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Top 10 Epic WWE Debuts

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Top 10 Epic WWE Debuts Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! http://watchmojo.com/suggest These are the best first appearance of WWE superstars and legends. From awesome matches to earth shattering promos, this list is going to look at superstars like Chris Jericho, Kane, The Shield (Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose), Kurt Angle, and many more to see which debut performances were the greatest. Which is your favourite debut match? Let us know in the comments below! #10. Goldberg #9. John Cena #8. Tazz #7. Brock Lesnar #6. Sting #5. Shinsuke Nakamura #4. AJ Styles #3, #2, #1: ??? Check our our other channels! http://www.youtube.com/mojoplays http://www.youtube.com/mojotalks http://www.youtube.com/msmojo http://www.youtube.com/jrmojo http://www.youtube.com/watchmojouk WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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Text Comments (431)
Adeana Wright (2 days ago)
Adam Cole
LordCao (6 days ago)
WHAT ?! Undertaker isn't on the list ?! and really Chris Jericho # 1 -_- I think Undertaker and Kane should be tide for #1
Jason Moran (7 days ago)
With number 4 and AJ your right about the crowd not knowing whats going on. Espically at home cause we had to see RR and the look on his face.
Chizzie Lovell (8 days ago)
EARTHQUAKE should have been #1
Zane Thind (8 days ago)
Amazing video
Zayn Zero (8 days ago)
Mmmmmm Where is Finn Bálor Winning two matches in the same night is extraordinaire
Zayn Zero (8 days ago)
Legendary ziggler He eliminated four men from team authority
Zayn Zero (8 days ago)
Thank god watch mojo make wwe vedios
Eric Fraser (8 days ago)
Anyone who disagrees with #1 has just made the list
Derek Hamby (8 days ago)
NWO debut should've been there.
Hulk Buster (8 days ago)
Sting should have been in the top 3!
Hulk Buster (8 days ago)
Fuck John Cena!
MikeSawsum (8 days ago)
WWE camera crew screwed the pooch, with AJ Styles intro.
Bhargav Rajagopalan (8 days ago)
Taker man.. That look and hype..
CRPS Gamer (8 days ago)
I can think of more epic and crowd pleasing debuts than these 10 jokes
The Doc Jay (8 days ago)
I like pickles. Dill Pickles are my favorite. I like Bread and Butter too though.
The Undertaker (8 days ago)
Why ain't I here ?
stiker15 (8 days ago)
What's with all the slideshows?
Marcus Johnson (9 days ago)
hate when WatchMojo does wrestling lists... its so incredibly monotone like no one gives a shit about it, for me, as a hardcore pro wrestling fan of all kinds, I think it can be done soooo much better
Zephyrous 97 (9 days ago)
Where the f*ck is The Undertaker?
Cole Chung (9 days ago)
Ruthless Aggression = Best Era ever
Jose Rodriguez (9 days ago)
You can’t use videos or what?
Schwifter (9 days ago)
Nexus was better than Shield
dean mcveigh (9 days ago)
The Nexus Debut was more memorable than the shields for me
Nero (9 days ago)
aj styles fought in wwe in early 2000's, this 2015 was more like a return
aynul alam (9 days ago)
nexus debut>>>shield debut
Don Rafo (9 days ago)
That wasn't Kane debut, he was in the company for a few years already.
MALVINDINHO (9 days ago)
Carito? , he won a title on his debut....
Brohim (9 days ago)
Well for once WatchMojo got it right. Y2J at #1. GOAT!!!
Travis Cox (9 days ago)
Oh god. It's cringy how lack of information you know 😂
Lex Luger would have been on the list if his entrance wasn't a rebranding.
Martina Carri (9 days ago)
Where the women wrestlers
Todd Spencer (9 days ago)
Kane should have been number 1, fuck you.
Jordan Apachito (9 days ago)
does WWE not allow them to use footage? They just using still shots
CroLeki17 (9 days ago)
Rey Mysterio?
CroLeki17 (8 days ago)
A.J Thomas 😉😉😉
A.J Thomas (8 days ago)
Oh totally forgot about that.
GasMaster (9 days ago)
Anyone remember Celebrity Deathmatch? It was wrestling for adults.
Crested Saguaro (9 days ago)
It's too bad Sting was injured when facing Seth Rollins at Night of Champions. I was looking forward to him wrestling in WWE but his time there was quickly halted. ☹️
Dempsey Dempsey (9 days ago)
kane should have been one
Chris Frickin Jericho (9 days ago)
Where's The Undertaker?
King Barrett (9 days ago)
Chris Jerichos debut out ranks every other debut
Mick IV (9 days ago)
Cool vid. +Please consider maybe actually showing a clip of the list makers, instead of the constant ramble...
Gamble Cross (9 days ago)
Y2J....You made the list... lol
WolfEngine (9 days ago)
some people think WWE it's real wrestling...
MinimiMax (9 days ago)
Nobody thinks that. Absolutely nobody.
Robin Kumar Jakhar (9 days ago)
Cena's debut was shit. Do your research properly.
Paradox RNO (9 days ago)
Goldberg Goldberg Goldberg Goldberg
Gam3r Ch3ssy (9 days ago)
wheres rey mysterio?
Faysal (9 days ago)
Please don't make wrestling videos. You suck the life outta them.
Russell Wojciechowski (9 days ago)
Honestly this is the first time I'm seeing this video and for a number 1 spot, I'm giving it to Kane, Badd Blood 1997
why not use the videos
Johnny Fountains (9 days ago)
Top 10 ECW intros
Top 10 Monster Trucks? Come on WatchMojo
Jamal Sampson (9 days ago)
I miss AJ Styles in TNA! He was cool.
Anirban Kar (9 days ago)
Ah, a list for the newbies. :D
#1 Is Kane Bitch
esteban sanchez (9 days ago)
I agree
pablo gonzalez (9 days ago)
There was nothing epic bout Sting's debut.
whatdo uknow (9 days ago)
whats his name? shit stain?
Best Experiments (9 days ago)
#1Crish jericho
Eric Louderback (9 days ago)
Could have gotten someone who sounded a little more enthused to do the list... could have also called Shinsuke the "King of Strong Style" instead of "the kicky man"... I need a drink
jonny irvine (9 days ago)
Scott Stinner !!!
David Maddox (9 days ago)
W ho was here because they thought it was a whatculture video?
BearRonaldo Pro (9 days ago)
And Undertaker
The geeking channel (9 days ago)
I love The Shield reunite debut it should be on the list
MinimiMax (9 days ago)
Do you know what a debut is? Reunion is not a debut. Debut is the first time you show up.
YT Account (9 days ago)
Raven >
4_Kent_Watts (9 days ago)
Fuck the WWE bring back the WCW
Mike Benj (9 days ago)
They forgot Undertaker
GOD'Sservant (9 days ago)
No Undertaker! disliked
Eric jae (9 days ago)
Aj rumble
Eric jae (9 days ago)
Watch mojo keeps doing wwe vids cuz they are all out of ideas..
bman409 (9 days ago)
All I know is when I hear that Goldberg theme song, it's about to go down!
Jeremiah Hardin (9 days ago)
I started watching WWE in late 1995, so I missed the Undertakers debut. That being said, I'm torn between Kane and Jericho's debut being number 1. Jericho's was hyped for weeks with that millennium clock countdown, but Kane was mentioned for weeks by Paul Bearer and when he finally showed up, it was pretty epic.
Rogue Aresa (9 days ago)
Kmt, you can't have such a count down and not include the undertaker, thus this list invalid
JJ Gaming (9 days ago)
I don't get why was Jericho's debut was so epic he fucking cried at the end and he got destroyed on the mic by the rock
So they just skipped 9 im soo confused............ 👀👀 watchmojo?
Vkk rr (9 days ago)
Undertaker no.1
KRAY-Z (9 days ago)
cht469 (9 days ago)
*Scott Steiner*
Siddesh Shetty (9 days ago)
Dude I think u should put the Undertaker on the 1 list
success ogochukwu (9 days ago)
this list isn't right... half of this list are forgettable debuts... how is aj styles debut epic?? all he did was show up. and john cena's debut is no9 ??? that is one of the most epic wwe debuts ever. a nobody coming out of nowhere to take on the big dog with only "RUTHLESS AGGRESSION" i mean you don't get those kind of moments in wwe anymore... and where is kevin owen's debut in which he took out john cena? i mean this list is ridiculous.. even shinsuke's nxt debut was great but not worth being no5.. the only things i agree about this list are. STING'S DEBUT KANE'S DEBUT SHIELD'S DEBUT CHRIS JERICHO'S DEBUT...
Noorul M Syed (9 days ago)
what The Heck??? Undertaker debuting at Survivor series 1990 was, is, will & always will be Number 1... PERIOD!!!
Emperor Tunalirius (9 days ago)
Number 9 is missing i don't see anyone
PyroXXL (9 days ago)
Jeff hardy? Or sin cara?
Filip Sosnowski (9 days ago)
Sting's WWE run was... a disaster.
MinimiMax (9 days ago)
Well, at least he got the greatest honor of being buried by Triple H at WrestleMania. That's all that matters, his career is complete.
Qwerty Qwerty (9 days ago)
Oh yeah Y2J is always at top.
Vardan Sanan (9 days ago)
You miss khali
just Bright it (9 days ago)
The Rock
MrToddUlmer (9 days ago)
sting should have been much higher on the list. nakamura? no.
Ricky McKnight (9 days ago)
What about WWF, WCW etc?
Ricky McKnight (9 days ago)
Well, forget about WWF and do the rest.
JeanLuc DeCastro (9 days ago)
Ricky McKnight Kane debuted in the WWF (and he was number 2 on the list). And Chris Jericho was number 1 and he debuted in the WWF too
Michael Harnick (9 days ago)
Undertaker should be on here as number one.
Claude Akel (9 days ago)
Kane should be #1
THEANIMEFANZ (9 days ago)
Hm... most of them failed in WWE so epic as in epic waste of potential
Stawnish83 (9 days ago)
Looking at pictures instead of actual video footage sucks. Makes me want to go watch the real video clips instead of pictures like WatchMojo does here.
George Bermudez (9 days ago)
Hey cm punk paid the shield to do that
MinimiMax (9 days ago)
Allegedly. I don't think they ever confirmed it.
Mink (9 days ago)
1:12 I'm dying from "create a wrestler template #1" hahahah
Balasubramanian Vml (9 days ago)
No Undertaker? Disliked
Greatness (9 days ago)
Luke Rose (9 days ago)
WWE is fake
MinimiMax (9 days ago)
Wait, WHAT?! I had no idea! Thank you for enlightening me. At least Santa is real, so my whole life hasn't been a lie.
todd phillips (9 days ago)
Luke Rose and so is harry potter and the walking dead
oakraidergrl4lif (9 days ago)
I remember That night when Y2J aka Chris Jericho premiered on Raw. That was the loudest pop I've ever heard from the fans in attendance in all of wrestling since I can remember. Still gives me cheers til this day.
Aditya DragonBall (9 days ago)
Undertaker should be there.
finnbalordemonking 58 (9 days ago)
Ernest Hicks (9 days ago)
I hate watch mojo smh

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