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Star Wars: Everything that happened between Episodes VI and VII

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Star Wars: Everything that happened between Episodes VI and VII Let us get you ready for The Force Awakens by running through everything that's happened in the last 30 years of Star Wars For more from GamesRadar Subscribe: http://goo.gl/cnjsn1 http://www.gamesradar.com http://www.facebook.com/gamesradar http://www.twitter.com/gamesradar http://www.twitch.tv/gamesradar
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Text Comments (216)
IMMentat (6 months ago)
0:19 to 0:24 you could have fooled me.
HAVA CIVCAR (6 months ago)
İ can't understand . how can darth vader become a legend and martyr for the First Order ? he killed Darth sidious the leader of the first galactic empire and also died as anakin skywalker and he turned to the light side very before his last breath. so he must be a traitor for the pro-empire and first order. my opinion anakin skywalker was not neither a jedi nor a sith.
Caroline Palmer (8 months ago)
Everything he just said: Ya... to sum it all up, everyone dies and turns bad (besides princess Leia and Han solo who does die) so the Force has to get brand new characters.
Albert Rettew (1 year ago)
Why are you talking so fast?
thanks and cool video dude
TheDesertLad (1 year ago)
God I hate this and Episode VII is a bunch of horse shit. #StarWarsLegendsIsTheRealCannon
Nightwatching - (2 years ago)
I feel like the TFA trailers were too good, the movie was good but not amazing, and the trailers were so perfect they have grown into separate entities.
Anthony Romano (2 years ago)
What happens in those 30 years
Jar jar went back to Naboo
GamerGirl 193 (2 years ago)
Oh yeah, Boba DID get out of the Sarlacc (or Sarlaac idk wich) and he blasted with his blaster and blasted out (thank the he Gods)
BenRapz (2 years ago)
Noooooooooooo! Jar jar🙁😟😞
Snoke is got to be Palpatine
BlueMercy812 (1 year ago)
Inserte Originale Name Here ________ no definitely not but maybe his master
Lando will be found hiding
Alex Schloesser (2 years ago)
So what took place 1st after the Battle of Endor? The Book Aftermath or the Battle of Jakku? Can someone please explain to me?
Armydillo 101 (2 years ago)
1:14 with the force sensitive tree, I wonder if rey might actually be Poe's sister. It kind of makes sense, as george lucas once said that star wars was like a poem, and tended to repeat itself. Poe kind of is like leia, as he is the child of 2 rebellion figures (leia was raised by senator organa), and is a member of the rebellion, whilst rey is kind of like luke, as she !***spoiler***! is a force user who didn't no of her power, grew up on a desert planet, isolated from much of what is going on, ran into a droid that... yeah, episode 4 copy stuff !***spoiler ends***!. This is just a Theory *hypothesis* though, and I'm sure it has tons of holes in it.
McDonlandsScout (2 years ago)
Jar Jar is $noke confirm
Aggro Vader (2 years ago)
Who would of thought it would take only 30 years for the history of the Star Wars anthology to become a myth lol?
ajs1031 (2 years ago)
+Kristofer Muskiz Not a myth, an Apocrypha.
Dio Dolmans (2 years ago)
I would love to see Boba Fett return in the new trilogy
GusPiyer (2 years ago)
Between starwars ep 6 & 7 starwars uprising happend
Chinomso Okafor (2 years ago)
Thanks to Disney, expanded universe is no longer canon.
johnnytos 94 (2 years ago)
We need an update version of the vid to include the movie facts too
cakesmithofnorwich (2 years ago)
Where is Lando?
GrandOOF (2 years ago)
+William DePriest How?
Mostly Harmless (2 years ago)
+cakesmithofnorwich 1 word: dead
Drew Moeller (2 years ago)
Who else wants a Death Troopers movie or video game?
William David (2 years ago)
What happened to Landon
Mostly Harmless (2 years ago)
+William David he is dead
Matthew Campbell (2 years ago)
TheGusBus (2 years ago)
In the new canon, did Palpatine come back between VI and VII?
Szarko (2 years ago)
So nothing really happened. Or should we say, what happened in the expanded univers will never happen in the movies, because the New Republic is gone, destroyed, so while in EU Solo had 3 kids, including Anakin Solo, while Luke's son was named Ben Skywalker. This also never happened. We can assume Luke now has a daughter and the rest of the book, comics or games are Star Wars 'old Lucas' fiction.
Timothy Ramirez (2 years ago)
I got my hopes up when I heard of ep 7. I now have no faith in the direction that disney is taking Star Wars. to out it simply. It doesn't feel like starwars to me anymore.
Cybermat47 (2 years ago)
+Szarko the bulk of the Republic Fleet was probably at Hosnian when it was destroyed but this doesn't mean that the Republic is gone. After all, the United States of America has survived for 70 years after Pearl Harbour, and Germany has survived 98 years since the scuttling of the Kaiserlichemarine.
Szarko (2 years ago)
+Jason987262 Yet the point of the scene was to destroy the New Republic fleet so that resistance would be small and weak while First Order would become ultimate Empire.
Jason987262 (2 years ago)
+Szarko I doubt destroying the planets in a single star system will destroy the New Republic. It covers hundreds if not thousands of systems.
Pip IV (2 years ago)
what were the issues covered that filled in the blanks between VI and VII?
The Solmanian (2 years ago)
This really bothers me: 30 years are again enough for jedi to become myths... Those people in aa far away galaxy have very short memory.
chris blah (2 years ago)
the canon between vi and vii don't mention luke having a partner therefore, luke! YPU ARE NOT THE FATHER
Mike Smeding (2 years ago)
not interested in #Disneyfanfiction. Could you please put a vid together on #realcanon. Thanks.
GestahlianChocobot (1 year ago)
Anything outside the movies is irrelevant. Real canon is only inside the movies. As for questions unanswered? I prefer them that way.
John Clingan (2 years ago)
sure the old canon was great.... though conflicting at times, to this day I'm confused as to who killed shaak ti. I'm beginning to like the newer canon, and they seem to be taking bits from the old one.
Timothy Ramirez (2 years ago)
I agree
Will McDougal (2 years ago)
+legojackman Ouch. That's all I can say about that. 
Jaden (2 years ago)
+Mike Smeding I like the expanded universe as well but disney only owns and produces, not writes or creates in the new universe. Also, as a person who's read the Thrawn Trilogy, Dark Empire, Legacy, etc. and watched The Force Awakens, I like the Force Awakens way better
DAR0311 (2 years ago)
did obi lie to luke again and tell him that leia was his sister what an asshole
Swiggity Swag (2 years ago)
SPOILERS Jar Jar is actually one of the sith in this movie
Swiggity Swag (2 years ago)
+ItsToro SHHHH
ItsToroh (2 years ago)
No he isnt
antwan1357 (2 years ago)
Brian Mcbrian (2 years ago)
why people say: we dont see Luke in the trailers..... what about the guy with the artificial hand next to r2d2 in one of the trailer.... easy to understand its Luke.... are people so half wit they absolutely need a close shot on a character face to recognize it?
i believe the tree is important, otherwise why even have it in there?
FREEMAN DUBSTEP (2 years ago)
I heard a rumor that the old guy that talks in the first scene of the movie is boba fett
Jack Rider (2 years ago)
Don't forget starwars uprising
Tony Young (2 years ago)
When was "Shattered Empire" released? Was it meant to be a prequel to Force Awakens, or was it just adapted.
What happened to jar-jar ????!?!
Bibo Reyes (2 years ago)
Goddamn it David prowse, at least know to keep your wrist straight if you have a faux stump prosthetic on. Jeez.
Titos Vlasakidis (2 years ago)
I cant understand a FU@###@ING thing u say man! I just wish u had american accent! :( :( :(
Stealthyhunter (2 years ago)
a tree that is force sensitive really
Stealthyhunter (2 years ago)
+Reggie is ready well that was a sentient one 
Seal of approval (2 years ago)
+Stealthyhunter their was living tree that was a Jedi master in the EU
Stealthyhunter (2 years ago)
+Evelyn Black still a tree really that sounds more like a marvel thing than a star wars thing 
Asame (2 years ago)
+Stealthyhunter Well according to the canon of midchlorians or whatever, all living things have them. They dictate force sensitivity.
CrossvaderDJ (2 years ago)
"Abrams hints Jar-Jar may be a skeleton in a desert somewhere.." I thought he'd made a fucking good movie as it was, this is just the cherry on the cake!
Darthpepo (2 years ago)
so boba can still be alive, cool
Joel S (2 years ago)
The Imperial Remnants tried to render Naboo uninhabitable, but failed due to three N1 Starfighters and a New Republic task force. Later attempts by the Imps to retake Naboo similarly failed, so I assume that it is canon that Naboo is part of the New Republic, since it joined the New Republic in EU canon.
Bill Clark (2 years ago)
Random question : does the FIRST ORDER have any connection to the other orders from Paply? Such as Order 66?
starkiler13 (2 years ago)
Jonathan Baldridge (2 years ago)
Naboo was destroyed?????? So no more Gungans?
The Solmanian (2 years ago)
+Jonathan Baldridge Nuke it from orbit. Only way to be sure.
CookieBit127 (2 years ago)
+HerefordMadMan moie moie
HerefordMadMan (2 years ago)
+Socks, shoes, and hats | Well just make sure we have no more Jar Jars eh ;) haha
Socks, shoes, and hats (2 years ago)
+HerefordMadMan Whoa whoa WHOA! Hold your horses hotshot! I had to save them because we are remaking the environment of Naboo on an artificial planet, as well as the other systems that are under the attack of being destroyed. It's just the job of a dradar.
Joel S (2 years ago)
+Jonathan Baldridge Actually, due to three N1 Starfighters, and reinforcements in the from of a New Republic task force, the Imperial Remnant's genocidal plan failed, though the climate disruption satellites did cause many fires and a lot of flooding, and many buildings were destroyed. The Imps later tried to destroy the New Republic presence on Naboo three times, but failed. I think that it is still canon that Naboo later joined the New Republic.
jim bob (2 years ago)
A force power tree?
Obroa-skai (2 years ago)
As basic as I think this first film was, I have the utmost faith in the New EU writers to provide context and make the whole thing more bearable for fans like me who want to take this universe more seriously.
MegaMrbeta (2 years ago)
wait i thought they anounced that the comics dont matter anymore?
MegaMrbeta (2 years ago)
they made new comics? were can i obtain such a thing
Wyatt Barrett (2 years ago)
That's the old comics. He's talking about the new ones Disney made that are canon
Lone Warrior (2 years ago)
It'd be better if a clone of Darth Sidious rose up to take over instead of Jar Jar Binks being resurrected or however he's coming back.
Julian Robin (2 years ago)
+Lone Wolf The Only problem ive ever had with that idea is it kinda makes the whole symbol of vader becoming good and the message of the film kinda unimportant, like oh look, the big opressive guy is still alive.
Wholesome Loser (2 years ago)
Darth Plagueis > Jar Jar Binks > Supreme Leader Snoke
Benneroni (2 years ago)
+Sir Bread ironic how he could save the lives of others, but not his own - Palpatine
Sir Bread (2 years ago)
+rocco johnson He has the power to revive... 
Rocco Johnson (2 years ago)
+Sir Bread He's died
Sir Bread (2 years ago)
+rocco johnson Why not?
Rocco Johnson (2 years ago)
+Sir Bread No
Ethan.Lond (2 years ago)
Star killer base is Hoth
mbanana23456 (2 years ago)
It'd be interesting if jar jar came back but was then almost immediately killed off
The Yellow Wall (2 years ago)
Master fin!!!! Meesa back, meesa your humble servAAAAAAAAHHHHHH *gets cut down by rey's lightsaber*
Snowy Frosty (2 years ago)
I would be amused
Lars Lindh (2 years ago)
Jar Jar Snoke.
Miratesus (2 years ago)
Too bad Rey is such an Mary Sue spoiled the movie for me.
Miratesus (2 years ago)
she ruins everything we know about learning and training how to use the force ie star wars lore. And having followed the feminist debate in the US and Europe and read/watched suggestion of said feminists it was very easy to always guess what Rey was going to do in every scene. Made the scenes with her boring and she comes across as a Mary Sue. (google it)
AstrosGamer (2 years ago)
How did Rey spoil it for you?
HiddenPalm (2 years ago)
If only someone had the balls/tits to make a video like this only talking about the Dark Horse Expanded Universe pretending like Disney didn't declare a new canon. LONG LIVE MARA JADE!!!!!
ZeroSevenTen (2 years ago)
That one is so dumb
Oliver Chesterman (2 years ago)
ahaha a force power tree
BatMan McGrath (2 years ago)
havnt seen the movie yet but ive been having this question run around in my head for awhile havnt seen the movie yet so maybe hes in the movie spazing about power converters or MAYBE O_O hes the new emperor behind the sceens that will come out in one of the later movies O_O be awesome
AstrosGamer (2 years ago)
You should watch it
Sam Pocknell (2 years ago)
I never wanted to say this, but I hope jar jar is alive so he can become an ultimate Sith Lord who was controlling the fate of the galaxy this entire time, but would love to see him dead or dying.
Meme Lord (2 years ago)
No jar jar benc. Yap pe
Mihir Bala (2 years ago)
Why does the resistance exist when there is the new republic
Steven McDowell (1 year ago)
that is so stupid, why would Mon motha demilitarize the new republic when the first order still controlled multiple star systems, even if people are tired of war, who thought it was a good idea to trust those people, they shouldve wiped them out, I mainly just dont like how they just blew up the senate and the main new republic planetary systems like it was nothing, It took emperor palpatine an entire lifetime to destroy the republic, and it took connections to the wealthiest and most powerful people in the galaxy to create the deathstar, and the first order created an even bigger weapon in less time with less resources, and with less money. They better have some explanation for why he resistance couldnt find this place. It's annoying to think that the best idea disney could think of is a bigger deathstar, not to mention how conveniently they were able to destroy it. The force Awakens overall had alot of loop holes that they really need to explain in the, hopefully the rest of the trilogy will make a really good story.
Declan Madsen (2 years ago)
+Christian Cohn Which is fine really, since we've seen what happens when Star Wars tries to explain itself in detail. The Senate scene from Phantom Menace. The horror.
Christian Cohn (2 years ago)
+Mihir Bala The new Republic only managed to form an uneasy truce with the Imperial remnant. The Resistance isn't officially a part of the Republic but instead just rebel factions within Imperial territory that the Republic does not officially support. (but might occasionally behind the scenes.) It makes complete sense but I agree it wasn't well explained in the movies since they chose to focus on the heroes instead of the state of the universe.
Legomyegoorj (2 years ago)
+Mihir Bala If you go on the Star Wars website, the explanations are as follows: On the new Republic: "The Rebel Alliance became the New Republic after its victory over the Empire at the Battle of Endor. Eager to win over the war-weary citizens of the galaxy, the New Republic revived the Senate, signed a peace treaty – the Galactic Concordance – with the Empire’s remnants, and drastically reduced its military capabilities. That policy aroused the ire of rebel hero Leia Organa, who warned that elements of the Empire were still seeking power. Sidelined from the political process, Organa founded the Resistance to oppose the Empire’s successor state, the mysterious First Order." And more on the Resistance: "A small, secretive private military force, the Resistance was founded by rebel hero Leia Organa to monitor the actions of the First Order. Most New Republic power brokers tolerate the Resistance while regarding Organa and her fighters as dead-enders with an unfortunate fixation on the past. Organa’s cash-strapped movement relies on credits, ships and equipment quietly funneled to it from the few senators who share her concerns."
Agent Bill Wilson (2 years ago)
+Mihir Bala mon mothma disarmed most of the republic after they signed a treaty with the empire. the resistance was a private force that the republic supported in secret.
I just came back from seeing episode 7 and this video was recommended on my youtube account
Luke (2 years ago)
John MacNeill (2 years ago)
i honestly like what lucas planned originaly
Vhoid TV (2 years ago)
comes out tomorrow
Elite Customs (2 years ago)
You forgot that the empire lost a super star destroyer during the battle of jakku
DrHU Farrell (2 years ago)
+Jc1011242 ya, it's described in the novel lost stars, it was 1 year and 4 days after Endor and the new republic sent a boarding team onto the super star destroyer as they wanted to capture it for their fleet but the imperial captain crashes it into the surface to avoid it falling to the rebels. The book is very good by the way follows two friends over the coarse of time between episode 3-4 one on either side of the rebellion
Darth Vader (2 years ago)
The Battle of Jakku was an enormous battle that happened between the Empire and the New Republic, It was the empires last attempt at fighting the New Republic at their weapons facility at Jakku bringing their entire Imperial Fleet to the planet, however they were greatly defeated MANY star destroyers were downed and crashed into the planets, both ground and air combat had occurred and so Jakku became a junkyard of ship remains, a graveyard of Giants, and yes a Super Star Destroyer crash landed onto the planet upside down and is what you see the Millenium Falcon flying through in the trailers
Elite Customs (2 years ago)
+Henry Stitt Yes
Henry Stitt (2 years ago)
+LegoBuilder3190 ⁢ Yeah. In the game I believe it comes in upside-down as well.
Elite Customs (2 years ago)
+Henry Stitt The super star destroyer?
s0d100 (2 years ago)
Im hoping after rebels finishes they do a series set between vi and vii which focuses around Luke, leia and Han
s0d100 (2 years ago)
That would be interesting along with reys backstory explained
Jack of Diamonds (2 years ago)
I think that if they did that i would prefer it to focus on Ben Solo and his fall to darkness with Han, Luke and Leia having side plots in the background
OLE SALTY (2 years ago)
Jar Jar is Snoke, I just know it!
dank memes 0505 (2 years ago)
Yay binks is dead
Jlox (2 years ago)
when you said jar jar was hinted as a skeleton I was like YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!
DanielJohn19 (2 years ago)
I think it would be cool if Jar jar came back as the sith under or above the Empiror
Yule (2 years ago)
+Scuffy P its actually pretty convincing especially since george lucas himself said he had to change the plot after the backlash of jarjar. after everyone hated the first episode, G.Lucas promised to minimize jarjar to save the franchise (which it didnt). tbh too much of the jar jar theory makes sense especially since G.Lucas was riding on that character to make a successful debut.
Scuffy P (2 years ago)
+DanielJohn19 There's a crazy theory out there _(even with youTube videos fighting its cause)_ that suggest Jar Jar is in fact a Sith Lord, and has been controlling the events since the beginning. It's bullshit of naturally, but very entertaining. Look it up.
I hope Jar Jar finally gets to be a Jedi in this next one. Then everyone who hated him will like him finally.
The Force is strong with you...
JediDanD (2 years ago)
Well you need like a certain count to be force sensitive to begin with. So people who will never be Jedi do to that; Jar Jar, Padme, Han, Chewie, Finn, Poe, exc. But yeah, for those who do have enough midi-chlorians to begin with, it's about what you do, not how much you have. Anakin should be the best because he has the most. Well then, why isn't he the best? Simple, Anakin is as many put it "a whinny bitch", basically he's arrogant and ignorant, thinks he deserves better just for being "the Chosen One" and thus this holds him back. Jedi with less midi-chlorians, like Obi-Wan is wise and intelligent, thus he's able to grow and advance farther, finally getting to Mustafar; he's able to outduel Anakin. ________________________________ And interesting to note; while Hexalogy is the story of Anakin/Vader, the Prequels alone is really the story of Obi-Wan just as the Originals is the story of Luke. Ironically, Jedi are all about patient . . . and yet Anakin is far more patient as the suited Darth Vader (likely because he was "destroyed" having to rebuilt himself metaphorically from the ground up)
It's not how many midichlorians you have, it's what you do with them that counts! I hear Yoda only has one big one!
JediDanD (2 years ago)
Jar Jar will never be a Jedi. Simply because he doesn't have a high enough midi-chlorian count.
CatMaster90001 (2 years ago)
+crewnumber169 You have no soul. You have no moral compass. You have no common sense. You have no sanity. You have no decency. You have no respect for anyone. You have abominable taste in general. *You have NO FUCKING REASON TO LIVE.*
swat33345 (2 years ago)
This is actually a really nice summary (especially for those of us who don't feel like trying to un-learn and re-learn 30 years of history in a couple weeks). Thanks!
Scott Korin (2 years ago)
Did Shattered Empire #4 specifically state that Kes and Shara built their home on Yavin IV? Or are people just assuming?
jasonvideos5 (2 years ago)
Should i wait till after Episode 7 to watch this?
TheMrKlump (2 years ago)
God dammit Ive been avoiding watching the star wars trailers and now you had to play that clip with Kylo Ren.
Wo!262 (2 years ago)
Snoke Binks
Imperial ScoutTrooper (2 years ago)
+Wo!262 yes
Elias Löfgren (2 years ago)
Missa coming back!
Elias Löfgren (2 years ago)
+Philip Sammon No I am your villian!
Gonzalo Soto (2 years ago)
fuck off jar jar
Creepy Prez Gaming (2 years ago)
You Musta Be Darth Missa
Sam McCloud (2 years ago)
+Jar Jar Binks hail the true dark lord! :D
Pandora Fay (2 years ago)
Anything before Disney took over is no longer canon. They can pick and choose what to use in any "new" canon.
Scott Korin (2 years ago)
+Pandora Fay Which is why GamesRadar doesn't mention anything no considered canon by the LucasFilm Story Group.
arinze a4 (2 years ago)
but is is it cannon
Scott Korin (2 years ago)
+arinzea4 Anything comics, novels, etc. that have come out as of September 2014 is canon.
Pabs z (2 years ago)
this is a video about all the canon...
Nate Tirade (2 years ago)

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