30 days ago)
rob is not just an accessory but he IS actually from the gyromite franchise because it’s about a scientist who creates rob
TamaleMuncher 789 (1 month ago)
Ness and Lucas are mother/earthbound ROB is a gyromite accesory Ice climbers are from ice climber Palutena is from Kid icarus
Andres E. Gomez M. (1 month ago)
Nickwiz 190 Ness and Lucas are two kids with psychic powers. Their games are great. In Japan it's called Mother and in America it's EarthBound. R.O.B. is an actual NES accessory. You command it with the controller to do stuff to play his games. Gyromite and Stack Up. Ice Climbers come from the game Ice Climber. You jump and break blocks to climb mountains and defend yourselves with mallets. Palutena is from Kid Icarus like Pit. She's the goddess of Skyworld.
Christina Gaming1029 (1 month ago)
Nickwiz 190 Ness and Lucas are from Earthbound/Mother ROB isn't even from a game, don't really know what it was Ice Climbers are from... well... Ice Climbers Little Mac is from Punch Out Palutena is from the same franchise as Pit, that being Kid Icarus
cabbage scented candle (1 month ago)
Earthbound/Mother, ROB isn't from a game he was some physical add on back in the day or something, Ice climbers are from Ice climbers, Little Mac is from Punch Out, and Palutena is from Kid Icarus (same as Pit)
cabbage scented candle (1 month ago)
I'm happy with the game regardless at this point, but god I want Elma as a newcomer so bad. She has soooo much potential to be one of the most unique fighters.
Angel Rodriguez (1 month ago)
I hope after this smash sakurai is done so he can at least work on diffrent projects.
Neobelmont1 (1 month ago)
So to anyone reading which characters are you looking forward to main? Mine are the Belmonts. They look so awesome, in fact am I crazy that I don't even care about tiers at this point? And the crazy part, we are not done yet.
mob viper (1 month ago)
Ok thats nice, but what about glass joe?
EpicBear Guy (1 month ago)
0/10 No "hello lovely people" at the beginning
Flakyki (1 month ago)
There are 67 characters. I'm expecting Sakurai to have made it an even 70
giereroid 02 (30 days ago)
we’re not done yet
ᗪєϻΩηKᎥภg64 (1 month ago)
So many characters 😱😱
marc steenkiste (1 month ago)
Great editing!
Shane B (1 month ago)
Over 70 characters including echoes and Beyonetta will still wreck them all
Gabriel Roque (1 month ago)
I mean, its everyone.
Jonah Abenhaim (1 month ago)
Shantae for smash PLEASE
StuffZ (1 month ago)
Most important to least: Isabelle (echo or unique) Shantae Dixie Kong (echo or unique) Shadow (echo) Bandana Dee New Yoshi Rep New Warioware rep Geno Issac Miyu or Fay from Star Fox 2. They're retro, off-the-wall, and are female Star Fox characters that would add more variety and serve as new reps for Star Fox Skull Kid or just a new Zelda rep Impa (echo) Hilda (echo) Maybe a new F-Zero rep.
Maxwell French (1 month ago)
QUICK QUESTION: At 2:36 the surroundings look very similar to the Mushroom Kingdom level in Melee’s Adventure mode. Does this somewhat confirm Adventure mode? Please correct me if I’m wrong.
5ashll (1 month ago)
Maxwell French I think it's the stage from smash bros 3ds based off super Mario 3ds land.
popcorn pop (1 month ago)
i would love to see undertale , heck even rabbids, don and ka (taiko tatsujin) in this. would be cute but theres already a ton of characters
giereroid 02 (30 days ago)
i just looked it up, yes don appeared in a mario kart
giereroid 02 (30 days ago)
yeah they would have been hella cute. but i’m not sure if they even made it in the game, i’ll have to do more research on that
popcorn pop (30 days ago)
giereroid 02 NO WAYYYYYYYYYYY in mario kart awwwwwwwww
giereroid 02 (30 days ago)
yeah they should for sure add don and ka. they were gonna appear in mario kart anyway. they would be the cutest little fighters, it would be so adorable to see dedede swallow them
Jon Adams (1 month ago)
Bandana Waddle Dee Isabelle Geno Some kind of Pokémon And an off the wall pick.
GreenMemeFever _ (1 month ago)
Villager better be top tier
Bubble Gum (1 month ago)
I was just thinking, if they do add a story mode, every character should have some role, right? So wouldn't it be awesome to have the Mii Fighters in that story mode? Each person would have their own unique play through, with a customizable character. It would be similar to Sonic Forces with the "oc" mechanic, but not absolute trash.
BraydenMiller (1 month ago)
Why would you make this video 4 months before the game comes out, when there's still more fighters to announce
Jose Relvas (1 month ago)
BraydenMiller ad revenue kid
Jared Khan (1 month ago)
How necessary was this video 😂
Ethan Wheeler (1 month ago)
No one really asked but I wonder what yoshis final smash will be
5ashll (1 month ago)
Ethan Wheeler I'm pretty sure that the unrevaled final smashes may have something to do with unrevaled stuff for this game. I mean robin is proof of that.
MaJeeDooo 0010 (1 month ago)
I have a feeling that all the fighters are completely done, all buffs and nerfs complete, and all new characters done, but all that's left before the game launches is the story mode (like a subspace story, not like a melee adventure mode... or maybe they are just putting both because why not?), i beleve it will be more ambitious than any atory mode in smash history! What i'm hoping is that the lives system (if there is) could be like Encore mode from sonic mania plus, where you're characters are you're lives, and when you lose one, you (Nintendo) SWITCH to another, and for an extra mechanic, if the story mode is actually named spirits, is that when you lose a character, you try to get his soul back into said character's body by grabbing the soul and pull it to it's host, i am HYPED, AND CAN'T WAIT FOR SMASH ULTIMATE TO COME OUT!!!
Ewan Johnson (1 month ago)
Bandana Dee and Waluigi would be stupid characters in Smash and frankly with all the fuss over Waluigi being in Smash it’d be a shame to see him in the roster. I really think they’re not showing Young Link’s Final Smash because it involves Fierce Deity Link as Skull Kid is a newcomer
Jon Adams (1 month ago)
Lol their eyes stare into your soul.
cabbage scented candle (1 month ago)
Jon Adams how the hell is Villager a creepy fighter?
Jon Adams (1 month ago)
Na if anything Midna or Ghirahim would be far better picks and their assist trophies, Skull kid is going to turn out like another Ashley he going to be hype up then revealed as an Assist trophy. Idk I just don't see an appeal to a boring character plus we already have 2 creepy fighters Villager and Ridley.
Ewan Johnson (1 month ago)
Jon Adams I think he’d bring a unique moveset and could be quite a creepy fighter and would give the Zelda series its much deserved first newcomer in years
Jon Adams (1 month ago)
Skull kid is a stupid character for Smash!
Bahim9 (1 month ago)
Character Timestamps: If there is any errors please tell me 0:01 Mario 0:17 Donkey Kong 0:33 Link 0:49 Samus 1:07 Dark Samus 1:25 Yoshi 1:42 Kirby 1:58 Fox 2:13 Pikachu 2:29 Luigi 2:47 Ness 3:02 Captain Falcon 3:18 Jigglypuff 3:38 Peach 3:53 Daisy 4:08 Bowser 4:24 Ice Climbers 4:40 Sheik 4:55 Zelda 5:11 Doctor Mario 5:25 Pichu 5:42 Falco 5:56 Marth 6:11 Lucina 6:24 Young Link 6:38 Ganondorf 6:53 Mewtwo 7:09 Roy 7:26 Chrom 7:45 Mr. Game and Watch (My main) 8:02 Meta Knight 8:19 Pit 8:36 Dark Pit 8:49 Zero Suit Samus 9:10 Wario 9:28 Snake 9:43 Ike 10:03 Pokemon Trainer 10:17 Diddy Kong 10:35 Lucas 10:50 Sonic 11:05 King Dedede 11:21 Olimar 11:38 Lucario 11:55 Rob 12:10: Toon Link 12:31 Wolf 12:46 Villager 13:00 Megaman 13:17 Wii Fit Trainer 13:35 Rosalina and Luma 13:52 Little Mac 14:10 Greninja 14:25 Mii Fighter 14:39 Palutena 14:55 Pac-Man 15:12 Robin 15:28 Shulk 15:44 Bowser Jr. 16:02 Duck Hunt 16:18 Ryu 16:32 Cloud 16:46 Corrin 17:04 Bayonetta 17:22 Inkling 17:37 Ridley 17:55 Simon 18:15 Richter 18:34 King K. Rool That's a lot of characters! Thank you, Sakurai!
Is this Loss? (1 day ago)
Error: wii fit trainer is still here and waluigi isnt
Bahim9 (1 month ago)
Comrade Castillo (1 month ago)
I’m happy someone else mains game and watch
Bahim9 (1 month ago)
Tash (1 month ago)
Mewto is wrong
Patrick Brennan (1 month ago)
Captain Falcon has awesome intro music, Gotta love the F Zero series
Mister moT (1 month ago)
Where is Skull Kid?
Bobthebuilder64 (1 month ago)
At this point we can make a whole smash bros pokerap
John Gupta-She (1 month ago)
Jiggs had the sickest combo

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