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Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer - E3 2014

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So yeah, this game looks amazing.
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Khamrin Harvey (9 months ago)
People asked for the batmobile they complain when it was overused
Sham Sher (10 months ago)
I literally forwarded through the video and kept landing on a car gameplay lol
MrExo47 (3 years ago)
i asi es como NO comienza el juego i como NO te pones el traje nuevo...
Dylan Dylan (3 years ago)
J aime bien se jeux :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Tripchotereplaiy Jdyv (3 years ago)
Love 💕
Soccercrazyigboman (3 years ago)
And now the game has been downgraded
wait how the hell batman is still not killing them
MrSinister1990 (3 years ago)
1 year later and still can't wait to play it!
Ultrawide GamerGuy (3 years ago)
The city is alive!!! so pretty and huge, Looks 100x better than arkham city imo!
ironhand132 (3 years ago)
Its Dope Asf How This Game Will Come Out On Birthday Now, June 23rd
Storm Breaker (3 years ago)
BATMAN has taken a page out of IRON MAN'S book with the Armor ?
I don't like how they changed Jim Gordon's voice.
They should make an Arkham series for Batman Beyond after this. Imagine Batman Beyond: The Return of Joker as a video game. That would be awesome!
Aaron Duran (3 years ago)
Batman doesn't kill: starts blowing up other tanks and vehicles. Lol can't wait for the game man.
The Veneficus (3 years ago)
Am I the only one who isn't very impressed by what they see? The graphics look great and the free-roam looks brilliant (Especially the flying). But that combat scene seems weird. I hope they don't intentionally make this easier than it should be. And why does the "bat-tank" have rocket launchers and machine guns? Batman is anti-gun, why is he using them? Arkham City was the perfect Batman game, it didn't have a weird overused grappling device that made predator missions far too easy. And it didn't have a bat-vehicle which was spammed to easily get around town. Don't get me wrong the bat-mobile looks awesome but I hope it doesn't become overused.
madeOfClay (3 years ago)
The power of Unreal Engine 4.
madeOfClay (3 years ago)
Yes, I thought it was UE4 but, it appears that Rocksteady is using a juicy version of UE3, which looks amazing btw.
PGryan10 (3 years ago)
Stuff that I like: Batman doesn't look all big and bulky like in the past arkham games, the graphics, the gliding, the bat mobile, epic sky dive from Wayne tower, the map size and the new super villan who isn't joker this time. Stuff that I think should be added: the batwing, being able to go back to arkham city and arkham asylum, multiplayer like in arkham origins, the batcave and everything else I haven't mentioned
Chef (3 years ago)
Will this game have a day and night cycle?
I Sir Laughsalot (3 years ago)
No. It's all during the night.
Dylan Oh (3 years ago)
What is wrong with Penguin? He's had his ass kicked so many times by batman yet he still tries to act like he's in charge lol
Emk Mage (3 years ago)
+Isaac Clarke Money talks. And he has money.
Nighhhts (3 years ago)
From 0:00 to 4:47 I was gasping for air. This game looks *AMAZINGLY STUNNING!!!* I thank *ROCKSTEADY* and support *ROCKSTEADY* for pushing the game to this year (2015). I want them to make the best Batman game to date or *EVER*. If they push it to *October* (which is what I want), I'll support them still. I don't want *NO MORE* developers releasing *UNFINISHED* games... *EVER AGAIN*. Great job *ROCKSTEADY*. Keep up the *PHENOMENAL WORK!*
Awe Amicus (3 years ago)
will two GTX 970's run this in 1080p 60fps
Tucxy10 (3 years ago)
ollie oley (3 years ago)
what happened to the no kill rule
TheThornbreaker (3 years ago)
damn, i was hyped but now i am. Look fantastic
Dior8 Reed1 (3 years ago)
Cole man
Dior8 Reed1 (3 years ago)
That game is so cool
riskrunner101 (3 years ago)
What is the name of the music !
Denny Kaleal (3 years ago)
Orgins is so underrated it's so annoying.. Peoples big complaint is that it didn't change enough like City changed from Asylum... CITY WAS A DAMN NEAR PERFECT GAME.... there was nothing to improve... But They still added a huge new section of Gotham, added a fast travel system, had the coolest character designs of any of the batman games (batman, joker, bane, all looked so sick in this game), gave us Joker even tho he died, better graphics...they added even a bigger number of the types of regular fighters you come up against.. Normal dudes, armored dudes, ninjas, venom fighters, Giants, etc... They made the crime scenes way more in depth and fun to solve....the side missions page was so sick, each bad guy had their own case file you could check and see the missions the %, you started the game off with the grapnel boost, I mean I could seriously go on and on...they couldn't make a game like Arkham Knight, PS3 isn't capable of that... Arkham City was about as good a batman game as you can make on a PS3, they took it and tweaked it just a tiny bit.. The game is amazing. City is amazing. Asylum is amazing... Just enjoy getting to pretend to be batman for another new go around.. It's a great game. Probably my favorite of the series
Noah 23 (3 years ago)
+Denny Kaleal I loved Origins too man, it was awesome!
White Wolf (3 years ago)
+Denny Kaleal I didn't really care for it on release, but I went back and played it about a month ago and I enjoyed it much more. Obviously it wasn't as good as City, because it was near perfect as you said. But it's still a really good entry, that's gotten a lot of unnecessary flak.
Denny Kaleal (3 years ago)
Arkham Knight better be a character we already know... Character reveals are always just amazingly memorable moments... I just think it will be such a squandered opportunity if the Arkham Knight turns out to just be the Arkham Knight, a brand new made up character,, I mean It will still be cool... But idk... It would be sweet to just be wondering and trying to figure out who he is all game and then he turns out to be Deathstroke or something.. Idk
Comic Sams (3 years ago)
I see that the scarecrow 4th wall break has returned from the asylum. I wonder how this is going to turn out. When will this be released?
Lestat de Lioncourt (3 years ago)
June 23, 2015
TonyCaruso (3 years ago)
Arkham Knight trailer I worked on is up on my channel if you guys are interested! 4 more months guys, thanks!
Lord Stoneheart (3 years ago)
I came
Josue Lopez (3 years ago)
They should make Arkham asylum and Arkham city remastered for the Xbox one and ps4 just sayin
Steven Malley (3 years ago)
Is that Kevin Conroy back as Batman?
DJHyperRhythm (3 years ago)
"All that remains is for you to watch while I drag your beloved Gotham into OBLIVION." Possibly the greatest threat in gaming history.
Jay_C26 (3 years ago)
Lol, sure.
Bronos X (3 years ago)
Duck no because I hear that line all the time. Scarecrow doesn't make a difference
Jay_C26 (3 years ago)
+Bronos X But look at him. Just imagine looking at scarecrow in the eyes, with his evil/badass voice saying that to you. You wouldn't be intimidated?
Erick (3 years ago)
TallMist (3 years ago)
The only thing this game needs now: A code to play as Batman Beyond skin in free roam like in Arkham City.
Ziad Joumaa (3 years ago)
I will buy a ps4 just for this game 150% serious
Meleach (3 years ago)
Y not on PS3:(
GameGearTV (3 years ago)
Bald ist es soweit dann kann es endlich LetsPlayed werden *-* 
PSTRIPPLEE (3 years ago)
This game gives me a headachke 
Flazam (3 years ago)
That was incredible!
XBLUEXFIRE LAGG (3 years ago)
If they end up pulling a watchdogs then my rage level will be over 9000
Dani Burrito (3 years ago)
They're not ubisoft, they aren't gonna screw it up the butt.
Kirito Xp (3 years ago)
when i first watch this it had my mind blowing i just cant wait until it comes out in june 
King Solomon (3 years ago)
The Arkham Knight should be Red Hood. that guys waay to badass not to be.
+ItsCaos That's true. They do come up with original story lines and some new characters, but at the end of the day it's usually one of the most famous characters who actually is the main villain in the end. But stop guessing who he is. Even if you do find out, you're only ruining it for yourself. Just be patient and let the game tell you who it is once you get it.
ItsCaos (3 years ago)
ItsCaos (3 years ago)
You guys do know that there is a red hood DLC so Jason is ruled out as the Arkham Knight right? anyway Rockstar has developed their own character, backstory and everything for the Arkham Knight so it's not going to be anyone we know
If the Arkham Knight was Red Hood, don't you think that he might need a RED HOOD? It would be weird if it turned out to be Jason. Although I do see how he could fit the role. The major problem with that theory though is we've had absolutely no build up from any of the previous games. No mention of Jason at all, especially since he's a lesser character. We've seen Tim Drake very briefly in the game and DLC, and Nightwing was only a playable skin. He wasn't in any story. We've had very little time beforehand getting to know the rest of Batman's family, and no time at all for Jason Todd or Damian Wayne. So it doesn't make much sense for the Arkham Knight to be Jason Todd, unless they provide some sort of Flashbacks in the game itself. But Scarecrow probably isn't the main villain. Like Strange in Arkham City, I'm sure we'll probably find out in the end he was just a pawn for someone else. I mean, the game *is* called Arkham Knight. Maybe he orchestrated it. Or maybe he's just one of the big baddies working for Scarecrow. I believe in one of the earlier trailers he was one of many villains hired to kill Batman.
Davis Moniz (3 years ago)
+Bluetorress2 The red hood in this is 100% going to be Jason Todd. 
J Ban (3 years ago)
damn cuh i neeeed this
Sanders D. Rain (3 years ago)
villains of Ghotam a hint of how to defeat batman. MAN THOSE MOTHERFUCKING TANKS!
Davis Moniz (3 years ago)
Then he'd just use his emp grenades, or immobilizing missiles. The only reason he completely obliterates the unmanned ones, is to make sure they can't build anything else out of the scraps. In my opinion, the tanks aren't meant to kill batman. They're meant to wear him down for the final confrontation with the arkham knight.
Swedish Driver Dashcam (3 years ago)
The Only thing I will do is play Origins, Asylum, City and then Knight after it has been released. Story bugger muhaha :D
Psycho Bastard (3 years ago)
maybe we'll but he is not playble character in challenges?
Psycho Bastard (3 years ago)
i wonder who is arkham knight..
Swedish Driver Dashcam (3 years ago)
+Psycho Bastard True Story Bro
Psycho Bastard (3 years ago)
because in the origins batman first meet joker and in arkham asylum is the story after origins...
Psycho Bastard (3 years ago)
goood idea i did that , i started i again the series with origins then asylum now city and after knight
milestone380 (3 years ago)
This whole "no citizens are left in the city" thing is getting old and ridiculous. It worked for Arkham Asylum and City but it sounds stupid in Origins and Knight. Gotham has millions of people living there in this universe so it's incredibly unlikely that there would be no citizens on the streets just because of a big snowstorm or because Scarecrow says he'll release a fear toxin. And if there is a big evacuation, why the hell would he wait to release his toxin?
milestone380 (3 years ago)
I can live with that if it rings true. it has become so clichéd for the Arkham games to have no citizens driving around or walking the streets. it worked for Asylum and City because of the story, but not for Origins and Knight. both games expand Gotham and how much is accessible, but without civilians, the city just seems dead. and it's unrealistic that that many people would all comply with an evacuation especially if they've had to do it multiple times
Davis Moniz (3 years ago)
He doesn't. He wants to destroy gotham in any way possible, the first way is to get rid of the citizens. We'll have to wait and see what's next. Villains have twisted logic. Also, apparently we will see a lot of civilians, because of how big the map is. However, I presume they'll just be in rescue missions for burning buildings and side missions like those.
Josue Perez (3 years ago)
I guess they're going to break "The Fouth Wall" again.
Delon Luu (3 years ago)
TheHornet79 (3 years ago)
If the reviews are great for this game. I'll SLI my graphics card this year. 
JXYTC (3 years ago)
Does this game ever say The Lord's name in vain? Id really like to know
Davis Moniz (3 years ago)
+Josh McGee Who cares?
Josh McGee (3 years ago)
it really doesnt, ive played the games so much i could do it backwards
Davis Moniz (3 years ago)
Yes, yes it does. If by the lord you mean batman. If you mean God, then it probably does as well.
Josh McGee (3 years ago)
ive never heard city, asylum, or origins say it
roach that guy (3 years ago)
can't wait till this comes out but i hope it will be more of a stealth game but looks great 
Trova Brazese (3 years ago)
dat suit it's killing me :)
spo0o0ky (3 years ago)
Those graphics look phenomenal. I've actually been blown away. I hope my computer will be able to run it!
JJ (3 years ago)
but... i thought Batman didn't kill...
Davis Moniz (3 years ago)
He doesn't. Those tanks were unmanned. 
Ollebolle Darin (3 years ago)
You know your buying a game when you watched the gameplay trailer 100 times! :-)
Emiliano Gonzalez (3 years ago)
It is sad, yet epic to see Rocksteady's last batman game. I am sure it will completely make up for the mess that was origins. Personally I would love to see Nightwing or Red Hood get their own games, hell I would even take a game about Red Robin.  
Davis Moniz (3 years ago)
+Chris Nichols There's always hope ;) Personally, I reckon rocksteady will tackle batman beyond next, but what about a future justice league team.
Dani Burrito (3 years ago)
+gawee08 Oh. Shit. Forgot about that one. Other than that one.
gawee08 (3 years ago)
+Patrick Star What about Injustice?
Dani Burrito (3 years ago)
+Chris Nichols There have been games containing those characters just not good ones.
Phill Munyaradzi (3 years ago)
"Now there's a Batman" :D
Viruz (3 years ago)
first though it was a cutsence i was wrong
Surya Saini (3 years ago)
Love it <3 look at that suit and bat mobile <3.. simply awesome..!!
BobbyTrolls YT (3 years ago)
Awesome 😴
JJ Tucker (3 years ago)
freakin awsome
Shawn Michael (3 years ago)
my only issue in watching this is it looks like there's a lot of shit you can run into with the batmobile, hopefully the driving is crisp so you don't spend a lot of time backing up and getting stuck on statues or street lights. 
Shawn Michael (3 years ago)
+Davis Moniz i hope that's the case.  Was my one major concern, otherwise this looks amazing. 
Davis Moniz (3 years ago)
In fact, it's the opposite, you can crash right through statues and street lights, the environment is practically fully destructible.
Trevon Kobin (3 years ago)
So excited for this game
TeShaun (3 years ago)
Can someone tell me how this game is a ripoff of Gta v and crisis 3?
Hakan Aydinli (3 years ago)
It really isn't seeing how GTA V and crisis 3 are nothing like the Arkham series.
TeShaun (3 years ago)
gawee08 (3 years ago)
It's not.
Raphael Lawrence (3 years ago)
Who the heck is the arkham knight
TallMist (3 years ago)
A new character made just for this game.
mupheminsani (3 years ago)
I need these soundtracks.. NOW.
Jacob Sabastian (3 years ago)
This comment will undoubtedly get arguments over PC vs. console or a flame war between a troll and his troll bait
Arbiter794 (3 years ago)
Shut up and take my money.
The ExoticGamer (3 years ago)
The graphics and draw distance look amazing!
Daniel molina (3 years ago)
Is this ps4 or pc? And can you provide proof for which one it is?
The ExoticGamer (3 years ago)
Samson Raj (3 years ago)
Do guys think wel see sme civilians in the game atleast this time?
T.R R-M (3 years ago)
I hope we'll see pedastrians and cars and a living Gotham City. Game looks Superb!
onyxguard1000 (3 years ago)
does anyone in gotham ever wonder why its always night and raining seriously look at the movies and comics and video games if i was a gotham citizen i would be like "man when is the sun coming up?"
TallMist (3 years ago)
And you did not watch Gotham, either.
gawee08 (3 years ago)
These games just take place at night. Also, what +Menelik Murdock said.
Murdock (3 years ago)
You did not watch the Dark Knight Trilogy, The Batman Incarnation, The Adam West Batman movie, The Batman Serials. You did not play the LEGO Batman video games.
BenThePie (3 years ago)
My Radeon 7870 is just sat in my computer crying.
Harris (3 years ago)
Dear God the map looks absolutey huge! I hope that's the actual map and not just background like in Arkham City.
gawee08 (3 years ago)
+Davis Moniz ... holy crap
Davis Moniz (3 years ago)
+gawee08 No, it's confirmed by rock-steady. Everything you can see in this game-play footage, you can go too. This is going to be epic!
gawee08 (3 years ago)
Apparently it is, but that might just be fan rumours.
Kim Jong Dos (3 years ago)
So fricken smooth
henriwallyn (3 years ago)
Help me get 100 subs by tommorow
Justin Rogers (3 years ago)
I think the new armor is awesome and moderate
HaxeRoxas13 (3 years ago)
i really hope they bring back the riddles sort of thing from the first one in some way. looking for those easter eggs was best part of the game. and interview tapes
Sean Bowman (3 years ago)
*sniff* *sniff* smells like Game of the Fucking Year to me.
Series Consideration (3 years ago)
This game was why I was torn on getting either a PS4 or a new gaming PC. For what it's worth, my new gaming rig should arrive at the end of the week. Can't wait.
Series Consideration (3 years ago)
+XReckoningX Oh well, it runs okay on mine after the AMD update. I'm still enjoying it. Hopefully it'll be better once WB patches it. I wasn't getting a new console just for one game. There were no PS4 or Xbox exclusives that interested me.
Caviey (3 years ago)
Hopefully they don't take weeks to release a patch for it. Although I prefer console I do wish you the best of luck on getting the game to work properly till a patch comes out.
Johnathan Valdez (3 years ago)
+XReckoningX yeah it's usually known for having bad ports optimizations this could either be due to laziness or too many complications either way it's no excuse  to release it like this i mean i'm sure it will be patched in a day or two but i sometimes think they do this on purpose.
aliano141 (3 years ago)
veri good game i will bay this game very mush
Eric Elkins (3 years ago)
HO LEE SHITE This game is going to be unreal!!! I love the Batman series!!! Rocksteady has done such a good job with the gameplay and the mechanics during the battles is just spot on and so fluid that it totally gives the game a great fun factor!! I cannot wait!!!!!
Ismael Muniz (3 years ago)
I'm so exited for this game
ubermorph slayer (3 years ago)
So at what place in the Arkham timeline does this game take place
Davis Moniz (3 years ago)
+gawee08 This game takes place a year after arkham city. My only worry for this game, is how they're going to make it an epic finale, while still taking place in only one night. Oh well, we're going to have to wait and see.
gawee08 (3 years ago)
+moviebuffreviews Isn't it like a few years after? EDIT: No wait, I'm thinking about Mortal Kombat X which is 20 years in the future. What the hell lol
moviebuffreviews (3 years ago)
After the events of Arkham City, so it is the latest one.
Focuristic (3 years ago)
IM so getting this and finally car(s) and awesome graphics
Brandon Rodriguez (3 years ago)
I can't fucking wait!!!!
Brian Rooplall (3 years ago)
Anyone else find the streets a bit empty? I mean I know that Gotham is not the city for a midnight stroll but still.....
AlmightyScrog (3 years ago)
This batman- multi-million dollar, heavily armoured suit Adam west batman- cheap spandex.
RoninJ (3 years ago)
hmmmmmmm too much wepons! Batman: modern warfare! I am sorry but I think that the "real" batman does not use wepons! But maybe the hard core fans have a different opinion I have not read all the comics
King Kevin (3 years ago)
Does anybody know when it is going to come out or has it already came out
Jess P (3 years ago)
wait was that glitch before scarecrow came in supposed to happen LOL?
h c (3 years ago)
For all the new people arkham lknight is the villian and batman plays the same roll as Last game
Nahuel Abella (3 years ago)
At 3:46, while watching the press conference, I thought the PS4 was shitting itself! xD oh boy that would've been embarrassing, the lights show that synchronized with the "glitching" gave it away afterwards
KayJayFusion (3 years ago)
You can see it is on PS4 due to the glide kick prompts.
Amrit Singh (3 years ago)
+ayomide Opeke it on ps4
Metal Ront (3 years ago)
+Amrit Singh It is on pc I have seen it
Damari Jackson (3 years ago)
Amrit Singh (3 years ago)
+The Nintendo Nerd this is on ps4 not pc
ThaCoverstory (3 years ago)
who is arkham  kinght
Adam Redoun (3 years ago)
+TallMist okay fine i give up
TallMist (3 years ago)
+LightSimmer Games It's not the Joker. It was confirmed this is a new character made JUST for this game. 
Adam Redoun (3 years ago)
+Menelik Murdock what if harley quinn resurrects him
Murdock (3 years ago)
+LightSimmer Games Rocksteady confirmed that Joker is dead because Mark Hamill stopped being the Joker.
Adam Redoun (3 years ago)
well i'm thinking he's the joker, since harley quinn was looking for something something to ressurect him, maybe she was succesful
Darkseid (3 years ago)
Go batman
Thunda1986 (3 years ago)
Jensen ackels is voicing Arkham Knight, who has voiced Jason Todd before, or I think it maybe Speedy

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