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7 Most Unlikely Guest Characters In Fighting Games

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Text Comments (330)
Jacob Herzberg (22 days ago)
Nocit from Final Fantasy 7...NAILED IT
Josh Jacobs (1 month ago)
Ready 2 Rumble is the best because you can beat Hillary and Bill “Lolita Express” Clinton
mgsv killer (1 month ago)
This list might need an update when tekken7s season 2 comes out
CallMeK3nD (1 month ago)
2:25 dumbass Noctis isn't from Final Fantasy VII! He's from Final Fantasy XV🤣🤣🤣
Erick Villarreal (1 month ago)
And then negan was announced 😂😂
DPX Solo (1 month ago)
I wouldn't call Hornet a guest character
Russell Miller (2 months ago)
Guess you can add Negan from the Walking Dead going into Tekken 7
Arquailo Mosby (2 months ago)
Danny Trejo in Def jam ffny threw me off a bit too
Arquailo Mosby (2 months ago)
Servbot in mvc2 was straight bonkers
Arquailo Mosby (2 months ago)
Kratos in Mortal Kombat 9
Sarah ali (3 months ago)
Where is mai shiranui
KenpoRokon (5 months ago)
YellowMotion Said Akuma is Not a Guest Character in Tekken 7
Neeka (6 months ago)
No love for Gon makes me sad :(
Mark Macias (7 months ago)
I knew Injustice 2 is on the number one spot, for having best gameplay, character's gear, and DLC characters & guest characters in the game, that's why it's one of the best games of the year
Blue Lavender (8 months ago)
Is everyone just gonna ignore the fact that he said Geese was from Fatal fury and not king of fighters and Noctis from FF VII and not FFXV?
Gamemaster Anthony (8 months ago)
I'm actually kind of surprised certain characters in the Smash games didn't at least get an honorable. Specifically Snake (Brawl) and Cloud (Smash 4) since I think both were kind of seen as a PlayStation character getting into a Nintendo game.
Deadie Masters (8 months ago)
Crono in Dragon Ball FighterZ
Derrick Haley (8 months ago)
“Noctis from final fantasy 7“ and unsubscribe lol jk
Jonathan Carless (8 months ago)
Noctis isn’t from final fantasy 7 but 15.
MrHappy (8 months ago)
No cloud and big boss in smash?!
Joe Machi (8 months ago)
im sure someone already pointed it out but Noctis is from 13 not 7
vash121086 (8 months ago)
I don't see anyone let you getting away with that final fantasy mix up you did.
ShyGuyDY (8 months ago)
Wait, so no Gon?
JBW YT (8 months ago)
Earthworm Jim in Clayfighter
Stephen Banda (8 months ago)
Im a smash player, so ryu was pretty awesome in that. Unique moveset and quirks that only he has
chandlerlowell5 (8 months ago)
Noctis from Final Fantasy 7 huh.. What a doozy. I expect much rage in the comments
Agustí Pey de la Fuente (8 months ago)
TMNT , awesome
CidGuerreiro1234 (8 months ago)
Raiden in Injustice 2. Seriously, who the fuck asked for that?! Raiden was in MK 9 and 10, why the fuck have him as a guest in a game from the same company and that plays somewhat similarly to MK?! We already had Sub-Zero, why another MK character and fuckin' Raiden of all people...
Dx Reaper (8 months ago)
Akuma isn't an unlikely character they have been working on Tekken x Street Fighter for like 6 years lol
Jordan Parkhurst (8 months ago)
W8 how saw Darth Vader a ps exclusive I had the Xbox 360 version and got him.
garcon45 (8 months ago)
i'm surprised at the lack of mention of ryu, bayonetta and cloud in smash bros.
Agju (8 months ago)
Jules, will you marry me?
kazekage kope (8 months ago)
Where is plumpy
Crazyface 9000 (8 months ago)
I was surprised to see akuma and noctis in tekken 7
Justice K (8 months ago)
I predict that TMNT from Injustice 2 is going to be in here, it certainly surprised me Edit: wow, holy crap. 😂
TenGoob 2 (8 months ago)
What, you didn't have the time to acknowledge Bark the Polar Bear's full name?
Valerie Montanez (8 months ago)
I find it crazy that the TMNT look WAAAAAAY better in Injustice 2 than in the Michael Bay disasters. You would think it would be the other way around.
SHOOTER 57 (8 months ago)
Noctis in Tekken 7 proves one thing, edgelords have some kind of communication network.
Mr. Asshole (8 months ago)
The Predator and Xenomorph in MKX, Akuma in X-men: Children of the Atom, Freddy Krueger in MK9, and Anita in Marvel Super Heroes.
cloudywolf 4 (8 months ago)
Did he say Noctis from final fantasy 7
fishpop (8 months ago)
Star Gladiator - Blodia https://youtu.be/EY4tq0uLyM8?t=1m It's a friggin Dom from Gundam!!!
Darkstar Darin (8 months ago)
Gon should've been on the list and Noctis is less of a fit for Tekken hand Akuma is.
Tony Carranza (8 months ago)
"Noctis from Final Fantasy 7" How does someone mess that up?
The Dark Gamer (8 months ago)
Rash in Killer Instinct
Andrija Djordjevic (8 months ago)
oh great,two shows that i ABSOLUTEY FUCKING DESPISE!!! nick's tmnt and batman the animated series CAN ROT IN FUCKING HELL!!! and FUCK BRUCE TIMM AND HIS GODAWFUL CHARACTER DESIGNS!!!
Lucky Koopa (8 months ago)
I have a handful of honorable mentions: 1. Noctis (Tekken 7): Akuma and Geese originally came from fighting games. So when they revealed Noctis at the world finals, a character that originated in an RPG, I don't think many saw that coming. Especially since "Soul Calibur 6" was announced fairly recently. Hope the inevitable guest can leave a solid impact in that game and be as hype as it's predecessors! 2. Predator (Mortal Kombat X): I would argue that Jason was sort of calculated since Freddy Kruger's inclusion in MK9. So seeing the sci-fi icon actually announced for MKX was definitely a surprise, and I found him one of the funner characters to use in that title. It did set the precedence for the Xenomorph to show up later in MKXL, which is why I find it's inclusion to not be as shocking. 3. Cloud Strife (Smash 4): NO ONE saw this guest coming, and the hype for him was monstrous. You could argue he was THE face of RPGs during the PS1/N64 era, maybe even all-time face. What makes it even more shocking is that his game never appeared on the Nintendo platform. If only there was another PS1 icon to make an off appearance in Smash... 4. Solid Snake (Smash Brawl): The end of the initial reveal trailer, this was the one to set off the hype of guests in Smash. He was out of left field, but an awesome addition. It really set the stage for Mega Man, Pac Man, and Ryu to all follow in his steps, but I feel THE guest character in Smash was... 5. Sonic (Smash Brawl): I remember the day Sonic was first announced, it felt like the internet stopped for a good while that day. The trailer was hype, it was just surreal seeing Sonic and Mario together (at the time, I think this was before all that Olympic Games stuff). And then seeing Megaman and Pac Man join them later, it's a love letter to gaming as a whole, but it all started here.
Sobek (8 months ago)
Noctis from FFVII fml
Whitney Asante (8 months ago)
1) No Gon 2)Also Akuma does have Rage in Tekken 7 3) Noctis from Final Fantasy VII? 4) Bayonetta in Smash? Snake in Smash? Really? No mention?! Jules, you're better than this. I know you are bro!
reggp1 (8 months ago)
Love psychic force crazy game
Fairy The Green (8 months ago)
Nobody remembers Fred Durst from that awful Fight Club game? GOOD.
Zachary Bertucci (8 months ago)
Solid Snake in Super Smash Bros Brawl... y tho.
Alex Riddell (8 months ago)
Incoming comments on Jules messing up on Noctis in 3...2....
Nick Armitt (8 months ago)
Pixar ripped off Sega technically, that is why. If you guys did research you'd know Pixar actually asked sega for permission.
Block Star (8 months ago)
Hey guys, we know you all know you know what Kamen Rider is. Can you create a list of Greatest Kamen Riders?
Ben Hood (8 months ago)
Here Gateshead's not that bad. Could be worse, could be Benwell
Southwest Shirtlifter
munsi0121 (8 months ago)
4:37 Bandicam
Johannes Mäkilä (8 months ago)
If you think that Akuma is weird addition to Tekken 7 you don't know about Gon in Tekken 3. As fighting game character Akuma fits in really well even with his totally different fighting style.
Bea Ysabelle (8 months ago)
Intro is ugly AF
MrDeedsly (8 months ago)
It's just better to try to not understand why a car is beating your ass.
Bloody Persistent (8 months ago)
Leatherface in Mortal Kombat.
Holy shit, a Psychic Force reference in 2018! Hell yes.
Bruce Wayne (8 months ago)
Surpised more people are not pointing out that noctis is from ff15 not 7
Kuro Naito (8 months ago)
Nah, reuse your old your intro xD Got so used to it, this Mario-esque beginning is bothering me Dx
LunchBox507 (8 months ago)
What happen to Ben?
MoonlightWolfGaming (8 months ago)
Noctis from final fantasy 7? You mean Final fantasy 15...
Nestor Gonzalez (8 months ago)
Snake in Super Smash Bros Brawl....
AgntZero (8 months ago)
Probably a lot of mentions for this already, but Noctis isn’t from FFVII guys.
SilverFlameXX (8 months ago)
Noctis from FFVII, oh come on, you can’t balls that one up!!!
The Peoples Jew (8 months ago)
2:22 no... just no wrong game Noctus is from Final fantasy 15 cloud is from Final fantasy 7
NashDIY (8 months ago)
Aww, sweet memories of the office MKX tournament.
Scubbasteave (8 months ago)
Sf X T so no akuma isnt that odd
newageBoundhippie (8 months ago)
Fighters Megamix was out a good decade at least before Cars was a thing so that joke just didn't make sense.....Noctis is from XV, not VII dumbass.....and ffs, the X in Street Fighter X Tekken is said as "cross" -_- also where are Gon ( Tekken 3 ), the horror movie characters in the last couple Mortal Kombat games and Pepsi Man ( Japanese version of Fighters Megamix )?
Sir Galahad (8 months ago)
*Xenomorph & Leatherface & Predator & Jason in Mortal Kombat X*
Blue Coyote (8 months ago)
The Cars joke would be so funny if it hadn't come out 6 years after the game.
MrDude88 (8 months ago)
Everyone is a guest character but I feel Akuma is in a whole different guest level, because he is crucial to the story.
Jadasan (8 months ago)
MrDude88 his role in the story was nonsense lol. They should've just left him as a guest character without story involvement.
Edison Barrera (8 months ago)
How about Phoenix Wright in Marvel VS. Capcom
metagross9092 (8 months ago)
Edison Barrera By that logic every character in Marvel vs Capcom is a guest character then
Nick Armitt (8 months ago)
Not really as PW is a Capcom game... That is like saying about PacMan being in Ridge Racer Type 4... Yeah, both are namco and it's to sell the other games, retard.
Veer Pal (8 months ago)
FINALLY SOMEONE WHO KNOWS THAT GEESE IS ORIGINALLY FROM FATAL FURY but I gotta take off points for saying Noct is from FF7 lol
The Welsh Ronin (8 months ago)
Psychic force getting a shoutout 👍One of my favourite games on PS1 Burn ftw
Xander Lowe (8 months ago)
Nicole-458 from the Halo franchise, appearing in "Dead or Alive 4." A nine foot tall juggernaut in half-ton armor from the future? Characters like TMNT in Injustice at least make sense: they have had comic characters from other imprints, appeared alongside Batman, have traveled the multiverse and could have even been mutated by Lex Corp. But Nicole was just batshit out of place.
Veer Pal (8 months ago)
Xander Lowe true just like Yoda in Soul Calibur
KJ Hayes (8 months ago)
Wait a sec, Noctis, my fav FF character, isnt in FFXV...but FFVII? My fav character from my second fav FF game, and not my first fav, which is FFXV. And yes, my fav FF game is XV, not VII, so sue me.
KJ Hayes (2 months ago)
Veer Pal Sorry it took so long to answer and im sure youve forgotten by now. But to answer your question, its because im not really a fan of turn based combat. While I agree that IV, VI, and VII are great games, XV really appeals more to me. Hope that answers your question, even though it is about 6 months late.
Veer Pal (8 months ago)
Kj Hayes I won't sue you but I'm curious as to why 15 ranks above the others for you?
Nerf Pallpatin (8 months ago)
Hate to break it to you but Eliza and geese both have "superbars" as will all the dlc characters in the future will not just akuma.
Mike Toward (8 months ago)
noctis? FF7? hmmm.....
UGU Zach (8 months ago)
As someone who owns and regularly wears a trenchcoat, I have to say there is some f*cking magic going on to have one somehow hide the fact that the wearer is a massive turtle with a 3' wide shell.
Scott Eggleston (8 months ago)
I feel like Akuma being such a major character in Tekken 7 makes them look weak. We need another fighting franchises character to star in our game to get an audience....don't get me wrong Tekken will always have an audience, i'm just stating how it looks. I mean the guy was the star of the trailer too...It's like making another Avengers movie, only now Batman is there and he's the main character...
Scott Eggleston (8 months ago)
Jadasan I agree 100%
Jadasan (8 months ago)
Scott Eggleston exactly. He should've just been a guest without major story involvement.
MrJechgo (8 months ago)
Rash (Battletoads) in Killer Instinct Season 3 I mean, at least Raam and Arbiter kinda fit in KI, but Rash?
metagross9092 (8 months ago)
MrJechgo Battletoads and Killer Instince were both made by Rare to my knowledge so that one did a tiny bit
Veer Pal (8 months ago)
MrJechgo low key
Rob Matoskey (8 months ago)
Cloud in Smash Bros, considering Final Fantasy 7 never was on a nintendo system
Veer Pal (8 months ago)
Rob Matoskey wasn't that weird tbh
MaximusPrime24 (8 months ago)
Noctis fits more in Soul Calibur than Tekken
Veer Pal (8 months ago)
MaximusPrime24 honestly Terra or Squall would be way better in Soul Calibur
houdini2233 (8 months ago)
I had a pirated English version of Marvel vs Street Fighter and Norimaru was in it.
Smashead22 (8 months ago)
Ummm.... Cloud in Smash Bros?
Veer Pal (8 months ago)
Smashead22 not that weird tbh
Walker Gibbs (8 months ago)
2:26 noctis is is from xv you uncultured swine
ninjaeris131 (8 months ago)
I thought Bayonetta in Smash would be here somewhere
Veer Pal (8 months ago)
ninjaeris131 wasn't that weird
BadPokemon Productions (8 months ago)
Is Tekken 7 only for ps4? Cause I wanna buy it now since I seen Noctis from FFXV.
BadPokemon Productions (8 months ago)
Veer Pal I can see that, but I like Noctis as a charcter.
Veer Pal (8 months ago)
BadPokemon Productions I won't judge but Tekken is worth it even without Noctis he's probably the weakest of the guests imo
Sir Galahad (8 months ago)
*#BadPokemon** Productions Tekken 7 is for both PlayStation 4 & Xbox One **https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/s/ref=is_r_p_85_1?fst=as%3Aoff&rh=n%3A468642%2Ck%3Atekken+7%2Cp_n_condition-type%3A6461716011%2Cp_85%3A2470955011&keywords=tekken+7&ie=UTF8&qid=1517622364&rnid=2470954011*
Mel Ellis (8 months ago)
"Noctis from Final Fantasy VII." Pfffft ha ha ha 😂
Dylan Jashin (8 months ago)
Noctis from Final Fantasy 7, wow Julz that hurt
DJGamingSmash (8 months ago)
I thought this list would be like "Cloud and Ryu in Super Smash Bros."
Veer Pal (8 months ago)
DJGamingSmash that wasn't that weird tbh
Markell McKenzie (8 months ago)
Noctis from ff7 huh ? Goddamn writers...
Andy Krae (8 months ago)
No love for the Xenomorph in Mortal Kombat?
Veer Pal (8 months ago)
Andy Krae wasn't that surprising tbh
Game Now (8 months ago)
Tekken 7 is the worst Tekken ever.
Veer Pal (8 months ago)
Game Now it's definitely the weakest entry but the final battle was great
luís eduardo pereira (8 months ago)
I fuck love psycho force too!!! Especially the second!

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