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Stay Very Still... (When Idiots Play Games #87)

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Text Comments (550)
m taufiq gani putra (5 days ago)
I keep looping 1:32 . I need help
Ernesto Escamilla (5 days ago)
So is this a pro trump page then?
Manav Suradkar (6 days ago)
6:38 wolfram ko bol woh randi hai XD XD XD XD XD XD
Essence Sanchez-Chaco (6 days ago)
8:15 for honor
Emilia Aquafina (8 days ago)
ooh how I miss battlefield three , I was a beast in that   game , don't let me get in a tank , and beware and cover your heads .  ... The whole bad company franchise should come back damn IT .
PITviper217 (9 days ago)
“There’s a problem with my rock.” Lmao omg laughing my ass off 😂😂😂
Dusan Kuznetsov (10 days ago)
0:40 ajde buraz
Aaff 124 (12 days ago)
Mason Racing (13 days ago)
4:30 what movie is that
hope art (13 days ago)
fuck you for including that dumbass maga shit
Fahad Nezam (13 days ago)
9:26 When the U.S messes with ISIS
DarkDingle (14 days ago)
Who else got a ad about condoms
Packagedsquishy Sponge (15 days ago)
Alex v1 (15 days ago)
00:40 romanu nostru =]
castiel lemos (15 days ago)
Bold Denis (15 days ago)
"Ai de pu la mea"😂😂😂
Mamato Tr 01 (15 days ago)
6:00 music name
R B (16 days ago)
2:00 PROMOTED!!!!!!!!!!
SinSeer Love (16 days ago)
For the price of one new video game you can learn how to start your own online video game business in minutes http://bit.ly/VdGmGod
Mane Mane (17 days ago)
7:17 Dumb and dumber
ZewtS_ (17 days ago)
0:42.. HE'S ROMANIAN HE SAID: ai de pula mea
freecfpb sixteen (17 days ago)
Thas all I want on a game 10:00
Terirev Rawr (17 days ago)
Boooo bf5
Some kind of Entity (17 days ago)
7:16 I almost chocked to death
Grime Tube (17 days ago)
ai de pula..
Lyn Catx (17 days ago)
lol I play like these people 90% of the time great fun though
DaRkevo (18 days ago)
0:21 c'mon guys.. he just wanted to repair his friend...
Prince Mandal (18 days ago)
Battlefield 4 isn't just a game. It's a revolution.
MAT_GANG_53TH (9 days ago)
Noble Manic (18 days ago)
Erik SSGSS (18 days ago)
why was that fight night champion clip in this video? I dont get it, they make stupid faces like that all the time when you get ko'ed in that game. Smh
YoUtUbE bElIeVeR (18 days ago)
Mi llamo Jose (18 days ago)
9:59 is this from the game itself??? wtf
Mi llamo Jose (18 days ago)
when they said bf5 would have a lot of diversity they weren't kidding
Mi llamo Jose (18 days ago)
Mihnea Tudor (18 days ago)
0:37 he is from Romania
TinTin 03 (19 days ago)
0:38 romanian detected
Luetisha Thomas (19 days ago)
Fuck my balls lol
Drue Hairymore (19 days ago)
Help a fellow out, I'm trying to find the song that plays in 6:03 but the list in the description is not helping (i think.) Does anybody know what song it is??
Richie Browne (19 days ago)
There's a problem with my rock lol
Thomas McMahon (19 days ago)
He is not 😇☺XD Fack use my Code Name Knownun I'D Scerat Coed Name ? Fireat all want Naver gaing gat Acesx ✋Hill🔥💀🔥 ✋❌DENIEYEI❌✋X♈D me Rlity me X♈D😇☺ 🛡🕳😈😇D😈fack😈X😇😈🕳🛡^😠 not me😠😡😤🙃 😈😇😈🛡✋Hill🔥X💀X🔥✋use take Craedy use me😠 Perat be me😠 lies😠 liey😠 I Ractped XD😇☺ for hard work for life make jocke 😵🌑😱^🛡X♈D🛡^😱🌑😵 out of it Meby Call slfe 😈 DX😈😇😈
ProDaniel HUN (19 days ago)
Game at 2:13?
SHAHARIAR RAHMAN (19 days ago)
3:34 why are you running ?? 😂ee
FasTrack (19 days ago)
First time seeing in Indians in your Vids Damn XD
I am Fr0st (19 days ago)
Do Titanfall 2 still alive??
James Sandhu (20 days ago)
Let me fix you up😂😂😂😂😂😂
James Sandhu (20 days ago)
5.20 hahahahah
Lone Wolffe (20 days ago)
9:29 to 9:59 the amount of times that has happened to me is hilarious
Agung Adi Saputro (20 days ago)
319 dislikes from those who got trolled
Joshua Leigh (20 days ago)
“There’s something wrong with my rock” “Ya, it has a dead guy on it”
UmBrMuitoDoido (20 days ago)
5:51 best moment xD
Yunior Gamboa (20 days ago)
7:27 😂😂😂🤣🤣
MegaChaos91 (20 days ago)
1:34 to 1:48 BEST MOMENT!! I was laughing like a complete madman. "There's a problem with my rock. Rock, go up. Go up, not down." LMAO X'D
Nue Houjuu (20 days ago)
"There's a problem with my rock" I nearly laughed my sides out
acidicmeek (20 days ago)
6:13 Black Ops or Fortnite? There's some mistake.
ARWINGx1 (21 days ago)
2:02 & 9:26 was that the BFF Noob screaming?
Mr Pool (21 days ago)
she said don't fall
cK5 rEm (21 days ago)
4:19 That was recorded in the vidio "Monkey stops a school shootout"
Dead Mark (21 days ago)
Hearing neebs is like music to my ears
Vasilije Pantelic (21 days ago)
Jake McAuley (17 days ago)
Vasilije Pantelic it’s in the corner
PlAyEr 0943 (21 days ago)
6:28 😂🤣🤣
JonatasAdoM (21 days ago)
7:15 This made my day.
JonatasAdoM (21 days ago)
Battlefield 3 still. Nice
Andrey Nadyssev (21 days ago)
first one with repair tool makes me laugh=) haha, what a dude..
Nuclearpigz (21 days ago)
4:56 haha get it because he moved haha!!! seriously why are 50% of these just regular gameplay moments? most of the funny ones arent even that funny.
long pham (21 days ago)
Reported for tf2 clickbait
TeamWaage (21 days ago)
10:04 i have autism, pls be patience
Thomas Ricci (22 days ago)
7:35 when you don't have a life.
Alexios From sparta (22 days ago)
The best battlefield in history❤️
HeavenlyDemon (22 days ago)
Rock go back up hahahahahaahahah XDDDD that dude made my day XDDDD
Hana Sakuraba (22 days ago)
Destiny on the rock 😂😂
R J (22 days ago)
That first clip is amazing XD
Like a boss (23 days ago)
esti roman pentru ca in momentu 0:43
Thomas McMahon (9 days ago)
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Thomas McMahon (9 days ago)
(🔥>♈😠<🔥)🖕🖕🖕🖕think Frian●dship💓💔🗡
elias meyer (23 days ago)
isolate up popularity attack bill potential usual fighter ownership recover.
Sirius Black (23 days ago)
2:13 what game is that ?
BlackSiyah (21 days ago)
Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
Carlos D (23 days ago)
misleading title
Liam West (23 days ago)
The only thing that was funny about that destiny clip was the people trying to be funny about playing destiny.
Antimanele104 (23 days ago)
0:44 Ai de pula mea....
sSNOXx 23 (23 days ago)
0:44 "Vai de pula mea"
ROasTOloGY (23 days ago)
6:36 anybody noticed INDIAN Guyzz
Thanos Mishra (23 days ago)
3:40 He thought he was safe because you're watching his back, but guess what...
Bradyn Rhue (23 days ago)
1:34 omg don't you just hate it when you try to fly your rock but its engines fail
Bradyn Rhue (23 days ago)
why does battlefield have better graphics and stuff than battlefeild 2 and 3? edit: oh wait nvm it's because battlefield 2 was released in 2005 and battlefield 1 was released in 2016
Dutch Plays (24 days ago)
Remove the shitty music
Zulfan Falah (24 days ago)
rlly? that thumbnail
DeanChester Sabunod (24 days ago)
roblox death sound alert at 5:57
WilfreMH (24 days ago)
9:59 I almost died
Rye rye99jr (24 days ago)
at 6:00 what song is it?
NebularCrystal (24 days ago)
listening at the music at the beginning of the video ,i already know something bad is about to happen °^°
WTS Nikolaides (24 days ago)
Mizu Btw (24 days ago)
Haha thanks for the feature fam
Uğur Yörük (24 days ago)
best noobs :D
IPlay2day (24 days ago)
Man I miss a modern battlefield. Battlefield 3/4 <3
Chackra (24 days ago)
Lol the first one is simply the best.
BlackGrasslol (25 days ago)
Who will win -A professional counter terrorist unit OR -A QUICC BOI WITH SHOTGUN
SSAO Online (25 days ago)
Way too many ads
MatteX (25 days ago)
Konig (25 days ago)
0:42 ai dplm
DINKLBERGG (25 days ago)
1. Like this comment 👍 2. Sub to my channel 🔥 3. And I will sub back 👌
Ludum poli_games (25 days ago)
3:00 my dad did it yesterday xD
biel cap (25 days ago)
ppl still playing bf3? im thinking abount download it again

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