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Super Mario Odyssey: 11 Hilariously Bad Reviews

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Super Mario Odyssey was never going to make anti-Mario zealots happy, and it seems that once again a cluster of time-rich individuals of just such opinion have taken to Metacritic to express their distaste. So let's have a giggle. Check out our full site ■ http://www.nintendolife.com Like us on Facebook ■ https://www.facebook.com/nintendolife Follow us on Twitter ■ https://www.twitter.com/nintendolife
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Text Comments (7190)
BlueBubbleBox 13 (1 day ago)
omg the humans in new donk city look like humans!!!!! 0/0 worst game ever created. burn it with fire.
Animaidan (3 days ago)
Mario Oddysey wasn’t bad, it really was amazing. But truth be told I was dissappointed with almost everything about it outside of gameplay
Jun123 (4 days ago)
My favorite one is when they say "Mario hasn't changed since the '80s." Actually it has changed ... a lot.
husinnee love (5 days ago)
whats that outro song?
Vincent (7 days ago)
trying to argue with idiots is harder than regular people
Space Case (7 days ago)
Whos that cute pikachu oc behind you, is he yours? awh
Ciara Smith (9 days ago)
There should be more videos like this
Mr. T (10 days ago)
11 reviews and l saw it 11 months after it was uploaded
Adrian Gadea (10 days ago)
Mario is too short
Andrew Gibbs (12 days ago)
I honestly would give it a 7, Not nearly the replayability I was promised.
Ruben G (16 days ago)
I don't know why but I really don't like Mario Oddesy. It's a fantastic game but I just can't get myself to play it.
andrew beam (18 days ago)
4:40 " it's not Dante's Inferno." I got that history reference to "the Divine Comedy." I just about died laughing!
Don't get mad at me, but I kind of agree that the game is kind of overrated. It's the first Mario game I ever played on a real console, and I'm not satisfied. Adding more Mario feel would honestly fix it. I know, my opinion sounds stupid, but Galaxy looks better.
Trover19 (26 days ago)
“The game isn’t hard.” bitch I bet you collect the bare minimum of power moons and not a completionist
Yashvanth Midde (28 days ago)
The guy who said botw is too easy is completely wrong
Juggular John (18 days ago)
Yashvanth Midde ikr Did he try to fight a lynel?
UH-OH SPAGHETTI-OS (29 days ago)
Please tell me where to buy the Salmanoid art behind you
Cold_ Soup (1 month ago)
_uh... I tried to play the game but Mario's nose kept jiggling, it's so distracting 7.8/10_
James Ultrabot (1 month ago)
The idea of possesing imean capturing enemies i think i stolen from crash of the titans but still its a great game and way better than crash of the titans
Waluigi Cult Member (1 month ago)
0/10 too much easy and 2 much m00ms it is also like sconic the groundhog because sconic breathes air and so does mairo
Marto Bl (1 month ago)
The level design of Mario oddesey does remind me of sonic games After some of the sonic game designers went to Nintendo and worked on odessey
Jordan King (1 month ago)
I laugh at the morons that say that this game is 'too easy'. TOO FREAKIN' EASY!!!!!!??????? Is abundantly clear they have only played the campaign and nothing else, because if what I've been hearing is correct, this game is FAR from 'too easy'. And also if it is true and they have only played the main campaign, well then I'm afraid they haven't played the game, because if all the videos are anything to go by that have reviewed this game, once you have completed the main campaign and nothing else, you're only HALFWAY done with the game. Or thereabouts anyway. And it's also abundantly clear that these idiots haven't played the whole game, because this game does takes FAR MORE than 5 hours to complete. Try almost 80 hours (again from what I've heard), then you'll be close to the mark, and you're going to sit there and tell me that this game is 'too easy'? Get a life.
MP Studios (1 month ago)
My favorite part of Mario Bros was when Cappy possed people
MP Studios (1 month ago)
BRO! Sonic Adventure is a game... so is... MARIO ODDYSEY BUM BUM BUM!!!
Toby The Giraffe (1 month ago)
BaconElephant (1 month ago)
Odessy Or Breath Of The Wild
Devon Kennedy (1 month ago)
Haters of mario odyssey should just.. Shhhhhhhh!
AJ (1 month ago)
Alright let's just get one thing clear here. One does not notice "about" something, they simply notice it. "We did not notice about it", the word "about" here is purely extraneous. Thank you sir.
ziggy the cub (1 month ago)
I personally think botw is much better then mario, i enjoyed mario but after beating bowser i got bored, it was very good until that point
Honey-chu stache 2 (1 month ago)
Hater: I hate this game Im am goinng to chang the would too sayy this sucks! This game is stupit. Me: I like how you say that this game is stupid while having grammar mistakes in.
Hyddra (1 month ago)
I personally don't like the Mario franchise but even I think that Odyssey was brilliant
L Blau (1 month ago)
Hat people...that idiot ever heard of Lidsville?
Estruli (1 month ago)
that unfinished picture of pikachu behind you pisses off my OCD
Nier (1 month ago)
My favourite part was you going through a meltdown over the fact that people find that game too easy, which, objectively, is true. Oh, gosh, the fanboys, how annoying you are.
RonsonDenmark (1 month ago)
To be fair, it IS way too easy. If you have 2000 coins you basically have 200 lives, except you keep picking up more coins than you lose, so in reality you have unlimited retries. You stop caring about killing marios after 15 minutes...
Harry Tran (1 month ago)
How they played the games really hated the games ?
Rose Quartz (1 month ago)
0:05 th..th..that salmonoid poster, I need it
Mergie S (1 month ago)
I H A T E M A R I O O D Y S S E Y ! ! !
Andy awesomeness 3 (1 month ago)
Ohhh niooo You hAte it raaaagwbrbehe
Jan Ruppel (1 month ago)
Idk, I just don't like Odyssey... I miss the Power Ups and like the more linear levels (like in Galaxy) way more. Also, the moons are quit unbalanced (beat hard part of the level or just jump there and you get the same reward...) and are boring to hunt....
I agree I miss the power ups and the power moons don't take much effort to find
groudon gamer (1 month ago)
A living hat....MY GRANDMA thinks that is a weird but funny concept. But in a good way.
#Team Sia (1 month ago)
Well i so gotta say.......that 100 jump rope challenge.......😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Red Miner91 (1 month ago)
these are the people who liked the video *Nintendo is for babies, SSB. sucks*
Andy awesomeness 3 (1 month ago)
Yes it's made for kids
TwinTime Productions (1 month ago)
Captain Toad's Adventure is my favorite game
Kaan3D (1 month ago)
I played it alot , I just don't like it
Stratilex (1 month ago)
11:31 Pay attention Filip Miucin
ZacSonic Mee (1 month ago)
Now I've played bits of odyssey but from what I've played (walmart demo and friend's house) the controls are too wacky, and saying 2 player sucks is an understatement, it has THE WORST two player mode I've ever played in a game... you are literally USELESS if you're Cappy UNLESS you're on a jumpless run and the story is actually surprising, but I'd give it a 4.1, because I've actually PLAYED Odessy so... \('-')/
Dominic Mallano (1 month ago)
Should finish coloring that pikachu poster
Wyatt The Lobster (1 month ago)
It is finished. Not fully coloring it is a design choice, it’s supposed to give off a graffiti vibe.
Daniel David (1 month ago)
7:20 New Game coming this Autumn
generic gamer boi (1 month ago)
BrainGhost01 (1 month ago)
Finally someone else realised this game is a collection game and not a open world game we’re you explore.
Stupid Productions (1 month ago)
I give it a 0 because you have to capture the tank not get in and drive it (Lol joke)
Mr.DankeyClod _ (1 month ago)
I love a good challenge, but games are supposed to be fun
Roger le Stickman (1 month ago)
No Waluigi 0/20
Andy awesomeness 3 (1 month ago)
You mean the waluigi costume doesn't count
Mark Murphy (1 month ago)
32 years? lol 34 in 2017 35 in october 2018
“And a living hat, I’ve never seen anything so dumb in a Videogame.” *Tracks his House and knocks the bell* That guy:Who the hell is that? Me:You insulted my favorite character, and now I’ll beat you down. That guy:You mean that Hat? Well, you deserve it, because that’s so du- Me:DIE! *Shoots him in the eye* *Newspaper:Citizen killed for insulting a guy’s favorite Videogame character! He’s a Super Mario Odyssey Hater!*
BananaMan (1 month ago)
10:20 exactly how I feel about Fortnite
Daniel Rudy (1 month ago)
Omg I never realized the poster behind you is supposed to be a smallfry salmonid
Axleren Studios (1 month ago)
Good video
Jason Arruda (1 month ago)
not enough princess peach yelling “MAAAARRRRRIOOOOooooOoOooOoOo” 0/10
I hope Nintendo reading this, and add master mode to super Mario odyssey
"it's too easy" have you even gotten to the Dark Side
Derpy Derek42 (1 month ago)
Derpy Derek42 (1 month ago)
Juggular John (18 days ago)
Derpy Derek42 Oh ok
Derpy Derek42 (18 days ago)
+Juggular John It was a joke, an easy game can still be fun.
Juggular John (18 days ago)
*kirby as profile pic*
PlanetZipMyster (2 months ago)
Sooooo we have Stupid adults bitching about kid games being to easy for adults and stupid lazy parents bitching that adult(17+) rated games are to violent for there kids.... ONLY because they to fucking lazy to take there children outside fishing and other activities like it use to be before electronics/games where made... Nah instead they sit on there asses let there kids play whatever fing game they want then bitch about it like it the game Developers fault
abortion (2 months ago)
collecting the same thing over and over and over and over and over again "imagine a game having lots of content" fuck me dude i enjoyed the game to a point but just laughing halfway through something that isnt even remotely funny because you cant think of anything else to say other than "BWHAHSBWBZ THESE GUYS HAVENT PLAYED THE GAME NAHWBHABWHW" doesnt make you look any better
Matthew Woods (2 months ago)
Those people are swag fans
Phox gamer (2 months ago)
1/10 its a ripp of off of the magic hat because it is and there is a hat.
Juggular John (18 days ago)
Please tell me that’s a joke
Band Geek (2 months ago)
This review video completely tips off other review videos. I've seen so many better videos that go over bad reviews, but this on just does the same. I did enjoy it though, but there were a lot of likes on this video, so I gave it a dislike to even things out.
Arad Fathalian (2 months ago)
0/10 too little Waluigi
Hamza Khairi (2 months ago)
Woah Nintendo life gave a Mario game a 10 shit how unbiased I liked the game solid 9/10
Avix (2 months ago)
lets have shrex
Nora Valkyrie (2 months ago)
They say the cap function is ridiculous, while the entire franchise revolves around a superhero plumber
Vlady Martinez (2 months ago)
The game is indeed easy but I loved it and I definitely don regret buying it. It makes me happy😊😊
Emily Kovacs (2 months ago)
I love Mario series, but Super Mario Odyssey is total crap. I hate to say it but it does derserve a low rating. I beat it in 3 days. Stop defending it cause it's nothing like the past Mario games.
Exactly that's why it's good, its different and something new in the series. Everyone else was getting bored of the new super Mario series and wanted a new 3d sand box game.
Darragh Foran (2 months ago)
These reviews are Cancer
Peewee Herman (2 months ago)
Super Mario Odysessy is racist to dragon Turtles 4/10
Nate Wilson (2 months ago)
8:07 He's saying 5 (game) + 0 (fanbase) = 5/10.
Jordan Wallace (2 months ago)
Jakkxtin (2 months ago)
Personally, it just wasn't that interesting to me. I wouldn't go around bashing it because I don't completely hate it. I personally didn't see the appeal and, I know it's not Super Mario Bros (obviously it's not the same or really that similar from what I've seen), but I think most people can agree that a franchise should still give you a nostalgic feeling, even if there's a game that's released that isn't similar to the others. SMO didn't give me that feeling at all, and although I was excited when I heard there was a new Super Mario game, I was less excited when I heard what the game was about. If you like or even love the game, good for you! I'm glad there are people who enjoyed it so much. Unfortunately, I wasn't one of them. (At least I had BOTW :))
SyrioHghar88 (2 months ago)
I see all the value in odyssey, the solid gameplsy and mechanics, along with the stunning visuals. While I appreciate it for what it is, it didnt hold my interest as much as it did for other people. I only played through a few kingdoms.
Cat gaming (2 months ago)
the game runs in 900p for battery reasons in handheld or table top
Wayning Gibbous (2 months ago)
(Plays the first few worlds) "Too easy. 3/10."
MegaMilo 95 (2 months ago)
Super Mario Oddysey is so good, it cant be compared to Sonic Forces. Edit: But I like Super Mario Galaxy better.
Sebastian Ramirez (2 months ago)
honestly its way too overrated, its a fun mario game, thats all it is, and ive seen it compared to fucking breath of the wild yes its an 8/10 game, but giving it a 10 and say its on par with something like skyrim or botw is just ridiculous, and yes there are too many moons, you go into a level and the fucking moon animation starts getting annoying, to the point in some levels i just quit and stopped playing for weeks, i loved the end battle though and enjoyed most of it, i just think some of this stuff is valid and people don't seem to realize because of the 3d mario hype train
MrZero (2 months ago)
Skyrim was shit.
Missed Lethal (2 months ago)
There is no point of mario odyssey that was hard.
Satoru Iwata (2 months ago)
0/10 sawnic forxecc wus beeterrr
EvanMD (2 months ago)
"Hello lovely people", I have how you say that. I always mute your intro
Mr. Hater (2 months ago)
EvanMD i dislike...why you may ask? because the intro is a nintendo switch ripoff! >:l
James Crean (2 months ago)
I've never played the game, and I admit that. But I just unsubscribed, because all you're doing in this video is saying that if someone else doesn't like something you like, you'll complain.
But some of them like the never changed review, just don't make sense and are hilariously bad
IcePee (2 months ago)
Reviewing the reviewers. Hmm, let me go one step further. I think his criticisms of the scoring of the other reviewer is fair. I think he might have questioned more why people are feeling these games are bad. Maybe they don't have a Switch and are jealous? Maybe bragging how good a gamer they are? Maybe they just don't like collectathon platformers. Despite all this I can't shake the feeling this channel is also biased. And a little condescending. Showing back to back versions of Mario games. Is a little missing the point while the graphics are the same, the game play *is* largely similar. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, mind.
disneydork100 (2 months ago)
Honestly “it’s easy” has never felt like a reason to hate a game to me, it can be a contributing factor to a game being bad, yes, but if the worst thing you can say about a game is “it’s easy” is dumb and that is not the worst thing in the world Also skill is relative? Something easy for you may be hard for someone else and vice versa? Like I’ve found some parts of Odyssey easy but I have gotten stuck on some parts, and I think that balances out
This guy's fake laugh is so grating
Boon Chong Lim (2 months ago)
I really tried but this channel is too biased.
Sprazzal (2 months ago)
I'll go through each part individually. Firstly, you seem to be giving the impression that to dislike Odyssey you have to be an "anti-Mario zealot" and just hating because you like hating. There are valid reasons to dislike any game, Odyssey included. Wrap your head around that. As for the first review, I can't comment about the ripoffs since they didn't back up their point with examples, as they should have done, and I haven't played Odyssey. About the hat being dumb, that's an arbitrary reason to dislike the game. About the second review, I relate to this person. Any game should strive to have difficult (if optional) challenges for players, and I don't care whether YOU thought the game was hard or not, if they feel the game didn't provide enough challenge that's their opinion and it's a valid reason to be disappointed. So you can shut up. The thing I find funny about your analysis of the third review is that you didn't even attack their point. This makes me think (I can't confirm this since, again, I haven't played the game myself) that they're right, and if they are, then unoriginality is a good reason to dislike the game. About the fourth review, I don't care about resolution, and their other point is the same as the previous review's. This time you attack it, but all you use is one example of the gameplay being built upon. While you may be right, for me to believe you you're gonna have to use a bit more evidence than "mario is controlling a dinosaur" and laughing as you read their comment. The fifth review seems perfectly valid, like the second. Your point against it is that easiness shouldn't lower a game from a high score down to a five, but imo if lack of difficulty made the game boring, so be it. As for the sixth, if they don't like the premise I agree that's their problem, and good on you for giving them credit for the rest of the review. You aren't even trying to argue against the seventh review. I think the reasons they propose for disliking the game are valid, assuming they're accurate, but again, you seem to be more concerned by mocking their metaphor and banging on about a literal boiled potato than actually providing anything to go against their point, which makes me think they're right. the eighth review is mostly stuff we've seen before, like lack of difficulty, and you talking way too much about something that's obviously not supposed to be taken literally. Other than this, they say they don't like the graphics, which I can't comment on since I don't care much about the game's graphics, but your only point against them are that apparently "poor anti-alliasing was one of their major points and that's a bad thing" which is irrelevant. Besides them saying the game is easy and you attack it by saying "it's not easy, they probably didn't play the game" which is equally stupid. You talking about the ninth review makes me cringe. You don't attack their point, and instead just say "that makes you lose all credit" when they say it's like a glorified mobile game. You then DON'T EVEN READ THE REST OF IT which makes you come across as an idiot (and of course you're laughing while reading it which means obviously they're wrong and should be ridiculed). Tbh the tenth review makes no sense. I agree with you that it's ridiculous to lower a game's score because of its fans. That's not the devs' fault lol. Same with the next one. Lowering a score because of what other people think is stupid. As for the next bit, you're annoying me even more now. You see them say "overabundance of moons" and equate it to "overabundance of content". Ffs, reward =/= content. Just because there are lots of moons this does not mean there is lots of content, and vice versa. After this you skip the rest of their review, as any truly sophisticated person does. After that you cover a complaint about linearity, which I shouldn't have the right to comment on, but then you skip the rest of the review (which I've already made my thoughts on very clear). You then go on a (very long) rant about why lowering a review score because of what other people think is stupid, which is odd since it's something I would have liked you to do with other, more reasonable arguments. I may be wrong, but this reaction makes me think it's the only argument you're providing evidence against because it's the only one there is evidence against. (notice the "everyone's opinion is valid, unless you disagree with me" lol). (sorry if I got some of the reviews mixed up with each other, I'm sure you can figure out what's referring to what) In conclusion, if you're gonna make a video bashing people's reviews, back it up with evidence, rather than just laughing as you read them and saying they're stupid, as all that does is make them look MORE valid.
Corey Stokely (1 month ago)
RhythmGrizz (2 months ago)
Sprazzal workin' on a little novel, there?
Vapid Toast (2 months ago)
Does everyone forget the Super Mario RPG was a thing? They've changed up the formula many times lol Dr. Mario, blah blah blah lol
Krimson Soul (3 months ago)
Guess most of the people who wrote these didn't attempt to 100% that and the darker side is the most hard part of the game
Psychotic Pixel (3 months ago)
its clearly a rip off of sonic '06 because you can roll just as fast as sonic in '06
Tech_Bloodbath (3 months ago)
I gave Mario odyssey a fair try played through the entire game main storyline and I even gave it a few hours afterwards but I don’t know 3-D Mario games have never been my thing it was an excellent game but it just wasn’t for me
Gaming with Josh! (3 months ago)
They think the game is over just because they see some credits go across the screen ... that's cute. They've only seen like 5% of the game if that's the case
Vlad Patrascu (3 months ago)
I think the mobile game one was comparing odyssey to super Mario run
TheAwsomeEnderman (3 months ago)
I would give this video a 10/10 but too many people voted 10/10 so ill bring it down to 0/10
TheAwsomeEnderman (3 months ago)
itt copeed miinecraft becuse Y0U cqn jomp inn minecrapht an wolk an sooo deos MARIOSSSS

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