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The Quiet Man with Paul and Heather

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Paul and Heather check out the bizarre, Square-Enix published brawler The Quiet Man. Read more: https://kotaku.com/ive-almost-finished-the-quiet-man-and-still-have-no-ide-1830182118 For more videos, news, previews and reviews, go to http://kotaku.com
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MrCristoflanga (12 days ago)
The "latino thug" at the beginning says "muévate!" which proves: 1. He doesn't know Spanish (the word he was looking for was "muévete") and 2. The writers are really weird. In both English and Spanish it would have made more sense for him to say "Go away!" or "Ándate!". This is some next level Breaking Bad "Mexican thug who speaks broken Spanish with an American accent" bullshit.
What the fuck is this a movie or a Damn Game
Mndkntrl (13 days ago)
Wow, garbage.
ObscureAnime Guy (14 days ago)
8:45 The Quiet man is the real Villain
.SpiinDeX (14 days ago)
Trash Man
Jon Robertson (14 days ago)
Thank you for this, I love it!
McKevin Sean (14 days ago)
This game is like what Trump supporting incels think what hero is.
A (14 days ago)
The graphic looks great. Movement might be clunky, but we need more beaten ups like this.
The Fight Scout (14 days ago)
is this a FULL playthrough?
Mike Lombardo (14 days ago)
Le Docteur (14 days ago)
This game is.... I don't get it. I can't say if it's just out there or if it's a total trainwreck
atomicbrain9401 (14 days ago)
stuffstuff123 (14 days ago)
it's ok you can say its racist.
The Gaming Snake (14 days ago)
Worst game ever
Cesarion 3003 (14 days ago)
didn't knew that the girl with the dragon tattoo had a game...
Komugi (14 days ago)
Maybe they should consider making movies instead. The live action parts are kinda good, the game part not so much.
XxJigsaw_GamesxX (14 days ago)
This game looks SOOOO bad.
Steven (14 days ago)
Have watched both Giant Bomb West and East stream this and watching this now too I'm still convinced this game was a fever dream I had.
Komugi (14 days ago)
Looks as good as it did in the trailer. Bad.
Dat Part (14 days ago)
This game looks bad
_Alterra_ (14 days ago)
So fast it was private
_Alterra_ (14 days ago)
+0 Subscribers i got here and it said private video
0 Subscribers (14 days ago)
Or Not?

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