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GO VACATION Switch Surprise Reveal - What The Heck Is This?

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Nintendo surprise revealed a new Switch game this morning...but what the heck is it? While some initially thought it was a new Wii Sports-type minigame collection...it's actually a Bandai Namco port. Let us know YOUR take in the comments down below! Join On Us On Discord: https://discord.gg/vNfSYzy Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce
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Kenny Verkerk (4 days ago)
Please let it be a multiplayer game.
Ben Brass (4 days ago)
Go Vacation! (I Plaid it on the Wii and gone play it on the switch)
ItsInsonal (6 days ago)
It doesn't look too amazing but it's one of the best games on wii. Just underated.
BigPapiTheophilus (7 days ago)
Bishimgay (9 days ago)
I gotta say I never played the i original but I definitely like how the game looks, and I love fun yet overly simple minigames so i'm definitely going to get this when it comes out
409LP (12 days ago)
Finaly. I loved this Game. With Wii
Mad Luigi (13 days ago)
Day 1. More Wii ports please.
Nikki K (13 days ago)
I deffo wish there was online! its just local co op..🙁 I might still get it tho, kind of seems like animals crossing. U can also make a house apparently. I think its more than just minigames, looks like u can explore everything at your leasure..
Eva Undertale (17 days ago)
Salteh (18 days ago)
This is the best wii game and will be the best switch game it's fact my opinion is fact.
GreatLikeThis (20 days ago)
My brother and i played this so much on the Wii! Defenitly buying this! (Sorry for my bad English im from The Neherlands!)
Ivor Bird (22 days ago)
This game is actually one of the wii games i had and it is coming to switch soon
Ivor Bird (22 days ago)
i am happy
Decidous (22 days ago)
I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH... For those wondering the game is basically a clean version of GTA where you can explore, ride vehicles (no person in them tho except maybe other players) and play sports in areas!
Marcos 1903 (23 days ago)
I had this game on my Wii. I had so much with this.
Murasaki Ookami (24 days ago)
Will this be Motion control?
Saktuscactus (26 days ago)
I had the original, might buy if it's a bit different.
SolsticeEclipse (26 days ago)
I’m actually really excited for this. And I don’t even own a Switch.
Luca Bos (27 days ago)
My childhood! My favorite game to play with my brother is coming back! I’m crying!! I will definitely be rebuying this!
Milos Games (27 days ago)
But.... It's a *Wii* exclusive.. is this the first game to be brought back?
Starrycat144 (28 days ago)
I'm surprised that I know it's a nintendo switch version of the original GoVacation which came out in 2011, but it seems like most people don't and when this game came out i was 5 or 6 years old. although technically I didn't know about this game until like 2016. Also, I noticed some differences in the trailer: there was no fishing minigame in the original and there was no elephant in the city resort.
Stawberry Ice cream123 (28 days ago)
I have this game on my wii ._. I still play it....
Dumbyman777 (29 days ago)
Maria Rodriguez (29 days ago)
Daniel Hamilton (29 days ago)
It look like the place is from Pokemon sun and moon
Diego Vos (29 days ago)
Go vacation is single handedly my favorite game of all time!
Jumbo (29 days ago)
I used to love this game so much on my wii. So much memories made, so I'll definetely buy it
Robert _356 (29 days ago)
My childhood right here
Yasky (29 days ago)
I used to play this game all the time on my wii, when i saw this reveal in my notifications my jaw dropped since i thought it was a 2nd version. It's the exact same game with maybe a lil better graphics, i don't know if i'm going to get it, maybe once it drops to €20,- or so.
Angry Banana (29 days ago)
Miguel Rodriguez (29 days ago)
S B (29 days ago)
Now you can go on vacation anytime during your 40 hour week, and anywhere!
Diana Read (29 days ago)
This is my third favourite video game
Luke Ario (30 days ago)
The thing is, the minigames aren't even what people like about the game, the open world aspect is.
Oiler Vision (30 days ago)
$80. Ummm.. no thanks!
PZntti (30 days ago)
I’d totally buy a Switch if they make more games like this
Yurrupt (30 days ago)
If they used Miis it would literally be resort 2
Corvid76 (30 days ago)
Feels a lot like a pack-in type game.
Simudkip02 (30 days ago)
This was a mad game back in the day, just chill out and it has some decent music
Rapts (30 days ago)
Marcus Hurn (30 days ago)
Who Remember Dazran303 he will be happy
FalconSky (30 days ago)
This game... I still remember griding rails to go straight up sky scrapers. Literally unplayable :P Totally getting this game again!
Yus 18 (30 days ago)
My childhood coming to ns
Spoonkid (30 days ago)
Put away your books we’re outta school...
Yahir Zepeda (30 days ago)
Yahir Zepeda (30 days ago)
Syuna (30 days ago)
This game looks fun way better then the pixel indie retro garbage u see in the eshop
Shane Sanders (30 days ago)
i played the heck out of this on the wii
90snerdlife (30 days ago)
this game is tons of fun, I have some gameplay of it on my channel
William Davidson (30 days ago)
It could be a great game if the controls are tightened up and improved. If my memory is correct, I believe that most of the controls in the Wii version were basically just flailing the wiimote around.
K-SΔΠ (30 days ago)
Yo, holy shit, I wasn't expecting this. I'm trying not to freak out lol
Bizarro Monday (30 days ago)
I remember this shit, very nostalgic :)
Cookieglue (30 days ago)
I never bought this game, but it reminds me of Wii sports resort and wii ski so I like it :D
twicepast7 (30 days ago)
The switch is turning into a shovelware console just like the Wii.
OnlineWeirdo (30 days ago)
twicepast7 what are you talking about its a really fun OPEN WORLD GAME
KJDL CUBER (30 days ago)
You were in my ad....😳. COOL
TheChacoTaco Coasters (30 days ago)
The only game that mixes mini games and an open world adventure Personally, I never play the mini games. Instead, I just go around and explore. That is the best way to play and I think that it is why you should play Even if you don’t like mini game collection games, get this one. You will not be disappointed
Stan talent stan (29 days ago)
TheChacoTaco Coasters I enjoyed most of the mini games like the dancing, sword fighting, skating, water gun fights, scuba diving, snowball fights, horse races, and the races with different vehicles. But, some of the minigames I only played so I could get 100% completion. I agree that the open world exploration and the villa creation were the best parts of the game.
PeabnutPanda (30 days ago)
Who else never knew this was a game
SmartPotato (30 days ago)
I just want Wii sports... I REALLY MIISS BOWLING
ArtMasterFrylock (30 days ago)
People are saying you can use Miis in this game. I will pick it up.
BIG EDD94 (30 days ago)
ArtMasterFrylock that's what you think
Toxxic Jack (30 days ago)
This was my fave game on wii
TheBitBlock (30 days ago)
This game was terrible.
Stan talent stan (29 days ago)
What do you mean, this was the best wii game.
I’d rather have wii sports resort
camk9 (30 days ago)
Air hockey on switch could be interesting
Trevor W. (30 days ago)
I have this!!
Steve Gentile III (30 days ago)
Feel like the Switch is becoming a port dump.
Gamer4 LifeWD (30 days ago)
nowonmetube (30 days ago)
You saw the trailer and still ask what this is???
lion8079k (30 days ago)
go vacation is a amazing game!!
Rees.css (30 days ago)
One of the many games that defined my early childhood.
Sam M. (30 days ago)
Go vacation? I FREEKING LOVE GO VACATION!!! I still have the old wii version, and it was super fun. It's like wii sports, but with 4 different open worlds that are executed surprisingly well. If that sounds interesting, give it a go!
Dank Voder (30 days ago)
This game Looks like shit why would this excite anyone
I like!
MacnCheetoz132 (30 days ago)
switch force sponsored ad on switch force video i like it
ABarOfNope (30 days ago)
I think it looks like Pilotwings Resort but with like 8x the content, I think it could be cool if you just want to play some mini games.
VoluXian (1 month ago)
Never played the Wii version, but this looks like a chill time.
OnlineWeirdo (30 days ago)
its fun its not only a minigame collection but it open world
James Owenetwork (1 month ago)
A wii shovelware game coming to the switch?how did Nintendo accept this idea?
James Owenetwork (1 month ago)
A wii shovelware game coming to the switch?how did Nintendo accept this idea?
James Owenetwork (1 month ago)
A wii shovelware game coming to the switch?how did Nintendo accept this idea?
RapidRhino G (1 month ago)
Loved the Wii game I’m get the switch game
James Owenetwork (1 month ago)
A wii shovelware game coming to the switch?how did Nintendo accept this idea?
Dat Persian King (1 month ago)
It’s not Snowboard Kids but it’ll do 🙁🤷🏻‍♂️
rinabun_ (1 month ago)
— this (1 month ago)
Dhani Joseph (1 month ago)
I'm actually really excited because I never got to play this and it looked fun
Nick Wilson (1 month ago)
Why tf did I think this was Pokémon related
Double Trouble (1 month ago)
Double Trouble (1 month ago)
I'm legit crying this was always my favorite game and im so glad they didn't forget about it
TheChacoTaco Coasters (1 month ago)
This is the most underrated game of all time! It is such a fun game
Christian Petersen (1 month ago)
My sister and I immediately freaked out when I saw this! We probably have most of our hours on Wii invested in just this game! Nobody knows it exists, but it’s a hidden GEM! I would recommend getting this for sure, but it’s really the most fun with 2 players, or more!
Jesse (1 month ago)
The open world is the best part of this whole game. Can't wait for it to be re-released.
Johno Daz (1 month ago)
Nice video Zach(SF). Go Vacation could be cool and a fun little family n friends multiplayer game too check out. 4th Edge Out.
Emulators for PC (1 month ago)
I seriously thought this was a new game. But nope, nintendo cannot make their own Wii sports game on the switch. So they instead take the lazy route and make Bandi Namco to port a old game. Like 75% of the games on the switch are freaking ports. Give us new games god dammit.
Ryuko Gaming (1 month ago)
I’ve never even heard of this game. I’ll buy it anyway for that old school Wii family gaming fix.
OnlineWeirdo (30 days ago)
its really fun not only is it a collection of minigames you can play as your mii but there are 4 resort that you can explore like a open world game in those you explore the open with up to 4 player (on the wii atleast) and you can find minigames in the openworld to play but in places like the snow resort you can go to the top of big mountain and do lots of fun course while ski-ing snowboard tubing or with a snowmobile (wich takes place in the open world section)
TheRealSneakers (1 month ago)
I had this game, and loved it, and will get this...now, only if they release Fragile Dreams as well, that would be sweet!
Marky Mark (1 month ago)
Nintendo needs to GO make a port of Wii Sports/sports resorts in one.
Jeeses99 (1 month ago)
Seems like a good game for the younger audience. Not bad
Sebastian Rembis (1 month ago)
I want those people in Smash now.
BIG EDD94 (30 days ago)
Sebastian Rembis I hope in smash we can create our own fighters from scratch rather than using miis.
MissTheOldKanYeah (1 month ago)
The game we all have been waiting for!!!! *Said no one fcking ever...* i wish Nintendo would come up with some epic games instead of happy rainbow games like this..
iSheep (1 month ago)
I never had this game and i’m super excited to buy it.
immortalized inc vlog (1 month ago)
Looks fun
StarLeo (1 month ago)

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